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Chapter 25 - Mo Yan

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In a room located in the inner courtyard of Mosuo Auction House, a man was enjoying tea alone. All of a sudden, knocking sounds rang out from the door, which were ignored by the man. Then, a white-robed man entered.

“I’ve returned, Young Lord,” the white-robed man greeted respectfully. Xu Qi knew this white-robed man, the mysterious man he encountered before. As for the young lord sitting down, his identity was naturally the boss of Mosuo Auction House, Mo Dingtian. Right now, he gave off an air which commanded reverence from others, unlike his usual demeanor.

Mo Dingtian took a sip of tea. He asked the man in a soft voice, without raising his head, “How was it? What did you find out?”

“Young Lord, I’ve searched the entire Xu Clan and haven’t found anyone with immense strength. The only one with cultivation worth mentioning is their housekeeper Xu Pingfan. However, he seemed to be severely injured; his aura was very unstable,” the white-robed man immediately answered.

“Oh, Xu Pingfan definitely suffered heavy injuries that day; I witnessed it myself. Since there’s nothing to be suspicious of in Xu Clan, why do I keep getting the feeling that there is something wrong, but I just can’t put my finger on it?” Mo Dingtian questioned with his head lowered as if he were talking to himself.

The white-robed man didn’t want to interrupt Mo Dingtian, but did, nonetheless, after thinking it over, “Young Lord, I saw something happen in Xu Clan. Perhaps you’ll be interested.”

“Oh? What was it; tell me quickly,” Mo Dingtian urged impatiently, looking at the white-robed man.

“Young Lord, I saw their housekeeper, Xu Pingfan, hit his mute young master and threaten to drive him out of Xu Clan. Not only that, he even wanted to end his life then and there,” the white-robed man reported every detail to Mo Dingtian.

Mo Dingtian immediately jumped to his feet after hearing what the white-robed man just said. However, he had second thoughts immediately. Mo Dingtian stroked his chin, thinking, Although there were rumors of Xu Pingfan seizing Xu Clan by force, I’m rather aware of Xu Pingfan’s personality. He was like a brother to the deceased Patriarch Xu. Now that his only son has been left behind, it’s not like Xu Pingfan to take such actions. What’s happening?

“Young Lord, there’s something else that bothers me. I’m not sure if I should tell you about it,” the white-robed man hesitated as he spoke.

Mo Dingtian’s interest was immediately piqued. He looked at the white-robed man, whose name was Mo Yan. The latter had been adopted by their clan, his age younger than Mo Dingtian. However, he had already achieved the strength of a fourth stage Spirit realm Swordsman. Along with the Gale Sword in his hands, he had yet to lose to anyone with a similar cultivation level. Also, he had a calm nature, which led to the clan focusing more of their resources on nurturing him. He and Mo Dingtian had also been closely bonded since they were young.

Upon the news of a Spirit realm expert appearing in Rivulet City, together with Mo Dingtian being ambushed reached the clan, Mo Yan was sent here to protect him. In fact, assuming the role of a bodyguard was but an excuse; it was for Mo Yan to assist Mo Dingtian, much to his gratification.

Mo Dingtian collected himself, then said to Mo Yan, “Speak freely about whatever’s on your mind, Brother Yan. Just treat this as a casual conversation between us.”

Mo Yan momentarily felt warmth within as he heard Mo Dingtian address him as a brother. He then said, “Young Lord, other than what I’ve reported to you earlier, something boggled my mind from this trip to Xu Clan. I noticed that I couldn’t determine the strength of that mute young master with my senses, even though he looked harmless. For some reason, I felt a hint of pressure when I saw the look in his eyes. Perhaps it was only my imagination.”

A look of surprise showed on Mo Dingtian the moment Mo Yan mentioned the young master of Xu Clan. He was familiar with Mo Yan’s strength and character; the latter wouldn’t have said something like that casually. Although it was unbelievable for Mo Yan to feel pressure from a child, what was even more bizarre was that he, too, felt the same before. 

Seeing as there was no response from Mo Dingtian, Mo Yan immediately thought he was too rash for saying that. After all, it was only a six-year-old child. Who would ever believe he was able to intimidate him? Just as Mo Yan was annoyed with himself, he heard a sentence which numbed his mind.

“I felt the same, Brother Yan. I sensed something similar from that young master from Xu Clan as well,” unexpectedly, Mo Dingtian agreed with him rather than mock him.

“However, I scanned him with my spiritual sense, Young Lord. I couldn’t detect any trace of cultivation in him. Not to mention, he’s only a child. Though, what is up with that feeling? I’m especially suspicious of this person,” Mo Yan continued happily.

Mo Dingtian had thought it was due to his imagination running wild. However, now that the calm and collected expert, Mo Yan, said the same, he felt he could no longer dismiss the young master of Xu Clan. One should rather believe it to be the truth than not; it paid to be cautious.

Having made up his mind, Mo Dingtian said, “Brother Yan, don’t spread the word. It’s fine if only the two of us know about this. I’ll meet the Xu’s young master in a few days. Also, I think there’s something wrong regarding Xu Pingfan driving his young master out of the clan. Pay more attention to this, and report to me if anything comes up.”

Hearing his commands, Mo Yan immediately answered, “Yes, my lord.” 

“Hehe, Mo Yan. The last time we had a drink together was twenty years ago. We haven’t had the chance to do so since I came to Rivulet City. Let’s not talk about other matters and drink to our heart’s content tonight! How about telling me what happened over the years in the clan?” Mo Dingtian immediately switched to a joyous look, patting on Mo Yan’s shoulder.

“Young Lord, our statuses differ. This…” Mo Yan panicked as he heard Mo Dingtian invite him for drinks.

“Brother Yan, I watched you grew. I’m only a few years older than you, just like a brother figure to you. Furthermore, there’s only the two of us here; it’s not like we’re with the clan. Don’t be so reserved. Also, take off your veil; the sight of it annoys me,” Mo Dingtian chuckled.

Mo Yan was moved by Mo Dingtian’s insistence. When his parents died, he was adopted by Mo Clan. At that time, Mo Dingtian had yet to relocate to Rivulet City. He had shown much care to Mo Yan during his days in the Clan. As a result, Mo Yan always treated Mo Dingtian like he was his biological elder brother. Though, he never told anyone about it.

Subsequently, when Mo Dingtian was sent here to Rivulet City, they haven’t had any opportunity to see each other. That was until there were talks in the clan to send someone to Rivulet City to protect Mo Dingtian. Mo Yan was the first to volunteer. He was strong and capable of protecting Mo Dingtian, to say the least. The biggest reason for doing so was that he missed him.

Mo Yan put his sword aside and said to Mo Dingtian, “My lord, you’re the master while I’m the servant. I’m grateful for the care you’d shown to me in the past and for treating me like a little brother. I, too, have taken you as my elder brother and will obey any orders from you. I hope my looks won’t frighten my lord if I were to remove my veil.”

Mo Dingtian’s chest tightened at Mo Yan’s words. He thought the latter only put on a veil to mask his appearance from others. Hearing his words immediately made Mo Dingtian sense that it wasn’t that simple. Could it be...

Mo Yan slowly removed the white veil on his face, revealing his appearance. The onlooking Mo Dingtian’s eyes grew wide at the sight. In the end, tears could be seen welling up in his eyes.

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