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Chapter 194 - Void Realm Monster!

Edited by RED

A well-built middle-aged man slowly walked out from the Monarchy Pavilion crowd. The other disciples were treating him with great respect, and some of them didn’t even dare to look at him.

Even their Second Elder, Wang Yin, moved aside respectfully.

“I presume you must be the esteemed Pavilion Master of the Monarchy Pavilion, Wang Quyan?” Xu Qi smiled.

“Haha, I have long heard of Young Master Xu’s high intellect. You are as rumored, indeed. That’s right, I am Wang Quyan,” the middle-aged man replied with a smile.

“Excuse me for my lack of manners. Pavilion Master Wang is famed across the world. This junior only managed to guess it from your immense aura; there’s no intellect to speak of. I’ll come straight to the point. Since Pavilion Master Wang has come personally, I won’t speak around in circles. Could we find a private area outside the city to discuss about this matter? We can’t possibly discuss here, right in front of the city gates, can we?” Xu Qi smiled.

“Sure,” Wang Quyan answered calmly, and turned around to speak to his Second Elder, Wang Yin.


In the forest outside of Xin City, Xu Qi and Wang Quyan were acting like old friends, chatting happily. In the end, Xu Qi took out a long saber with a flip of his palm and offered it to Wang Quyan.

Wang Quyan was stunned after seeing the weapon. He quickly accepted it and began inspecting it.

“Young Master Xu is straightforward, indeed. This saber is definitely worthy of the title of a godly weapon. I wonder if Young Master Xu could exchange it with me? Don’t worry; I’ll agree to any conditions,” Wang Quyan said excitedly as he caressed the saber, his eyes agleam.

“Haha, Pavilion Master Wang is too polite. We’ve felt familiarity with each other at first sight; what’s there to talk about exchanging, or conditions? A precious weapon is only fit for a hero; it’s not too much for me to gift this saber to Pavilion Master Wang,” Xu Qi chuckled.

Originally, Wang Quyan had mentally prepared himself after Xu Qi brought out this saber. As long as Xu Qi stated any conditions, he would try his best to accommodate him in order to obtain this weapon. Unexpectedly, Xu Qi actually offered it to him as a gift! Wang Quyan would never believe what Xu Qi said about feeling familiarity with him.

“You’re wrong about that, Young Master Xu. Although it feels like we’re close with each other, I don’t dare receive it for free. It’s better if Young Master Xu makes an offer,” Wang Quyan replied, testing the waters.

“You’re looking down on me too much, Pavilion Master Wang. I am indeed gifting this saber to you; I hope you won’t decline,” Xu Qi said resolutely.

“This… How could I?” Wang Quyan said uneasily, looking at the blade in his hands. He was thinking inwardly, What exactly is this Xu Qi thinking?

“This was the last godly weapon I obtained by luck, and none of my men is proficient with a saber. I’m afraid I’ll disappoint Pavilion Master Wang if you’re looking for more. This lowly one still has urgent matters to attend to at home. I’ll be leaving first. Please take care, Pavilion Master Wang,” Xu Qi bade farewell, cupping his hands to Wang Quyan.

Wang Quyan felt that Xu Qi didn’t seem to be putting on an act, and said doubtfully, “Alright, since Young Master Xu is so cool about this, I won’t stand on ceremony. I wonder what urgent matter does Young Master Xu need to attend to that you’re in such a hurry?”

“Pavilion Master Wang, they are but trivial matters. Many thanks for worrying; I’ll be leaving first,” Xu Qi said and turned to leave.

“Just a moment, Young Master Xu. Since you’re gifting this godly weapon to me, please look for me in Xin City if you’re ever in need!” Wang Quyan said.

Xu Qi smiled and nodded back at hearing this, then flew off to the distance. After which, a voice rang out from the forest, reaching Wang Quyan’s ears.

“If my Xu Clan is ever met with trouble, I hope Pavilion Master Wang will spare my Xu Clan’s men if you encounter them. This one surnamed Xu can’t thank you enough.”

Wang Quyan looked in the direction Xu Qi disappeared off to after hearing this, the doubts inside him growing stronger. He didn’t understand what exactly this guy was planning, but a godly weapon had indeed fallen into his hands unexpectedly smoothly. Could there be some meaning in what Xu Qi said as he left?

Wang Quyan was in a great mood after obtaining the godly weapon, and didn’t bother pondering about Xu Qi’s words too much more. He put the matter of Xu Qi gifting him the weapon to heart, and his impression of Xu Qi grew slightly better.

Just as Wang Quyan was about to leave, he saw Xu Qi returning.

“Pavilion Master Wang, I forgot to ask you for a favor earlier. Today, in Xin City, my men were attacked by about a dozen experts from the Shadow Wind Sect, and two women were abducted by a lady expert. It is unknown where they went, and since I have urgent matters to attend to back home, I can’t afford to stay in Xin City. I’d like to trouble Pavilion Master Wang to please help keep an eye out and inform me if you discover anything,” Xu Qi asked as he landed.

“Ah? Young Master Xu’s men were abducted by the Shadow Wind Sect’s men? Since it’s like that, please rest assured, Young Master Xu. I’ll definitely help you out on this,” Wang Quyan agreed directly.

Xu Qi expressed his thanks and left in a hurry once more. Moments after his departure, the Second Elder of the Monarchy Pavilion, Wang Yin, appeared with several others. Wang Quyan put the saber away upon discovering their arrival.

“Pavilion Master, where’s Xu Qi?” Wang Yin asked, seeing as Wang Quyan was alone.

“He left. Don’t ask anymore,” Wang Quyan said plainly.

