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Chapter 183 - Indomitable!

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“What if I said that I didn’t do it?!” a voice rang out suddenly. Immediately after, several dozen figures appeared on the roofs around the courtyard.

Xu Chen quickly turned around at hearing this. The man leading the others on the roof was none other than the ruler of Mirrorlink, Lian Chengwei. It seemed like he was the one who spoke out moments earlier.

Due to Xu Chen’s Qi Kai Restaurant becoming the number one restaurant in the capital, most people recognized him. Naturally, he’d had several encounters with Lian Chengwei in the past, and they recognized each other.

“Boss Xu, I didn’t think you actually had ties with the Cai Clan and would rush here immediately. I wonder what you meant earlier?” Lian Chengwei asked with a cold smile.

Xu Chen had been making his living in the capital for years. Naturally, his mind and wisdom would be at a certain level. Hearing Lian Chengwei’s overbearing words, Xu Chen smiled and said, “You misunderstood, Sire. The Cai Clan’s Patriarch and I could be considered friends. I coincidentally passed by here and heard that the Cai Clan had met with trouble. That was why I came in to take a look. As for what I said afterwards, that was indeed the truth. You, Sire, wield a sizable strength. Of course you would be the strongest man within Mirrorlink.”

Qian Yun rolled her eyes. This Fifth Brother of hers was such a hypocrite, speaking in such a smooth manner. It seems like he had turned into an insincere man.

Lian Chengwei cursed inwardly at hearing what Xu Chen said. Are you praising me? You were obviously criticizing me!

Lian Chengwei didn’t continue the pointless conversation with Xu Chen. He gave some instructions to the men behind him, and they dispersed in all directions. It looked to be that Lian Chengwei had ordered them to investigate something.

Then, Lian Chengwei leapt off the roof with several others, and they landed in a half-circle around Xu Chen’s group. The Sire’s eyes lit up at the sight of Qian Yun, wanting to ask something, but he held himself back from doing so.

Lian Chengwei’s expression turned ugly at seeing Cai Wubo’s corpse on the ground. His gaze was complicated as he sighed and said, “I can’t believe Patriarch Cai would end up like this, despite living a life distinguished from the commoners. Fate is unpredictable, indeed.”

The corners of Xu Chen and Qian Yun’s mouth twitched at hearing this, cursing inwardly that this ruler was being too shameless. Within the capital, was there anyone who didn’t know about the deep grievances between them? Lian Chengwei had hoped for the demise of the Cai Clan for years, and yet he was now acting in such a kind manner, as if he had great bonds with Cai Wubo. How disgusting!

At this moment, Qian Yun glanced unintentionally into the main hall. A man dressed in a black robe covering his entire body was sitting in there, as if there was nothing wrong. Upon seeing his face, even the courageous Qian Yun was scared into taking two steps back, her complexion turning ghostly white.

That man’s face was filled with scars, and his original appearance couldn’t be discerned clearly. What’s more, he only had a right eye. His left eye couldn’t be seen; only a lump of meat protruding out from the eye socket.

Xu Chen didn’t notice the abnormal behavior from Qian Yun, until he turned to look at her. She was staring at a direction blankly, which led to Xu Chen following her gaze, looking into the main hall. His heart trembled violently at the sight of the black-robed man sitting in the hall.

Xu Chen and Qian Yun were astonished. Their group was only focused on the corpses outside, and actually failed to notice someone had appeared in the main hall. The most terrifying thing was that none of them had sensed that man’s aura. What cultivation level did he possess to be able to do that?

“Who are you?!” Xu Chen demanded. Although he was shocked, he was no coward, after all. In fact, his intention was to warn those around him who were still unaware of the black-robed man’s presence.

Lian Chengwei turned to look at Xu Chen at hearing this. His expression turned grave as he followed Xu Chen’s gaze and saw that man in the main hall. When Lian Chengwei saw the black-robed man, he felt his hair standing on end. This was a sensation he hadn’t felt in many years.

However, that black-robed man seemed to not hear what Xu Chen said, sitting there unfazed.

Xu Chen glanced at Qian Yun and decided inwardly to question him. Perhaps this man was related to the destruction of the Cai Clan.

However, just as he took his first step, Qian Yun caught Xu Chen tightly, stopping him. Her gaze was fixed on the black-robed man as she said, “Don’t go over. He’s not someone we can take on.”

Xu Chen was shocked once more at hearing this. He had not heard the competitive Qian Yun speak such words since they were children; not even to their Young Master. Now, Qian Yun’s cultivation was above his, and yet she still said this. It seemed like this black-robed man was truly not to be trifled with.

As Qian Yun spoke, the black-clothed man suddenly stood up. A loud chuckle rang out and his figure disappeared on the spot.

