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Chapter 85 - A Little Snake Displays Its Might

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Li Wandong only felt the silhouette sway before him. He hurriedly removed his longsword from Xu Pingfan’s neck to prepare himself for battle.

In that instant, Xu Pingfan suddenly made a move against Li Wandong, striking his chest with a palm-strike while his other hand grabbed the Stellar Splitter in the latter’s hand.

Li Wandong had focused his attention on Shadow Wind Sect’s Yi Si and didn’t expect Xu Pingfan to have such skills. He couldn’t react in time and was hit cleanly by his palm-strike. The Stellar Splitter too, was snatched from his hands.

Xu Pingfan hurriedly used his movement technique and leaped to the eaves once the sword treasure was retrieved.

Li Wandong immediately spat out a mouthful of blood after being hit with the palm-strike and fell to the ground. His aura became unstable, watching Xu Pingfan up on the eaves resentfully.

As for Yi Si, who was originally about to strike at bothLi Wandong and Xu Pingfan, he halted when he saw this scene unfold. He no longer paid any attention to Li Wandong. Instead, he shifted his gaze to Xu Pingfan up on the eaves.

“Housekeeper Xu, I didn’t think you would be someone who hid himself so well. You actually held back for so long against this dumb dog. I’m truly impressed,” Yi Si commended him, his finger pointing at Li Wandong.

“Previously, I heard the  Shadow Wind Sect’s Yi San, Yi Wu and Yi Jiu of the Crazed Ten were found dead in the forest to the east of the city. Was that true?” Xu Pingfan didn’t continue Yi Si’s conversation, and said something irrelevant instead.

Yi Si’s smirk slowly disappeared from his face at hearing that. He asked with a hint of anger, “Could it be, that Housekeeper Xu knows something about it?”

Xu Pingfan chuckled and said, “I don’t know. I just recalled that matter and casually asked. I only wanted to confirm whether that piece of information was true. Seems like it is.”

“Hmph, Xu Pingfan, is our Shadow Wind Sect’s matter something you can ask about? Stop talking nonsense and hand over the sword,” Yi Si retorted with a cold humph.

“Sure, but first, let go of them,” Xu Pingfan pointed at Chen Yong’s group.

Yi Si looked at the group of men tied up like dumplings. A slight feeling of wariness rose in his heart. Earlier, his men snuck up on them and managed to easily capture them. However, he understood that if these people were released and started fighting with his men, it wouldn’t be a walk in the park for his men to handle.

“I only want those six. The others are none of my concern,” Xu Pingfan saw the hesitation in Yi Si and said, his finger pointing directly at Chen Yong.

“Fine, deal. But you must hand over the sword first, then I’ll release them,” Yi Si shot back.

“Do you take me for an idiot? Not to mention me handing over the sword first, even if i renege on my words after releasing them, do you think the few of us could overpower your group? You would still manage to snatch the sword. Therefore, you release them first,” Xu Pingfan replied.

Yi Si turned and looked at his group of men, then gave a cold smile. He agreed, “Fine, I’ll release them. Don’t blame me if you dare play any tricks.”

He signalled to the black-clothed men holding Chen Yong’s group hostage, who then proceeded to slowly move away the daggers held at the captives’ necks and pushed them, indicating they should go to Xu Pingfan’s side quickly.

Chen Yong, Mo Dingtian and the others slowly walked underneath the eaves where Xu Pingfan stood.

Xu Pingfan jumped off the roof and sliced off the ropes restricting the freed captives.

Yi Si watched as Xu Pingfan swung that red-colored treasure sword, cutting the ropes. His eyes shone, saying, “Alright, they are released. You should hand over the sword now.”

Xu Pingfan signalled to Chen Yong with his eyes. Then smiled and answered, “But of course.”

Yi Si revealed a smile at hearing that.

“However, I feel if I hand over the sword, we would still be silenced. So, I decided not to,” Xu Pingfan continued.

Yi Si’s smile instantly stiffened at hearing what Xu Pingfan just said.

On the other hand, it was unknown when Chen Yong and the Xu Clan guardsmen took them out, but they were already wielding their weapons. Mo Dingtian hesitated for a moment, then a sword appeared in his hand.

“Chen Yong and I will handle Yi Si. You guys go hold off the others! It’d be best to release Leng Shang and the others. It would lessen the pressure on us,” Xu Pingfan commanded in a whispering.

Then, Xu Pingfan and Chen Yong took the initiative and attacked Yi Si.

Yi Si didn’t panic. He gripped the two daggers in his hands tightly and took on the duo. The remaining Xu Clan guardsmen, along with Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan, went on to engage the black-clothed men holding the top clan experts captive.

As everyone found their opponents, the six black-clothed men behind Yi Si stood unmoving, without any signs of joining the fray.

Yi Si was a Spirit Nightlord at the fifth stage. His mysterious bodily techniques, coupled with his insanely fast attacking speed, would normally get the job done in a flash when battling those with a lower cultivation.

However, under Xu Pingfan and Chen Yong’s combined attacks, he felt even more astonished as the fight went on. He truly didn’t think the two’s speed would be comparable to his, albeit slightly slower. Especially Xu Pingfan; his strength erupted and was able to fight on par against Yi Si. The strangest thing, however, is that the two would emit rainbow-colored energy from time to time.

On this side, Xu Pingfan’s three-men battle was very intense. The other group, however, was surrounded. The Shadow Wind Sect disciples vastly outnumbered them, and their strengths weren’t weak, either. In just a short while, Mo Dingtian’s group of five were all injured further. The one who suffered the heaviest injury was, ironically, Mo Yan, who had the highest cultivation. It couldn’t be helped; he had yet to fully recover from his previous injuries. He couldn’t even bring out half of his strength.

