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Chapter 227 - Conclusion

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“Is there anyone brave enough to challenge this man!?” Bu Linghai asked, putting on an act and looking around, his gaze fell back onto Bu Jinlei.

“This disciple is willing to fight!” Bu Jinlei stepped forward as expected.

Bu Linghai nodded in admiration.

Bu Jinlei drew his sword and pointed it at Xu Qi.

On the other hand, Xu Qi was wielding a steel sword in his hand, and showing a slight smile. However, his smile was interpreted as a smile of contempt in the eyes of the other Undying School disciples.

The disciples backed off to the side automatically, leaving sufficient space for the two.

A breeze swept past, brushing the two youngsters’ long hair.

“You’re no match for me,” Xu Qi smiled.

“I know,” Bu Jinlei replied plainly.

“Then why did you challenge me nonetheless?” Xu Qi asked.

“For my conscience,” Bu Jinlei uttered.

After hearing this, Xu Qi nodded slightly and smiled, “Not bad! Very good!”

No one knew whether Xu Qi was praising or mocking him. Right after saying that, he raised his steel sword and slashed at Bu Jinlei.

Faint red energy shone over Bu Jinlei’s entire body as he also struck out with his sword. His figure looked relaxed as he thrust at Xu Qi. From the looks of it, there wasn’t any hint of fear in him.

The two figures clashed at high speed, but there wasn’t any blinding sword slashes or powerful clash of auras as one would imagine.

Everyone stared with their mouths agape after getting a clear look at what had happened.

Xu Qi and Bu Jinlei were standing face to face, about a foot apart.

Blood was dripping continuously onto the ground where they stood.

Xu Qi’s steel sword was stabbed into the ground, his hands grabbing onto the hilt. From the looks of it, he hadn’t truly attacked Bu Jinlei.

On the other hand, Bu Jinlei’s sword was piercing through Xu Qi’s right shoulder.

“That strike is for my destroying your school,” Xu Qi smiled slightly. He didn’t seem to mind the wound.

This act of his left Bu Jinlei feeling confused.

Everyone else was overwhelmed, too. They understood that given Xu Qi’s strength, there was no chance of victory for Bu Jinlei, and yet, his sword was into Xu Qi’s shoulder.

Even so, the situation continued developing in an unimaginable direction.

Xu Qi lightly pushed the dazed Bu Jinlei away and pulled out his steel sword from the ground, stabbing it into his other shoulder.

Another sword tip protruded out of his back, blood flowing out of the wound.

The two bleeding wounds on his shoulders and sword tips protruding from his back left the Undying School disciples, who were used to seeing life and death situations, staring wide-eyed.

Wasn’t Xu Qi being a little too cruel to himself? Why did he do that? Had he gone mad?

Zhuque’s face paled after seeing this. She wanted to go up to him, but was stopped by Xuanwu.

“Don’t let his blood flow for nothing,” Xuanwu said, shaking his head.

“This second strike is for those innocent disciples I’ve killed. Bu Wanggui and his son are dead, and I’ve gotten my revenge. After this sword, I don’t owe the Undying School anything more. If your people hurt my Xu Clan’s men again, I, Xu Qi, shall flatten Mt Wu Nian!”

Xu Qi swept his gaze across everyone as he slowly pulled Bu Jinlei’s sword out of his shoulder, stabbing it into the ground violently.

Then, he pulled out his steel sword from his other shoulder and turned away, heading down the mountain.

“Spread the word: No one is allowed to speak a word about what happened here today. Those who defy the order will be punished according to the rules. Also, our grudge with Xu Qi ends here. Don’t ever go offending this man,” Bu Linghai whispered to the three Elders by his side as he watched Xu Qi leave.

The unsteady figure gradually disappeared from sight as he dragged a sword along the ground weakly.

Every step Xu Qi took would produce scraping sounds between his sword and the ground, leaving his back looking more mysterious than ever.

As he disappeared, the place fell silent.

The summit was left in a desolate state, with a bloody trail left behind. Everyone here today had committed the name “Xu Qi” to their hearts.

His final act had left most disciples of the Undying School unable to feel any hatred towards him.

His wife was humiliated, and his close friends killed. He was actually able to put such a grudge behind him?

Moreover, he took upon himself two sword wounds as an apology to their school. What else could they say?

