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Chapter 215 - Everything’s Changed

Edited by RED

As time passed, changes had occurred to Bu Wanggui’s vigorous body, too.

He grew skinnier by the day, and his flesh slowly disappeared, turning into the bony appearance he had now. In the end, Bu Wanggui finally discovered that his new familiar was actually consuming his blood essence in secret to advance in its cultivation, much to his indignation.

However, he had already fused into a single entity with the Vampiric Spirit Wolf. Left without a choice, Bu Wanggui travelled around and went on a killing spree to satisfy the Vampiric Spirit Wolf’s need for blood essence. He even killed a fair number of the Undying School’s disciples.

Guisheng couldn’t help but feel his back get drenched in cold sweat after hearing this. It was no wonder every time the gemstones on his chest shone, the people before him would turn into a pile of bones. It turned out to be the handiwork of the Vampiric Spirit Wolf! Him having lived on to this date was truly a miracle.

“In all these years, I haven’t contributed much to the school, and I’ve let my master down. At present, our Undying School’s Elders have died one after another to Xu Qi. From what we’ve seen today, I’m afraid our Undying School has no means of standing up against him. It truly is a wonder where such a prodigy and the experts around him popped out from, especially the one who transformed into a huge turtle. He was too strong, and completely exceeded my understanding,” Bu Wanggui lamented.

“School Master, let’s put this aside for now, and talk about our current plans. How are you feeling?” Guisheng asked anxiously.

Bu Wanggui looked at the fallen Vampiric Spirit Wolf and said helplessly, “I don’t know what secret art this beast used on me back then. Now that it’s dead, I’m afraid I won’t get to live for long, either. Moreover, I’m severely injured right now. I even exhausted the last of my energy to kill this bastard. As it is right now, even a commoner will be able to kill me.”

Guisheng’s body stiffened on hearing this. He stared at Bu Wanggui, speechless.

“I have another secret to tell you. I hope you won’t blame me after hearing about it,” Bu Wanggui said.

Guisheng couldn’t help but stare wide-eyed. Secret? Blame him? What other matters are there?

“Guisheng, do you know why I named you so?”

“This disciple doesn’t.”

“My name is Bu Wanggui. Isn’t it apt to name my son Guisheng?”1 Bu Wanggui said, staring at Guisheng to check his reaction.

“This… School Master, this disciple doesn’t understand what you mean by that,” Guisheng said, stammering. He felt as if his brain was short-circuited.

“Isn’t that clear enough? You’re actually my son,” Bu Wanggui explained, his gaze still fixed on Guisheng.

Guisheng’s knees grew weak, he fell on his rear and sat on the ground in a daze after hearing this.

Bu Wanggui sat beside Guisheng with difficulty and continued recounting his past.

Twenty-eight years ago, Bu Wanggui was on his killing spree as he travelled around. He encountered an ordinary miss who saved him while he was injured.

Bu Wanggui soon fell in love with that miss and stayed with her.

However, their good times didn’t last long. After she learned about Bu Wanggui’s identity, she suddenly disappeared while she went on a shopping trip for some unknown reasons, and never returned.

Bu Wanggui went around, searching for her frantically, but never did find her. It was only eight years ago that Bu Wanggui found his way to Guisheng’s home and brought him back to the Undying School.

And Guisheng was, obviously, the child of that miss he loved so dearly.

Bu Wanggui patted Guisheng’s shoulder gently after recounting all this. The Bu Wanggui right now was no longer the awe-inspiring School Master of the Undying School. He looked more like an elder who had passed his prime.

“Guisheng, I hope you won’t blame me,” Bu Wanggui said, feeling guilty.

“I won’t blame you, School Master,” Guisheng replied blankly.

“School Master? It seems like you do blame me, after all. Regardless of whether I’ll survive this ordeal, you are now the new School Master of the Undying School. The jade token in your hand is the proof you need. With it in your possession, there will naturally be people who’ll help you rise to the position,” Bu Wanggui said.

“School Master, may I hug you?” Guisheng suddenly requested, looking at Bu Wanggui.

The latter actually trembled at hearing this. Could Guisheng be acknowledging me as his father?

At this moment, Guisheng finally understood what happened in the past. It was no wonder Bu Wanggui would appear before him every time he was met with true danger and saved him.

Today, he even shielded Guisheng at his own expense. His identity was, in fact, his son!

Bu Wanggui spread his arms wide and Guisheng threw himself into the open arms.

Just as Bu Wanggui was about to cry from his rampant emotions, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his chest. Guisheng immediately jumped out from his embrace, and stood a distance away, smiling slyly.

Bu Wanggui stared blankly at his chest, impaled by a black dagger. He was the one who had gifted this weapon to Guisheng, and it was laced with a deadly poison. He never thought it would be used to stab him today.

