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Chapter 87 - Ganged Up On

Edited by RED

Yi Da and Yi Er turned to look at where the voice originated from with grave expressions.

They saw a boy at about six or seven years old in the corner, smiling at them with his hands to his back, slowly walking out.

When they registered the fact that the one who said such presumptuous words was actually a child, Yi Er couldn’t control himself and broke out laughing.

On the other side, Leng Shang, Mo Yingfei and Yun Wudi, who were still held captive by Shadow Wind Sect, revealed disappointed looks when they saw a child slowly coming forth.

“Look, Big Brother, haha, it’s actually… haha, I’m dying of laughter. It’s actually a little brat, hahaha!” Yi Er laughed heartily, his hands pressing on his stomach.

However, when he saw the grave expression on his Big Brother’s face as he watched the child, Yi Er tactfully controlled himself and covered his mouth, still giggling.

The one approaching was none other than Xu Clan’s little Young Master, Xu Qi. He had immediately sped to Xu Clan once he returned from the Four Divinities Cavern and reappeared in Mo Dingtian’s place. When he saw the numerous corpses around the entrance to the Xu Clan mansion, he stealthily looped around and entered from the backdoor. He had discovered Xu Pingfan was injured and unconscious once he reached here, and hurriedly summoned the Giantwood Python to help them.

However, he didn’t expect the opponent to be capable of summoning two Spirit realm familiars, each of them very peculiar.

The most surprising thing was that the black-clothed man actually used a small black web to trap the Giantwood Python. Left with no choice, he could only reveal himself.

“Young Master.”

“Young Master Xu.”

Chen Yong, Mo Dingtian and the others greeted him respectfully when they saw him.

Xu Qi didn’t bother acknowledging their greetings and proceeded to check on Xu Pingfan’s injuries. After confirming the Housekeeper’s wounds weren’t life-threatening, Xu Qi slowly raised his head.

He noticed the six around him all had injuries inflicted upon them, and Mo Yan was the one who had suffered the heaviest injuries among them. His back had suffered two sword wounds and his face was looking deathly pale.

Xu Qi nodded at them at said, smiling, “Many thanks to you all. Bring Housekeeper Xu and retreat to the main hall. I’ll take over from here on.”

Hearing the order, Chen Yong insisted on staying back with Xu Q, but received his master’s stare instead, and was scared into obediently carrying Xu Pingfan to the main hall. Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan followed behind slowly.

After taking a few steps, Mo Dingtian stopped in his tracks and said to Mo Yan, “No matter what, we can’t miss the great show here today, or we would regret for our whole lives.”

Mo Yan nodded in agreement with Mo Dingtian, unexpectedly, and turned to look at that tiny figure standing there alone.

The two just stood at a distance and observed the situation.

Xu Qi went to pick up the wooden red sword thrown aside on the ground, and casually swung it a few times. He said to Yi Da opposite him, “You killed so many people, all for the sake of this thing?”

To Yi Er’s surprise, Yi Da replied with boisterous laughter, “Most of the people here weren’t killed by me; they killed one another.” Yi Da pointed at the trio tied up with ropes.

Xu Qi let out an Oh, looked at Leng Shang and the other sect figures, then quickly retracted his gaze and said, “Seems like they were also after this sword, huh.”

Yi Da smiled and didn’t continue the conversation. Instead, he shifted his attention to the Giantwood Python that was ensnared by the black web.

Xu Qi also glanced at the Giantwood Python stuck under the web, who was looking at him with a pitiful look. He couldn’t help but smile, and walk to it with quick steps.

“Little Snakey, you can’t go wild now, can you? You got caught and have to rely on this Big Brother to save you now,” Xu Qi said, poking the python with the sword, to its displeasure.

However, when Xu Qi saw the Giantwood Python spit out its tongue to lick its wounds, his gaze immediately turned hostile.

