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She moved her legs, draping them over my thighs as I started to move, real slow.

Looking into her eyes, all the love she had for me was there, shining bright. I leaned down and joined our lips, bringing us chest to chest. I wrapped her up in my arms trying to keep my hip movements slow when every instinct was telling me to pound into her.

Breathing heavily, I kept her wrapped in my arms while I continued the slow rocking motion with my hips. I was determined this wasn't going to be a quick fuck, which happened more often than not since we were always so desperate to get me inside her.

Thalia started making little keening noises at the back of her throat, as she tried to up the tempo, but I was having none of it, pushing my hips further into hers to hold her pinned beneath me. Then she stretched, arching her back, her cunt clamped down on me; so fucking tight. I couldn't hold back any longer as she pulled my orgasm out of me, while she convulsed around my cock, milking the last drop of cum out of me.

Both spent, we relaxed into each other's arms.

"I love you, Thalia."


"I love you too, Phoenix."

I don't ever remember being as content as I always am lying in Phoenix's arms.

I loved him so much, and found I couldn't get enough of him. Wherever I was, whatever I was doing, he was always on my mind.

Since Liam and Mia's wedding we'd been inseparable, which Callie had announced made her sick.

As far as I was concerned Phoenix was my cowboy. I mean the way his jeans clung to his ass and thighs, made me drool, which was point one on my cowboy checklist. Point two, handsome. Point three, sexy voice, which had me wet just listening to him. The most important point of all, he had to be sexy on the inside, and a good listener. Well, we'd been working on the listener point and it was going pretty well so far.

Callie shared the apartment with us, which I was glad about, because we'd been friends for three years and I would have felt like I'd abandoned her otherwise. Callie had flown back to Texas the day after Liam and Mia's wedding, and hadn't really been herself since then. Personally, I thought she was missing Reece, because I knew my friend and she never acted with anyone like she had with Reece. He'd taken her by storm. They'd not exactly parted on the best of terms, with Reece abandoning her in the middle of sex to run to Dahlia, which had killed something inside my once bubbly friend.

After spending a week at my home with my parents, so they could meet my fiance, which had gone a lot better than I'd expected, Phoenix and me had met back up with Callie at College. We'd been cramped as hell at first with Phoenix sharing my room, until we'd found the apartment we'd moved into a week ago.

"Thalia, you still awake?" Phoenix asked me, brushing the hair away from my face with his fingers.

"I am." I met his gaze, leaning in to kiss his lips, then the cleft in his chin, then his neck just under his ear. Smiling, I nibbled his lobe, which I'd discovered could give him an instant erection.

He groaned, reaching for, and finding, one of my erect nipples. I wiggled out of his grasp, because I wanted to do something just for him.

Sliding down his delicious body, I licked his nipples before sucking them into my mouth, watching, out of the corner of my eye, his cock harden even more, the silver begging for my mouth.

Licking down his hairless chest, over his abs, I ended up on my knees between his thighs, with an amazing view of his cock, which was long, thick and weeping. My gaze moved lower.

I met Phoenix's gaze then bent my head to the root of him, sucking his balls into my mouth, massaging and sucking while he bucked up on the bed. His huge cock twitched with my ministrations, wanting some attention, which it would get real soon.

His breathing was harsh, as I continued to give his balls my tongue. I looked up, my mouth dropped open. He was fisting his cock while watching what I was doing.

"Oh my God, that's so hot," I groaned, "but I want to do that," I growled, knocking his hand away. Before he could catch his breath I sucked the length of him as far as he could go into my mouth. He nearly knocked me off the bed.

"Not. Going. To last," he said between groans.

I gripped the root of him with one hand, resting with my arms on his thighs, and started to lick around the head of his cock. It was huge in circumference, but it was the silver on the tip, which always had me wet and aching the minute I caught site of him, that I was focusing on. I flicked the silver with my tongue, once, twice, and then did a powerful suck to the tip. He roared as his release filled my mouth, while he thrashed around on the bed.

"Fucking hell. I've died and gone to heaven," he said, pulling me up to him, giving me the sweetest kiss. "Give me five minutes," he laughed, "maybe ten, then I'll return the favor."

I cuddled into him. "No you won't. That was all about you. You can return the favor another time, but not now, otherwise you'll ruin the pleasure it gave me to do that to you."

He stayed silent, so I looked up into his face and saw the dampness around his eyes. I moved closer and kissed each tear filled eye. "I love you, always," I whispered.

Phoenix cleared his throat, took my face into his hands, and told me, "I never knew what it was like to have someone of my own, who made me feel loved, or to love someone as much as I love you. Thank you for letting Liam bring you into our lives, into mine."

Then he kissed me.


Book 2, Reece and Callie a January 2014.

Model a Alfie Gordillo.

Photographer a FuriousFotog.

Cover Artist a Wicked by Design Books by Lexi Bad Boy Rockers.


Spicy (Jan 2014) McKenzie Brothers Seduce.

The Wedding (Novella, July 2013).

Rapture (Oct 2013).

Jackson Hole.

From This Moment When we Meet.

New Beginning (2014) Holiday Season Under the Mistletoe (Nov 2013).

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