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Chapter 225 - Crimsonfall Poison

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The three Void realm monsters summoned by the three Elders of the Undying School were all crouched on the ground under the intense pressure emanated by the Divine Beasts, not daring to look up at Xuanwu and Zhuque.

"Monsters! Both of you are actually monsters!" Bu Linghai exclaimed blankly after seeing these two people before him transform into their true forms.

However, what came next wasn't the Divine Beasts' replies, but their simultaneous attacks from above and forwards.

The Black Tortoise's huge tail, emitting a blue light, swept across Bu Linghai and the three Elders with incomparable strength. They didn't dare to avoid it, nor could they. What stood behind them were the rest of the disciples of the Undying School. If Xuanwu's tail reached them, only the gods knew how many disciples would lose their lives on the spot.

A green sword which looked identical to the one Bu Wanggui had used appeared in Bu Linghai's hand. He held it in front of him, its tip facing the sky. Purple energy poured out of Bu Linghai toward the sky, forming a huge purple sword in the sky above him.

The huge sword's form completed and quickly slashed down, colliding with Xuanwu's tail sweep.

The sword and tail were evenly matched, with neither being pushed back, forming a deadlock.

However, a trail of blood was seeping out of Bu Linghai's mouth, and his body was trembling slightly. The Elders beside him were aware that Bu Linghai was on the losing end of the exchange.

They hurriedly executed the same technique as Bu Linghai, slashing down at Xuanwu's glowing tail, albeit the swords they conjured were red in color. However, their swords were instantly shattered upon contact, and the Elders fell backwards at the same time.

The Vermilion Bird, fluttering in the sky, spat out three gigantic balls of flame at the crowd of Undying School disciples.

At the same time, three snow white balls of energy shot out from the Icebright Bear's mouth, colliding heavily against Zhuque's balls of flame.

The flames were extinguished and the snow melted into thin air. Following the collision between the balls of energy, the Undying School disciples were caught by the shockwaves produced by the collision. Many of them suffered internal injuries and spat out mouthfuls of blood.

Meanwhile, Zhuque had no intentions of stopping her attacks. She beat her scarlet wings, producing scarlet flames that gathered in front of her, quickly forming a fiery phantom which looked identical to her true form.

After seeing this, Xu Qi peeked out from among the clouds, beating his Five Elements Wings and told Zhuque, "My great madame! Don't be too violent! You can't kill all of them! Don't ruin my plans!"

Zhuque didn't seem to hear Xu Qi. She descended with her flaming phantom towards the Icebright Bear as both of them kept spitting out balls of flame.

However, one of them was aiming at the Icebright Bear, while the other was aiming at other areas of the mountain summit.

On the ground, the Icebright Bear was a tower filled with brute strength, but was unable to do a thing to Zhuque while she flew in the sky. All it could do was to keep spitting out the white balls of cold energy to defend against her attacks. Fending off Zhuque by itself took considerable effort. The Icebright Bear could do nothing to the fireballs the fiery phantom was spitting out.

As for Zhuque, every time she or her phantom were about to fly within the Icebright Bear's reach, they would quickly flit upwards, staying out of the bear's reach.

In a short while, the holy land of the number one cultivation school of Mirrorlink was turned into a sea of flames, leaving only this narrow area outside the grand hall.

Xu Qi couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief as Zhuque didn't kill all the disciples as he instructed. Killing was his aim in making this trip to the Undying School, but he couldn't let them all die.

Xu Qi looked at Bu Linghai, who was still in a deadlock with Xuanwu. He let out a smile seeing the Elders were all injured, then swept his gaze across the crowd, setting his sights on Guisheng.

At this moment, Guisheng was frozen in shock from the scene he was witnessing. He held tightly onto the jade token which symbolized the authority of the School Master, as if he were grabbing onto a life-saving rope, and unwilling to let go. The young disciples around him were also showing frightened looks, the whole situation was a mess.

A cold, shiny sword was suddenly held at Guisheng's neck without any warning.

"Don't kill me! I beg you, please don't kill me!" Guisheng pleaded, his lips trembling. He even forgot about the fact that he was a Void realm cultivator.

Following Guisheng's pleading, the disciples around him realized that Xu Qi had appeared beside Guisheng out of nowhere. A sword was now held against Guisheng's throat. Although it had yet to cut into him, everyone knew that his life was already in the hands of Xu Qi.

Xu Qi ignored Guisheng's pleadings and looked toward Bu Linghai and yelled, "You're Guisheng, huh? Let me ask you: Is it true that you went around spreading rumors, saying that Bu Wanggui was killed by me?"

Naturally, Guisheng didn't dare to answer Xu Qi's question. However, the sword held at his neck inched closer to his throat, slicing into his skin, causing a trail of blood to flow from his neck.

"I presume you people haven't seen Bu Wanggui's corpse. It just so happens that I discovered his corpse on my way here. As an esteemed master of a famed cultivation school, how could his corpse be exposed in the wild despite his death? I brought it back for you. Don't thank me," Xu Qi continued yelling in Bu Linghai's direction as he shook his hand that wore his bronze ring for a moment.

