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Chapter 205 - Scarlet Firmament Sword Versus Soul Crushing Spear

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Blinding blue light shone from the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon’s forehead, and as it did the rainbow summoning talisman melded into his head. Xu Qi gradually felt a unique connection being established between him and the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon.

At the same time, the temperature in the cavern suddenly shot up following the rampaging Vermilion Bird’s splitting of the glowing sphere.

“This gaudy bird has gone mad!” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon immediately took two steps forward at seeing this. His ice carapace materialized around him, ready to make a move.

“You hide in a corner. Let her come at me; I don’t believe she can break through this seal,” Xu Qi said to the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon as he kept his gaze fixed on the rampaging Vermilion Bird.

Hearing this, the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon stood behind a rock by the side. Layers of ice formed around him, and he gradually turned into a huge block of ice. He was obviously wary of the Vermilion Bird’s crimson flames.

“Vermilion Bird! I don’t know anything about the grudge between you and Venerable Ziyan, but you acting like this is futile! I’m standing right here; do you think you can get past this seal? It’s better for you to calm down!” Xu Qi shouted.

“Undying Constitution - Spirit Devastation!” Vermilion Bird yelled, and a glowing sphere shot toward Xu Qi at extreme speed.

Xu Qi only let out a smile at seeing this, standing still behind the rainbow seal.

As the glowing sphere drew closer to the rainbow seal, it suddenly turned into a blazing fireball, and an illusory Vermilion Bird appeared in the center of it.

The illusory Vermilion Bird and the glowing sphere struck the rainbow seal heavily. A talismanic character that was the size of the entire cavern entrance appeared on the rainbow seal, shining brightly, and directly shattered the illusory Vermilion Bird.

As for the glowing sphere, its radiance gradually faded away, and became only the size of a pellet, flying backwards. Xu Qi suddenly increased his speed and crossed over the rainbow seal, catching the pellet-sized sphere with his hand.

After catching it, Xu Qi felt his hand burning up, and quickly let go. The sphere then whizzed back into Vermilion Bird’s mouth.

The Vermilion Bird showed no signs of stopping her attacks. She beat her flaming wings continuously, and the crimson flames swept over on the wind she generated, drowning the entire cavern in a sea of fire. In the end, the flames transformed into a rain of arrows, pouring down over Xu Qi.

“Are you trying to kill me?!” Xu Qi shouted, as he formed three layers of gorgeous rainbow energy walls in front of him.

The crimson arrows fell, and Xu Qi discovered that cracks were slowly forming on the three layers of energy wall he raised.

The first layer of energy walls shattered, and the second layer soon collapsed after holding on for a short while. When cracks began appearing on the third layer, Xu Qi steeled his heart and brought out a steel sword to wield with a flip of that hand.

Just as the third layer of energy wall was about to break, a wave of cold air blew out while Xu Qi was bracing himself for the assault of the rain of arrows. Immediately after, a massive ice block appeared in front of him.

“Think of a way to get out first. From the looks of it, this gaudy bird will really kill you,” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon’s voice rang by Xu Qi’s ear.

Xu Qi nodded in agreement and quickly retreated, flashing over to the rainbow seal by the entrance.

The Ice-Armored Horned Dragon arrived at their destination even before Xu Qi, standing by the cavern entrance. He was looking into the abyss of the pathway, which led towards freedom, his desire showing as clear as day on his face.

Xu Qi looked at the seal in front of him. It was obviously different from the “Forbidden” seal in Black Tortoise Cavern. He had used the All-Tempering Flame to burn through that one and brought Little Snakey and Black Tortoise out. This one he could travel through effortlessly by just enveloping himself in rainbow energy. Even so, he had no idea how to bring the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon out.

While the duo were distracted, the Vermilion Bird charged up to them again.

Naturally, the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon didn’t want to let the Vermilion Bird get in the way of his imminent freedom and was about to intercept her. However, he was grabbed and pulled back by Xu Qi.

“Deity Ling Guang! Let’s stop fighting for now! You have been in such a bad temper ever since I arrived here, wanting to kill me! But I, Xu Qi, am really unsure of what wrongs I’ve done! Uncle Black Tortoise instructed me to think of a way to save you even if you declined to become my familiar! I wonder if you’d agree to it!?” Xu Qi yelled out to the approaching Vermilion Bird. Upon hearing this, the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon looked at Xu Qi doubtfully, thinking to himself, She can get out without becoming his familiar? Does such a bargain even exist?

At this moment, Xu Qi extended his hand sneakily and pulled the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon behind him.

“In just a moment, I’ll envelope your body with my energy. Try and see if you can pass through the seal to the other side,” Xu Qi whispered.

