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Chapter 88 - A Devastating Strike

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Yi Da, who held the advantage in this battle, was soaked in cold sweat. Up to now, the combined assault of him and his five brothers had yet to kill their opponent, who was only a child. Not only that, the child had managed to injure his brothers despite being outnumbered. If word got out, it might cause an earthquake.

As Yi Da and Xu Qi exchanged moves, the former dodged several fatal attacks from the latter. If it wasn’t for the vast amount of experiences he’d accumulated, he would have died long ago. Thinking of this child’s tender age, Yi Da’s heart twitched a little in fear; this boy is too scary!

“Stop!” Yi Da suddenly yelled. Yi Er and the other four brothers immediately stopped their attacks on Xu Qi.

Yi Da looked at the bloodied child wielding two swords. An unwilling sentiment rose in his frigid heart and said, “How about this, Young Master Xu; hand over the swords to us and return with us to the Shadow Wind Sect. I guarantee no further harm caused to your men from Xu Clan and your giant snake. Okay?”

Xu Qi wiped the blood on his face, which he wasn’t sure whether it was his, and smiled, “You wish to bring me away with just the few of you? You’re not qualified to!”

“Big Brother, don’t waste your time on him. Let’s kill him quickly and get the sword!” Yi Er urged by the side.

Hiss hiss, the Giantwood Python hissed in pain continuously. Xu Qi hurriedly shifted his gaze and saw the Abyss Deathmare and Nightblade Panther were once again making use of their advantage in speed to attack the Giantwood Python. Right now, the python’s body was covered in blood, with its meat turned out on several of its wounds.

The rage in Xu Qi elevated to the point of eruption immediately upon seeing that. His eyes gradually turned bloody red as he declared plainly, “Today, every one of you can forget about leaving my Xu Clan in one piece!”

As his voice trailed off, a golden flame suddenly appeared and enveloped the bloodied Xu Qi in an instant.

This golden little ‘fireman’ then flew straight at the three summoned familiars. Seventh Brother was the first to react to Xu Qi’s charge and immediately moved to block his way. However, this flaming child seemed to have zero intention of stopping and ignored this human obstacle even after seeing him. Fear overwhelmed Seventh Brother and he was about to step aside when he felt a burning sensation from his chest.

“Seventh Brother!” Yi Da yelled as he saw a golden flaming sword penetrate his seventh brother’s chest right in the heart, and exit from his back.

Yi Qi looked at his chest in disbelief, swaying for a few moments and fell straight to the ground, dead.

The flaming child, on the other hand, didn’t stop his charge toward the Abyss Deathmare, who was attacking his Little Snakey. The Abyss Deathmare and Nightblade Panther were tearing at the python’s meat. They quickly dodged to the side when they felt a burning sensation approaching. When they saw the flaming child, a look of terror was revealed in their eyes.

At this moment, Xu Qi was fully enveloped with the All-tempering Flame. He glanced at the Giantwood Python, whose aura felt unstable, and emitted rainbow energy from his hand and performed a series of hand signs. The Giantwood Python instantly vanished into thin air.

Before the python disappeared, it made another hissing sound. Perhaps only Xu Qi understood what it meant.

Yi Da and his brothers went to the fallen Yi Qi’s side, surrounding his body. Upon confirming he was no longer breathing, all of them turned and glared at the flaming child, revealing their killing intent, causing Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan, who were observing the situation to shiver in fear.

“How many trump cards does this Young Master Xu have? He actually summoned flames; he truly lives up to his name as a young prodigy!” Mo Dingtian exclaimed. Hearing such, Mo Yan nodded in agreement.

Mo Dingtian didn’t feel much unease with Xu Qi’s predicament. Instead, he believed from the bottom of his heart that this little young master from Xu Clan would be able to overcome this calamity no matter what. This was a kind of trust and instinct.

The five from Yi Da’s group quickly surrounded the flaming Xu Qi. Now, none of them were wielding a weapon. During their battle with Xu Qi earlier, anyone who clashed their weapons with his bronze sword immediately found their weapons destroyed.

“Young Master Xu, eh? Your methods are already so ruthless at such a young age; truly impressive! I’ll give you one last chance; will you hand over the sword on your own volition and come back with us to Shadow Wind Sect, or do we have to kill you and take your sword? Make your choice!” Yi Da said furiously.

“Haha. It’s very obvious that I’m a contemptible individual; I choose the latter!” Xu Qi announced and took the initiative to attack Yi Shi, whose strength was the weakest of them.

The others quickly reacted to provide help, but to their surprise, they saw a sly smirk on Xu Qi once they neared him.

“Almighty Slash!” Xu Qi roared.

A gigantic flaming sword instantly appeared before their eyes, almost within their reach. They neither had any weapons in hand, nor could they evade the attack. The only option they had was to emit as much energy as they could to take on the attack.

Boom boom boom, The gigantic flaming sword exploded. Everyone in the Xu Clan mansion could feel the ground tremble.

As for Mo Dingtian, who had been observing, his heart leapt into his throat when he saw the gigantic flaming sword appear. Once the technique exploded, he instantly felt a scorching heat wave sweeping in his direction and hurriedly defended against it.

As the golden flames slowly dissipated, Xu Qi could be seen half kneeling on the ground, his body bloodied. The two swords in his hands were stabbed in the ground, stopping him from falling.

Xu Qi had infused his rainbow energy into the All-tempering Flame and executed the Everchanging Swordplay’s first technique, the Almighty Slash.

Now, the only one left standing among Xu Qi’s opponents was Yi Da, blood flowing down the corner of his lip. The latter’s clothing was torn and tattered, his body full of injuries.

Yi Er, on the other hand, was sitting on the ground, bloodied. His gaze was filled with terror, looking at Xu Qi. As for the other three, they were all lying motionless on the ground. It was unknown whether they were still alive.

