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Chapter 86 - Little Snakey Gets Caught

Edited by RED

This gigantic golden python was, of course, Xu Qi’s Little Snakey. It had met Chen Yong several times before and recognized him, but Chen Yong haven’t seen it after it mutated. Thus, he didn’t recognize the python.

However, those from Xu Clan now confirmed that this gigantic golden python was here to aid them. They recalled the scene where it easily sent Yi Si flying and immediately relaxed a little. This huge python’s strength was obviously abnormal and they could stop worrying for their lives for the moment.

On the other hand, the black-clothed man who caught Yi Si was now staring intently at the Giantwood Python, his gaze full of curiosity.

Just like that, the situation had turned into a standstill with the appearance of the Giantwood Python.

At this moment, a roar was heard. Everyone turned to look and discovered Mt Forsaken Sword’s disciple, Pang Shan, who was tied up securely, had broken free and leapt to the wall as he attempted his escape.

However, before he could successfully do so, he heard a sonic boom from behind him and immediately dodged to the side. Then, he turned around and saw a monster he recognized standing before him, instantly causing him to be stupefied.

“Abyss Deathmare!” everyone cried out unconsciously at the sight of the one-horned monster standing on the wall.

As for Li Wandong, who was tucked in a corner, he was pleasantly surprised at seeing his Abyss Deathmare, but harbored a hint of doubt in his heart.

The Abyss Deathmare turned into a mass of black fog and rushed at Pang Shan, circling around him with its extreme speed. The latter swung his longsword at the fog crazily, but seemed to be unable to strike the Abyss Deathmare’s body.

In the end, the black fog fully enveloped Pang Shan, before drifting aside after a moment. The Abyss Deathmare’s figure reappeared, holding a black object in its mouth. It raised its head and devoured the thing.

The crowd shifted their gazes back to where Pang Shan stood, but all they saw was a headless body, the longsword in his hand slowly loosening and falling to the ground.

Huuu, the crowd couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, looking at the Abyss Deathmare in fright. That was too spooky; it really devoured a human’s head. A second stage Spirit Swordsman was wasted in the blink of an eye. What ruthlessness!

Pang Shan’s headless corpse dropped to the ground. Leng Shang, Mo Yingfei, and Yun Wudi, who were situated closest to Pang Shan, had thought to attempt an escape, but seeing what happened to Pang Shan immediately made them drop that thought.

Li Wandong stealthily made some hand signs as he tried to command the Abyss Deathmare to move to him. As expected, it jumped off the wall and came running to him. A bright smile lit up on Li Wandong’s face.

However, when the Abyss Deathmare arrived where Li Wandong was, it directly chomped down on his head without a warning, quickly gulping down his head, leaving a headless corpse behind.

Perhaps Li Wandong didn’t understand, even in death, that his familiar who loved devouring human heads would feast even on its master’s head. What a tragedy indeed.

After devouring Li Wandong’s head, the Abyss Deathmare slowly walked to the black-clothed man’s side, who stood there unmoving all this time, and used its horn to brush against him, looking rather affectionate.

The black-clothed man caressed its horn and smiled, then looked to the stupefied group from Xu Clan without a word.

Xu Pingfan was unconscious and didn’t get to witness this interesting bit, but Chen Yong, Mo Dingtian and the others knew what was going on.

Earlier, while Li Wandong had held Xu Pingfan at blade point and entered the depths of Xu Clan to retrieve the Stellar Splitter, this group of black-clothed men suddenly appeared and killed everyone from the Abyssal Beast School swiftly, then held everyone else captive. As for Yun Wudi, who attempted to retaliate, he was severely injured by three black-clothed men in just one move.

At that moment, the Abyss Deathmare suddenly disappeared. Now that it had reappeared and killed its original master, coupled with the current intimate display between it and the black-clothed man, everyone understood that he must have used some method to tame the Abyss Deathmare and kept it for his own use. What a fearsome man!

The Giantwood Python looked at the Abyss Deathmare with a look of contempt. Earlier, it sensed that the latter was, at most, at the fifth stage of Spirit realm, while the python had achieved the sixth stage of Spirit realm, seemingly at the brink of breaking through to Void realm.

The Abyss Deathmore seemed to have noticed the contempt the Giantwood Python held against it and slowly turned itself to face the latter, a black fog enveloping it once more.

The black-clothed man smiled and patted the horned monster. The black fog surrounding the latter’s body gradually dissipated.

“Brothers, it’s time to work. We unexpectedly encountered a mutated Giantwood Python. Judging by its strength, it’s about to break through into the Void realm. How fascinating. You’re sure to be interested, Big Brother,” the black-clothed man suddenly turned around and said to the five standing behind him.

Hearing that, Mo Dingtian and the others immediately tensed up and stared at the five black-clothed men standing in a row with grave expressions.

Among the five black-clothed men, one of them had several scars on his face. He slowly stepped forward, the remaining four following closely behind.

“Second Brother, the number of interesting things from this trip is pretty high. We saw this rare Abyss Deathmare just earlier, and now this mutated Giantwood Python showed up. Looking at it, it seemed to possess unlimited potential to advance to greater heights. I really don’t know how high its powers could reach,” the scarred black-clothed man chuckled, looking at the Giantwood Python.

“Why, does Big Brother want it? Let me have it if you don’t,” the one addressed as Second Brother said as he continued caressing the Abyss Deathmare’s horn.

Mo Dingtian seemed to understand something from their conversation and said, “These two are probably Crazed Ten’s Yi Da and Yi Er1 from Shadow Wind Sect!”

