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Chapter 195 - The Four Protectors!

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A Void realm monster! Xu Qi was astonished at hearing this. Why would a Void realm monster appear in Rivulet City?

Before Xu Qi could react to it, several roars came from the direction of the city wall. “Kong kong kong!” The voice obviously didn’t belong to a human.

Immediately after, several heads of varying sizes peeked out from beyond the city walls under the astonished gazes of the Xu Clan’s men. Each of the heads bared their fangs, looking at the group ferociously.

“Blood Savage Beast! Heavenly Divine Tiger! Eastern Wolf! All of them are Void realm monsters! Everybody, retreat!” Wen Xiang yelled out again from Xu Qi’s back, staring at the watching monsters. She got down from Xu Qi’s back and pulled on the stupefied Xu Qi, backing off.

“Haha, I didn’t think the puny Xu Clan would actually have someone knowledgeable among them,” an unnerving voice out from the city wall. Immediately after, four figures flew up and landed on the heads of the Blood Savage Beast, Heavenly Divine Tiger, Eastern Wolf, and  Spiritual Rock Beast with their hands on their backs, exuding the imposing air of experts.

“The Undying School!” Xu Qi said furiously after seeing them. Their attire gave away their connection to the Undying School.

“Which one of you is that insolent brat Xu Qi? Show yourself to us,” the one standing on the Spiritual Rock Beast’s head said disdainfully.

“Your granddaddy, I, am here!” Xu Qi roared out as his Five Elements Wings suddenly appeared on his back. He flew up into the air in front of the city wall, hovering as he continuously flapped the wings. Xu Qi showed an unflinching expression even as he faced off against the four terrifying beasts, whose strengths were even higher than the four humans from the Undying School. The air he exuded rivalled theirs, and was not any less impressive compared to them.

“Hmm? You indeed have a pair of wings as rumored. Even so, this will not save your life from absolute strength. Your unorthodox ways are useless against us! Today, we’ll have you know our Undying School isn’t a force a third-rate clan like yours can offend! You even dared to declare war against us; you must be tired of living!” the man standing on the Spiritual Rock Beast’s head continued.

Wen Xiang had been pondering over some matters as she stood on the ground after these few men appeared. After a short while, she slowly recalled a few names based on the summoned monsters in front of her and yelled out, “Qi’er, they’re not from the Undying School! Don’t listen to them!”

“Oh? Who are you? And where else could we be from if not the Undying School? Haha!” the elder standing atop the Eastern Wolf chuckled.

“Old geezer! Do you think I don’t recognize you?! Ten years ago, you and your Eastern Wolf were almost beaten to death by that man from the House of Soaring Moon, and you disappeared from the world after that. I also recall that your status as one of the Undying School’s Four Protectors was replaced by somebody else! And now you’re actually claiming to be the Undying School’s men? How laughable, Bu Duanhun!” Wen Xiang said ferociously.

“Haha. That’s right, I am indeed Bu Duanhun! I didn’t think you would actually be so knowledgeable, and aware of even such matters. Who exactly are you?!” Bu Duanhun chuckled atop the Eastern Wolf, but his laughter seemed a little uneasy.

“Hmph, I’m but an ordinary woman. Though, not only am I aware that you’re Bu Duanhun, I also know that the master of this Blood Savage Beast is Bu Duanfei! The master of the Heavenly Divine Tiger is Bu Duanpo! And the master of that Spiritual Rock Beast is Bu Duansan, right!? I didn’t expect the former Four Protectors of the Undying School would actually appear here! Moreover, I recall that the Undying School had replaced their Four Protectors! Why are you still claiming to be from the Undying School!? Are you taking us for fools!?” Wen Xiang added.

The four elders exchanged astonished gazes with one another after hearing what Wen Xiang just said, and their gazes toward her turned into ones of bewilderment.

“Who exactly are you?! How did you know of us!?” Bu Duanhun demanded.

Wen Xiang let out a cold humph, not answering him. She said to the airborne Xu Qi, “Qi’er, these four are extremely cruel; you have to pay extra caution!”

Xu Qi had overheard their conversation, and sensed the auras of these four. They were all at the fourth stage of Void realm or higher! Furthermore, Xu Qi couldn’t discern Bu Duanhun’s cultivation level! Ever since he made his debut in the cultivation world, this was the first time he had encountered such a formidable foe.

“Where are my Xu Clan’s men!?” Xu Qi demanded with a thunderous roar, his voice echoing in the skies above Rivulet City.

“Haha, don’t bother with your petty tricks, little brat. Trying to make contact with your Xu Clan? We, the Undying School, are the number one cultivation school in Mirrorlink, and as a prestigious school, we won’t bother with sneak attacks when dealing with your puny clan. The insects in your Xu Clan are not worthy of us making a move on them!” Bu Duanhun said.

Xu Qi let out a sigh of relief after hearing this. He had been concerned ever since the four appeared, afraid that they had flattened his Xu Clan while he was gone. With the strength of these four, there was no way Qian Yin and Qian Yun could match up against them.

“State your intentions,” Xu Qi said plainly.

