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Chapter 174 - Meeting Fan Yilun Again

Edited by RED

“Look at the time now, Uncle. Stop keeping me in suspense. What should I do, tell me!” Xu Qi said as he brought out several Green Mystique Fruits with a flip of his palm.

Black Tortoise smiled and said, “Damn brat, in the ancient era, the Green Mystique Fruit wasn’t used to increase someone’s cultivation. A hundred years’ worth of cultivation was really not that significant to those of the past. In fact, it had another name back then, called the Life Saving Fruit. As its name suggests, this fruit was used to save a person’s life. But in the end, all the fruits were moved to another location by someone extremely powerful and it was renamed the Green Mystique Fruit.”

“Life Saving Fruit? So it was used to save lives?” Xu Qi said, looking at the Green Mystique Fruit in his hand.

“Yes, obviously! Why would I tell you about this if it wasn’t used to save lives? Try eating one; the energy contained in the Green Mystique Fruit is extremely mellow. As long as the energy in you isn’t too much, it’s impossible to cause your body to explode,” Black Tortoise informed him.

Xu Qi then brought up the Green Mystique Fruit and started eating. He had always wanted to eat more of them, but due to the Venerable Ziyan’s warning that one could only eat three at max, he never dared to try eating the fruit in all these years.

Soon, Xu Qi devoured the Green Mystique Fruit in his hand, and he felt a warm feeling from his abdomen spreading to his limbs.

As Xu Qi felt the energy in him was slowly recovering, he also felt an unbearable pain from his entire body at the same time.

“Ah, Uncle, why does it hurt so much?” Xu Qi asked painfully as cold sweat kept pouring out of his forehead.

Seeing this, Black Tortoise said evenly, “This is a good sign. Feeling the pain proves that the Green Mystique Fruit’s energy had begun healing your internal injuries. Just endure it.”

Xu Qi forcefully endured the pain coming from his body and closed his eyes. He slowly sat down in meditation on his bed with much difficulties. During all this, Xu Qi never bothered to wipe away the sweat pouring out. The Black Tortoise nodded in satisfaction at seeing this.

Xu Qi sat in meditation with his eyes shut for some time, and he suddenly felt his blood boiling, violently spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Uncle, it really hurts. Also, I felt the energy that was just restored started to become weaker. What should I do?” Xu Qi asked weakly.

“Damn brat, the mouthful of blood you just spat out was obviously the clotted blood in you. Just one Green Mystique Fruit could never satisfy what your body needs. Quickly consume one more,” Black Tortoise said.

Xu Qi sighed bitterly in his heart at hearing this. The pain he just experienced was truly unpleasant, and Black Tortoise had actually told him to continue eating them. Alas, he had no other choice but to listen to him for the sake of healing his injuries.

Thinking of this, Xu Qi still brought out another Green Mystique Fruit and slowly ate it. As expected, that terrible pain returned after he finished eating the fruit. Not only that, it hurt even more this time.

“Damn brat, you must never use that bit of energy in you to resist the Green Mystique Fruit’s energy. Relax your body and take them all in. Don’t think about the pain; concentrate your mind on sensing the changes happening in your body!” Black Tortoise reminded him.

Before Black Tortoise said all this, Xu Qi was indeed thinking of using the energy in him to reduce the pain he felt. However, upon hearing what he said, Xu Qi immediately gave up on that thought and slowly relaxed his body.

In the moment Xu Qi had fully relaxed himself, rainbow energy slowly appeared around his chest, enveloping his entire body.

“Quickly, use your cultivation art to circulate the Green Mystique Fruit’s energy around your body!” Black Tortoise said hurriedly on seeing this change.

Xu Qi started using the Void Dao cultivation art to circulate the Green Mystique Fruit’s energy around his body. He felt the pain was gradually reducing, and his body was slowly filling up with strength.

Xu Qi soon spat out another mouthful of blood. This time, however, he didn’t make a sound. After spitting out the blood, he continued operating his cultivation art according to Black Tortoise’s instructions.

In the room, Black Tortoise looked on calmly as Xu Qi kept spitting out mouthfuls of blood. The area in front of his bed was covered with blood everywhere, but Black Tortoise never paid any attention to it, only staring at Xu Qi.

