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Chapter 33 - The History of Qian Family

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Qian Yun recounted in detail the events that happened to them a year ago. When she was done, she found herself embracing Qian Yin; the twins wept in each other's arms. On the other hand, Xu Qi fell into deep thought on the twins' past.

Qian Yin and Qian Yun were originally the prized daughters of the Qian Clan from the capital of Mirrorlink. Their father, Qian Jingming, dealt in business pertaining to monsters' inner cores and was a second stage Qi Spiritualist. He had dealings with many cultivation schools; his social network was incredibly wide. Thus, his business in the capital was thriving. However, he had, on several occasions, personally led men to the Fallen Gods Mountain Range for the sake of procuring even higher graded inner cores and was successful at doing so.

On one such trip, Qian Jingming went to the Fallen Gods Mountain Range to collect inner cores with his guards. A few days later, Qian Jingming returned alone and severely injured to the clan; none of his guards were with him. According to Qian Jingming, they were all dead.

The people from Qian Clan tried to discover what happened from Qian Jingming, but the latter didn't speak a word about it. Three days later, a black-clothed man came to Qian Clan. He summoned a Spirit realm monster without a word and killed over a hundred people from the clan. Only Qian Yin and Qian Yun were fortunate to survive under the all-out protection of Qian Jingming and the family members, escaping the capital.

While on the run, Qian Jingming had told the sisters the black-clothed man was one of the Undying School's men. The former had offended him in the Fallen Gods Mountain Range while fighting over a mysterious inner core. However, he hadn't expected that man to want Qian Jingming dead, even after getting his hands on the inner core. Qian Jingming only escaped with injuries from the mountain range, back to Qian Clan with his guards forfeiting their lives to ensure his escape. Before he could recover from his injuries, the black-clothed man found his way to his doorstep, causing the demise of his family.

In the end, the black-clothed man caught up to them on the road. Qian Jingming summoned his monster and fought to the death, allowing the twins to escape once more. Alas, the difference in strength between them was too large; Qian Jingming and his summoned monster died in battle against black-clothed man. The sisters managed to escape successfully after all this and were discovered by Xu Pingfan after uncountable sufferings. Subsequently, he secretly transported them to Rivulet City.

"The Undying School… such tyranny indeed," Xu Qi muttered as he thought of this.

He shifted to the weeping sisters. A bitter feeling rose in his heart, and he said gently, "Qian Yin, Qian Yun, stop crying, the two of you. The world is like that; the strong reign supreme. Whoever is strong is respected. Don't worry; I will let you have your chance at revenge and let you personally bring an end to that person."

The two looked over at Xu Qi when he spoke. Their eyes were red from crying and with their pretty faces, Xu Qi felt heartache when he saw the look of them.

"Young Master, so long as we're able to avenge our father and the others, more than a hundred people, we're not afraid of anything, no matter how tough it gets!" Qian Yin said.

Xu Qi immediately shook his head, saying, "There's too much hatred in your hearts. This would be detrimental to your cultivation. I hope you will let go of that hatred temporarily; otherwise, you'll lose yourselves to the hatred. It won't do you any good. Not to mention, time is something we have an abundance of; isn't that right?"

Qian Yin and Qian Yun wiped clean each other's tears upon hearing Xu Qi, forcefully suppressing the pain in their hearts. They replied to the latter, saying, "Yes, Young Master. We'll follow your arrangements."

"Let's go; we've been here for quite some time. We should go take a breather outside," Xu Qi moved as he spoke, and the sisters immediately followed along.

Back in the main hall of the aboveground institution, Xu Qi sat in his seat quietly. Next to him was Chen Yong, who stood by his side all the while, waiting for instructions from his little young master.

"Chen Yong, the guardsmen from Xu Clan aren't allowed to enter the rear mountain area without my permission from now on. Do you understand?" Xu Qi suddenly spoke.

Upon hearing the sudden command, Chen Yong immediately answered "Yes." Then, he looked over to Xu Qi, seemingly wanting to speak.

Xu Qi saw the look on Chen Yong. He knew the latter was a steadfast man and couldn't keep things to himself. Thus, he said, "Chen Yong, just speak of whatever is on your mind. Don't hold back."

Chen Yong scratched his head and spoke, somewhat embarrassed, "Young Master, it's not about me. I would like to ask about the weapons for the rest of the guards. When are you giving them?"

It was the matter of the weapons for the guards. Xu Qi chuckled, "Oh, Chen Yong, the reason I gave you the weapon was that I was pleased with the work you did for me. It was a reward to you. The other guards have yet to establish any merits and are already asking for the godly weapons. Don't you think it's a little unreasonable?"

"That, Young Master, err… didn't you promise them?" Chen Yong was stumped by Xu Qi's words and began stuttering.

Xu Qi replied, "Yes, I did promise them. However, I didn't promise when I'd present them, did I?"

