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Chapter 23 - An Old Friend Pays a Visit

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Looking at the situation, Xu Qi immediately retracted the All-tempering Flame. He jumped onto the cauldron and peered inside.

“Oh, is that the so-called Essence of Metal? It’s so tiny; that was five weapons from the ancient era!” Xu Qi was somewhat disappointed at the ‘golden sesame’ in the cauldron. He used five weapons from the ancient era, and all he got from refining them was this sesame-sized thing. A look of displeasure painted his face.

“That’s it for me today. Refining these was really a piece of work,” Xu Qi said, shaking his head. He felt his body was on the verge of collapsing from fatigue.

Although he had gained from the near-disastrous cultivating session this time, allowing him to obtain the All-tempering flame, he suffered from torment as well. On top of that, refining the Essence of Metal took too much out of him. Despite Xu Qi wanting to continue refining the essences, there was no way for his body to continue in his current state.

Xu Qi was about to reach out for the ‘golden sesame’ when he suddenly thought it might be hot to the touch. Thus, he operated his cultivation, forming an arm made of energy to grab it instead. “What is this heaviness!” Xu Qi yelled out, right as the hand-shaped energy grabbed onto the ‘golden sesame.’

Under usual circumstances, it would be a piece of cake for Xu Qi to pick up an object the size of a sesame using his materialized energy. However, this ‘golden sesame’ was proving to be incredibly heavy. Xu Qi retrieved the essence after much difficulty. Just as he took it out of the cauldron, he couldn’t hold on any longer. Xu Qi loosened his grasp on the essence, letting it fall to the ground.

As it fell, it coincidentally landed on a weapon yet to be stored back into Xu Qi’s interspatial ring. “Clang!” Xu Qi watched on as the essence came into contact with a weapon from the ancient era, creating a tiny hole instantly. The ‘golden sesame’ penetrated the weapon and landed on the ground.

“My god! That’s messed up!” Xu Qi’s eyes opened wide as a bell; he couldn’t believe it.

Fearing for any further damages to his weapons, Xu Qi quickly put away the remaining weapons on the ground. Then, he shifted his gaze to the ‘golden sesame.’ He was unsure of how he should handle it; what if it put a hole in his interspatial ring if he placed it in there? It would be too late for remorse then. He pondered for a while, then decided to put the essence back in the cauldron. After all, there weren’t any damages when it landed in the cauldron; god knew what material was it made of. Xu Qi placed the essence back in the cauldron, then stored them in his interspatial ring.

When all was done, Xu Qi looked over at the mound underneath the Green Mystique Trees. He cupped his fists and prayed, “Seniors, I have disturbed your rest once again with my training today and have melted several of whichever seniors’ weapons. Please forgive me.”

“I should get back now. I don’t even know how much time I’ve spent in here.” After paying respects to the dead, Xu Qi thought for a moment. He decided to return for now. After all, he was fully naked and didn’t feel comfortable donning his birthday suit here.

Xu Qi left the Four Divinities Cavern and returned to his chambers. He sighed in relief seeing no one else there and hurriedly found some clothes to put on; he didn’t wish for anyone to see him in this state.

Then, he pushed open the doors. Xu Qi took a deep breath, looking at the sky. He remembered it was nighttime when he entered the Four Divinities Cavern for cultivating. Now, it was already midday, that was, after an unknown number of days. He shook his head helplessly, then made his way to Xu Pingfan’s room.

Not long after, he reached outside Xu Pingfan’s chambers. Xu Qi heard a voice just as he was about to knock the doors, “Young Master. The amount of time you’ve been missing this time around wasn’t exactly short.”

Xu Qi smiled and looked back. The voice belonged to none other than Xu Pingfan. Right now, the latter was in the pink of health. There was no longer any trace of his previous injury, and he exuded a different aura than before. It was as if he became a totally different person.

“Haha, Uncle Mang. It seems like your sacrifice had brought you a great deal of improvement this time. Shouldn’t you say your thanks?” Xu Qi grinned.

“Young Master, the pill you let me consume was truly miraculous! I was originally only a Swordsman at the fifth stage of Essence realm. After taking your pill, not only did it heal my internal injuries, it had even pushed me into the sixth stage of Qi realm just like that! It was unbelievable!” Xu Pingfan’s emotions were naturally stirred up; he was stuck in the fifth stage of Essence realm for years and would be content with himself if he was able to advance into the sixth stage. To his surprise, his cultivation soared to the sixth stage of the Qi realm! A consecutive breakthrough of seven stages! There was no way he could remain calm.

“Uncle Mang, I’m afraid you have yet to activate even 0.01% of the pill’s efficacy. Take it slow; you’ll see as your strength increases,” Xu Qi said disapprovingly.

“0.01%? Are you serious, Young Master?” Xu Pingfan questioned.

“Uncle Mang, do you intend for the two of us to stand here in your courtyard chatting?” Xu Qi teased Xu Pingfan, instead of answering.

Xu Pingfan flushed red in embarrassment, then hurriedly said, “My fault, Young Master. I’m in the wrong. I was so absorbed in speaking with you I had forgotten to invite you in. Please enter.”

Xu Qi showed no courtesy to Xu Pingfan’s invitation. The former pushed open the door and went in ahead, while the latter smiled and followed along.

In the room, Xu Qi spoke seriously, “Let’s talk about serious business first, Uncle Mang. How long did I disappear for and did anything happen in the Clan while I was gone?”

Xu Pingfan learned that every time Xu Qi spoke seriously, the latter would have tasks for him to take care of. He erased his smile and answered swiftly, “Young Master, it had been three days since I came out of seclusion. I couldn’t locate you then, and I had no idea as to when you disappeared.”

Upon learning that he had trained in the Four Divinities Cavern for at least three days, Xu Qi couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Uncle Mang, you had some issues to discuss with me as well, right?” Xu Qi continued asking.

Xu Pingfan’s face turned bitter at Xu Qi’s question. He said deliberately, “Young Master, Mo Dingtian visited.”

Xu Qi frowned at the news of Mo Dingtian’s visit, asking, “What was he here for?”

“Young Master, according to the servants, he was here to visit me. I didn’t meet him, naturally. I was heavily injured after all; it wasn’t something to recover in just a few days,” Xu Pingfan answered. 

“Here to visit you? I’m afraid it wasn’t that simple. He should have other motives in coming over,” Xu Qi doubted.

“Young Master, he didn’t come alone. According to the servants, there was a white-robed man following him around. From the looks of it, he’d gotten himself a bodyguard since the incident,” Xu Pingfan continued.

Once Xu Qi heard him mentioning a white-robed man, he immediately asked in shock, “A white-robed man! Was he carrying a sword with a white veil covering his face?”

“Ho-How did you know, Young Master? According to the accounts given by the servants, that man was indeed like what you have just described,” Xu Pingfan was surprised at Xu Qi accurately depicting the white-robed man’s characteristics.

“Uncle Mang, I really didn’t expect that white-robed man to be a bodyguard hired by Mo Dingtian. Do you know of the level of his strength?” Xu Qi asked.

“I don’t know, but no matter how strong he was, he couldn’t possibly match up against Young Master. Your strength in Rivulet City is unparalleled,” Xu Pingfan said with full confidence in Xu Qi.

“Uncle Mang, what if I told you, I’ll probably be defeated if we crossed swords. Would you believe me?” Xu Qi gave a smile and replied.

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