“I wanted to roast all of you and throw you off the mountain! Count yourselves blessed by the gods today! Hmph!” Zhuque humphed before she left, leaving their hearts chilled.

However, the one most troubled was their Guardian Elder who hadn’t shown himself in years, but lost all his face upon doing so: Bu Linghai!

Before leaving, Zhuque actually invited him along, saying that she had something to discuss with him. He didn’t think much about it and followed them, trusting that they wouldn’t do anything to him.

When Bu Linghai reappeared in the disciples’ sight, his complexion was ghostly pale and he collapsed to the ground for reasons unknown.


In Mirrorlink’s capital, the Qi Kai Restaurant, two men dressed in simple clothing and wearing straw hats ordered a jar of wine and a few specialty dishes, enjoying their meal quietly.

To their sides, other customers were discussing animatedly about the huge fire on Mt Wu Nian two days ago, as if they were witnesses to the scene. However, none of them mentioned a word about what exactly happened on the mountain that day.

The dishes and wine on their table were cleaned out, and the two men wearing straw hats raised their cups of cheap, bitter tea, listening to the discussions around them as they drank their tea as if it was brewed with expensive leaves, occasionally exchanging smiles with one another.

“It seems that Bu Linghai wasn’t a fool.”

“But he’s not very smart, either.”


The two exchanged glances and smiled at each other as they continued drinking the bitter tea.

The boss of Qi Kai Restaurant, Xu Chen, came walking down the stairs with a fan in his hand, cooling himself. His gaze turned fiery after noticing the two men in straw hats, then immediately returned to normal.

The guests stood up with smiles, welcoming Xu Chen after seeing him and greeted him politely.

Nowadays, Xu Chen was a central figure within the capital.

The original four great clans fell one after another, and the capital seemed to be in decline.

However, the profound owner of the Qi Kai Restaurant suddenly swiped all the assets of the Cai, Fan, and Qin Clans overnight, bringing them into his pocket and officially turning him into the number one figure of the capital.

No one knew what methods did this mysterious owner used, or how much money he spent in doing so.

However, everyone from the capital understood one thing: they couldn’t offend this man no matter what.

Even so, this mysterious new kingly figure of the capital never left the Qi Kai Restaurant, for unknown reasons. He never cared about any matters, leaving them to others.

Xu Chen put away his fan and acknowledged his guests casually, then turned to walk towards the two men in straw hats. He stopped in place after taking two steps forward.

That was because at this moment, the two had left their table and gone to pay their tabs.

After settling their bill, the manager came to Xu Chen and whispered into his ear, “Owner, the two asked me to inform you that our signature dishes are too old, and it’s time to change. Also, some unpresentable dishes from the royal city should be thrown out, too.”

One of the men in straw hats had said those words after paying his bill, telling the manager to inform his boss, Xu Chen. The manager was someone who had a great deal of experience with people and didn’t dare to be careless. He hurried to pass on the message.

Most importantly, this manager was someone Xu Chen had nurtured for years.

After hearing the message, Xu Chen smiled slightly and nodded, whispering, “Right, it’s indeed time to throw those unpresentable dishes out. Though, these two sirs never clarified whether we should throw them all out, or only a few of them. After all, there aren’t any new dishes.”


In the dark hours that night, when the rest of the capital was dead silent, flashes of light could be seen in the middle of the city, where the royal court was. Deafening sounds of battle could be heard from within.

However, none of the households nearby dared to get up or check the situation. All they did was sleep the night away.

Peace returned by the next day. Those who lived near the royal court thought they would wake to a bloody scene.

Unexpectedly, the streets were as busy as usual, and the people didn’t seem to know what had happened the night before.

Even Lian Chengwei, who appeared atop the royal court’s walls everyday, showed up as usual. He didn’t seem affected in any way.

What happened last night was a mystery, and those who lived around the royal city were curious about it. However, being as streetsmart as they were, all of them turned deaf and dumb; none of them mentioned a word about it, let alone discussed it.


The forbidden land, Mt Fengwen, was located south of the capital. The two men in straw hats stood on the only path leading towards Mt Fengwen.

Mt Fengwen was said to be the burial grounds of a Saint realm expert who guarded the successive generations of the ruler of Mirrorlink.

However, this Saint realm expert, who was said to possess heaven-defying strength, was no immortal. Right when his life was about to come to an end, he used his almighty powers to seal the entirety of Mt Fengwen, turning it into his grave.

