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"When Er Ni and San Ni were pregnant, there was no reaction at all. Only I am so problematic. Just take a look how unreasonable I seem." Lin Qing He said helplessly.

"What unreasonable? It's not like you want it to happen. Seeing those who have it bad, I feel uncomfortable as well." Eldest Sister-in-law responded replied. Then she changed the topic to Zhou Si Ni's matter.

"Although the guy is a lot older than Si Ni, there are basically no other dislikable thing. You can't see his looks, but you use Wang Yuan's. It's not worse than Wang Yuan at all. More righteous than Wang Yuan." Lin Qing He chattered.

What Wang Yuan had was the air of a noble capital young man. After he had the twins, the gentle temperament of a married man exuded from him. On top of that, he was handsome and wealthy. Lin Qing He had secretly warned Zhou Er Ni.

Although the best marriage was when the two trust each other, it was still necessary to defend one's marriage.

With the development of the times, creatures like mistress were beginning to surface.

Setting aside far away ones, there was a mistress in their little community.

That man must had a family. He housed her here and would visit once or twice a week. The mistress's lifestyle was all top-notch.

Of course, Lin Qing He didn't know at first. It was old aunts in the community who were well-informed. Naturally, Aunt Ma knew. She heard 99% of the news in the community from Aunt Ma.

"As for the guy's parents, they are good friends of our family. Not gonna hide it from you, Eldest Sister-in-law. Da Wa is dating their daughter." Lin Qing He brought up: "If Si Ni and Guo Dong end up together, then it will be relatives becoming closer relatives."

Eldest Sister-in-law was delighted and said embarrassedly: "Er Ni and Si Ni's marriage is managed with your help."

"It's also because they got that fate." Lin Qing He grinned.

After chatting with Eldest Sister-in-law for a while, Lin Qing He hung up the phone and came over to the dumpling shop.

Aunt Ma smiled and said, "You should come out for a walk. Can't always lie down."

"I just walked such a short distance and feel like I'm panting." Lin Qing He remarked.

"It's still cold now. It will be fine when the spring arrives." Aunt Ma comforted.

"Oh." Lin Qing He worriedly sighed.

"Why sigh? It's a joyous matter. Xiao Dan's mom also wants one. She finds one is too little." Aunt Ma responded.

Huang Xiao Liu really wanted to have another one, because one was too few. Especially after hearing that Lin Qing He was pregnant, Huang Xiao Liu privately brought it up to Ma Cheng Min.

Ma Cheng Min came to discuss with Aunt Ma. This wasn't a trivial matter.

Aunt Ma was surprised and asked: "You haven't ligated yet?" She thought they had ligated, otherwise why was there only one?

Ma Cheng Min embarrassedly said that they had used protection. It was free. Just needed to go get it from the hospital.

Aunt Ma didn't have any objections, It just that if Huang Xiao Liu had it, she would have to go back to her rural maternal home to nurture the baby. Once she reached the full-terms, she would come back and prepare to give birth.

If pregnancy's length was short, she will be caught and be forced to abort. If it was full-term, then they just pay a sum of over-birth penalty fee afterwards.

"During the New Year, I heard the old woman from old Zhang family talking." Aunt Ma said in a low voice.

"Talk about what?" Lin Qing He replied.

"It's Zhang Mei Lian, the one who married Xu Sheng Qiang. She hasn't been pregnant even until now. There must be a problem." Aunt Ma told.

She heard old Madam Zhang was asking people for a secret recipe for pregnancy. Her daughter-in-law had already given birth. So it was two daughters.

Don't need to mention the eldest daughter. A known figure in the community. A pheasant that everyone spurned.

It was little daughter, Zhang Mei Lian. She didn't get pregnant when she returned home during the New Year.

Lin Qing He just snorted, "The marriage is already set. He has to bear it no matter what."

He was the same as his sister. Both were so impatient. Now they were living their own lives. Nothing to say.

The two siblings no longer came here anymore, so it was more worry-free and stress free. Otherwise, every so often they would stir something up.

"Why can't she think it through? Everyone in the community knows. She actually let her brother marry her back." Aunt Ma remarked.

Lin Qing He didn't continue to talk about this. She grabbed the melon seeds to nibble on and shared a handful to Aunt Ma.

After eating, Lin Qing Hhe became sleepy and went to sleep on the second floor.

Zhou Gui Lai and Zhou Xuan came home first. Just a look and they knew their mother wasn't at home. Then she was at the dumpling shop.

Sure enough, when they went over, she was sleeping on the second floor.

"Mom's pregnancy is really not easy." Zhou Gui Lai sighed as he shook his head.

In the past, the posture of their mother was of a proper strong woman. Felt like that she could go up the mountain to chop a wild boar with a big knife. Right now, she became Lin Dai Yu.

She especially liked retching. They all had to get up to carry tea and serve water early in the morning.

Of course, it wasn't that they had any opinions. They don't have any problems at all. They just felt it was too hard on her.

"A woman's pregnancy isn't easy. Especially when your mom isn't young and her reaction is so big. You have to go along with her on most days, understand?" Aunt Ma reminded.

"Of course. We must. She's definitely the Empress Dowager now." Zhou Gui Lai stated.

Aunt Ma amusedly chuckled.

Zhou Qing Bai passed the wooden spoon to Second and went up to the second floor. Lin Qing He was sleeping soundly with rosy face. Since she had slept for more than an hour, Zhou Qing Bai called her up as he was worried that she would sleep too long now and can't sleep at night.

"What are we eating tonight?" Lin Qing He yawned and asked.

Zhou Qing Bai went to pour warm water and responded, "What do you want to eat?"

"Nothing in particular." Lin Qing He said as she directly used his lap as a pillow.

"Then eat noodles?" Zhou Qing Bai suggested.

"The soup shouldn't be too overpowering." Lin Qing He nodded. "Put more chopped scallion on it."

Zhou Qing Bai agreed and said, "Get up and sit down. I'll go and make you a bowl first."

Lin Qing He got up. Zhou Qing Bai dressed her. The corners of Lin Qing He's mouth raised slightly and said, "This is a blessing from my stomach. In the past, I didn't enjoy this service and care from Boss Zhou."

Now he was eager to spoon-feed her during the meal.

"Never thought of this before." Zhou Qing Bai replied.

"Now you thought of it?" Lin Qing He raised his eyebrows.

"After eating, go to the movies tonight?" Zhou Qing Bai consciously changed the subject.

"No. Watch TV at home and go to bed after watching it." There were a lot of people in the cinema. Air circulation wasn't great, so if there was something bad smelling. she can vomit on the spot. So forget it. Better obediently watch TV at home.

Zhou Qing Bai went down and cooked her noodles first. It was a bowl of clear, bland soup noodle. Lin Qing He enjoyed it greatly. Just a handful of chopped scallion and a few pieces of meat. Nothing else.

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