When the rainbow energy enveloping Xu Qi’s body shone even brighter, Black Tortoise smiled in satisfaction and nodded, thinking, This brat, not bad!


While Xu Qi was using the Green Mystique Fruit to heal his injuries, Qian Yun had snuck into the Fan Clan. However, she discovered that the guards were increasing in number just as she thought to delve deeper in to investigate.

Qian Yun sensed several presences whose strengths were more noteworthy in a courtyard. She looked at a room nearby and flashed to it. She confirmed that there was no one in the room and kept her aura hidden, hiding in the room as she continued spying outside.

Soon, several men appeared in this courtyard. Fan Yilun and the Fan Clan’s Patriarch, Fan Ming, were walking in the front.

They stopped in place, and Fan Ming waved his hand to the men behind him, and they immediately left the courtyard.

Fan Ming looked at Fan Yilun, who had a dissatisfied look, and sighed, saying, “Lun’er, I know that you like that Cai Xiaoxiao, but I hope that you would put the Clan above all else. You musn’t act on your emotions.”

Fan Yilun nodded at his father’s words and said softly, “Father, I know what I should do, but, can we get rid of Cai Xiaoxiao now? I’m worried that an accident would occur if she stayed in our place for too long.”

Fan Ming smiled and continued, “Let me ask you, Lun’er. Do you have a personal agenda for wanting to eliminate Cai Xiaoxiao now?”

“Father, I admit to having some selfish reasons. I don’t wish to see her being toyed around with by that bastard. But most importantly, I think it’s bad to let her stay here for an extended period. If Cai Wubo were to pick up on any traces, I’m afraid it would hinder our great plans,” Fan Yilun explained.

“Lun’er, I hope what you say and what is on your mind are one and the same. We are the ones asking for Bu Chenglin’s help. Now is not the time to offend him. It’s better to do as he says. Also, truthfully speaking, I’m not afraid of Cai Wubo. I doubt he dared to bring men here to search our place,” Fan Ming smiled.

Fan Yilun could only nod his head at hearing this. He felt some dull pain in his heart just thinking about Cai Xiaoxiao being humiliated by Bu Chenglin. Although he was the one who abducted her and also had ill intentions of possessing her, he was regretting it now.

Fan Ming let out a sigh at seeing Fan Yilun acting this way. He extended his hand and patted on his son’s shoulder twice before turning to leave this courtyard, leaving Fan Yilun alone.

Qian Yun, who was hidden in the room, had overheard everything they said. At this moment, her eyes were about to spit out fire. When she heard them talking about Cai Xiaoxiao being toyed around by some bastard, she almost charged out in anger.

Fan Yilun stood in the courtyard for a little longer before walking toward the room Qian Yun was in, and Qian Yun quickly hid to the side. Fan Yilun pushed the door open and came in, and when he turned to close the door, Qian Yun’s figure flashed behind him and chopped on his neck. Fan Yilun only felt a heavy blow, He couldn’t react to any of it before his vision faded to black, losing consciousness.


At this moment, a tinge of red was finally returning to Xu Qi, after consuming two Green Mystique Fruits to heal himself and spitting out the clotted blood inside himself. The rainbow energy around him was blindingly bright.

“Alright, you’re almost done. Stop circulating your cultivation and begin suppressing the Green Mystique Fruit’s energy. You won’t be able to fully absorb them,” Black Tortoise suddenly spoke up.

Xu Qi slowly opened his eyes at hearing this, and the rainbow energy around him gradually faded. He revealed a smile and said, “Uncle, it truly is unexpected for the Green Mystique Fruit to have such healing effects. I can feel my body is now brimming with strength!”

“Stop being so happy just yet, damn brat. I can tell that your aura is still extremely unstable. The Green Mystique Fruit’s energy isn’t so easily absorbed. It healing your injuries to such an extent has already exceeded my expectations,” Black Tortoise told him.

Xu Qi didn’t reply. He slowly got off the bed to loosen up his body.

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open. A pale-faced Qian Yun threw the person she carried on her back onto the floor.

Both Xu Qi and Black Tortoise shifted their attention to the man on the ground upon seeing the look on her face.

The smile on Xu Qi’s face disappeared at the sight of the person’s face and asked, “Why did you bring him back? Could it be that the Fan Clan...?”

“You recognize him, