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Chapter 20 - Mysterious White Clothed Man

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Qian Yin and Qian Yun knelt as Xu Qi finished his sentence; tears fell uncontrollably from their faces.

Xu Qi, too, felt his emotions stir up. He took a moment to calm himself before saying, “Just like all of you, I’m an orphan. We’re all still very young, so you might not understand some things, but just know that from now on, we’re all brothers and sisters, relying on and supporting each other.”

“Young Master, may I ask you a question?” Xiaowu asked, trembling with fear.

“Go on. And stand up, all of you,” Xu Qi permitted.

“Young Master, earlier you said you wanted to impart cultivation methods upon us, but none of us have cultivated before. I’m not sure…” Xiaowu’s voice trailed off in hesitation. 

Xu Qi frowned slightly, looking at Xiaowu, then towards the crowd, smiling, “You don’t have to say anymore. I believe many of you are skeptical about me, but I can’t really demonstrate my skills in this hidden room, or I’ll attract the attention of others. I’ll arrange for you to be secretly transferred to a location I’ve prepared in a few days. You’ll see then.”

“Also, I will be telling you a few things. If anyone is unable to uphold it, I will personally slay them,” Xu Qi paused for a moment, showing an incredibly stern look.

Once they heard of Xu Qi’s intention to kill, looks of terror showed on their faces. They immediately pricked up their ears, listening attentively to Xu Qi’s following words.

“First: you’re not allowed to tell anyone about my visit today. Pretend that I’ve never been here, and you don’t know me.”

“Second: I’m a mute to the outside. Those aware of me able to speak are only the twenty-six of you and my housekeeper. You are to keep this secret before I speak out anywhere.”

“Third: you will be cultivating alongside me in the future. There will be many hardships, or you may even lose your lives. Consider this carefully. If anyone wants to back out now, I will arrange for you to work in Xu Clan, ensuring your livelihood.”

“Fourth: from now on, you are to change your names. Forget about your current names, and change your surnames to Xu. I will let you know your specific names in the future. If there are any problems regarding these four points, you may speak out now.”

Xu Qi made his four requirements known in one go, waiting for the children’s response.

“Young Master Xu, could we sisters retain our surnames?” Qian Yin of the twin sisters asked, but immediately regretted once she saw Xu Qi frown at her request.

“No,” Xu Qi answered plainly.

“However, when your strength reaches a certain level, I will allow those of you with enemies to go exact your revenge. I will not stop you if you wish to reinstate your surname then,” Xu Qi explained further, allowing some leeway. He understood that no matter when, surnames hold great importance to some people.

Several people, including Qian Yin and Qian Yun, sighed in relief hearing Xu Qi allowing them to restore their surnames in the future.

“Alright, whatever that needs to be said and answered are done. Is there anyone who wishes to back out?” Xu Qi felt that he spoke too much with the children and was starting to get annoyed.

From the side, Lin Hu appeared to see through Xu Qi’s emotions. He looked at the bunch of brothers and sisters behind him. Seeing as no one spoke up, he took the initiative and said, “Young Master, all of us, here, are willing to follow you! Am I right, guys?”

“Yes, yes, yes…” the over twenty children answered intermittently.

Xu Qi nodded, saying, “Currently, I cannot leave Xu Clan for long periods of time. I need to get back now. Before I transport you to the place I mentioned earlier, you are to obey Lin Hu. Any problems, Lin Hu?”

He immediately answered, “None.”

“Alright, I’m going off. The next time we meet, I hope to see twenty-six real brothers and sisters,” Xu Qi dropped his words and opened the secret door without looking back. He activated his techniques and disappeared, leaving only the gentle sound of a door shutting. 

As for the twenty-six orphans in the hidden room, they had yet to react to the conversation. The first to respond was Lin Hu. He brought them out of the hidden room and carefully closed the doors.

After that, he gathered them all, speaking softly, “We were able to be here, to be given food and shelter and be free from bullying. These were all granted to us by Xu Clan. Now, their young master had personally come to speak to us and offered a chance for us to become noble cultivators. Just from these things, we have to repay their kindness with our lives.”

Lin Hu took a deep breath, then continued, “What’s more, the young master took us for brothers and sisters! No matter what you decide, I’m definitely following Young Master. Let me know where you stand on this. Don’t make things awkward for me later on.”

Including Lin Hu, the twenty-six orphans were the cream of the crop from the ninety-nine orphans gathered by Xu Pingfan. Each of them was a bright youth. Although what happened tonight seemed like a dream to them, they weren’t stupid; what Xu Qi offered them was definitely the best opportunity they would have.

“We sisters will pledge our lives to Young Master,” unexpected to Lin Hu, the first to speak out was actually the twin sisters, Qian Yin and Qian Yun.

“I’m willing to pledge my life to Young Master,” Xiaowu followed.

“Me, too.”

“Me, too.”



“All right then, since you’re all willing, I have no choice but to follow along,” in the back of the group, a fair-skinned youngster, who had kept silent all this time, called out unwillingly.

“Luo Xiao, you’d better fix your great young master attitude from before, or you’ll regret it,” Lin Hu had always somewhat disliked Luo Xiao, but since they lived under the same roof, their bad relations weren’t taken to very serious notes.

As for the twin sisters, Qian Yin and Qian Yun, they, too, were displeased with Luo Xiao.

In the end, all twenty-six orphans had agreed to follow Xu Qi. Lin Hu let out a sigh of relief; the latter was excited, thinking back on what happened tonight, “Becoming an expert? I’m really looking forward to it. Don’t disappoint me, Young Master.”

When Xu Qi left the small institution, the guards remained unaware of his presence. He flew past them, disappearing into the night sky in the direction of Xu Clan. Just as he was about to reach his destination, Xu Qi felt a strong presence nearby. He immediately dropped to the ground and hid under a large tree. He blended into a single being in the darkness, using his body techniques and his advantageous figure.

As Xu Qi completely hid, a white figure appeared where Xu Qi disappeared. The person wore a white robe; his face was hidden under a white veil, and he was holding onto a long sword. He appeared extraordinarily graceful under the night sky. He let out a “Hm?”, before dashing towards the city and disappearing in a flash.

Xu Qi waited for the white-robed man to disappear, then confirmed once more the latter was no longer in the vicinity before slowly coming out of hiding behind the tree. He was surprised, “When did such a powerful figure appear in Rivulet City? Why haven’t I heard about this before? That person’s cultivation must be similar to mine, at the Spirit realm, at the very least, to make me feel such strength coming from him; what is going on?”

Xu Qi activated his movement technique with confusion, dashing towards Xu Clan. There had been too much going on tonight; he needed some time to calm himself.

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