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Chapter 90 - Vicious and Merciless

Edited by RED

“What do you mean, Young Master Xu?” Yi Da asked, feigning calm.

“Do you need me to explain? You hurt my housekeeper, and ordered your two whatever-they’re-called monsters to hurt my Little Snakey. Earlier, you and your men ganged up on me, nearly causing heavy injuries to me. Now you want to leave just like that? Are you dreaming?” Xu Qi rebuked.

“Little Brat, you want them all to remain here?” Black Tortoise’s voice reached Xu Qi’s ears.

“I’d revealed too many of my secrets; if they escape, my future days will be tough. I have no choice but to act ruthlessly,” Xu Qi explained softly.

Hearing such, the Black Tortoise asked no more and focused its gaze onto Leng Qianhai. In its perception, the strongest being in this courtyard was none other than that white-haired geezer.

“Move aside, quickly. I’ll clean this place. There’re more experts approaching; end this fast!”

Xu Qi was about to say something when he heard Black Tortoise’s urging and blanked for a moment. Next, he hurriedly leaped to the eaves.

Leng Qianhai and Yi Da were puzzled at Xu Qi jumping up to the eaves. Then, they saw that unknown monster suddenly radiating blue light from its body.

The monster’s body grew even larger under their astonished gazes, finally returning to the gigantic frame it used in the Four Divinities Cavern.

Behind it, some of the constructions that were closest to it were damaged due to its sudden expansion. Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan, who were in one of those, were covered in dust from the debris.

After returning to its original form, Black Tortoise didn’t pause in the slightest and opened its large dragon mouth, shooting countless blue-colored water arrows at Leng Qianhai’s group, showering them with a rain of arrows. The projectiles were extremely fast, and even their captives, Yun Wudi and Mo Yingfei were caught in the targeted area.

Leng Qianhai realized the sudden rain of arrows covered too large of an area. He couldn’t dodge in time even if he tried. As such, he released his faint red aura, forming layers of energy barrier and covered his men.

The injured Yi Da and Yi Er had a better reaction speed. They quickly dodged aside, hiding behind the trembling Abyss Deathmare and Nightblade Panther. They were fully intent on using them as their meat shields. Looking at their reaction speeds, they didn’t seemed to be injured at all.

On the other hand, Xu Qi, who stood on the eaves, revealed a sly grin as he watched Leng Qianhai and Yi Da’s group defend against the rain of arrows. He flipped his palm and brought out the golden flames once more. Xu Qi first enveloped the bronze sword with a layer of rainbow energy, then applied a layer the golden flames on top of it.

After which, Xu Qi jumped off and flew to where the blue arrows were headed. While he was still in mid-air, a gigantic flaming sword appeared once more.

Black Tortoise stole a glance at Xu Qi and let out a smile, This little brat, he’s really ruthless.

In the instant when the blue arrows hit, Leng Qianhai immediately realized the energy barrier he spent so much effort on forming was too weak. Layers of them shattered by the moment.

As he felt the last layer of energy barrier was about to break, Leng Qianhai quickly pulled Leng Shang, who was nearest to him, to his back and released all the energy he could muster, using his body and energy to defend his son.

Soon, all the water arrows landed and the pressure was lifted. Leng Qianhai gasped for air with much difficulty, feeling pain all over. However, before he could inspect his or Leng Shang’s injuries, a threatening scorching aura neared him.

Leng Qianhai raised his head and saw a gigantic golden-colored flaming sword increasing in size as it neared him. He immediately let out a bitter smile as a quick thought flashed in his mind.

After cultivating bitterly for many years, Leng Qianhai had finally emerged as a Void realm expert. Just as he came out from secluded cultivation and came to contest for Stellar Splitter, which he thought was something easily obtained, he encountered an unimaginably powerful monster and a monstrous child. It’s gone; everything has all gone to waste.

The gigantic flaming sword slashed down, turning all the water arrows, which had yet to disappear, piercing the ground and the bodies of their targets, into water mist.

Boom, Smoke and dust were swept up in Xu Clan, followed by a loud boom. In Rivulet City, some places near the Xu Clan could feel the ground shaking.

Xu Qi landed from the sky, and Black Tortoise shrank to the size of an adult human, looking at the smoke and dust which had yet to clear, saying, “I haven’t killed anybody for uncountable years. Now that I’m finally out, you made me kill so many people in one go. Shouldn’t you compensate me with something?”

“Uncle Tortoise, what can a poor brat like me compensate you with? Though, you were really cool earlier. That water arrow move was beautiful,” Xu Qi smiled, looking at the area filled with smoke and dust.

Hearing such, Black Tortoise shook its head and ended the conversation.

The dust gradually settled. A huge crater at the area where Xu Qi and Black Tortoise released their attacks, with two smoking monsters and several people lying in it. Perhaps it would be more apt to say several corpses.

In the far corner where Yun Wudi and Mo Yingfei were, they too, were lying down. However, Yun Wudi was lying on top of Mo Yingfei’s body, pierced by several blue water arrows which had yet to disappear. He couldn’t be any more dead than he was now, but it was unsure whether the woman was still alive.

Xu Qi slowly walked to the crater, while Black Tortoise remained unmoving, observing the situation. It sensed that there were a few auras left in the crater, but were all extremely weak; it didn’t have to take any more action.