The Ice-Armored Horned Dragon came to a sudden realization. So he was trying to delay the Vermilion Bird to create a chance for me to escape!

The Vermilion Bird stopped in place after hearing what Xu Qi said, hovering in midair. Her figure slowly shrank, and returned to that beautiful human form, landing on the ground, and slowly approached Xu Qi.

“Is what you said the truth? That you will bring me out even if I decline to be your familiar?” Vermilion Bird asked in disbelief, stopping a fair distance away from Xu Qi.

“Of course. Otherwise, why would I come here? You saw my strength for yourself, too. I’m nothing in your eyes. Isn’t subduing you just a big joke? The truth is, the Black Tortoise instructed me to come save you,” Xu Qi replied. The changes in the Vermilion Bird’s emotions were clearly visible, and she actually lowered her head, thinking to herself.

While she was distracted by her thoughts, rainbow energy shone in Xu Qi’s hand behind his back, slowly enveloping the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon.

Alas, the Vermilion Bird was a mythical creature, after all. The fluctuations in energy immediately roused her attention and she raised her head, staring in the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon’s direction and saw that he was already covered in rainbow energy.

“Go!” Xu Qi yelled and hurriedly grabbed the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon, running towards the rainbow seal. However, only he managed to pass through the rainbow seal unobstructed, while the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon was repelled by it.

The Vermilion Bird flew to the seal and shouted angrily, “You treacherous little man! So you were trying to bring Blackie away! How despicable of you!”

Xu Qi truly couldn’t handle the Vermilion Bird’s foul temper anymore and rebuked, “Bitch, are you done!? Your temper has been this bad ever since I arrived here. Is that because of your affinity to fire!? I offered to bring you out, and yet you refused me! Now, you’re even interfering with the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon when he’s willing to go with me! He’s looking forward to freedom and is understanding of the situation! What’s wrong with you!? Other than the fact that you’re rather pretty and have a decent figure, nothing else is good about you! You’re not coming with me, so be it! Just stay here by yourself! This Young Master can’t be bothered with you! Blackie, come over here! I’ll think of a way to get you out!”

The Ice-Armored Horned Dragon slowly walked over to Xu Qi, but he realized that the killing intent emitting from the Vermilion Bird was increasingly suffocating and was on guard.

“You’re not allowed to bring Blackie away!” Vermilion Bird said coldly, not a hint of her cheerfulness at the beginning could be seen on her.

“Say, gaud… erm, Big Sister, why are you forbidding me from leaving when you are unwilling to go yourself? This is your cavern to begin with; I was only thrown in here by Venerable Ziyan. I don’t want to continue staying here. Please have mercy on me and let me leave,” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon pleaded. He almost called her “gaudy bird”, but immediately swallowed his words when he met her cold gaze.

The Vermilion Bird turned to Xu Qi and pointed at him, saying, “I won’t let you bring Blackie away today even if I have to kill him!”

Xu Qi was rendered speechless. You’re even forbidding him from leaving? And threatening to kill him? What’s the matter with you?!

On the other hand, the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon’s expression turned ugly, and said coldly, “What did you say, gaudy bird? Then I’ll say this, too. I’m going with him today, no matter what! Let’s see what you can do about it!”

After which, the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon started walking toward the rainbow seal. Unexpected to them, a scarlet longsword suddenly appeared in the Vermilion Bird’s hand. She slowly raised it, pointing it at the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon.

“The Scarlet Firmament Sword!” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon exclaimed in shock.

The Vermilion Bird never gave a response, however, and slowly approached him.

“Gaudy bird, are you really going to do this?!” the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon asked and took a step back involuntarily, showing a grave expression.

“We’ve been here for so long; do you really think I was unable to kill you? I just didn’t want to stay in here by myself and wanted you here as a companion. Otherwise, you would have died the day you came in here! Since you insist on leaving with him today, there is no need for me to keep you alive any longer!” Vermilion Bird said and stabbed at the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon.

The Ice-Armored Horned Dragon hurriedly materialized his ice carapace, encasing himself in frozen armor. At the same time, a long black spear appeared in his hands out of thin air.

“The Soul Crushing Spear! As expected, it is still in your possession! You too, haven’t showed your true capabilities in all these years!” Vermilion Bird cried out. The scarlet sword in her hand emitted a dazzling flash of scarlet light as she slashed down at the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon.

The Ice-Armored Horned Dragon received her attack with his long spear. Both their speeds were unusually fast, and in just a single exchange of moves, countless spear thrusts and sword slashes were thrown at each other, so much that Xu Qi couldn’t even see them clearly.

During their exchanges, the Ice-Armored Horned Dragon was obviously the side that came out disadvantaged. A hole appeared in the ice armor on his left shoulder, while the Vermilion Bird came out unscathed.

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