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Chapter 22 - Subdue, Refine!

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Right as Xu Qi felt all hope was lost, he looked down at himself, accepting his death. He realized a ball of rainbow light had suddenly appeared. It enveloped Xu Qi’s entire body in an instant. After the light appeared, Xu Qi no longer felt any burning pain from the golden flame. 

Not only that, the golden fire immediately retracted all its flames from Xu Qi’s body as the rainbow light shone. In the blink of an eye, it returned to the initial tiny ball of golden flame as when it first appeared. Then, it slowly changed its form into a flaming shortsword and launched itself towards Xu Qi’s heart, much to his surprise. Feeling the horror, he shut his eyes in fear of the imminent penetration.

At that moment, millions of thoughts flew through Xu Qi’s mind. But after a while, Xu Qi didn’t feel any of the anticipated pain. He slowly reopened his eyes and saw the golden flaming shortsword located a fist’s span away from his heart. The sword strike was blocked by a rainbow energy protective barrier!

Looking at the situation, Xu Qi finally relaxed a little. He looked on with interest at the confrontation between his rainbow energy and the golden flame, without a care about his predicament.

Alas, the flaming shortsword was unable to break through the rainbow energy barrier. It retreated a little, then transformed into a longsword. With that, it stabbed towards the rainbow barrier once more, causing Xu Qi’s heart to tighten as he watched. The reason was the flaming longsword was actually slowly penetrating the rainbow barrier!

Hang in there, Xu Qi pleaded in his heart. In his current circumstances, he couldn’t dodge, even if he wanted to. He could only pin his hopes on the rainbow energy.

The flaming longsword was slowly inching through the rainbow energy; it almost touched Xu Qi’s skin over his heart. At that moment, the rainbow energy enveloping the entirety of Xu Qi’s body all gathered towards the flaming longsword and wrapped around the flame in a flash instead. The flaming longsword swayed for a second, and the rainbow energy grew brighter. What happened was the latter was actually compressing the flaming longsword.

Following the pressure exerted by the rainbow energy, the golden flaming longsword gradually lost its form and disappeared. What remained of it was only a tiny sphere of rainbow energy with a flame the size of a candle wick jumping about in it.

Xu Qi knew this rainbow colored energy was the energy from Celestial Core Pill. It saved his life once before and once more now. Items from Goddess Nuwa are useful indeed! Xu Qi couldn’t help but praise Nuwa inwardly.

Back to the golden flame, it was prancing about within the rainbow energy sphere, gradually calming down. When it was finally completely still, the rainbow sphere of energy quickly found its way into Xu Qi’s body, together with the wick of golden flame.

Just as Xu Qi was feeling fortunate to have survived, he saw both the rainbow energy and golden flame slip into his body. He immediately felt uptight once more, pleading with a saddened look, “Please, the two of you. My body would not be able to take it if you decided to go for another round.”

In fact, the fear Xu Qi had just shown was not an act; his energy was emptied by the book of All-tempering Flame, followed by getting burned by the golden flame. Even his stark naked body was somewhat burnt now. Talk about a sorry figure. If the rainbow energy struggled with the golden flame again, Xu Qi would truly be done for.

Just when Xu Qi was pleading for the two entities not to collide in his body, he suddenly felt some warmth around his heart. The warmth spread through his body, which started recovering Xu Qi’s weakened state. A look of happiness returned to his face as he realized the phenomenon. Xu Qi waited for his body to have enough strength to move, then sat on the ground in meditation.

Xu Qi managed to operate his cultivation method with difficulty. With the unceasing warmth current circulating around his body, Xu Qi’s poor state began turning for the better. His burnt skin slowly shed away, revealing skin that was even fairer and more tender than before.

Xu Qi became aware of what was happening, both internally and externally. He did not stop his cultivation from circulating. Instead, he continued operating his cultivation. It was only when Xu Qi sensed his body had fully recovered, that the warm current slowly returned to his chest and disappeared.

Xu Qi gave a long sigh; he was happy, yet somewhat disappointed at the same time.

He thought to make use of this opportunity to continue practicing his cultivation, in hopes of further advancing himself. However, that warm current disappeared right after it was done with repairing Xu Qi’s body and strength.