Before Qian Yun, Xu Chen, or any one else could react to it, a voice rang by their ears, “I didn’t think such a little girl would actually have such wisdom. How unexpected.”

Qian Yun and Xu Chen hurriedly flashed to the side. When their figures stopped in place, they realized that black-robed man was already standing at their original position.

Qian Yun and Xu Chen exchanged glances at realizing this. Their palms were covered in cold sweat, and only one thought filled their minds: Is this black-robed man human? Such speed! Such a movement technique!

As for Lian Chengwei, he was still standing there, unmoving. It wasn’t that he was a fearless man. Rather, his cultivation level was only at the Spirit realm, inferior to Qian Yun and Xu Chen. He couldn’t react to the black-robed man at all when the latter spoke out. Lian Chengwei fully understood that this black-robed man was at a level unfathomable to him. If the black-robed man had any malicious intents against him, there was no way for him to escape.

“Who exactly are you?! Were you the one behind the demise of the Cai Clan?!” Qian Yun demanded coldly, staring at the hideous black-robed man. She was feeling terror in her heart, but the pride ingrained in her wouldn’t allow her to stay quiet. She knew from the movement technique and strength the black-robed man demonstrated moments earlier that he didn’t need to expend much effort to get rid of the Cai Clan.

Unexpectedly, the black-robed man admitted to the deed straightforwardly, “Yes.” His only eye was looking back and forth between Xu Chen and Qian Yun, nodding his head.

As he admitted to being the murderer, Qian Yun and Xu Chen were now stuck in a predicament. The both of them were here to investigate on this matter, and now the perpetrator was standing right in front of them. If they were to fight, there was no way the both of them could match up to him. Alternatively, if they were to run, the black-robed man wouldn’t let them go so easily, either, judging from the way he was sizing them up. They were at a loss for what to do.

Xu Chen thought for a moment and shifted slightly to the side, shielding Qian Yun behind him. He asked, “Who exactly are you? Why did you massacre the Cai Clan in such a cruel manner? How did they offend you?”

“I know what you’re trying to ask. There’s no harm in telling you, either. I was entrusted by others to take action against them. Otherwise, such a puny clan wouldn’t have stirred my interest,” the black-robed man said with a smile. However, his smile made his appearance look even more hideous.

“You leave first. Stop Young Master and the others from coming here, and leave the capital with haste,” Xu Chen whispered to Qian Yun, but from an outside point of view, there wasn’t any movement on his lips.

Qian Yun’s heart tightened at hearing this. Xu Chen was obviously going to try to stall this black-robed man, giving her a chance to escape. However, Qian Yun refused to listen to him, leaving him here. She wasn’t one to leave her comrade behind, escaping by herself. Thus, she remained standing behind Xu Chen, unmoving.

The black-robed man seemed to have heard what Xu Chen said and smiled, “Don’t waste your efforts. None of you will leave here today.”

Then, the black-robed man turned and glanced at the ruler of Mirrorlink, Lian Chengwei. The black-robed man had never taken a proper look at him until now. He sized up him and asked smilingly, “The ruler of Mirrorlink?”

Lian Chengwei blanked out for a moment and asked, “Y-you know me?”

“No, I don’t,” he replied plainly. Lian Chengwei’s expression turned ugly at hearing this. It was too infuriating, but he was helpless about it. The strong reigned supreme, and he was no match for this man. So what if he was the ruler of Mirrorlink?

A young captain next to Lian Chengwei was angered by the black-robed man’s disrespect and ordered furiously, “Hmph! You actually dare disrespect our Sire! Where did this abomination come from?! Go, bring him down!”

Lian Chengwei cursed inwardly at hearing this. He wanted to stop them, but he realized it was already too late. His scattered men gathered in Lian Chengwei’s direction upon the order, rushing toward the black-robed man.

However, the black-robed man’s figure disappeared again just as the guards made their moves. Immediately after, a mysterious figure shrouded in black flames appeared among the guards. Everywhere the figure passed, the guards seemed to be locked in place, their eyes wide opened.

In the end, Lian Chengwei suddenly felt a scorching heat around him. By the time he reacted to it and turned around to look, all he saw was a black shadow flashing pass. The young guard captain he had nurtured painstakingly for several years stared wide-eyed, frozen in place.

Finally, the figure shrouded in black flames stood at the spot where the black-robed man was before he disappeared. When the black flames dispersed, the black-robed man was standing in his original position again.

As he revealed himself, the guards that were charging at him, and the young guard captain, all collapsed onto the ground.

Qian Yun and Xu Chen were greatly alarmed, and hurriedly looked at the young guard captain next to Lian Chengwei. They discovered that a large hole had pierced his chest, identical to the two white-haired elders next to Cai Wubo’s corpse. They then shifted their gaze to the surrounding guards, and realized that the guards had died in the same exact manner, as well!

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