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Chapter 66 - A Complete Wipeout!

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The other four cultivators watched as Yi San suddenly snatched the phoenix egg away. They roared out as one. The three who were surrounding Luan no longer intended to continue battling it and flew up toward the exit. Yue Shengfei, too, forcefully endured his weakness and gave chase.

As the four flew out of the cavern, the monster, Luan, too, followed closely behind. Its speed was even faster than the others, speeding toward the escaping Yi San.

As for Yi San the egg stealer, just as he was reaching the foot of Mt Burning Cloud, he saw a sneaky little child walking in his path.

He didn’t spare any attention on the child and just brushed past him, scaring the kid into jumping over to a tree nearby hastily.

“Godsdammit, a ghost!” the child’s voice yelled out behind Yi San.

A green silhouette followed immediately after, brushing past the child, bringing a foul smell with it. Before the child could even understand what had just happened, another four silhouettes flew past him. They were obviously chasing after the first guy with a bulge in his arms.

After confirming no one else was approaching his way, the child slowly walked out from behind the tree. This child was none other than the one who had snuck his way into Mt Burning Cloud to watch the spectacle, Xu Qi. 

Earlier, when Xu Qi saw the silhouettes flying right past him, he was shocked to the core; this technique, this speed! Even with his strength, he couldn’t react in the slightest and almost collided with the first guy. These were obviously experts who were leagues above him.

Not only that, the auras of the others chasing after the first one looked to be even stronger than him. Xu Qi couldn’t fathom what the green silhouette was, the second to fly past him. It didn’t look to be human, and it smelled extremely bad.

Xu Qi’s eyes darted around and his ears twitched. He sensed that many auras were coming his way now, as he creased his brow. He thought for a moment, then used his movement technique, turning into a blurry shadow and speeding in the direction of the chase.


Yi San, who was holding onto the egg, escaped from Mt Burning Cloud very quickly using the unique techniques of Shadow Wind Sect, and entered into a vast stretch of forest.

Right when he entered the forest, the green silhouette managed to catch up to him and stood in his way, forcing Yi San to stop in his tracks.

This green silhouette was none other than the guardian of the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix, Luan!

Yi San watched legendary elite ancient beast before him alertly. It was strong; too strong. Five top experts teamed with two monstrous beasts against it today, and yet they couldn’t do much against it. Although one of its arm was cut off, its aura seemed to be as stable as before, not weakening in the least.

Luan seemed to be worried about damaging the egg in Yi San’s arms. Thus, it stood on the spot and didn't attack him.

Just like that, they faced off against each other for a while, before he heard several sonic booms behind him. Yi San smiled helplessly; it seemed like it would be difficult for him to make it out in one piece today.

“Crazed San, put down the egg in your hands now, or don’t blame me for being impolite!” Dao Lingzi demanded.

Dao Lingzi was angered to the extreme. Not only did he suffer injuries, he had to summon his trump familiar, the Spirit Tortoise. Even so, after fighting for an extended period of time and spending so much effort, Yi San took off with the egg in his arms while they weren’t paying attention. Even if it was anyone else, they would be enraged.

On the other hand, the weakened Yue Shengfei kept his silence. All he did was stare at Luan, who was blocking Yi San’s escape. After all, the strength it showcased today was too powerful. If he let his guard down in the slightest, he might find himself dead under the attacks of its wooden spears.

Yi San, too, ignored the other cultivators and kept his attention on Luan standing in his way. He was too preoccupied worrying over this elite beast, afraid that it would create a few holes in him if he let down his guard.

However, this stand-off didn’t last for very long. The beast, Luan, obviously didn’t have much patience. Seeing as the human before him who had snatched the egg away didn’t take the initiative to hand it over, it directly made its move on Yi San.

Yi San would obviously not be this monstrous elite’s match; after exchanging a couple blows, his body was decorated with several wounds.

“Crazed San, I suggest you hand over the egg, or your life will be forfeit here today for sure!” Cai Luming suddenly yelled at Yi San, He had been hiding in the back silent all this time, while Yi San was busy evading attacks.

Hearing this, Yi San cursed inwardly, Despicable!

Cai Luming’s purpose for yelling was obviously hoping for Yi San to get distracted, so Luan could deal a severe wound to him.

“Stop! This daddy here is out of strength!” Yi San suddenly yelled as he dodged, slowly raising the egg above his head and looking at the monster, silently threatening to smash the egg if it attacked any more.

Indeed, Luan tactfully stopped its attack, its gaze fixated on the egg.

Yue Shengfei and the other cultivators understood Yi San’s nature; if his life was in danger, he would definitely dare to do something like smashing the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix egg. As such, they, too, dared not to move recklessly.

