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Chapter 27 - Godsward Villa

Edited by Michyrr

On the main streets of Rivulet City, the badly wounded young master of Xu Clan could be seen limping his way to the southern gate. He didn’t lift his head to see the path before him, and his disheveled hair covered up half his face. No one could see the expression on his face, only the bruises and the blood on the corners of his mouth.

Looking at the pitiful state he was in, people opened up a path for him one after another.

Many of the passersby here had witnessed the scene in front of the Xu Clan mansion earlier.

“See him? He’s the young master of Xu Clan. Earlier he was expelled from the clan by Xu Pingfan – how pitiful.”

“I know, right? I saw what happened earlier as well. That housekeeper of Xu Clan was so unreasonable. He even struck a man who spoke out for justice, and god knows if he’s still alive.”

“Sigh, Xu Clan belongs to Xu Pingfan from now on. Poor little child.”

“Shh. Keep your voice down. Don’t let Xu Pingfan hear you.”

“Hmph, so what if he hears me. Karma will strike him sooner or later for kicking his young master out. Such audacity!”

Looks of anger could be seen on the faces of passersby discussing Xu Pingfan. Though, there were also many who didn’t dare to speak out, in fear of repercussions. Not a trace of reason could be found in Xu Pingfan now, after all. Some kind of trouble would surely befall them if their random ramblings were to be heard. 

As the crowd were discussing softly among themselves, the patriarch of Helian Clan, Helian Liang was not far away, observing all that happened from a window seat in Wan Qing Restaurant.

“Patriarch,” a middle-aged man dressed in servant's attire greeted respectfully.

Helian Liang heard himself being addressed, and replied without turning back, his gaze still focused on the streets. “Have you found out what the situation is?”

The servant immediately answered quietly, “Yes, Patriarch. We found out the young master of Xu Clan was wounded by Xu Pingfan, and was expelled from his clan. He is not to remain in Rivulet City anymore, or he’ll get beaten up if anyone sees him. Also, someone from the crowd tried sticking up for the young master earlier. Xu Pingfan immediately sent him flying with a palm strike.”

Helian Liang immediately turned his head when he heard of Xu Pingfan’s tyranny, asking, “Oh? Xu Pingfan actually struck a random stranger?”

“Yes, Patriarch. There was no sense of reason in him when he did that. However, Xu Pingfan seemed to be suffering from injuries. His movements looked to be impeded, and he had servants supporting him,” the servant answered respectfully.

“Alright. Stand down for now. I’ll look for you if there’s a need.” Helian Liang waved his hand, then turned to look at the streets through the windows.

The servant bowed slightly. He then slowly made his way out, leaving Helian Liang alone.

As he watched the streets, a myriad of thoughts ran through Helian Liang’s mind. Seems like Xu Pingfan steeled himself, bent on taking over Xu Clan. The wages of avarice is death, indeed. Xu Yingzhou, who was astute for the greater part of his life, actually entrusted his son to such a vile man. How lamentable.

Feelings of lament rose up in Helian Liang when he thought of Xu Yingzhou. Although they were competitors, the deeds Xu Yingzhou did and the way he conducted himself was worthy of admiration. Then his thoughts turned elsewhere: To think that Xu Pingfan was seriously injured. With such a vile man taking charge of the empty shell that is Xu Clan, there’s no longer any need to pay them any attention.

Following that, he turned his gaze to the young master, who was about to disappear from his sight. He sighed lightly, mumbling, “Xu Yingzhou, I ought to add to your down-and-out son’s sufferings, but since we contended with each other all our lives, we could be somewhat considered as friends. I shan’t do anything to your child. I won’t bother with his life any longer.”

In a dark corner of the streets, the patriarch of Liang Clan, Liang Renqing and his honored guest clad in black had been watching the events unfold as well, without any interaction. Seeing Xu Qi about to disappear from his sight, he turned to his guest and said, “Xu Clan is done for. Don’t bother with them anymore; let’s return,” Liang Renqing said, and turned to leave.

The black-clothed man didn’t say a single word the entire time. It was only after Liang Renqing finished what he had to say that he fell into deep thought, looking at the small back in the distance. Soon after, he turned to leave as well.

