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Chapter 37 - Spirit realm Swordsman-Housekeeper

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“Speak,” Xu Qi replied, irritated. He was in a bad mood.

Mo Yan noticed the annoyance in Xu Qi and hurriedly said, “Young Master Xu, may I learn of your cultivation level?”

The latter blanked for a moment, before replying to Mo Yan, “I’m really unsure of this. I think it’s at Spirit realm, like you. As for the exact stage, I don’t know either. However, I can confirm that you aren’t my match if we were to cross swords.”

Mo Yan nodded. Then, Xu Qi continued, “I’ll be taking my leave first, then,” the latter turned into a blur as he said his goodbyes.

The duo was shocked once again by Xu Qi’s bodily technique as they saw the latter disappear before their eyes. They shook their heads and returned to their seats, continuing their discussions from before.

“Young Lord, this Young Master Xu is a monster, I tell you. He’s six, only six-years-old and has Spirit realm cultivation. Even if he began cultivating in his mother’s womb, he shouldn’t be this strong not to mention the thoughts he puts into his every move. Even people like us can’t hold up a candle to him. Exactly who would be capable of nurturing such a monster?” Mo Yan said. He had yet to calm himself from the shock he felt from Xu Qi even after the latter’s departure. Not only that, he felt more fear in his heart the more he thought about it.

“Truthfully speaking, Brother Yan, I still feel like I am in a dream. However, I think the appearance of this Young Master Xu, out of nowhere, will bring more advantages than cons to us. Perhaps in our crisis, we will depend on him to come to our aid for us to tide over it, after all,” Mo Dingtian slowly said.

“Young Lord, you’re sure he will come to our aid?” Mo Yan asked doubtfully, seeing Mo Dingtian acting confident.

Mo Dingtian smiled, and said, “Don’t forget that, even if he doesn’t care about the two of us, there’s still Ling’er. That little young master’s gaze is different when he looks at her. I’m sure if Ling’er were in danger, that kid would not look on without lifting a finger.”

Mo Yan thought for a moment before revealing a smile on his face, too. He stuck out his thumb at Mo Dingtian, and the two started laughing loudly.

On the other hand, the extremely gloomy Xu Qi left Mosuo Auction House. He dashed straight towards Xu Clan to meet with Xu Pingfan. He returned with the intention to raise the latter’s strength.

At the same time, in the inner courtyard of Xu Clan, Xu Pingfan was sitting in his room daydreaming. He hadn’t noticed someone had entered his room.

“Uncle Mang, I only left for a short while, and you missed me so much?” Xu Qi said with a smile after he snuck into the room.

After Xu Pingfan heard the familiar voice, he quickly turned his head around. He recognized the person, and in an instant, a bright smile replaced his worried face. He said, “Young Master, you will frighten me to death if you continue sneaking around like this.”

Xu Qi smiled. He quickly walked to the seat in front of Xu Pingfan and sat down, then told him about all that happened in Mosuo Auction House today.

“Young Master, you trust Mo Dingtian that much? If he leaks your secrets, your plans will be affected,” Xu Pingfan said worriedly.

“It will be fine, Uncle Mang. Mo Dingtian is a smart man. What’s more, he needs my help; he won’t do anything to offend me. Don’t worry so much,” Xu Qi replied, smiling.

Xu Qi thought for a moment, then continued, “Uncle Mang, it must be hard for you to bear so much blame. However, it does have its merits. Don’t leave the mansion unnecessarily in the future and cultivate in peace in the mansion. Eat this,” with a flip of his palm, he brought a Green Mystique Fruit before Xu Pingfan.

Xu Pingfan immediately asked upon seeing the strange fruit in Xu Qi’s hands, “What is this, Young Master?”

The latter gave a smile and said, “Just eat the fruit. Or are you afraid of me giving you a poisonous fruit? After eating it, maintain your frame of mind no matter what happens and slowly absorb the energy.”

Naturally, Xu Pingfan knew the things Xu Qi gave him wouldn’t be anything common. He asked seriously, “Young Master, have you eaten this fruit already?”

Xu Qi replied, “Yes, I did, Uncle Mang. In fact, I can’t eat any more of these. Come on; let’s go to the secret room. I’ll stay here tonight to stand guard for you.”

Xu Pingfan didn’t continue the conversation any longer as he heard Xu Qi. The two quietly made their way to the secret room.

In the secret room, Xu Pingfan had already finished the Green Mystique Fruit and was slowly feeling the emergence of an overbearing mass of energy in his body. He hurriedly sat in meditation on the ground and began absorbing the energy while Xu Qi stood next to him.

This time around, Xu Qi gave a Green Mystique Fruit to Xu Pingfan, accelerating his cultivation. The reason was to help Mo Dingtian tide over his crisis; he didn’t know what kind of opponents Mo Dingkong would send his way, after all. Having more strength on his side would bring about a higher chance of victory.

Although Xu Qi claimed not to want to help Mo Dingtian, he had a favorable impression of him. He didn’t wish for his inaction to result in the latter and his daughter, Mo Ling’s, demise; she treated him kindly. As he thought of her, a smile unconsciously lit up his face.