He wound up the Stellar Splitter and tried to cut the black web, but he found that no matter how much strength he exerted, he couldn’t cause any damage to it.

“Don’t waste your effort, little brat. This black web was specially made with the silk of Black Spiders from Demonic Hell Forest. You actually thought to break it, really…” Yi Er said, feeling pleased with himself.

“Shut up!” Yi Da immediately interrupted Yi Er.

Yi Da saw that the child had taken out a green sword from who-knows-where, wielding and enveloping it in rainbow energy. With the sword, he easily cut through the web and freed the golden Giantwood Python, whereupon it immediately flew into the child’s sleeve.

“This…” Yi Er was filled with astonishment at the sight of the child easily splitting the black web open.

“This child is not simple!” Yi Da squeezed these few words out after a moment.

Mo Dingtian was observing all along, standing some distance behind Xu Qi. When he saw that sword made from some unknown material in Xu Qi’s hand, Mo Dingtian suddenly recalled the scene when Xu Qi took on the Nefarious Nine, and the cold streak of light flashed. Mo Dingtian couldn’t help but slowly narrow his eyes.

Although Yi Er was shocked at the sight of the child easily severing the black web, he was a veteran who had experienced the world for many years. As such, he managed to calm himself very quickly.

“Big Brother, I think this child is only playing some stupid tricks. Let me test the waters first!” Yi Er said to Yi Da, who was showing a confused look.

The latter didn’t say anything, only nodding slightly.

Seeing as his big brother had agreed to his suggestion, Yi Er took out two daggers and turned into a black blur charging at Xu Qi.

Yi Er’s figure arrived before Xu Qi and stabbed at the latter, who seemed to be standing still.

Just as Yi Er thought his attack struck the child, he discovered that what he hit was but an afterimage. He cursed in his heart and retreated.

However, before Yi Er could step back, he heard a sonic boom from behind him. He hurriedly turned and lifted his daggers to defend himself.

Kacha, Yi Da suddenly felt a cold streak of light flash past as he turned around. The daggers in his hands, which had accompanied him for many years, were split apart. Yi Er hurriedly took half a step backward as a cold flash swiped in front of his chest.

Yi Er only felt a cold sensation coming from his chest, and didn’t pay much attention to it as he  quickly flew back to his Big Brother’s side.

As he arrived at Yi Da’s side, he looked down and saw the cloth on his chest was sliced open. Cold sweat instantly poured down. If it wasn’t for his quick reactions in taking a small step back earlier, it would have been his chest that was cut open!

Yi Da looked at the opening on Yi Er’s chest and thought back to when he and the child were fighting. He couldn’t help but furrow his brow as his expression turned even more confused.

“Earlier, I heard them addressing you as Young Master? Perhaps, you’re the mute little young master who got exiled from the Xu Clan?” Yi Da asked.

Xu Qi was still standing on the same spot, as if he hadn’t made any moves. He seemed to not have heard Yi Da’s question as he fiddled with the two swords in his hands. One of them was the crimson Stellar Splitter, while the other was the bronze shortsword he often used.

“You actually possess such strength at such a young age; who and where did you study under?” Yi Da continued asking.

However, Xu Qi maintained his silence. Yi Da was unable to make head or tails of this child, afraid to act blindly without thinking.

What they didn’t know was that Xu Qi’s hands, which were fiddling with the swords, were now drenched in cold sweat. The Shadow Wind Sect was too strong; he could only act profound, delaying for as long as possible.

At the corner, Leng Shang, Mo Yingfei, and Yun Wudi were observing the situation, all staring at this carefree child. They felt like they were dreaming; this child, at such a young age, was able to instantly force the two crazed men from Shadow Wind Sect back. Not only did he render his opponents useless, he almost took Yi Er’s life. Who would believe such tales if they were to be spread?

“Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Tenth Brother, you four go take on this child together. I don’t believe he has three heads and six arms1 to deal with you,” Yi Da said as his eyes turned to the men next to him.