“It looks like cultivation is not something I can quickly advance in all the time, just like my previous experience, after all,” Right when Xu Qi had preserved his life, he was already thinking about making use of the opportunity for breaking through in his cultivation. Alas, it didn’t go as he’d hoped.

“Eh, where did the flames go; why couldn’t I sense it?” Xu Qi suddenly remembered the flames was still within him, immediately becoming a little flustered. After all, he just experienced the might of the flames.

Xu Qi operated his cultivation, intending to search around for the flame’s whereabouts. When he activated his cultivation, he felt the warm current reappear in his chest. He thought of an idea. He guided the current to his palm, licking his lips in excitement.

“Appear!” Xu Qi shouted.

With the warm current in his palm, Xu Qi suddenly sent his cultivation rushing towards his palm, activating the warm current. In the next moment, a golden flame jumped about atop Xu Qi’s palm.

“The All-tempering Flame! It’s mine now, haha!” Xu Qi cried out in excitement. It was as if a golden flame could be seen prancing about in his eyes.

He understood everything as he looked at the materialized ball of flame in his hand. This time around, the rainbow energy from Celestial Core Pill had not only saved his life, but it also assisted him in subduing the All-tempering Flame. The rainbow energy had enveloped the flames, putting it away in his heart. Not only that, it would immediately restrain the flames if it put up any form of resistance. This went to show the overpowering might of medicinal pills concocted by Goddess Nuwa.

In addition to Xu Qi’s excitement, he suddenly realized he was stark naked now. Although he was in control of a body that was only six years old, he had the consciousness of an adult. Xu Qi’s face turned red in embarrassment, muttering, “I have to bring a few extra sets of clothing in the future, just in case anything happens.”

I wonder if the flames are useful in battle. Though, with this All-tempering Flame, I can now begin forging the Five Elements Wings. Let’s try out its might first, Xu Qi thought for a moment. It was still the better choice to forge the Five Elements Wings first. After all, his strength wasn’t at a sufficient level. It would be akin to having another trump card with an ace up his sleeve to save his life.

Xu Qi took out the cauldron once more, followed by the ten weapons he brought out previously. He decided to first refine the Essence of Metal. According to the instructions on the book of Five Elements Wings, he first placed two weapons into the cauldron. Then, he conjured the All-tempering Flame and guided it into the cauldron. Next, he summoned his blue energy from his Spirit realm cultivation, mixed with the rainbow energy and guided them into the cauldron, as well. Xu Qi made the energy wrap around the two weapons and started refining.

After the series of action, Xu Qi could see the two swords melting down at a speed visible to the naked eye. Even after they were fully melted, the weapons remained enveloped by the blue energy. As for the scattered rainbow energy, it gradually increased in amount. 

“I wonder how much Essence of Metal can be refined from these; they were weapons belonging to ancient immortal cultivators!” Xu Qi thought out loud.

Then, he prompted the mass of energy in the cauldron to further refine the materials within. Sweat covered the entirety of Xu Qi’s face shortly after, and the melted metal from the two weapons was left with a mass about the size of a grape. However, no signs of successfully refining them into Essence of Metal were seen; Xu Qi said dejectedly, “What’s this, even two ancient weapons weren’t able to produce just one Essence of Metal?” 

Xu Qi felt some pain for his wallet once he thought of the expensive cost. On the other hand, just imagining having the Five Elements Wings made Xu Qi throw another three of the remaining eight weapons he’d laid out into the cauldron for refining without a shred of hesitation.

The most surprising matter to Xu Qi was the amount of energy needed for refining. He had to control both the All-tempering Flame and his cultivation at the same time. He was already feeling fatigue after refining two weapons. Also, there was not a single piece of clothing on Xu Qi, being stark naked from the burn earlier; anybody would probably die of laughter if they were to see Xu Qi’s state.

However, Xu Qi couldn’t care less. Seeing that the three weapons he’d just thrown in had melted, he focused on controlling the All-tempering Flame. After an unknown amount of time, he sensed that he couldn’t keep it up for much longer. The five weapons used for refining had reduced to a tiny drop about the size of a sesame seed. The layer of energy enveloping the weapons gradually dissipated, and a drop of metal emitting golden light landed in the cauldron.

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