“You actually wanted to murder me?! I am your father!” Bu Wanggui blurted out unwillingly as his body swayed, trying to stand up.

He had first been injured by Black Tortoise, and than further hurt by the backlash from the Vampiric Spirit Wolf. Following that, he used the last of his strength to summon the Undying Tiger to detonate it, allowing them to escape. And now, Guisheng had penetrated his heart with a dagger laced with poison. Bu Wanggui could feel his vitality slowly slipping out from him, and his consciousness was getting blurry.

“Haha, what a touching story. I didn’t think you’d actually hand the position of School Master to me, but I can’t let you live. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the Undying School prospers after your death,” Guisheng said. His timid appearance suddenly turned savage, as if it had been repressed for a long time.

“Why?! Tell me why!?” Bu Wanggui demanded, unreconciled to what had happened. However, his body collapsed right after he spoke out.

Bu Wanggui felt his body getting colder, and his past flashed before his eyes, especially that kind-hearted miss he encountered before.

A blurry figure squatted down in front of Bu Wanggui. He heard a sentence immediately after, but his vision faded to black before he had the chance to get angry.

“I’ll let you in on a secret. Actually, I just happened to rob that family when you first saw me that day, and killed that woman and the young man close to my age. You found me not long after I hid their corpses. Thanks, School Master of the Undying School.”


While Xu Qi was battling Bu Wanggui, the masked intruders attacked Qian Yin and Qian Yun from all sides. Fortunately, Wen Xiang, the Twelve Constellation Guards, and the rest of the fighters from Luo Xiang House returned in the nick of time and saved them from the crisis.

Even so, what happened next caught them unprepared.

When they saw the sudden appearance of a group of cultivators whose strength towered over theirs, they all chose to self-detonate without any hesitation.

Although the Xu Clan members managed to dodge in time, every one of them suffered injuries from this final act.

After the masked men’s suicidal attacks, the Xu Clan was left in ruins. Upon taking a closer look, they found that some Xu Clan members were injured, but none of them had lost their lives, and they let out sighs of relief.

However, the black-clothed men who breached the inner courts before emerged at this moment, their leader carrying a wooden box in his arm.

Wen Xiang immediately came to the conclusion that the wooden box was very likely the objective of these people and ordered the others to fight for it.

In the end, every remaining black-clothed men except for the one carrying the wooden box chose to self-detonate again, forcing the Xu Clan members back.

By the time they recovered from the explosions, they discovered that the leader was already gone.

Wen Xiang was filled with doubts as she looked at the mess that was the Xu Clan, and the injured personnel.

The situation was very obvious; those black-clothed men were here for that wooden box, and they spared no means in obtaining it. They actually sacrificed so many cultivators in doing so! What exactly was contained in the wooden box? I have to ask Xu Qi when he gets back.

At that moment, the noisy courtyard suddenly quieted down.

Wen Xiang turned toward the Xu Clan’s gates and saw the expressionless Xu Qi. His arm was firmly supporting his back. Upon taking a second look, she realized that the Chief Housekeeper, Xu Pingfan, was on his back. However, his arms were drooped unnaturally, and swayed along with Xu Qi’s steps. Everyone here was familiar with the concept of death and immediately knew what had happened.

The leader of the Twelve Constellation Guards, Xu Zi, hurriedly went up to Xu Qi to receive Xu Pingfan from him. However, he was met with Xu Qi’s rejection, yelling for him to get lost.

Everyone moved out of the way automatically when Xu Qi walked past, and just like that, he slowly entered the main hall.

Everyone else was pale. None of them dared to utter a sound, especially the Twelve Constellation Guards and the twin sisters. They knew how much Xu Pingfan meant to Xu Qi.

Several sonic booms rang out. Blackie appeared in the clan with Xu Xiaomei on his back, accompanying Black Tortoise. Their expressions were ugly, too.

The others were at a loss, seeing Xu Xiaomei so severely injured as well.

“Don’t bother to tidy up the courtyard. No one is allowed to disturb Xu Qi; let him calm down. Blackie, leave her to me. You take charge of the guards. The others have to be on alert, too. I don’t want anything else to happen,” Black Tortoise instructed them. Then, he took Xu Xiaomei from Blackie, and headed into the inner court.

Wen Xiang quickly came to herself and arranged the trivial matters. After that, she stood guard quietly outside the main hall.


Xu Qi placed the deceased Xu Pingfan on a chair and knelt on the floor, speaking softly. Just like that, he spoke and knelt for an entire night.

No one dared to interrupt Xu Qi. Only Wen Xiang was around, guarding outside the door, and wept for the whole night.

