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Chapter 39 - Enemies Incoming to Rivulet City

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After an unknown amount of time, Xu Qi slowly reopened his eyes. He saw a blurry purple silhouette walking around in his room, and he rubbed his eyes. He identified the person, then said with a smile, “Qian Yin, what are you doing here; how long have I been asleep?”

“Ah, you’re awake, Young Master,” Qian Yin was stirred when she heard Xu Qi’s voice. She turned around and saw the smile on his face; a warm feeling filled her heart.

Seeing that Qian Yin got so excited, Xu Qi gave a dry cough, then said, “Qian Yin, exactly how long was I asleep? Why are you here instead of cultivating with the others?”

“Young Master, you slept for a day and a night. We were almost scared to death; if it wasn’t for Big Brother Chen and the guards saying you were only overly exhausted and needed to rest... The other orphans, too, didn’t want to train and wanted to stay by your side. In the end, Big Brother Chen agreed to let one person stay and take care of you. That was why I stayed behind,” Qian Yin said. Tears welled up in her eyes; evidently, she was very worried about Xu Qi falling unconscious.

Xu Qi went blank as he watched. He didn’t expect her to be so concerned about him. These twins were totally different regarding temperament. The elder sister, Qian Yin, was gentle and meticulous, while the younger sister, Qian Yun, was playful, cute, and smart. Though, Xu Qi preferred Qian Yin’s personality.

Qian Yin blushed even redder when she noticed Xu Qi staring at her. She asked timidly, “How are you feeling, Young Master? Do you want to eat something?”

“O-oh, that, I’m fine. Err, I don’t need food. I’m not hungry. I’ll have to trouble you to call for Chen Yong and bring him here. Tell him I have important matters to discuss and to hurry. Thanks,” Xu Qi answered rather awkwardly, conscious of his earlier manners.

Qian Yin nodded and slowly left the room, leaving Xu Qi alone. He was inwardly remorseful, Damn, why would I have such evil thoughts? She’s only a child.

Not long after, Chen Yong appeared before Xu Qi, panting for breath and saying, “Yo-young Master, you’re finally awake. You... worried us.”

Black lines appeared on Xu Qi’s head. All he did was to sleep for a while. Was it that bad?

“That, err, Chen Yong, have they fully absorbed the fruit’s energy? How are their strengths?” Xu Qi quickly changed the topic. He didn’t wish to waste any more time on that topic.

Upon hearing Xu Qi’s question, Chen Yong immediately and happily answered, “Young Master, your fruit was so amazing. After they consumed it, their strengths experienced tremendous improvement. Now, among the seventeen of them, fourteen of them have become experts of the fifth stage of Qi realm, and three of them, the fourth stage of Qi realm. If you were to command us to flatten Rivulet City right now, I’m confident we would be able to.”

After saying this, the expression on Chen Yong’s face turned gloomy. He said, “Though, they are now all stronger than me. Although my strength had increased after ingesting the medicinal pill Young Master gave me and reached the first stage of Qi realm, I can no longer win against them. You’ll have to help me, Young Master, or I’ll lose my place as their leader. Not to mention, you won’t want me becoming a burden to you, right?”

“Alright, stop acting. Isn’t this just about that fruit of mine? I’ll just give you one. Look at you; letting you take that pill first was giving you more benefits, and you’re still acting like this,” Xu Qi rolled his eyes, saying.

Chen Yong scratched his head with his rough hands, seeing as he was called out by Xu Qi. His face was full of embarrassment, yet he extended his palm in spite of it, speaking like a grown-up girl, “Then, erm, Young Master, give me the fruit.”

Xu Qi was like a living treasure, throwing a Green Mystique Fruit at him with a flip of his palm, all the while suppressing the laughter in him. He scolded, “Quickly get out of my sight.”

“Thank you, Young Master. Don’t be angry; I’ll get out,” Chen Yong happily caught the Green Mystique Fruit, retreating out of the room as he spoke. His iron tower-esque stature knocked over the table as he made his way out, skipping away after leaving the room.

Even with Xu Qi’s mentality, he shook his head in helpless laughter when he saw the way Chen Yong acted. Then, he stood up and began moving.

First, I’ll check on their practice, Xu Qi thought inwardly, then headed towards the secret room.

In the secret cavern in the rear mountain, the Xu Clan guardsmen and the twenty-five orphans were practicing their cultivation and moves. The orphans, especially, were very serious in their training. Each of their faces was full of sweat.

Xu Qi quietly came into the cavern, observing the lot of them from a corner. The most surprising were Xiaowu and the twins. He saw the three of them had attained small successes in their moves and cultivation. He felt surprised in his heart. It seemed like cultivation really depended on each’s talents.

On the other hand, the eldest of the orphans, Lin Hu, was struggling with his training. However, he was the most serious of them in their training, and Xu Qi was satisfied with his attitude.

Xu Qi didn’t want to interrupt their training. He casually observed for a bit, then quietly left the secret room. He looked around the mountainous walls in the courtyard, then leaped and made a round around the villa’s walls, inspecting the situation. He only felt assured when he confirmed there were no other residents near the villa. Then, he dashed towards Rivulet City; there was still Mo Dingtian waiting for him there.