“Young Master Xu, I have to admit; you’re truly a heaven-defying genius. If this battle between you and us brothers from Shadow Wind Sect was to be made known to the world, I’m afraid you would instantly shoot to fame. I, Yi Da, had never been impressed by many through my life, but now I really have to say, I’m truly impressed,” Yi Da smiled bitterly.

Xu Qi had his head lowered, gasping for air. He raised his head with difficulty upon hearing Yi Da’s praisings, his vision obstructed by blood, unable to see clearly. He smiled and replied, “I don’t need you to be impressed with me; I only need you to lay dead!”

“Haha, I want you to die, too! Let’s go for another round!” Yi Da chortled, his body swaying.

“Hur hur, we seemed to have missed something! Be it death, or battle,” a deep voice resounded.

Xu Qi was astonished and struggled to keep his body straight, looking in the direction where the voice originated from. What entered his vision was several figures landing in the courtyard.

The leader of the group was a white-haired elder, his face rosy-colored. He seemed so energetic it was hard to tell his age. Behind him stood six similarly dressed people, their clothing

s looked familiar.

“Dad, save me!” Leng Shang, who was left aside, tied up, suddenly cried out agitatedly once he saw the new group of people. Looking closely, his clothings were indeed the same pattern as those people.

“Hm?” the white-haired elder quickly looked to the voice’s direction. He furrowed his brows as he saw Leng Shang being held at knife point with a dagger, then turned and signalled to his underlings with his gaze.

They nodded their head, indicating their acknowledgment and rushed at the Shadow Wind Sect’s black-clothed men in the corner. In just a short while, the latter group was eliminated swiftly, like cutting vegetables.

Leng Shang broke free from the ropes by himself and ran to the white-haired elder, who then gave the former a tight slap without warning when he saw Leng Shang’s sorry state.

“Leng Qianhai, I didn’t expect you to personally come here,” Yi Da said.

“Hmm? You’re Shadow Wind Sect’s Madman Da?” the white-haired elder asked after rolling his eyes at Leng Shang, then turning to look at Yi Da.

The white-haired elder addressed as “Dad” by Leng Shang was the Glacial Ambuscade Pavilion’s current School Master, Leng Qianhai. He was, according to rumors, a sixth stage Spirit Swordsman, just a thin line beneath the Void realm. However, that was news from many years ago. Nobody knew what his current cultivation was.

Mo Dingtian’s face turned grave after overhearing their conversation, muttering, “Leng Qianhai, Leng Qianhai...”

“Hur hur, you actually recognized me,” Yi Da chuckled.

Leng Qianhai sized Yi Da up, then swept his gaze across the courtyard and furrowed his brow, asking Leng Shang, “Who wounded Yi Da?”

Leng Shang hurriedly extended his hand, pointing his finger at the bloodied child holding the sword hilts of two swords stabbed in the ground. Leng Shang answered, his face twitching, “I-i-it’s that child. He seemed to be Xu Clan’s little young master. The red sword in his hand is the Stellar Splitter.”

“Oh?” Leng Qianhai uttered in disbelief when he heard his son’s reply and quickly shifted his gaze to that boy.

He noticed the bloodied child had his head raised, looking at him with a smirk. The latter was staring down at him in contempt!

“I’ll advise you such, Leng Qianhai. You’d better not get involved in our Shadow Wind Sect’s matters and step back. I can forget about the matter of your men killing our Shadow Wind Sect’s disciples,” Yi Da said suddenly.

Leng Qianhai’s attention turned to the swaying Yi Da and chuckled, “Madman Da, do you really think we’re in Ghosteem right now? Who do you think you can intimidate with the state you’re in? You were actually turned into this by the hands of a child; I really wonder how you managed to get by all these years. And now you’re still talking nonsense to my face.”

As Leng Qianhai spoke, Yi Er crawled up and went to Yi Da’s side.

Yi Da signalled to Yi Er with his gaze after hearing what Leng Qianhai said, and the two beckoned the Abyss Deathmare and Nightblade Panther over, placing the two between them and Leng Qianhai.

At the sight of the two monsters, Leng Qianhai continued chuckling, “Madman Da, how about conceding that sword to me?”

“Are you sure you’re worthy of having this sword treasure?” Yi Da asked. 

Hearing such, the men standing behind Leng Qianhai had an impulse to take action, but was stopped by him. Leng Qianhai smiled, “Since I dared to show myself here, that proves I’m worthy of it. Truthfully, I don’t wish to lay my hands on you. Moreover, with the state you’re in, me taking action would be taking advantage of your situation. I owe you one from long ago, after all. All I ask is for you to concede that sword to me, and I’ll let you go free.”

“For this sword, many of my men died. I, too, was left in this state. Do you think I’ll agree to giving up all we fought for to you at this point?” Yi Da sneered.

“Hey hey hey. You two discussing who this sword should belong to; have you ever asked I, the owner? Don’t talk like you can decide all by yourselves; shameless,” an incredibly disharmonious voice interrupted the souring atmosphere between Yi Da and Leng Shang.

Leng Qianhai and Yi Da looked to the speaker. Seeing as it was the bloodied child, who was still half-knelt, they couldn’t but exchange a glance with each other, laughing.

However, the child stood up with difficulty as they were still laughing. He slowly raised one of the sword and pointed at them, saying, “My Xu Clan isn’t somewhere you insignificant pawns could enter freely. If I allowed any one of you to leave here alive today, I won’t be freaking called Xu Qi and would follow your surnames!”

Then, Xu Qi threw both the swords to the ground. His hands emitted faint rainbow energy and drew a talisman before his chest, suddenly yelling, “Black Tortoise, come on out!”

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