Wang Yin immediately kept quiet on hearing this, understanding that his Pavilion Master didn’t wish to speak about this matter.

“Ai, I’m afraid that person from the Shadow Wind Sect has fallen into Xu Qi’s hand. Earlier, he made a return trip and said that person had abducted two of his men. How fake of him! Though, this Xu Qi is quite the interesting man,” Wang Quyan smiled.

“What?! Pavilion Master, if that person has fallen into Xu Qi’s hands, how are we supposed to explain to the Shadow Wind Sect?” Wang Yin asked anxiously.

“How to explain? Why do we have to explain to them?! If the Shadow Wind Sect demands that person from us, simply tell them we don’t know anything!” Wang Quyan said and flew off, leaving Wang Yin standing there dumbfounded.


At this moment, Xu Qi met up with the others on a road not far away. Even Xu Xiaomei, Xu Chen, Wen Xiang, and Yi Qingqing, who separated from the group in Xin City, were gathered here.

As they travelled, Xu Qi maintained his silence. Naturally, the others didn’t dare to ask him anything either. It was only when they were nearing Mirrorlink’s borders that Xu Qi brought Xu Xiaomei aside and spoke to her. Only Xu Qi returned from their discussion. Nobody knew where Xu Xiaomei went.

“Qi’er, what did you tell Xiaomei?” Wen Xiang was lying on Xu Qi’s back, and finally couldn’t suppress her curiosity any longer. After Xu Xiaomei had left, the duty of taking care of Wen Xiang fell onto Xu Qi.

“Aunt, can I not tell you? You’ll be surprised when the time comes,” Xu Qi smiled mysteriously.

“Oh, you… Who knows what you’re up to again,” Wen Xiang murmured.

“Hehe, Aunt, why hasn’t Yi Qingqing woken up? It’s been so long,” Xu Qi suddenly changed the topic, asking Wen Xiang. It had been over a day since they left Xin City, and Yi Qingqing was always unconscious, showing no signs of waking up anytime soon.

“Don’t worry, she won’t die. She’ll wake up when we’re near Rivulet City,” Wen Xiang said.

Xu Qi murmured two “Hmms” in acknowledgement and kept silent, continuing on their journey with Wen Xiang on his back.


After crossing Mirrorlink’s borders, Xu Qi quickened his pace along with the rest of the group, desiring to return to Rivulet City earlier. However, his group was a little too big, and it wasn’t ideal to travel with the Five Elements Wings, so Xu Qi dropped the thought.

The next day, Xu Qi finally saw the familiar city walls of Rivulet City, and let out a sigh of relief. Wen Xiang was also feeling better now and didn’t need Xu Qi to carry her on his back.

“Aunt, how do you feel seeing Rivulet City before you?” Xu Qi asked with a smile.

Wen Xiang’s gaze was extremely complicated as she looked at Rivulet City. She sighed and said, “The city is still the same, but everything else is different now.”

“Something’s not right, Young Master,” Xu Zi, who had been silent during their journey, came up to Xu Qi while staring at the distant city.

Hearing this, Xu Qi took a closer look at the city gates. He discovered that it was slightly different from usual: the city gates were actually shut!

“Quickly return!” Xu Qi ordered in a rush and took up Wen Xiang on his back again, speeding towards Rivulet City. The others quickly followed behind him.

Xu Qi came right in front of the city gates and discovered that not only were the city gates shut, there was also a red energy wall laid on them.

“Go! Bust the gates open with all your might and hurry back to the clan. Kill whoever dares to block us!” Xu Qi ordered directly. He could faintly sense that his Xu Clan was the reason why the city gates were shut tight.

The Twelve Constellation Guards and Nightwatchers immediately manipulated all the energy they could muster and struck at the gates.

However, much to their dismay, the city gates didn’t budge an inch despite combining the strengths of sixteen Void realm experts. It was like their energies were a huge rock sinking into the sea.

Not good! The Xu Clan might be in danger!, Xu Qi thought. Alas, Rivulet City wasn’t like the other cities. Their walls were high and sturdy, and even a Void realm expert wouldn’t be able to fly over the walls. Although Xu Qi had the Five Elements Wings and could easily get over the wall, the rest of his men were not equipped with them.

“Where are the Spiritualists? Quickly summon your familiars!” Wen Xiang yelled out from Xu Qi’s back.

The few Spiritualists of Luo Xiang House that remained after their internal conflict quickly formed seals in their hands, and several monsters instantly appeared in front of the city gates. Of the familiars, one was a Spirit realm monster, the Spiritual Rock Beast, which was the largest of the monsters. It was as tall as the city walls.

The Spiritual Rock Beast’s strength was at the equivalent of the Spirit realm, and it was several zhang1 high. Its entire body was formed from incredibly hard rocks, and was famed for its absurd defense.

“Let the Spiritual Rock Beast attack the city walls! Open up a hole and the others can go help!” Wen Xiang ordered once more.

The Spiritualist from the Luo Xiang House that was controlling the Spiritual Rock Beast was called Li Ding. Upon receiving Wen Xiang’s order, he commanded the Spiritual Rock Beast to smash the city wall by the side of the gate.

However, just as it was about to smash into the city wall, an even bigger Spiritual Rock Beast appeared from beyond the city wall and smacked into the Spirit realm Spiritual Rock Beast, sending it flying backwards.

“A Void realm Spiritual Rock Beast!” LI Ding exclaimed in fear after seeing the new, larger Spiritual Rock Beast.

Translator’s Notes:

1: Zhang(/丈), a Chinese measurement. Each Zhang is approximately 3.3 meters, or about 11 feet.

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