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Yun Weixeu hesitated for a moment, and then took out a knife to point at Si Wenhan, saying, "Now, it is time to settle the personal stuff between you and I. You killed my father, and i can't let you go."


Si Wenhan forced a smile, pushed away Qin'er who wanted to protect him, and said weakly, "Brother Yun helped me and took me in when I was in danger, and I'm grateful. You should kill me, and I won't have any complaints. But before I die, I have something to tell you. On my way to I come here, I happened to see Mrs. Yun being attacked by someone and fell into the valley in the north of the capital city. I saved her and left her at the farmer's house at the foot of the hill. "


"My mom was attacked?" Yun Weixue's heart missed a beat, and she said, "All right, it has been a long time, but she hasn't come here yet. Probably there is a mole in the Yun family. Why didn't I expect something bad happened to her?"


Many ideas flashed through Yun Weixue's mind. She glanced at Si Wenhan, gritted her teeth and then stepped back. Just when she retreated to Xiao Naihe—her lifesaver, she felt reluctant to leave him, but she had to, saying to him, "I will never forget you did me a big favor."


Yun Weixue didn't know whether Yun Nianci was dead or alive, so she couldn't be obsessed with avenging her father's murder while ignored the safety of her mother. A decision was made by her to look for her mother first.


Looking at the fading figure of Yun Weixue, Qin'er turned around and said to Xiao Naihe, "What should I do? The gold foil was gone, and I don't know where to find it for you. "


Qin'er expressed some regret, because the first volume of The Magic of the Celestial Devil was gained through Xiao Naihe's hard work, but he gave it to her without compensation.


Xiao Naihe did not know what Qin'er was thinking. In his view, if he could get the gold foil, it would be the icing on the cake, but if he couldn't, it was just bad luck, therefore, he didn't care about it that much. The main purpose to kill Murong Fengjian was to satisfy the former Xiao Naihe's wishes, not to get the gold foil.


"Qin'er, you know this young man?" Si Wenhan struggled to sit up and leaned against the wall.


Xiao Naihe glanced at Si Wenhan and found Si's internal organs of the body fragmented by Murong Fengjian's fatal blow, which amazed him. If Xiao Naihe were Si Wenhan, he could combat with Murong Fengjian with the six true bodies at that time, but he could not have been unscratched unless he was able to enter the Hungry Ghost true body-- the second level of the six true bodies.


"Yes, are you alright?" replied Qin'er. She and Si Wenhan hadn't seen each other for many years, so they were not close.


Si Wenhan looked calm. After Murong Fengjian died, Si found that what he wanted to do in the rest of his life had been done, and there was no hatred or obsessions in his heart any more. Now his body was in such a terrible condition, he lost his will to live.


"My body was hit by Murong Fengjian's fatal blow, and my thirty-six internal circulations have been completely destroyed. The situation is worse than before.  I will certainly die unless I take someone's cultivation to renew myself."

Qin'er was slightly stunned, and now there were only two people left—she and Xiao Naihe. She was a girl, and Xiao Naihe was not stupid to give his cultivation base to Si Wenhan. Just now she also witnessed that this man was strong enough to kill Murong Fengjian when the latter was at the peak of his ability, let alone a dying Siw Wenhan.


"Well, well, my enemy has been killed, and now I have nothing to attach to. What Murong Fengjian said was right. When I went on the wrong track of being a devil cultivator and killed more than 1,000 people in vain, I put all my heart on cultivation, but didn't reflect that whether my actions were good or evil. Looking back now, I realize that my heart deviated from my original intention which was loyal to the kingdom of Dubhe, and I murdered my best friend Yun Gaofei. It's all my fault, and I want to expiate all my offences, so let me end this and be free."


Qin'er gazed at Si Wenhan indifferently, and there was no sorrow or joy in her heart. She knew well that her father had committed too many sins during his entire life, and death was the best end-result for him. She could do nothing but let out a sigh.


Si Wenhan stopped breathing and died. Qin'er stood up, walked to her father's corpse and then took out a bottle of Burying Flower Powder from her bosom.


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