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Chapter 53 - Changes in Rivulet City!

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“Crucial moment?” Xu Qi muttered, then hurriedly shut his mouth. Joking around was fine and all, but it was hardly the time and place. Now was the crucial moment determining whether the Giantwood Python lived or died. He didn’t dare be careless any longer.

The source of the energy emerging from the python’s body was none other than the experiment Xu Qi conducted on its body, the Celestial Core Pill he made it eat. Although there wasn’t a precedence of a monster consuming it, evidently, it could activate the medical efficacy of the Celestial Core Pill.

The rainbow energy from Celestial Core Pill was a trace of her true power injected in by Goddess Nuwa during its concoction. The golden inner core may be incredibly strong, but all matters restricted one another, after all. When the rainbow energy enveloped the golden inner core, there wasn’t a hint of resistance. It sat peacefully in the python’s body. This was because Goddess Nuwa created all matters in the universe; naturally her powers would have restricting effects on all matters.

Seeing as the golden inner core in the Giantwood Python’s body was restricted in place by the rainbow energy, the python took this opportunity and began absorbing the energy in the golden core. It operated the cultivation method unique to its species and tried to establish a link between itself and the golden core. With the python’s original inner core a part of the golden core and the support of the rainbow energy, a link between the two quickly established.

However, due to the enormity of the energy found in the golden core, the Giantwood Python had no way of fully absorbing it; instead, it forcefully suppressed the golden core in its body after absorbing just a tiny fraction of the energy.

As the python sensed things turning for the better, its gigantic frame shrank gradually. Finally, it returned to a tiny golden snake the size of a palm.

Xu Qi had been watching by the side all this time. He felt the familiar sensation coming from the python and confirmed that it was the rainbow energy from Celestial Core Pill, which he understood the effects of very well. Thus, he gave a slight sigh of relief when he realized this.

“How is it, Little Snakey? Did you manage to assimilate with the golden inner core? What level are you at now?” Xu Qi suddenly asked, concerned.

“It’s not that easy; I only suppressed it in my body and left my mark on it. With that, I can slowly convert the golden core into my own inner core with time. However, some good came out of a setback; I’ve now stepped into the Spirit realm,” the python responded, slowly opening its eyes.

“Oh? That’s true. The Five-clawed Golden Dragon’s inner core isn’t something one could convert as its own easily. By the way, I felt rainbow energy in operation within your body earlier; it seems like the medical efficacy of the Celestial Core Pill I gave you was successfully activated,” Xu Qi stroke his chin and said.

“Probably. I didn’t expect the pill you gave me to be so miraculous. Although I was half tormented to death this time,I gained a lot out of it. My strength increased tremendously, and I obtained this unique golden inner core; although, I will have to slowly convert it into my personal inner core. It has the potential to escalate me into a being on par with the divine beasts, haha. When that time comes, no one will be able to bully me,” the python began laughing as it spoke.

When Xu Qi heard its last words, he couldn’t help but feel a cold shiver; he was obviously guilty of such.

“Erm, Little Snakey, since you’re fine now, I’ll be making a move first. Train hard and slowly absorb the energy in the golden inner core,” Xu Qi said embarrassedly, rubbing his nose. He didn’t know how much time had passed since he entered the Four Divinities Cavern, and it was unknown whether anything happened on the outside which required his attention.

Hearing this, the Giantwood Python looked at the cavern’s stone door in fear and said, “Big Brother, bring me with you, please. Although I’ve become your familiar, you don’t necessarily have to keep me in here. Given my size, I can be by your side all the time; don’t you agree? I don’t want to stay in this god forsaken place any longer, please,” its tone pleading as it spoke.

Xu Qi couldn’t bear to make it suffer. He almost killed the Giantwood Python unintentionally, after all. He felt guilty in his heart. Seeing as it was only the size of a palm, it was convenient to bring the python with him, and no one should discover it. Thus, Xu Qi nodded his head in agreement.

Seeing as its unreasonable master actually agreed to its request, the python quickly threw itself into Xu Qi’s sleeve and slithered its way up his arms to his neck, spitting its tongue joyously.

Xu Qi smiled helplessly at the sight. Truthfully speaking, he had been rather afraid of snakes in the past. However, there wasn’t a shred of conflict in his heart being in such close contact with a snake this time around. Perhaps it was due to the python being his familiar, and the two had established a connection. Not to mention, both of them had consumed Celestial Core Pills.

“We’re going, Little Snakey. Don’t expose yourself outside if I haven’t gave you explicit permission to do so; you hear me? Otherwise, I’ll throw you right back here,” Xu Qi threatened.

The Giantwood Python hurriedly nodded its head, indicating its agreement to Xu Qi’s condition. It didn’t want to return to this damned cavern no matter what.

