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Chapter 89 - Ridiculously Powerful

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Following Xu Qi’s roar, Yi Da and Yi Er’s faces sank even lower. They had witnessed the methods of this little boy. He was definitely not yelling for the sake of intimidating; gods knew what he was going to do now.

The newly arrived Leng Qianhai, however, paid no heed to the child’s yelling. Instead, he signalled to two of his men standing beside him.

The two used the opening when Yi Da and Yi Er were blanked out and rushed toward Xu Qi. Their target was the Stellar Splitter on the ground.

Leng Shang, standing next to Leng Qianhai, wanted to say something when the two went rushing at Xu Clan’s young master, but hesitated after seeing the look on his father’s face. His arrogance when he first came to Xu Clan was totally gone.

The two men from Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion were only moments away from reaching Xu Qi when a ray of blue light suddenly shone in front of him.

With the sudden appearance of the blue light, the Abyss Deathmare and Nightblade Panther began trembling and hid behind Yi Da and Yi Er, the monsters’ unbridled arrogance vanishing without a trace, their heads lowered.

Noticing this strange phenomenon, Yi Da and Yi Er exchanged a look, their eyes full of confusion.

The two from Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion, too, stopped in place as they saw the blue light shining, cautiously focusing their attention on it.

Everyone was stupefied as the blue light faded; there was...nothing?

However, upon closer inspection, something seemed to be moving at that spot.

“Look, Big Brother, it’s a tiny tortoise,” Yi Er said blankly when he caught sight of the thing.

Yi Da too, noticed the thing crawling on the ground was a tiny turtle. He glanced to the trembling Nightblade Panther and Abyss Deathmare, who were now lying on their stomachs. Although he had many doubts in his mind, he didn’t dare to underestimate this bloodied Xu Qi in the slightest.

“Brother Yan, is that a little tortoise?” Mo Dingtian, standing a distance away, narrowed his eyes and asked.

“It seems like it, Young Lord. Young Master Xu made such a scene just to summon a tiny tortoise. Maybe..?” Mo Yan answered, standing behind Mo Dingtian.

The latter waved his hand, stopping Mo Yan from continuing and shifted his gaze to that tiny tortoise. He didn’t think that cunning Young Master Xu would do something senseless to scare people.

“Hmph, all you did was summon a tiny tortoise after making such a scene? Go, bring him down,” Leng Qianhai gave a cold humph, commanding his subordinates to quickly take down Xu Qi.

Xu Qi, standing not far away, curved his lips, forming a sly grin when he heard Leng Qianhai saying the words “tiny tortoise”.

After receiving Leng Qianhai’s orders, the two men from Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion continued walking toward Xu Qi, thinking to bring him down with ease.

However, upon arriving at Xu Qi’s side, before the two could extend their arms, they saw a blue light flash before their eyes and were sent flying in the direction of Leng Qianhai’s group.

Seeing the two come flying, Leng Qianhai humphed and leapt forward, extending his arms to catch them.

However, just as his arms came into contact with their backs, Leng Qianhai immediately felt an unreal inertia. He was careless and his body, too, flew backward uncontrollably along with his two followers.

What powerful strength! Leng Qianhai thought in astonishment. His expression turned grave, emitting a faint red light from his body to counter that momentum.

“Hm? That old geezer had actually stepped into the Void realm. No wonder he’s acting so arrogant,” Yi Da mumbled as he saw the faint red aura coming out from Leng Qianhai.

The aura of those whose cultivators who entered the Void realm would be colored red. The faint red aura emitted from Leng Qianhai’s body was an indication of him barely advancing to that realm.

Leng Qianhai pushed on the backs of the two as they landed, but their strong momentum remained. Even after landing, they were still being pushed back. Leng Qianhai’s foot left several deep imprints on the ground as he stepped back.

The three finally stopped in place. Leng Qianhai was about to retract his arms when he suddenly felt the two subordinates’ bodies before him go soft.

Ka ka ka sounds followed, the two bodies seemed to have lost all their bones, slowly sliding down and turned into two lumps of meat paste.

A bead of cold sweat slid down Leng Qianhai’s forehead. He didn’t care about the stupefied crowd; seeing these two meat pastes shocked Leng Qianhai to the core.

When he caught the two earlier, he already felt the horrifying strength behind it. That kind of strength was probably pure physical strength. Even with his Void realm cultivation and body, Leng Qianhai was pushed back a distance from the inertia. Moreover, landing on the ground didn’t stop the momentum either, and he had to take several steps back to nullify the force. Exactly what kind of strength was that!?

Yi Da looked at the two lumps of meat paste with his eyes narrowed, then shifted his gaze to Leng Qianhai, who was feigning calm, cold sweat pouring from his forehead. The astonishment Yi Da felt couldn’t be expressed in words; the way those two men died was probably that their bones and organs were crushed by an unimaginable brute force and turned into that. Even Leng Qianhai whose strength was at the Void realm wasn’t doing much better. What kind of strength was that?

Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan, who were watching by the side, was shocked beyond belief at the scene of the two men turning into meat pastes, their mouths agape. They stared blankly at the two lumps and were at a loss for words.