A straightforward man such as Chen Yong couldn't possibly outtalk Xu Qi and was at a loss for words. He didn't know what to say. A tanned, large man fidgeting about like a little girl was a sight to behold.

Xu Qi almost burst out laughing at the look on Chen Yong's face. He collected himself and said, "Oh, Chen Yong, I will gift them the godly weapons. However, I can't gift it just so easily, right? I will present them accordingly, based on their performance and merits. As long as they put in the effort, godly weapons aren't the only things I will be giving them. There will be fortuitous encounters for them, as well. When the time comes, their strength will gain a large boost."

After which, Chen Yong's eyes lit up. He looked at Xu Qi and immediately said his heartfelt words, "Young Master, please instruct us on anything in the future. We will put in our utmost effort."

"From tomorrow on, pick out a Swordsman, Healer, Ranger, and Nightlord from the guards. They will be in charge of training those children. All they'll have to do is teach them the battle techniques and combat experience. Also, they will educate them more about the happenings in the outside world. Any question?" Xu Qi asked.

"There's no problem, Young Master. However, they aren't cultivators. Won't that be too harsh for their bodies?" Chen Yong doubted.

"Them? Don't be belittling them now. The power they have in themselves is even comparable to yours. Don't worry about them. If you have to, worry about yourselves instead. Haha," Xu Qi laughed.

"Comparable to me? Don't mock me now, Young Master. I have been with them since their arrival in Rivulet City. They aren't cultivators; I'm sure. You can't bluff me," Chen Yong said without a doubt.

"Alright then, confirm it for yourself tomorrow. Don't be surprised," Xu Qi maintained his smile.

"That, Young Master…"

"Chen Yong, I have to leave for a while to handle some matters. Keep watch on the villa. Also, head to the room from earlier and bring me the clothes I arrived with," Chen Yong wanted to say something but was interrupted by Xu Qi.

Chen Yong immediately answered "Yes," then turned to leave. Not long after, he returned with the torn and tattered clothing Xu Qi wore earlier.

Xu Qi quickly changed into those clothes and messed up his hair. Then, he turned and spoke to Chen Yong, saying, "Chen Yong, you haven't seen anything. Do you understand?"

Just as Chen Yong was puzzled over what the young master intended to do, he heard his warning. He was about to reply when he saw Xu Qi turn into a blur and disappear.

This bodily technique is such a profound mystery. When will I have such prowess? The little young master is only six. Six! And he possesses such strength. When he grows into an adult in the future, won't he be fearsome then? I'll have to firmly stand in the shade of this huge tree known as Young Master, Chen Yong thought inwardly.

In a short moment, Xu Qi exited the mountains in the dirty clothes. He operated his bodily technique in full capacity, dashing toward Rivulet City. Once the city appeared in his sight, he made his way to the side pathway and flashed to the side. Xu Qi smeared some dirt on his face, then limped his way in the direction of the city gates. He looked almost identical to when he left the city.

As he slowly limped forward, Xu Qi was right in front of the city gates. He didn't enter but sat in an empty space next to the city gates.

There were many people passing by the entrance to Rivulet City. Amongst them, many recognized the young master who had been driven out of Xu Clan today. When they saw Xu Qi sitting there in a sorry state, they felt pity for him.

They saw the little young master just sitting there, without a word or any actions for a long time. The people grew curious and surrounded him from afar, pointing their fingers at him in discussion. Some even went before Xu Qi and threw some things on the ground.

The sky gradually darkened. It was bustling in the city, while the outside gradually quietened. It was at this moment that Xu Qi slowly raised his head. He saw some food and a few low-grade gemstones on the ground. It looks like they take me for a beggar now, Xu Qi laughed bitterly in his heart.

"Little Brother, you're really here," a familiar voice was heard. Xu Qi hurriedly lowered his head when he heard the voice.

The owner of the voice was none other than Mo Ling. She was very upset when Xu Qi walked out the city gates earlier in the day. Afterwards, she accidentally overheard someone telling her father, Mo Dingtian, that Xu Qi was seen at the city entrance. She begged for Mo Dingtian to bring her to Xu Qi. In the end, Mo Dingtian gave in and brought her here.

Mo Dingtian had lost interest in Xu Qi but came here anyway to be with his daughter. On the other hand, Mo Yan heard of Mo Ling wanting to find Xu Qi and volunteered to tag along, to Mo Dingtian's surprise.

Xu Qi saw Mo Ling coming in his direction with a basket in her hands. Mo Dingtian and the white-cloaked man, Mo Yan, were behind her looking at him.

Mo Ling came before Xu Qi and placed the basket on the ground. She took out a plate of meat and steamed buns and said to Xu Qi, smiling, "Little Brother, you're hungry, aren't you? I brought you food. Isn't sister nice to you?"

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