In Mosuo Auction House, Mo Dingtian was pacing back and forth. Next to him was Mo Yan, who stood by in wait. The latter no longer covered his face with a white veil. He showed his originally handsome once again after Xu Qi healed his scar.

“Keep calm, Young Lord. Perhaps Young Master Xu was held up by other matters, delaying his return,” Mo Yan said to Mo Dingtian.

Mo Dingtian stopped in his tracks at the mentioning of Xu Qi, then said to Mo Yan, “It’s not that I don’t trust him, but the people sent by Mo Dingkong have already infiltrated Rivulet City. They might make their move at any moment; how can I not be anxious?”

“I hadn’t expected your little brother to be so impatient to kill you, Boss Mo. It seems like there’s something fishy,” a contemplating voice was suddenly heard.

Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan looked at the doors. It was unknown when the missing little young master of Xu Clan had appeared there, leaning against the door. He was chewing on a stalk of grass, watching the two with a grin.

Mo Dingtian immediately felt like he caught a ray of hope as he saw Xu Qi appearing before him. He said with a bitter look, “Young Master Xu, I have embarrassed myself with my family’s misfortune. Though, you disappeared for a full day; how could I not panic?”

Xu Qi coughed twice, then said, “I’m sorry, Boss Mo. I caught the flu after leaving your place two days ago and recuperated for a day. Please forgive my late return.”

Black lines immediately appeared on Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan’s head, both thinking simultaneously, Only an idiot would believe a Spirit realm expert would catch the flu.

Though, Mo Dingtian maintained a smile, saying, “Young Master Xu, I heard news from the city gates; eight strangers had entered from the southern city gates. I sent Mo Yan to check things out and confirmed those eight were people from my Mo Clan. Mo Dingkong should have sent them.”

“Oh? They got here fast. There’s only eight of them; what are you afraid of? Just a spit from each of your auction house’s guards would drown them all. They aren’t a magnificent army; there’s nothing to be afraid of,”  Xu Qi continued teasing Mo Dingtian.

“Young Master Xu, even a magnificent army would be unable to win against these eight, I’m afraid. I’ll let Mo Yan tell you about the details,” Mo Dingtian couldn’t find it in him to joke about the situation. His and his daughter’s lives were on the line, after all.

Mo Yan clasped his hands at Xu Qi, saying, “Young Master Xu, I do recognize these eight people. They were the most loyal subordinates of Mo Dingtian, carefully nurtured by him. Their leader is someone named Mo Yuntian, a Swordsman of the fourth stage of Spirit realm. Also, there is one among the remaining seven who is a first stage Spirit realm Ranger, while the rest are all Swordsmen at the fourth stage of Qi realm.”

Xu Qi sucked in a breath of cold air upon listening to Mo Yan’s introduction, wondering inwardly, How deep does their Mo Clan’s strength go? They are able to casually have such a terrifying lineup, capable of flattening all of Rivulet City, just for the sake of removing Mo Dingtian. Such ruthless moves.

“However, there’s something I don’t really understand. There’s still a second stage Spirit Nightlord, Mo Yundi,  who is usually with them when they have an operation. They are an inseparable group who operate together all the time. So, I’m puzzled; why would he not be with them this time around?” Mo Yan expressed his suspicions.

“Holy cow, there’s a Nightlord at the second stage of Spirit realm!? Are you kidding me, what kind of damned lineup is this? This young master doesn’t care anymore. Isn’t this just courting death?” Xu Qi yelled out in exasperation.

“Young Master Xu, I only said that I was puzzled as to why Mo Yundi isn’t with them, not that he’s here. You don’t have to act like this, do you? Such a lineup should be manageable for you, Young Lord, and me,” Mo Yan said, though he didn’t sound confident in the least. 

Xu Qi rolled his eyes and shouted, “Mo Yan, do you take this young master for an idiot? That Mo Yundi is in Rivulet City already. With his cultivation as a Spirit realm Nightlord, coupled with his body and stealth techniques, he’s certainly someone powerful. How could he be discovered so easily? He should be hiding in the dark, acting as reinforcement, in case anything happens to them. Do you want to make a bet?”

Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan immediately shivered at the thought when Xu Qi made his point. If Mo Yundi were with them, the trio would lose all chance of victory.

“However, it’s fortunate that this young master has made other arrangements. Sit tight and watch the show. Though, I’ll say this beforehand. This favor isn’t for nothing. I’ll be helping myself to anything from your auction house that catches my eye,” Xu Qi chuckled.

“Young Master Xu, as long as you are able to help this surnamed Mo tide over this crisis, I will be glad to gift you the auction house, let alone any treasure you’d want from it,” Mo Dingtian said joyously. How could he not be happy when he heard Xu Qi’s words of confidence?

“Alright, I’ll be going back now to make some preparations. Just wait and see what happens. Still, I’ll say this first. I hope that after this, you two will keep everything about my Xu Clan a secret. Otherwise, don’t blame me for turning against you,” Xu Qi said with a threatening tone.

After speaking, Xu Qi turned around and disappeared, causing Mo Dingtian and Mo Yan to be at a loss for what to do. Mo Dingtian sighed, then slowly walked to the doors and looked at the sky outside, muttering, “Mo Dingkong, let me see how strong your team of Nefarious Nine are!”

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