“It’s simple; come with us to the Undying School. We don’t wish to cause a scene here, leaving the foul reputation of us bullying the young,” Bu Duanhun said.

“The Undying School? I’m afraid that’s not where you’re bringing me, but the Inner School of the Undying School!” Xu Qi said coldly.

“Oh, I didn’t expect a brat like you to actually know of the Undying School’s Inner School. Since you know that, you should know what to do,” Bu Duanhun replied with a sinister tone, standing atop the Blood Savage Beast.

“And what if I refuse?!” Xu Qi replied plainly.

“Xu Qi, your path of cultivation must not be easy, to reach that level at such a young age. I’ll give you another chance to think it through carefully, whether you will return with us. Don’t force us to harm the innocent,” Bu Duanhun said, looking at Xu Qi with contempt.

At this moment, Xu Qi was extremely flustered. He evaluated the strengths of both sides, and realized that their opponents were too much for them. Each of the former Four Protectors are at such a high cultivation level, and there are also the four Void realm monsters, whose strengths are even above their masters. It may be true that our forces are all at the Void realm, too, but most of them are around the first stage of Void realm. Even the strongest among us is at the second stage of Void realm, and Aunt was at the third stage of Void realm. However, she used the Samsara Seal previously and has yet to fully recover from the aftereffects, while Xu Xiaomei isn’t around, being assigned to take care of other matters. She won’t return anytime soon, and as for Black Tortoise, the poison affecting him hasn’t been neutralized, either.

Most of the Twelve Constellation Guards and Nightwatchers were Void Nightlords. They would still have a slight chance of victory if they were up against someone whose cultivation was a stage higher than them. However, right now they were facing off against four Spiritualists! All of them were at the fourth stage of the Void realm or higher. It was impossible to take them on. If Xu Qi forcefully started the fight, he might not even kill one of them despite sacrificing everyone!

It was no big deal for Xu Qi to go with these people for the sake of his men’s safety. At worst, he would only lose his life. However, Xu Qi couldn’t place his trust in them. Prestigious schools or whatever were but empty words! Putting the matter of whether his men would resist at all costs if Xu Qi were to surrender without a fight, these four might not even let them go even if Xu Qi surrendered! Such prominent schools obviously knew they should eliminate any and all roots of trouble.

“How is it? Have you come to a decision?” Bu Duanhun asked again.

“Haha, I’ve thought it though. I don’t care if you’re from the Undying School’s Inner School, or the Four Protectors or whatever. I can’t place my trust in you! So, I’ve decided to take my chances and fight it through! I’ll lose my life at worst; I have nothing to fear!” Xu Qi smiled.

Bu Duanhun’s expression turned ugly at hearing Xu Qi’s response. The orders they received were to capture Xu Qi and to completely eliminate the Xu Clan. He didn’t expect Xu Qi to see through him.

“Haha! Good! You’re ballsy indeed! What’s there to fear!? Xu Qi, you’re my fellow countryman indeed! Screw them, this brother will support you!” a loud chortle rang out suddenly.

Xu Qi was wild with joy at hearing this voice. He didn’t think that guy would actually show up at this crucial time!

Who could it be? It was none other than Xu Qi’s fellow countryman he had met in the capital, the mysterious figure, Luo Tianming!

A figure dressed in black was standing in front of the city gates, with his hands behind his back. He looked at the four monsters above the city walls, but there wasn’t any trace of fear in his gaze. He said to the airborne Xu Qi with a smile, “Hey, those wings of yours are quite flashy. Aren’t you tired? Your brother, I, am here. Quickly come on down!”

Xu Qi revealed a smile and landed on the ground, walking over to Luo Tianming. Both of them ignored everyone else and began chatting, but nobody could understand what they were talking about.

“Who are you?! You actually dare to disregard the Undying School!?” Bu Duanhun yelled out. He immediately realized that Luo Tianming’s cultivation was at an impressive level, and from the looks of it, he seemed rather close to Xu Qi.

Despite Bu Duanhun’s yelling, Luo Tianming continued joking around with Xu Qi, completely ignoring him.

Bu Duanhun’s face turned ashen as he said, “Second Brother, Third Brother, Fourth Brother, prepare to strike. Capture Xu Qi and this arrogant man that dares to disregard our Undying School! Kill anybody who dares to interfere!”

This time, Luo Tianming heard Bu Duanhun’s words and chuckled to Xu Qi, “You won against me with those flames of yours last time by luck. How about competing with me this time, to see which one of us can mow them down first?”

Before Xu Qi could respond to Luo Tianming, the mysterious black flames flared up on the latter’s body once more. Immediately after, Luo Tianming turned into a black blur and shot towards the Heavenly Divine Tiger.

“Aunt, back off! Everyone else from Xu Clan too! None of you are allowed to join in this battle! Let us brothers experience what true experts are like!” Xu Qi ordered and licked his lips, his eyes agleam. His Five Elements Wings appeared on his back once more, together with golden flames. Xu Qi turned into a golden streak of light and flew towards Bu Duanhun, who was standing on top of the Eastern Wolf!

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