As the crowd was still in shock, the blue light shone once more. The tiny tortoise enlarged and grew to the size of a grown human.

Xu Qi squeezed out a smile on his bloody face at the sight and said, “Uncle Tortoise, I’m afraid you wouldn’t see me again if you came out any later. Though, this strike of yours is truly brutal. Today, we can’t allow anyone in this courtyard to escape.”

This enlarged “tiny tortoise” was, of course, Black Tortoise summoned by Xu Qi. As it appeared, it heard someone calling it a tiny tortoise before it could make out the situation and was immediately enraged. In the end, all that rage was vented on the two unlucky guys from Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion.

Black Tortoise opened its mouth and shot a dense blue fog at Xu Qi without a word when it saw his bloodied state, enveloping him in it. It then slowly turned around and stared at Leng Qianhai’s group.

It turned around, letting Leng Qianhai and Yi Da’s group see clearly that this wasn’t a tiny tortoise of any kind at all; it had a long neck, its weird-looking head had two horns growing out of it. It also had a long whisker growing out of each side of its mouth. On its shell, there were horn-like protrusions.

“What is that monster; why haven’t I seen it before?” Yi Da mumbled, then turned to look at the Abyss Deathmare and Nightblade Panther behind him.

These two monsters, who liked to show off their strength before others, were now lying on their stomachs, their bodies trembling. They didn’t even dare to look at the tortoise-looking monster.

Yi Da felt even stranger as time passed. Just earlier, these two were acting arrogant in front of that mutated Giantwood Python, who was at the brink of advancing to Void realm. Why were they acting so scared now? Could it be that this tortoise-like monster had an extraordinary origin?

Leng Qianhai was the master of one of the top schools in Mirrorlink, after all. He recovered his composure and took two steps forward. He glanced at the strange creature cautiously and turned to Xu Qi, who was still enveloped in blue mist, saying, “Young Master Xu, right?  This one surnamed Leng didn’t intend to disturb the Xu Clan. I only wish that you could lend us the Stellar Splitter; I’ll have it delivered back to Xu Clan when I’m done with it. Is that alright?”

Hearing such, Yi Da cursed in his heart, Leng Qianhai you damn idiot, what has the situation come to today? You’re still thinking of acting hypocritical; is your brain damaged?

Leng Qianhai thought to say something as Xu Qi didn’t answer his request, but shut his mouth when he saw the blue mist slowly dissipating.

“You must be the master of Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion! Was that you who spoke earlier? I see that you’ve already lived to a ripe old age, but were you living a dog’s life all these years? How could you actually spout such shameless nonsense? Your skin must be thicker than the walls of my Xu Clan,” a ridiculing voice came from the water mist, causing Leng Qianhai’s face to instantly turn green.

As the water mist gradually dissipated, a clean, fair, and tender-faced Xu Qi slowly walked out. Yi Da, Leng Qianhai and their men couldn’t help but rub their eyes, thinking that they must be hallucinating.

However, the bloodied child full of wounds could no longer be seen. Now, a fresh-faced Xu Qi took his place, without any blood on him except for some stains on his clothing. Those obvious wounds had all disappeared without a trace. His breathing, too, was absolutely stable.

“Did you see that, Brother Yan? There must be something with that blue water mist shot out from that weird monster’s mouth earlier,” Mo Dingtian said plainly, looking at Xu Clan’s young master, who had suddenly received a second wind. Today, he had seen too many unimaginable things and was a little numb to new surprises.

Of course, they wouldn’t know of the secrets of Black Tortoise’s specialty, the Revitalizing Jet.

“Many thanks, Uncle Tortoise. Next, we’ll have to clean up. These people reduced my Xu Clan into such a state and caused Little Snakey and me to be injured, almost dying. None of them will leave here alive today,” Xu Qi walked to Black Tortoise’s side, saying plainly.

“Little Brat, I already used Revitalizing Jet on that little snake and pretty much healed it.” Xu Qi noticed that the Black Tortoise’s dragon mouth wasn’t moving as it spoke; obviously it didn’t want others to overhear their conversation.

Xu Qi nodded to Black Tortoise, then looked at the enemies in the courtyard.

“Don’t think that summoning a weird monster gives you the right to spout nonsense here. My words earlier were an acknowledgment of your strength, but if you don’t act as you should, I won’t be holding back,” Leng Qianhai warned Xu Qi about his presumptuous words.

As the dignified master of Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion who stands above others, he had his ego. No one had ever belittled him like that; how was he supposed to suppress his rage?

At the same time, Yi Da gave Yi Er, who was still in a daze, a slight push and signalled to him. The two starting back off slowly.

“Please hold your steps, you from Shadow Wind Sect. My Xu Clan isn’t somewhere you can come and go as you wish. All of you are staying here today,” Xu Qi grinned at the sneaky Yi Da and Yi Er, who were trying to slip away.

The two were immediately stunned for a moment. Yi Da sighed, Is Rivulet City going to be where the Shadow Wind Sect’s Crazed Ten are buried?

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