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Chapter 65 - Battling with Luan!

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When the other four heard what Yue Shengfei had just said, they shifted their gazes toward the monster not far away in disbelief.

This monster was two-legged, yet it had four arms. Each of its arm held a wooden spear, while its body was a translucent green. It stared at the five cultivators, baring its fangs and claws. The five top cultivators were already drenched in cold sweat.

Perhaps ordinary people wouldn’t know about this monster known as “Luan”, and what it signified. However, the five of them were all top figures in each nation’s first rate schools. Naturally, they would understand what this “Luan” Yue Shengfei spoke of meant.

Luan was one of the ten elite ancient monsters, and extremely violent in nature. Not only that, its speed was incredibly fast; one would be hard-pressed to follow its silhouette. Its physical body was astonishingly tough, and it fancied devouring the blood essence of cultivators. It would even feast on cultivators’ bodies, leaving not even bones behind. It was ferocious to the extreme.

In fact, Yue Shengfei understood the prowess of Luan more than any of the other four. What was so terrifying about it wasn’t its impenetrable green skin, but the four wooden spears in its arms.

“Everyone, I’m sure you understand the strength of this guy here. Why don’t we put our past differences aside for now and combine our strengths to deal with this guy? Otherwise, all of us here can forget about obtaining the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix egg!” Yue Shengfei suggested gravely.

The other four nodded one after another, indicating their consent. They were smart people, after all. They knew what it was that they should do, and what not to do at this moment. Otherwise, not only would they not get the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix, even their lives would be forfeit here.

Luan stood atop the phoenix’s egg all this while, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws. Although it showed a savage look, it didn’t initiate an attack on Yue Shengfei and the other cultivators.

“Go!” Yue Shengfei’s longsword lit up, and his aura instantly erupted. He led the charge toward Luan, with his entire body enveloped in a rich red aura.

The other four also brought out their own weapons and charged toward Luan, one after another. If Xu Qi were to witness this scene, he would have run away in fear immediately. The reason was that every one of these five cultivators were enveloped in a red aura; all of them were cultivators who stepped into the Void realm.

As for Luan, it stood its ground near the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix egg, despite being under the combined assault of the five experts. Its actions impeded the five slightly in their attacks, as they were afraid of accidentally smashing the egg.

The four spears in Luan’s arms danced back and forth inches away from the bodies of the five, each of its attacks aiming for their vitals. After numerous exchanges, there wasn’t even a scratch on Luan‘s body, while Ling Daozi from Imperial Void Valley and Wang Tu from Monarchy Pavilion were already marked with crimson.

Upon discovering that their attacks were ineffective, the five exchanged glances, then withdrew backwards. Luan, on the other hand, remained unmoving next to the egg, not chasing after the retreating cultivators.

“Everyone, I’m afraid this guy is the guardian of the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix. From what I see, we’re not its opponents. Also, this guy remains by the egg’s side at all times; it’s not too late if anyone wishes to back out now,” Yue Shengfei said seriously.

“Hmph, Yue Shengfei, I already suffered some injuries no thanks to that guy. Do you take us for idiots by suggesting to back out now? No matter what, I’ll stay until the end today,” Imperial Void Valley’s Ling Daozi laughed coldly.

Yue Shengfei ignored him. Instead, he turned his head to Wang Tu and asked concernedly, “Brother Tu, are your injuries okay?”

“Brother Shengfei, this little bit of superficial wounds aren’t worth mentioning. It’s not like you’re unaware that during our youth, I would leap and frisk about even if I’m half dead. What does this bit of injury count for? It’s fine, it’s fine,” Wang Tu laughed, though it wasn’t one from the bottom of his heart.

“Fine. Since everyone isn’t willing to leave, then I’ll ask everyone to bring out all your capabilities. Don’t reserve anything, try your best to delay this guy. We’ll snatch the egg once the opportunity arises,” Yue Shengfei said. However, what he said didn’t match what was in his mind. If anyone were to snatch the egg, he’d probably immediately give chase to whoever to get it back.

“Goldmoon Roc, appear!” Yue Shengfei directly summoned his Goldmoon Roc.

Then, he turned to Ling Daozi and said, “Ling Daozi, don’t try hiding anymore. I know that you have already subdued your Imperial Void Valley’s Spirit Tortoise. Now is not the time to be hiding aces up your sleeves.”

Ling Daozi revealed a look of shock on hearing that, but he very quickly summoned a monster that looked like a tortoise.

At this moment, Yi San, who had been silent all this time, watched as Yue Shengfei’s Goldmoon Roc and Ling Daozi’s Spirit Tortoise were summoned. An unnoticeable smirk flashed across his face.

On the other hand, Wang Tu of Monarchy Pavilion watched in admiration as the two powerful beasts were summoned, showing a hint of envy. It couldn’t be helped; others were talented and had become Spiritualists, while he, with his crude nature, was destined to walk the path of a Swordsman all his life.

At this moment, something outside of their expectations happened. Shadow Wing Sect’s Yi San was the first to charge at Luan, without Yue Shengfei’s prompting. His actions made everyone else crease their brows immediately.

After all, Shadow Wind Sect’s reputation was the worst among the seven top cultivation schools. Every one of their disciples were ruthless and would resort to any means to reach their goals. Credibility was not something found in them. Moreover, Yi San was the number three guy from Shadow Wind Sect’s Crazed Ten. Yue Shengfei was unsure what his unusual actions meant.