The next morning, Xu Qi flew out of the Xu Clan alone. Wen Xiang didn’t follow along. After a short while, Xu Qi returned to the clan, carrying a coffin, and walked into the main hall.

Wen Xiang watched as Xu Qi laid Xu Pingfan’s corpse into the coffin. Then, he picked up the coffin with his good arm once more and left the clan.

He carried the coffin into the streets, walking silently toward the city gates. The other members of the Xu Clan followed behind him this time.

The Luo Xiang House’s men didn’t come along, however, and Black Tortoise didn’t show himself, either. He was busy healing Xu Xiaomei, while the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon, Blackie, took on the role of guard.

It was only after they exited the city that they realized Xu Qi was actually heading to where his parents were buried. Truthfully speaking, none of them had seen him visiting his parents graves before.

Xu Qi put Xu Pingfan’s coffin down gently by their side. He kowtowed thrice before his parents’ gravestone, then stepped to the empty space beside them and began digging up the earth with his good hand.

The others teared up one after another after seeing this. The Twelve Constellation Guards and twin sisters walked up to him.

“I’ll do it myself,” Xu Qi said plainly, and continued digging at the earth with his good arm.

Qian Yin and the others didn’t dare to go against Xu Qi’s will, and could only stand there quietly.

After an indeterminable amount of time, Xu Qi finally dug out a hole big enough to lower the coffin into. He didn’t use a shred of his cultivation to assist him; all he used was his bare hand to dig the hole.

When Xu Qi stood up, everyone around him realized that his hand was covered in blood, and there was even blood-stained dirt on his hand, forming clots.

Qian Yin couldn’t no longer hold her feelings in and cried out, “Young Master!” as tears rolled down her cheeks.

However, Xu Qi turned a deaf ear to everything and slowly lowered the coffin into the hole he had dug. This time, he used his rainbow energy to assist him.

It only remained to cover up the hole. Xu Qi continued piling the dirt back into the grave with his one hand. However, just as he was about to complete filling the hole, he stopped and rose to his feet.

It started drizzling without any warning, the water droplets falling onto their faces. The rain gradually turned into a downpour, drenching their clothes.

The others felt as if they were hallucinating when they saw Xu Qi’s back standing in the rain. His figure seemed to be one that had experienced countless changes. It no longer seemed upright and imposing.

No one knew what Xu Qi said to Xu Pingfan during the night before, no one could understand the pain he was feeling now, and what Xu Pingfan’s death signified to Xu Qi.

Xu Pingfan was like his father, his friend, and even his brother. Not only that, he was also the housekeeper of the Xu Clan, who had never spared a thought for himself.

All Xu Qi could see right now was the moment when Xu Pingfan was kicked aside by Bu Wanggui. What was he trying to convey in his gaze? Was it his unwillingness to part? Or his unwillingness to succumb to his imminent fate?

It was only now that Xu Qi realized, that in recent years, he was always away from home, and had close to no conversations with Xu Pingfan except for the times when he had something to let him handle. They didn’t have a proper meal together, either. Alas, there would no longer be any chances for that.

“He has passed on with the wind and rain, while I lament his departing from the mortal plane. In the future as the thunder claps, who knows that’s when our ties are severed by the underworld,” Xu Qi suddenly laughed out loud.

Everyone felt even sadder after hearing his words.

“Haha, what a great poem! A pity it’s such a sorrowful one. It’s not like you at all!” an extremely disharmonious laughter suddenly rang out.

Everyone’s brow furrowed on hearing the voice. Their anger rapidly rose to the extreme as they looked in the direction of the voice. It actually turned out to be Luo Tianming, who had gone missing for some time.

He went missing yesterday when everyone else was rushing back to the Xu Clan. No one knew where he went, and now, he suddenly showed himself and provoked Xu Qi in such a way. Everyone truly felt he was acting improper.

Xu Qi directly flew toward Luo Tianming without a word and tangled up with him in a fight.

Everyone else wanted to help break them up on seeing this, but were stopped by Wen Xiang.

“Look carefully at what they’re doing. Luo Tianming is obviously helping Qi’er!” Wen Xiang said.

Upon hearing this, they took a closer look and saw that the two were only engaged in a physical fight. Neither of them were utilizing their cultivation strength at all.

“This Luo Tianming really understands Qi’er,” Wen Xiang muttered as she watched the two fighting.

The two continued their fight for an indeterminate amount of time, and yet the rain showed no signs of stopping. In the end, Xu Qi and Luo Tianming struck their palms at their other and fell at the same time, exhausted.

“Luo Tianming, what exactly is your relationship with those black-clothed men who attacked my Xu Clan?”

Translator’s Note:

1: The Gui/(鬼) in Bu Wanggui and Guisheng uses the same character, which means ghost or demon, and Sheng/(生) could mean to give birth or student, among other interpretations.

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