Back at Godsward Villa, in the secret cavern of the rear mountain, Chen Yong was with several Xu Clan guardsmen training Lin Hu and the other orphans.

“Brother Chen, Young Master disappeared over ten days ago. Where exactly did he go?” a soft, gentle voice asked.

Chen Yong turned and saw a little girl in purple robes looking at him. He gave a smile and said, “Oh, Qian Yin, our Young Master has always appeared and disappeared unpredictably. It’s hard to get ahold of him; so, how would I know where he went off to? However, before he left, he did inform me that he would possibly be gone for a period of time in secluded cultivation. With his strength, there is no need for us to worry.”

The girl in purple was none other than Qian Yin. After hearing what Chen Yong said, she furrowed her brows and said worriedly, “It’s true that Young Master is strong, but it can’t be that he would disappear for so many days without any word.”

“Haha, girl, you’re so concerned about Young Master; could it be that he’s your sweetheart? Our Young Master is…” Chen Yong teased. He couldn’t hold back as he saw the look on Qian Yin. However, he couldn’t finish his sentence as his mouth hung wide open.

This was because he saw a familiar silhouette suddenly appear out of thin air behind Qian Yin. The person was none other than their young master.

Qian Yin had yet to realize the situation behind her as Chen Yong teased her. Her cheeks instantly turned bright red, and she lowered her head, too shy to look ahead.

“You’re getting bolder by the day, Chen Yong. How dare you use this young master as the butt of your joke!” Xu Qi’s voice immediately rang out.

The first to show a reaction was Qian Yin. She looked back in shock, and upon seeing the familiar face, her cheeks flamed even redder. Though, she still possessed the composure to greet her young master respectfully.

As for Xu Qi, he felt an inexplicable sense of comfort when he saw Qian Yin; he really liked her personality. Xu Qi smiled at her, nodding in acknowledgment. 

“Young Master, that erm, I, no, earlier Qian Yin, uh…” Chen Yong said nervously when he saw Xu Qi. He was so nervous that he couldn’t manage to form a clear sentence.

“Whatever. Let’s talk about proper business; have their strengths stabilized?” Xu Qi interrupted, asking seriously.

“Young Master, their strengths have all stabilized, and they are beginning to have breakthroughs in the skills of the profession they are cultivating in,” Chen Yong immediately answered.

Then, Xu Qi took a look at the situation in the cavern. He sensed that the cultivation of each of the orphans was extremely stable, and some of them were even sparring with the guardsmen. Seeing this, Xu Qi nodded in satisfaction.

“Young Master, I have something else to report. Two days ago, the Chief Housekeeper visited in the middle of the night. He came to me personally and instructed me to inform you the moment you returned that you have meet with him as soon as possible. He said something has happened in Rivulet City,” Chen Yong reported. He recalled that the latter came to him a few days ago and left these orders seriously. Seeing as Xu Qi had returned, Chen Yong did not dare neglect his orders and hurriedly reported.

“Also, the Chief Housekeeper asked me to remind you that while you’re on your way back to Rivulet City, you have to pay more caution; many unknown experts have showed up in Rivulet City!” Chen Yong continued.

“Oh? Such things happened?” Xu Qi furrowed his brows. He hadn’t expected numerous experts to show up in Rivulet City during his seclusion, causing Xu Pingfan to become so cautious.

Xu Qi nodded his head, then pondered for a moment. He warned gravely, “”Chen Yong, you must pay more attention when moving around in the upcoming days to not reveal the existence and secrets of the villa. Try to limit our men’s area of activity within the cavern and arrange for a few guards to disguise as commoners living in the institution above ground. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Young Master!” Chen Yong answered promptly.

Xu Qi shifted his gaze to Qian Yin, who had been silent all this time. He walked to her side with a smile and noticed a couple strands of her hair were untidy from her training. He extended his hand to brush them to a side, then quickly moved to the cavern’s exit.

On the other hand, Qian Yin stood there blankly as Xu Qi brushed her hair aside. It was only after the latter left the cavern that she came to herself. She gave a smile, and for some reason, tears welled up in her eyes.

When Xu Qi left the cavern, he realized it was already night. Thus, he made use of the darkness and used his movement technique and sped toward Rivulet City. Just as he entered the city, he unexpectedly sensed the presence of several Spirit realm experts in different locations. Not only that, but he could also faintly feel the presence of someone stronger than him in the eastern part of Rivulet City. In addition, there were numerous Qi realm cultivators everywhere in the city.

Xu Qi was shocked at the sudden presence of this many cultivators. In order to not rouse their attention, he could only conceal his aura and run toward Xu Clan in the night.

In a secluded courtyard in the east, an elder dressed in red robes was meditating with their eyes closed. Their eyes suddenly snapped open as Xu Qi entered the city, muttering unexpectedly, “This aura..? Why is it so strange? It looks like there’s yet another uncertainty mixed into this trip.”


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