Just like that, they had another standoff, with Yi San holding the egg hostage above his head. After some time, the other members of the seven great schools caught up to them, but dared not to get any closer upon noticing the savage beast that was Luan, only watching from afar.

Soon, Yi Wu and Yi Jiu arrived at the scene. They quickly went to their third brother’s side after spotting him and stared at their surroundings with hostile looks. When the two saw that freak Luan, cold sweat instantly poured from their palms.

On the other hand, Xu Qi, who had stealthily tracked his way there, was now standing at a distance watching the situation. He, too, was shocked when he noticed the strange monster.

At this moment, cracks started forming on the egg above Yi San’s head with crackling sounds.

Yi San’s face instantly paled when he felt the changes. Before others could react to anything, he quickly threw the egg into the air and pulled on Yi Wu and Yi Jiu, escaping from the encirclement.

Seeing the egg thrown into the air, Luan, who was the nearest, was first to make a leap, intending to catch it.

However, Yue Shengfei and the other cultivators who originally fought it in the cave flew in its direction, too.

Right when the four men and one beast were about to catch hold of the egg, amethyst rays suddenly erupted from it, shining so brightly that they couldn’t open their eyes.

“Not good! Quickly retreat!” someone shouted anxiously, but it was already too late.

After the purple light erupted from the egg hanging in mid-air, an incredibly powerful aura burst forth, and the resulting explosion directly sent the five top experts and Luan flying. The entire forest was covered in the purple light and miserable shrieks kept sounding off...and ending abruptly.


After an unknown amount of time, the purple light faded away. Not a single tree remained in this vast expanse of forest.

At the spot where Yi San had thrown the egg up earlier, a huge crater had appeared. At the edge of the crater lay four people in tattered clothing, and Luan lay sprawled there, too. Its life or death was uncertain.

Not far away from this crater the disciples from the seven top schools originally were standing. Now, most of them were sprawled on the ground, some of them staring wide-eyed, but none of them were breathing. They were dead. However, one could discern from their eyes that before their deaths, it seemed like they saw something extremely horrifying; their eyes were full of terror.

As for Xu Qi, who had hurried here to enjoy the spectacle from a good distance away, he too was lying on the ground unconsciousness from the shockwaves. Blood flowed from the corners of his mouth; his injuries weren’t light, either.

Before Xu Qi was knocked unconscious, he was very sullen; having to suffer from a shockwave before he could understand what was happening, and falling unconscious? How unlucky could he get?

A big group of people from Rivulet City gradually arrived in the originally forested area. There were people from the seven top cultivation schools on standby in Rivulet City, as well as the prominent figures of the city.

Helian Liang and Liang Renqing also showed up at this place. But the most surprising event was that even Mo Dingtian had brought his men over.

These people from Rivulet City had felt a violent shock; that was how they knew something had happened in this area east of the city. Also, there were talks of purple light radiating in this area. Thus, they quickly hurried over.

After arriving here, they were shocked in place upon seeing these experts all sprawled across the ground. The reserves from the seven top schools who had remained in Rivulet City came to their senses very quickly, and went to look for cultivators from their own schools.

When they were finally done slowly checking the injuries of those on the ground, some people’s hands started trembling uncontrollably. This was because, much to their unwelcome surprise, the cultivators from the seven top schools were pretty much all dead!

Then, they headed over to the huge crater in the middle. To their pleasant surprise, although the four lying at the edge of the crater were severely injured, they were still alive. Soon, people recognized these four people; they were the top experts from each top schools: Yue Shengfei from the House of Soaring Moon, Cai Luming from the Virtuous Clan, Dao Lingzi from Imperial Void Valley, and Wang Tu from Monarchy Pavilion.

On the other side, Mo Dingtian, who stood at the fringe, took heavy breaths at the sight of such a terrible scene. He understood the strengths of these cultivators from the seven top schools very well, yet, so many of them had died here in one go. He was deeply shocked, but at the same time deeply contemplating what had happened here.

As Mo Dingtian pondered, he casually scanned the surroundings with his eyes. He discovered a child laid unconscious not far away from him. He quickly zipped over to the child and turned him over. Upon seeing the child’s face, he was sent into a daze.

Who was this child? The Young Master of Xu, Qi was his name. Though, he was merely only a little unlucky. He had suffered heavy injuries and had fainted.

Mo Dingtian smiled. He took off his robe and covered Xu Qi, then silently took him away.

As the crowd from Rivulet City was gathering around the huge crater trying to save the remaining few left alive, three black-clothed men were lying on the ground in the depths of the forest. However, the ground was dyed red with blood, and the three no longer had a pulse. If the people from the seven top schools were here, they would recognize the three as Shadow Wind Sect’s Yi San, Yi Wu, and Yi Jiu.

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