Two silhouettes appeared out of thin air and fell to the ground.

One of the bodies on the ground belonged to Bu Wanggui, while the other was the Vampiric Spirit Wolf's.

"School Master!" the disciples cried out immediately after seeing Bu Wanggui's corpse and hurriedly knelt on the ground.

"Hey, you three geezers. Stop feigning death and come see for yourselves how exactly Bu Wanggui died," Xu Qi shouted at the three Elders who were sitting in meditation to heal their injuries.

The three Elders of the Undying School staggered over to Bu Wanggui's corpse and squatted down.

Bu Wanggui's face was dark, and a black dagger was stabbed into his heart. Dried black blood could be seen just outside the wound, and the three Elders immediately realized that the dagger was laced with deadly poison.

Ever since Bu Wanggui's corpse appeared in this place, Guisheng had felt uneasy, at a loss for what to do.

After he sneak attacked Bu Wanggui and killed him, he was afraid that Xu Qi would catch up to them and ran off in a hurry without getting rid of Bu Wanggui's corpse. He even forgot to retrieve the dagger he used to stab Bu Wanggui.

At this moment, however, he was still harboring hopes of no one recognizing the dagger Bu Wanggui gifted him.

"Guisheng, tell your Elders, who did this dagger on Bu Wanggui's chest belonged to?!" Xu Qi smiled, inching his sword closer to Guisheng.

Guisheng kept shaking his head, mumbling, "I don't know."

"You don't know? But I heard stories about you telling the process of how I killed Bu Wanggui with vivid details, and now you're saying you don't know?" Xu Qi chuckled.

Following Xu Qi's words, waves of doubt began to rise in the three Elders inspecting Bu Wanggui's corpse.

Guisheng had told them that Bu Wanggui was severely injured by Xu Qi's familiar and succumbed to his injuries, and Xu Qi disposed of the corpse.

However, the corpse lying in front of them already told them that Bu Wanggui's death was, in fact, caused by that black dagger stabbed into his chest. That was the fatal wound leading to his death.

There was a disparity between what Guisheng had told them regarding Bu Wanggui's death and what they saw before their eyes.

"Guisheng, what exactly is going on!?" the Ninth Elder roared out. He had been supporting Guisheng's claim to the position of School Master, and demanded an answer.

"Ninth Elder! Don't listen to his lies! School Master was killed by him!" Guisheng cried out in agitation, forgetting about the fact that a sword was held at his throat. Fortunately for him, only his skin was cut open and a little more blood flowed out, it wasn't any life-threatening wound.

The other two Elders inspected Bu Wanggui's corpse closely once more, then one of them whispered something into the Ninth Elder's ear.

He looked like he had heard something unbelievable, and hurriedly squatted down. He carefully pinched a tiny mass of dried blood off the dagger wound on Bu Wanggui's chest and brought it to his nose, sniffing at it.

"It truly was the Crimsonfall!" the Ninth Elder murmured in shock, his pupils shaking.

The Crimsonfall was a mysterious poison invented by Bu Wanggui when he was young. This poison had no effects on the body when consumed, but claimed your life if it found its way into your bloodstream. There was no antidote to neutralize this sinister poison.

When Bu Wanggui was coming up with the name for this poison, he spoke happily about the poison robbing one's soul when their blood fell. The exposure of their crimson blood signified the time of their demise, and thus came up with the name he thought to be rather elegant, Crimsonfall.

Bu Wanggui would never have guessed that the poison he invented would one day be used against him, causing his demise. What a twist of fate!

"Guisheng! Tell me the truth! How did School Master die?!" Ninth Elder demanded.

"N-no, Ninth Elder, School Master was of course ki-," Guisheng tried to insist on blaming Xu Qi for Bu Wanggui's death in a fluster, but before he could finish his words, a sword cry rang by his ear and he felt a sharp pain in his right arm.

He glanced to his side and found out that his right arm had disappeared, and blood was gushing out from his right shoulder.

"Ah!" Guisheng finally felt the agonizing pain from the loss of his limb and screamed out loud. Cold sweat poured out of his forehead like rain from the shock, and his entire body started trembling.

"I, Xu Qi, have always been straightforward. I would never deny committing an act I did. I wanted to kill Bu Wanggui with my own hands, but he died before I could get my hands on him. Guisheng, if my memory serves me right, Bu Wanggui saved your life that day, and yet you actually betrayed your school and master, committing such an atrocious act. Where has your conscience gone?! How are you any different from a beast!?" Xu Qi said and swung his sword without hearing Guisheng's reply.

There was a flash of cold steel. The people around felt a chill down their backs as Guisheng's remaining arm fell to the ground as well.

Since he had already got what he came here for, it was ill-advised for him to continue pushing his limits. Today, Xu Qi had first turned their Young School Master, Bu Chenglin, into a human pole in front of all these disciples of the Undying School. Now their upcoming new School Master's arms were severed! Xu Qi was truly acting a little too vicious...

However, Xu Qi knew that he couldn't let all these people die so easily. Otherwise, who was he supposed to turn to in order to exact revenge for Xu Pingfan?

Xu Pingfan might have died, but Xu Qi would never let this go so easily!

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