Then, Yi Da looked to Yi Er and said, “You and me, be prepared to provide help at a moment’s notice, together with the Abyss Deathmare and Nightblade Panther. We must seize the sword in his hands. Aim to end the battle as soon as possible. I’m afraid more uncertainties will pop up if we delay.”

Yi Er blanked for a moment, then looked to the distant Abyss Deathmare and Nightblade Panther, nodding acceptance of the order.

Xu Qi was inwardly flustered at overhearing this. How could this man be so ruthless? Not only did he get four people to gang up on him, those two would act as reinforcements along with two Spirit realm monsters.

Yi Liu’s group of four directly rushed at Xu Qi without a warning and initiated the fight.

These four from Shadow Wind Sect were at the first stage of Spirit realm at the very least. With their many years of working together, they were familiar and each other and excelled in the art of team battles.

Xu Qi immediately felt the tremendous pressure of dealing with the four’s attack, but with his bronze sword’s advantage, he managed to get rid of two people’s daggers.

“That strange green sword in his hand is probably an unparalleled treasure! His cultivation isn’t that high; not even up to par with you, Second Brother, but he should still be around the fifth stage of Spirit realm. He’s definitely a heaven-defying prodigy!” Yi Da said after observing for a short time.

“Big Brother, that green sword of his is definitely special. When I crossed swords with him earlier, I felt a cold streak of light, along with a cold sensation from the sword. It shouldn’t be an ordinary object. Why don’t we go at him together and bring him down?” Yi Er suggested.

“Alright. Let’s go together,” Yi Da nodded his head. He really didn’t wish to drag it out any longer; the time they spent here was getting a little too long.

As Xu Qi struggled to fend off the four’s combined attacks, he suddenly sensed two additional powerful auras approaching him. Xu Qi knew things weren’t going well for him and wanted to retreat, but these four were too annoying. He couldn’t shake them off.

Xu Qi couldn’t help but cursed in his heart, I’m only a child. Who goes around bullying people like that!?

Yi Da and Yi Er sprang their ambush from opposite directions. Even with Xu Qi’s quick reactions and bodily techniques, he failed to defend against their ambush and was slashed in the back and chest.

“Damn you guys! Bullying me, huh!” Xu Qi looked at his wounds and roared, about to make his move.

At this moment, the Giantwood Python came flying out of his sleeve and immediately transformed into its huge size, sweeping its tail at the six of them.

Yi Da’s group of six was caught unprepared at the sudden appearance of the Giantwood Python. Other than Yi Da himself, who managed to dodge that terrifying tail sweep with some difficulty, the remaining five were hit by the python’s tail and sent flying. 

However, this time around, it didn’t work as well as when it sneaked an attack in on Yi Si. The five were only inflicted with bruises and fell to the ground. They quickly picked themselves up and looked at the Giantwood Python resentfully as they prepared to attack again.

“Second Brother, have the Abyss Deathmare and Nightblade Panther attack that snake, quick!” Yi Da shouted anxiously as he jumped at Xu Qi.

Under Yi Da’s will, the Nightblade Panther led the charge at the Giantwood Python. The Abyss Deathmare immediately followed. The Giantwood Python had suffered a loss under the two monster’s attacks earlier, and its injuries weren’t healed yet. Facing their second round of attacks, it could barely handle it and suffered several new injuries in just a short time.

Xu Qi, on the other side of the battle, wasn’t doing well, either. He would be hard-pressed to take on Yi Da alone, and was afflicted with several injuries earlier. Now, he was even worse off. He suffered about a dozen light slashes on his body and was looking desperate.

When Xu Qi heard the Giantwood Python’s painful hissings, he stared at the men ganging up for him as his eyes gradually turned bloody red.

TL Note:

1: Three heads and six arms - So remarkable that one could do something which normally takes several people to handle, or being able to take on the job of three people.

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