It couldn’t be helped that Helian Liang and Liang Renqing were no longer interested in Xu Qi; it was such a good move on his part. He was born a mute, portrayed as the six-year-old victim, and had his fortune snatched away right when his parents died. On top of that, he was expelled from his clan! There was nothing anyone could do other than to voice their dissent toward Xu Pingfan and sympathize with Xu Qi. 

Just as Xu Qi approached the city gates with his head down, a pretty little girl in elegant clothes stood in his way.

“Little brother, tell me who hurt you. I’ll get my father to avenge you,” the little girl said to Xu Qi.

Xu Qi laughed inwardly. The only one who would call out to him was the daughter of Mo Dingtian, Mo Ling. However, he wasn’t in the mood to give two hoots about her. All he wanted was to quickly get out of Rivulet City to tend to his own matters.

But Mo Ling had no intention of letting him leave. She stood in Xu Qi’s way no matter which direction he turned to. He steeled himself, then pushed Mo Ling out of the way. She, being a delicate girl, was thrown to the ground by Xu Qi’s slight push.

As such, Mo Ling immediately felt wronged. Tears welled up within her eyes as she looked at Xu Qi, then they fell uncontrollably.

Mo Dingtian was standing by the side all this time, and was caught by surprise when he saw Xu Qi push his daughter to the ground. Rage rose in him instantly. He was about to step forward, but once he saw the sorry state Xu Qi was in, he sighed and suppressed his anger. Mo Dingtian quickly went to his daughter and helped her up. He then pulled aside the sobbing Mo Ling, who continued staring at Xu Qi as she was being pulled away.

Mo Dingtian looked at his wronged daughter, then shifted his gaze to the miserable Xu Qi. He thought, I can’t believe Xu Pingfan would really hurt that child so badly, and even kick his young master out of the clan. Xu Clan is truly done for, now. Not only are their assets not under their control, they have offended someone they couldn’t afford to. Sigh.

Hm? Offended someone they shouldn’t have? As Mo Dingtian thought of this, he suddenly remembered the mysterious expert who launched a sneak attack on Xu Clan. A trace of fear showed on his face – that mysterious expert was too powerful.

Could it be that Xu Pingfan was trying to protect his young master’s life, and let him flee from Xu Clan? That’s very possible! If that’s truly the case, what a loyal man Xu Pingfan is! Mo Dingtian felt that this was exactly the reason behind Xu Pingfan’s actions. He nodded in satisfaction, as if he understood the true cause behind Xu Qi’s expulsion.

If Xu Qi were to know of Mo Dingtian’s imaginings, he would probably prostrate himself before him – Mo Dingtian had such unimaginably rich creativity!

The weeping Mo Ling suddenly raised her head and asked Mo Dingtian, “Father, would that little brother starve to death?”

Mo Dingtian patted Mo Ling’s head and said gently, “Don’t worry, Ling’er. That little brother will not starve. Let’s get back.” He grabbed Mo Ling and disappeared from the streets right as he finished his words.

Xu Qi slowly walked out the city gates under the sympathetic gazes of random strangers. He didn’t stop. Instead, he continued walking straight ahead. After an unknown amount of time, he reached a dense forest. It was only then that he stopped and looked back. Rivulet City was no longer in sight. Afterward, he sat down under a tree by the roadside.

Settling himself down, Xu Qi secretly operated his cultivation method. He spread his spiritual sense, confirming that no one was around and he had not been shadowed. He quickly jumped up, cursing, “My god, putting on a pitiful act wasn’t meant for just anyone. I’m so tired.”

Xu Qi moved about a little to loosen his body, then tidied his hair. After which, he activated the Soul Displacement technique, dashing toward the mountain range in the distance.

Back in Xu Clan, Xu Pingfan sat dejectedly in his own room. A close look would reveal two trails of tears on his face. His head hung low and he seemed to be deep in thought. Subsequently, he slowly raised his head. He gave a sigh, then muttered, “Young Master, take care of yourself from now on.”

In the mountains outside the city, Xu Qi saw an ordinary institution ahead. “This is the place,” he announced.

He had almost lost his way several times while trying to look for this place. If it weren’t for the map Xu Pingfan drew for him, he would probably not find this place even after a few days. Looking at the map, Xu Qi felt grateful to Xu Pingfan for sharing much of his burden silently.

He slowly made his way to the doors of the institution, then stopped in place. He looked at the institution, and took a deep breath, saying, “This will be my home from now on, and also where my foundation lies. Let’s name this place the ‘Godsward Villa’.” 

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