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As more people gathered, Xu Ming acted more recklessly, "Come and see, Ye Chen bullies others, counting on his strength."

"Bully others?" Grinning coldly, Ye Chen strode, swung his Tianque Sword and plunged it towards Xu Ming, "I will bully you today!"

Xu Ming hurriedly unsheathed his spiritual energy sword and blocked Tianque Sword in front of his face.


Xu Ming's spiritual sword broke immediately, the force pushed him back, and he coughed up blood.

"Ye Chen wants to kill me!" Yelling, Xu Ming hid in the crowd and made this incident more serious on purpose, "Ye Chen is going to kill me."

"As you say, I will end your life today." Humming coldly, Ye Chen charged forward with Tianque Sword.

The onlookers all berated Ye Chen.

"Does he dare to kill Xu Ming in daytime?"

"Senior sister Su is right. He concentrates on killing others."

"Can't they talk? Why do they fight?"

"Go away!" Growling, Ye Chen lifted Tianque Sword.

The incident threw everyone into chaos. Allying with each other, Xu Ming and other disciples lunged to Ye Chen, scolding him.

"Send him to the Regulation Hall." As one of the disciples applied his vital energy, others followed his example.

A combat was triggered and someone bled soon.

With a poker face, Ye Chen blocked away all the disciples who challenged him by Tianque Sword.

He noticed Xu Ming smiling evilly and dodging behind the crowd. As Ye Chen predicted, everything was plotted against him in advance.

Disciples assembled crowds in beating, which shocked the Regulation Hall.

Someone from the Regulation Hall made a strong intervention soon.

With a fair face and a folding fan in hand, the coming person in purple named Yin Zhiping was the chief disciple from the hall.

"Don't you know that our regulation prohibits disciples from fighting privately? " As Yin Zhiping swayed his folding fan, his looks flicked from an injured disciple to Ye Chen.

"Senior brother Yin, please promote justice for us!" Covering his chest, Xu Ming spoke again in a tearful voice. An ordinary cultivator as he was, Xu Ming was a good actor.

"Senior brother Yin, Ye Chen overlooked regulations of the sect, you can't be indulgent towards his mistake!"

"He bullies other disciples without restraint, relying upon his strength."

"He dares to do this in the daytime. How hateful he is!"

As the onlooker's anger flame was ignited, some gnashed their teeth, and the others wanted to put Ye Chen execution by Lingchi.

Yin Zhiping turned around and looked at Ye Chen in the noisiness, mocking, "Ye Chen, follow me to the Regulation Hall!"

"I have the courage to accept the consequence of my doing." Ye Chen collected Tianque Sword calmly but Hu Wa jumped from Ye Chen's back and stood in his way when he took a step.

"It is all my fault. It is my fault. Please punish me!" Hu Wa said fearfully.

Kneeling down on the ground, he pled for Ye Chen and kowtowed, with his forehead bleeding. Hu Wa wanted to undertake all the responsibilities for Ye Chen by his weak and small body.

The scene touched the cord of Ye Chen's heart.

"The young boy is ignorant, please forgive him this time!" As a frail and elderly voice came, crooked Zhang Fengnian rushed here with a walking stick. He groveled to the disciples and apologized.

Swinging his fan, Yin Zhiping looked Zhang Fengnian up and down, smiling jokingly, "Zhang Fengnian, you are driven out by the sect, but should be clearly aware of its regulations. Don't find trouble for yourself."

"Martial nephew Yin, could you please forgive Hu Wa, given the past… "

Ye Chen interrupted Zhang Fengnian's utterance.

Pulling up Hu Wa, Ye Chen also dragged him behind. Staring at old and clumsy Zhang Fengnian, Ye Chen felt warmth surging in his heart and smiled to him, "Sir, please take Hu Wa back home. I am all right."

Afterwards, he strode to the Regulation Hall.

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