“What!” Chen Yong and Mo Yan immediately felt as if the sky was collapsing on them at hearing those words.

“Haha, not bad. Someone actually recognized us. However, you’re not entirely right. We two aren’t the only members of Crazed Ten who are here, but all of us!” the scarred man continued.

Mo Dingtian and the others looked at the other black-clothed men as they felt their hearts chill to the core.

The scar-faced man was the leader of Shadow Wind Sect’s Crazed Ten, Yi Da. The one caressing the Abyss Deathmare was Yi Er, while Yi Si was smacked unconscious by the Giantwood Python. The remaining four were Yi Liu, Yi Qi, Yi Ba, and Yi Shi2. With their boss and second in charge around, naturally it wasn’t their place to be speaking.

Yi Da and Yi Er exchanged a smile, then looked at the Giantwood Python. Yi Er patted the horn of the Abyss Deathmare and retreated, while Yi Da extended his hand enveloped in a blood-colored aura and formed a few signs.

A mysterious monster, whose size wasn’t very large, instantly appeared before him out of thin air.

“Nightblade Panther; the unique monster of Shadow Wind Sect. Only those who made great achievements to the school are qualified to own one. It can also be used as a mount, possessing great speed. A Spirit realm monster. If you’re not careful, it can inflict fatal injuries to you in just a moment!” This time, the one who spoke was Mo Yan, who had yet to utter a word otherwise.

“Why does this thing from Shadow Wind Sect give off a sinister feeling?” Chen Yong asked, creasing his brow. He didn’t have even the tiniest bit of good impression toward the Shadow Wind Sect.

As he spoke, the Nightblade Panter and Abyss Deathmare made their moves, attacking the Giantwood Python at the same time.

Originally, the Giantwood Python felt contempt toward the Abyss Deathmare, but once the Nightblade Panther showed up, the python quickly retracted its disdain.

The Abyss Deathmare, and the Nightblade Panther. These two monsters were famed for their speed and cunning. After engaging with the python, they made used of their speed advantage and kept moving around, attacking using harassment tactics.

Due to the Giantwood Python’s enormous frame, it was left disadvantaged in the speed department. It could only swing its huge tail around, causing Chen Yong and the others to grab Xu Pingfan and dodge aside, in case they were hurt unintentionally.

Hiss, the Giantwood Python cried out painfully after a while. The wound it suffered in the Black Tortoise Cavern, where its scales fell off, was torn open once more by the Nightblade Panther and Abyss Deathmare, and blood flowed out of the wound.

The Abyss Deathmare and Nightblade Panther actually knew to attack their opponent’s weak spots, Yi Da and Yi Er nodded in satisfaction.

Then, Yi Da flipped his palm and took out a small black, web-shaped object. 

He gave a strange smirk as he turned into a black blur, leaping into the air and tossing the black web at the Giantwood Python.

The Nightblade Panther and Abyss Deathmare quickly stopped their attacks on the Giantwood Python and stepped aside as the black web fell on the latter’s head.

It felt something above and hurriedly raised its gigantic head to see what it was, and saw a dark giant web that was increasing in size falling from the skies. It couldn’t dodge even if it wanted to.

After the gigantic black web landed on the Giantwood Python, it tightened its grip on the python as it struggled to break free. Also, the black web kept releasing a black fog. The Giantwood Python stopped after struggling painfully after a short while. The python slowly returned to its tiny form as the web constricted, reducing it to a palm’s size in the end as well.

Unexpectedly, however, was that there wasn’t the least bit of struggling not long after the python reduced to its tiny form and it became quiet as a mouse.

To the side, the look on Chen Yong’s group turned ugly as they watched the scene unfold. They were counting on this powerful python to protect them, and now it was captured by the enemy.

“Alright, it’s settled here. You guys, bring that sword treasure here. Don’t cause any more unnecessary suffering for yourselves,” Yi Er said plainly to Chen Yong and his group.

At the same time, the Abyss Deathmare and Nightblade Panther slowly walked towards Chen Yong, revealing savage looks.

Seeing Chen Yong and the others ignore him, Yi Er looked at the trapped little python and smiled to Yi Da, saying, “Big Brother, I’ll go settle this. Just wait here.”

“Just a moment. Say, Second Brother, aren’t you getting sillier by the day? Don’t you think there’s something missing?” Yi Da suddenly said.

Hearing such, Yi Er was confused for a moment and shook his head.

Then, Yi Da gave Yi Er two tight slaps, pa pa, without warning and said to the latter, who showed a wronged look, “So much for you being a veteran. You didn’t even notice this? Treat these two slaps as a lesson; all you saw was the sudden appearance of a mutated snake, but you didn’t even think for a second who brought it out?!”

“Ah! That’s right! How could I forget about this; who was it! None of them seemed to be a Spiritualist,” Yi Er came to a sudden realization and quickly swept his eyes around.

Yi Da chuckled and yelled to a corner, “Come out; I know you’re there. If you hide any longer, I’ll really take this little snake.”

“Haha, just give it a try; see if you can bring anyone away from here!” a childish voice rang out, challenging him.

Chen Yong and Mo Dingtian immediately revealed a surprised expression at hearing the voice as they sighed inwardly in relief.

The Xu Clan’s Young Master had finally returned!

TL Note:

1: Yi Da/易大 and Yi Er/易二 - Same with their brothers, Yi is their family name and Da means Big, referring to his status and the eldest, and Er means two.

2: Yi Liu/Yi Qi/Yi Ba/Yi Shi - six, seven, eight, ten. You know how it goes.

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