The burial grounds of a Saint realm expert immediately attracted the attention of countless men, who went crazy over it.

Even so, none of them could take a single step into the mountain. An unbreakable, invisible wall kept them from entering the mountain.

Naturally enough, those who thought highly of themselves and tried to bypass the seal forcefully ended up losing their lives.

Since then, Mt Fengwen had become a forbidden land. No one dared to poke their noses in there.

However, many people instead set their sights on the ruler of Mirrorlink, who had lost his guardian.

After a short period of time, the Sire back then announced a contest to select a group of talented youngsters to enter Mt Fengwen in search of treasures, and that any treasures found would belong to the finders.

He also announced that the contest would be named the Fengwen Examination, conducted once every ten years.

As for that unbreakable seal, the Sire revealed that only those who bore the blood of the Lian Clan and succeeded him as the ruler of Mirrorlink would own the power to open the seal on Mt Fengwen.

With the sudden announcement of the Fengwen Examination, the perilous future of the bloodline of Mirrorlink’s rulers was suddenly secured.

History wrote that the ten talented youngsters chosen in the first Fengwen Examination had indeed entered Mt Fengwen with the help of the Sire.

The ten of them safely returned three days after entering Mt Fengwen, and subsequently became famous figures of Mirrorlink. However, none of them ever spoke a word about what happened in those three days, even on their deathbeds.

The first batch of beneficiaries who entered Mt Fengwen were none other than the founders of the four previous great clans of the capital: the Huang, Cai, Qin, and Fan Clans. But they were already lost in the past, now...

Of course, the Qian Clan was among the survivors, too. As for the other people, due to the passage of time, they were already untraceable. Perhaps they had ceased to exist.

However, the strangest thing was, after the first Fengwen Examination, only a few of the selected talents returned safely from the successive trips to Mt Fengwen. There was even once when none of them returned alive.

No one knew what happened in there, nor were there any rumors where they went.

However, the allure of a Saint realm expert still managed to attract people to enter the contest and fight for the qualification, like a moth drawn to the flames.

At this moment, the two men in straw hats standing on the only path leading to Mt Fengwen took off their hats.

They were Xu Qi and Xuanwu.

Days prior, Xu Qi had suffered two sword wounds willingly on Mt Wu Nian and spilled blood at the Undying School in a stirring, hot-blooded manner.

However, none of the Undying School members knew that after they descended to the mountain foot, Xuanwu used his Revitalizing Jet on Xu Qi and healed him, and Xu Qi left the area in perfect health.

As for Zhuque, Xu Qi assigned a task to her at the last minute and she returned to Rivulet City alone, while Xu Qi and Xuanwu made their way to the capital leisurely, finally arriving at the foot of Mt Fengwen.

“Uncle, that madame should be returning about now, shouldn’t she?” Xu Qi smiled.

“Should be? I’m afraid she’s already here,” Xuanwu smiled back, pointing to the sky.

A wave of heat swept down from the skies, and the Vermilion Bird descended, enveloped in scarlet flames.

“Are you joking with me, madame? You flew here from Rivulet City in that form? Surely not,” Xu Qi exclaimed in shock.

The scarlet flames quickly faded. A petite figure appeared in front of Xu Qi following a flash of light, answering him defiantly, “This madame flew here in this manner! Would anyone dare to capture me like a bird!?”

Xu Qi was speechless. This woman was truly fierce!

But Xu Qi had no intention to bicker with her. His gaze drifted over to the path leading up to Mt Fengwen.

He had entered the once-in-decade Fengwen Examinations three years ago, too, but there was an interruption during the final round.

A situation happened on Mt Fengwen suddenly, and the contest was cancelled. After that, the two halves of the key to the treasures he obtained fell into the hands of others as he was pursued.

At present, the seal surrounding Mt Fengwen was no longer intact. It was rumored that an expert had forcefully broke the seal and entered Mt Fengwen.

However, no one knew what happened after that.

In recent years, there were quite a few who came to Mt Fengwen to try their luck, but there was no news of anyone obtaining treasures here.

However, quite a number of corpses were left behind, and Mt Fengwen gradually turned into a forbidden land once more. No one wished to send themselves to an early grave!

Now, Xu Qi planned to finally explore Mt Fengwen, since he had settled matters with the Undying School.

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