Xu Pingfan’s gaze swept across to the fight on the other side. Seeing as the situation didn’t bode well, he ordered Chen Yong to reinforce that side while he took on Yi Si alone.

With Chen Yong joining the other battle, Mo Dingtian’s group immediately felt much less pressure on them.

“Xu Pingfan, your cultivation is incredibly thick. I hadn’t expected a man like you to actually to be in this puny Rivulet City, hiding your strength. You could be considered as a talent; why not join our Shadow Wind Sect? Your future would be bright as day,” Yi Si said as his daggers continued stabbing at Xu Pingfan.

“Hmph, I’m sorry, but I prefer being human to being a dog!” Xu Pingfan rejected with a cold grunt.

“Since you don’t know what’s good for you, just die already. Bloodrage!” Yi Si roared as he landed on the ground, quickly spinning in a circle on the spot. His body began turning a thick, bloody color and he quickly attacked Xu Pingfan once more. This time, his body technique and speed seemed much faster than before.

Facing against Yi Si’s flurry of attacks, Xu Pingfan could only devote himself to defending. Yi Si’s attacks were too fast for him once he used that Bloodrage technique. Soon, Xu Pingfan’s shoulders were punctured by Yi Si’s daggers.

After a few moves, Xu Pingfan finally failed to protect his vitals and was stabbed in the chest, along with getting hit with a palm-strike. He fell heavily to the ground and spat out blood. His grip on Stellar Splitter loosened and it fell to the ground as well.

“Chief Housekeeper!”

“Brother Pingfan!”

Chen Yong and the others shouted out after they saw what happened to Xu Pingfan. They wanted to get closer but were tangled up with the black-clothed men.

Yi Si slowly walked toward Xu Pingfan as he said, “Xu Pingfan, I asked you nicely earlier but you didn’t listen. Look at the state you’re in now; that’s what you get!”

This time, Xu Pingfan truly had to admit his failure. Shadow Wind Sect’s Yi Si was too strong. He was stabbed in the chest and hit with a palm-strike. Several of his ribs were obviously broken. He no longer had the strength to continue fighting.

Yi Si went to Xu Pingfan’s side and gave a cold humph, then looked at the red longsword. He slowly squatted down, about to pick it up.

Just as his hand was about to touch the sword treasure’s hilt, Yi Si suddenly sensed a hint of danger approaching him. He hurriedly stepped back without grabbing the sword.

He retreated as a golden light flew to Xu Pingfan’s side.

Yi Si stared at the foreign object. That so-called golden light was actually a tiny golden snake the size of a palm.

“Hm? Interesting; why haven’t I seen this kind of snake before?” Yi Si muttered.

Similarly, Xu Pingfan looked at the tiny snake before him, who seemed to be protecting him. He couldn’t understand what was going on.

Abyssal Beast School’s Li Wandong, who was injured by Xu Pingfan earlier, mumbled at the sight of the snake, “It seems to be a Giantwood Python. But why does it look like that?”

Yi Si smiled coldly. He brought up his daggers and charged at Xu Pingfan, seemingly ignoring the sudden appearance of the tiny snake.

As Yi Si approached, the golden tiny snake radiated golden light, causing him to stop in his tracks.

As he shut his eyes, he couldn’t react to what was happening. He felt his body slammed by a gigantic object and was sent flying. Ka ka sounds immediately rang out from his body, his mouth spitting out blood as flew in the air.

His usually placid eyes were now replaced with a look of terror. As he was about to land on the ground, a black shadow flew over and caught him, breaking his fall.

Yi Si saw the person’s appearance and squeezed out a smile, saying, “Second Brother, I actually lost to a snake.” After which, he fell unconscious.

The man who caught Yi Si was one of the six who had been standing behind Yi Si earlier, right in the middle of the group.

He landed and carefully laid Yi Si on the ground, then turned around and looked at where the golden light was gradually fading.

What entered his vision was a gigantic golden python flicking its tongue as it coiled itself. Some of its scales had been shed and could be seen on the ground. 

The black-clothed man who caught Yi Si watched in disbelief, mumbling to himself, “A mutated Giantwood Python?!”

Due to the golden tiny snake’s sudden appearance and joining the battle, everyone on Chen Yong’s side of the battle halted and looked over, hoping to understand what was going on.

When they saw Shadow Wind Sect’s Yi Si instantly sent flying with a swing of the enlarged Giantwood Python’s tail, Chen Yong and the others quickly took the opportunity to come to Xu Pingfan’s side, taking him in their arms.

Blood flowed down the corner of Xu Pingfan’s mouth as he looked at Chen Yong, who had picked him up. He revealed a look of bitterness and lost consciousness as a single tear fell from the corner of his eye.

Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan stared at the golden giant python coiled before his group. Doubt and fear filled their hearts. They sensed the cold aura emitted from this Giantwood Python; it felt a little too strong!

As for Chen Yong, who held Xu Pingfan in his arms, he too looked at the golden python before him. It looked a little familiar, but thinking carefully, he hadn’t seen this kind of golden snake before and shook his head helplessly.

Though, who would have thought, that golden python would suddenly turn its gigantic head around and flick its tongue happily at Chen Yong!

Everyone who witnessed this immediately turned their attention to Chen Yong, stupefied. He too, was similarly dumbfounded and it was apparent on his face that he didn’t know anything.

Hiding in a corner, a weak little silhouette was observing the situation on that side and shook his head helplessly at the gigantic golden python’s playful behavior.

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