However, the first to react was still Yue Shengfei. He followed closely behind Yi San with his Goldmoon Roc and charged into battle.

As for the weakest out of the remaining three, Cai Luming, he cowered in the back and was the last to make his move. This fellow’s hypocrisy wasn’t the least bit inferior to those from Imperial Void Valley.

After they clashed with Luan, Yue Shengfei and the others saw that Yi San was giving his all in fighting against it. This made them even more suspicious; they couldn’t think of why Yi San would put in so much effort.

Once the Goldmoon Roc and Spirit Tortoise joined in the battle, Luan immediately seemed to become a little flustered. Goldmoon Roc was famous for its monstrous speed. However, the main reason it was named as one of House of Soaring Moon’s four great beasts was due to its sharp talons; there was nothing it couldn’t rip through.

As for the Spirit Tortoise summoned by Ling Daozi, it was famed for its superior defense. In this battle, there were a few instances when it shielded Ling Daozi from the spears thrusts by Luan. Those hits landed on its body, yet didn’t cause any injury to the tortoise.

Gradually, the battle turned into a strange situation. The five cultivators, combined with the two summoned familiars, continuously attacked Luan, but it was a situation whereby no one could injure the opposing side, yet no one could withdraw from the battle.

However, when it came to physical endurance, humans were incomparable to monsters. Yue Shengfei and the others gradually felt their bodies losing strength and turning weak.

At this moment, the Goldmoon Roc seemed to be crazed from battle. It brandished its talons, clawing toward Luan. The latter, too, was enraged by the continuous assault from the five men and two beasts. When did it ever have to endure such bullying? As such, it used its extreme speed and rushed toward that, in its own opinion, strange bird.

One of the elite ten ancient beasts got into a frontal assault against one of Metaloch’s number one cultivation school’s four great beasts. The results became apparent very quickly.

The Goldmoon Roc was impaled twice by the wooden spears in Luan’s arms, opening two holes in its body. The former immediately fell to the ground, causing its owner, Yue Shengfei’s heart to tighten. He looked worriedly at his familiar, whose life or death was unknown.

As for Luan, although it gained the upper hand in its fleeting engagement against the Goldmoon Roc, Luan, too, did not come out unscathed. Three claw marks showed on its body and some thick, sticky, dark green substance flowed out. From the looks of it, it seemed to be Luan’s blood.

Yue Shengfei became enraged upon seeing the Goldmoon Roc falling to the ground. The red-colored aura in his hands surged, turning into a gigantic red aura sword above his head. He willed it to stab toward Luan.

Seeing this, Ling Daozi exclaimed in disbelief, “House of Soaring Moon’s Nine Heavens Profound Mantra!”

Yi San from Shadow Wind Sect, Wang Tu from Monarchy Pavilion, and Cai Luming from Virtuous Clan changed their expressions unanimously, then quickly retreated backward.

Luan guarded itself, crossing its four arms as the materialized red gigantic sword flew toward it, its own body emitting a green aura to guard itself.

Boom! An explosion erupted as the gigantic red sword clashed against Luan’s green aura. The shockwaves from the collision spread upwards, instantly causing a hole to be punched through the cavern ceiling. One could see the sky from the cavern if they looked up.

After Yue Shengfei used this technique, his face instantly turned ghastly white. It looked like he had also suffered damage from using this ultimate technique.

The other four cultivators looked to the green mist, which had yet to dissipate after taking the might of Yue Shengfei’s Nine Heavens Profound Mantra.

When the green mist settled down, Luan, who originally had six limbs, was now left with only three arms; its last arm was missing, and the green sticky substance flowed out from the wound. The cultivators couldn’t help but feel disgusted at the sight of it.

Yue Shengfei was originally extremely confident in his Nine Heavens Profound Mantra. He didn’t think it would kill Luan, but he was confident that he would deal severe damage to it. From the looks of it, he had only severed one of Luan’s arms. He was somewhat surprised, yet somewhat dissatisfied.

“That guy is injured; if we just deal another wave of attacks, he will definitely crumble!” Ling Daozi said anxiously, seeing as Luan had one of its arms chopped off, and he felt that its aura had fallen into disorder.

Yue Shengfei shook his head, indicating that he could no longer continue battling.

The other four exchanged looks with one another and nodded. Those four, who had both gratitude and grudges against the others, attacked Luan once more with chemistry, intending to beat a drowning dog.1

However, the moment they clashed with the maimed Luan, they immediately felt that they were being too hopeful. Although it had lost one of its arms, its battle strength seemed to be as high as ever; the four couldn’t gain any advantage.

When Yue Shengfei took notice of the situation, he quickly went over to his Goldmoon Roc and checked its injuries. He found that there wasn’t any threat to its life, so he quietly unsummoned it.

Following that, he switched his gaze over to the unmoved Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix egg. A resolute gaze flashed over his eyes for a moment, as he prepared to make his final effort.

Just as Yue Shengfei was thinking about risking his life to snatch the phoenix egg, Yi San, who was locked in combat with Luan along with the other three, suddenly turned around and grabbed the egg next to him. He instantly picked it up and sped toward the cave’s newly created exit above them.

“Crazed San, you dare!” Four voices immediately roared at the same time.

TL Note:

1: To beat a drowning dog - to hit somebody when he’s down, or to pulverize a defeated enemy.

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