In the crater, Leng Qianhai’s subordinates were probably already dead by the end of the first wave of water arrows from Black Tortoise. Only Leng Qianhai, whose entire body was burnt, was still barely alive. His body was still swaying. Looking closely, he was pressing on top of another living person.

“Young Master Leng, eh? Come on out. Your father really dotes on you; he actually sacrificed himself to save you,” Xu Qi smiled.

Someone gradually crawled out from underneath Leng Qianhai and stared at Xu Qi without a hint of fear in his eyes. Leng Shang slowly brought his burned father into his arms, shouting.

However, Xu Qi didn’t show a bit of sympathy. He raised his bronze sword, enveloped in rainbow energy, and stabbed into Leng Shang’s heart.

The latter didn’t put up any struggle. He only looked plainly at Xu Qi. Before he fell, he held Leng Qianhai’s hand and squeezed it, then fell on his father’s body.

Mo Dingtian watched from a distance away. His gaze became more complicated at the sight of Xu Clan’s young master killing someone without uttering a sound and gave out a slight sigh.

Next, Xu Qi supplemented another stab to Leng Qianhai, who still held his last breath, in the heart. After that, he went around to every body, no matter alive or dead, to give them a final blow.

Black Tortoise watched as the little brat raised his sword and stabbed at them continuously. It nodded its head, mumbling, “He’s sure to mature into a formidable man.”

Of course, Xu Qi didn’t hear Black Tortoise’s appraisal of him. When he was done with Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion, he looked at the two monsters, Yi Da, and Yi Er, who were lying on the ground. He gave a smile, then walked to a corner and repeated the process.

Xu Qi arrived at two overlapping bodies and gave a smile. As usual, he supplemented another stab to the dead Yun Wudi.

Xu Qi lightly kicked Yun Wudi’s corpse away and looked at the lady below.

This curvy, seductive lady; her proud chest was indeed a powerful asset. Though, the current Xu Qi was not interested in it. Instead, he extended his hand to uncover the veil clearing this lady’s face.

“Hm, pretty good looking,” Xu Qi mumbled and stood up leisurely.

The lady, whose veil was taken off, slowly opened her eyes and looked at the boy standing before her. Her eyes slowly turned red.

Xu Qi’s gaze revealed unwillingness in him, causing a string of hope to suddenly rise in the lady’s heart. However, before she could feel happy about it, she saw the sword in the boy’s hand stabbing down at her.

It was a pierce through the heart. This lady known as Mo Yingfei died, her eyes still opened, staring wide. They seemed to be asking the ‘why?’ from before her death.

When Xu Qi was done, he returned to the brothers and smoking monsters’ side. Xu Qi couldn’t help but smile as he looked at the two dead monsters. He actually picked up the smell of barbecued meat.

Xu Qi first went to Yi Er’s side, and as usual, pierced his heart. Yi Er, who was holding on to the hopes of escaping by playing possum, immediately died.

Next, he arrived at Yi Da’s side, whose eyes were opened and sitting in meditation stance. Xu Qi smiled and said, “Do you know why I left you for last?”

Yi Da, whose face was stained with blood, gave a bitter laugh and said, “You probably want to ask me about the secrets of that sword.”

Xu Qi smiled and nodded, silently agreeing.

“Fine. I can tell you about that sword’s secrets, but I have a question I wish Young Master Xu could clue me in on; is that agreeable?” Cough cough. Yi Da coughed a few times as he spoke. Blood seeped out from the corner of his lips.

“Let’s hear it,” Xu Qi answered plainly.

“Some time ago, when the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix was born, I assume Young Master Xu was there, right?” Yi Da said.

However, Xu Qi didn’t reply to him and was just looking at him, smiling. Yi Da immediately understood and continued, “I only wished to ask who was it that took the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix’s egg that day, and whether Young Master Xu know how my three brothers, Yi San, Yi Wu, and Yi Jiu died?”

“I don’t know,” replied Xu Qi plainly. What he said was the truth. He, too, wanted to know the answers to Yi Da’s questions.

After getting his reply, Yi Da looked in Xu Qi’s eyes and replied coolly, “Alright, I’m done asking. Since I can’t leave here no matter what, I shall answer your questions. You’re pretty pleasing to the eyes anyway; I could see my young self in you.”

Xu Qi chuckled and squatted, intent on listening to Yi Da talk about Stellar Splitter’s secrets. He didn’t think Yi Da could threaten him anyway, not with those serious injuries.

Yi Da sensed Xu Qi getting closer to him and suddenly raised his head, his eyes turned red as he immediately extended his arms, hugging Xu Qi.

It was too sudden. Xu Qi thought to himself, Shit! He didn’t have the time to dodge. Xu Qi quickly grabbed his sword and stabbed at Yi Da.

“Haha. Boy, you killed so many of my brothers. Let’s go down together!” Yi Da said frantically, his body trembling uncontrollably as he was stabbed by Xu Qi, spitting out mouthfuls of blood. Then, Yi Da’s body began inflating.

“Shit, Disintegration! Shadow Wind Sect’s self-sacrificing technique!” Mo Dingtian yelled in shock when he heard Yi Da.

A distance away, where Black Tortoise stood, it saw Yi Da’s sudden inflation and was about to take action when an explosion louder than the previous one reached its ears.

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