After an unknown amount of time, Xu Qi felt Xu Pingfan’s aura growing wildly. He hurriedly set up a barrier in the secret room, preventing Xu Pingfan’s aura from spreading outside. It was better to keep their strength under wraps.

Not long after, Xu Pingfan’s aura stopped strengthening. It stabilized; then, that overpowering aura burst forth in the blink of an eye but was contained by the barrier Xu Qi had put up earlier.

“Uncle Mang, how was the feeling?” Xu Qi asked with a smile.

Xu Pingfan had personally experienced the strength granted by the Green Mystique Fruit with his own body and felt the growth it provided to him. His face was full of joy, and he excitedly said, “Young Master, what fruit was that? It forcibly raised my cultivation after consumption and caused my energy to become unusually strong.”

Xu Qi maintained his smile, saying, “Uncle Mang, this fruit granted you, at the very least, a hundred years’ worth of cultivation. What’s the cultivation level you feel in your body now?”

Xu Pingfan’s jaw dropped upon Xu Qi’s words. He said, “A hundred years’ worth of cultivation? My god. I finally understand why you were able to become this monstrously strong at your age. So, it was because of this fruit. There was also the medicinal pill from before; such wondrous items actually exist in this world.”

Xu Pingfan exclaimed, shaking his head. He continued, “I should be at the first stage of Spirit realm now. Even I can hardly believe any of this.”

“Uncle Mang, first stabilize your cultivation. You can still consume two more of these fruits in the future, but I’m not sure whether your cultivation will experience such rapid growth,” Xu Qi said.

“Ah? Can I still consume such fruits? Young Master, it’s better if you keep it. I am already content to have reached this level. I would never have hoped for something like this happening, even in my dreams. It’s better if you keep it for your own use,” Xu Pingfan denied. However, he was feeling conflicted in his heart. Who wouldn’t want to use such an amazing item on himself? But once he thought of the future his young master was working towards, he planned on leaving it for his young master.

Xu Qi understood his intentions and said, “Uncle Mang, what if I told you I have an inexhaustible supply of such fruits; would you believe me? So, just listen to me.”

Xu Pingfan was even more shocked at the news. Even getting one of these fruits was a heaven-defying fortuitous encounter, and his young master had a lot more of these?

In fact, Xu Qi wasn’t exaggerating when he said that. There were many Green Mystique Trees in Four Divinities Cavern; he didn’t have to worry about running out of them.

“Uncle Mang, I have something to discuss with you,” Xu Qi’s face suddenly changed, speaking seriously.

Xu Qi must have something planned again, was the thought Xu Pingfan had in his mind when he heard such. He nodded his head slightly, indicating for the former to continue.

“I will be returning to Mo Dingtian’s place in a bit. In the following days, I will either be there or at the institution in the suburb. If his younger brother sends people to harm them, I’ll need to trouble Uncle Mang to provide help. I don’t wish to act personally unless forced. Is there any problem, Uncle Mang?” Xu Qi said to Xu Pingfan in a discussing tone.

Xu Pingfan hurriedly answered, “As you wish, Young Master. I will pay more attention to the situation at Mo Dingtian’s side.” 

Xu Qi caressed his chin, saying slowly, “Keep in mind, Uncle Mang, try not to let others discover your identity if you appear in public. Focus on cultivating yourself in the clan. I’ll send something nice to you after some time.”

Xu Pingfan hurriedly replied when Xu Qi mentioned ‘something nice.’ He learned, from experience, that whenever Xu Qi brought something out, it wouldn’t be anything ordinary. He said, “Rest assured, Young Master. I will never leave Xu Clan without your instructions and will focus on my cultivation. I was worried about my own strength being a burden to Young Master’s plans. However, since my strength has improved to such level, I can finally be of use to Young Master.”

Xu Qi thought of Xu Pingfan hollowing out a mountain and presenting it as a surprise to him as the latter spoke. He smiled and said, “Uncle Mang, weren’t you helping me all this while? You even gifted me a mountain at the institution in the suburb. I’m really thankful for the present. I’m very satisfied with it.”

“Young Master, this was my duty. I wasn’t able to share Young Master’s burden; helping out with the trivial matters was all I could do,” Xu Pingfan slowly replied.

Xu Qi was gradually relying more heavily on Xu Pingfan and felt closer to him than before. He did not worry about any matter he entrusted to the latter.

When he thought of assigning tasks to Xu Pingfan, he remembered another matter he needed taking care of. He said to the latter, “Uncle Mang, I still have to trouble you to help gather some low-level monsters and send them to the institution in the suburb.”

“Young Master, what do you need low-level monsters for; don’t tell me you want to eat them?” Xu Pingfan raised his doubt.

Xu Qi smiled and teased, “No, Uncle Mang. I don’t eat their meat. I want them for practicing summoning techniques. I will become a formidable Spiritualists in the future, okay.”

“Yo-Young Master, you want to practice Spiritualists’ summoning techniques?!” Xu Pingfan asked. His throat rolled, expressing his disbelief.

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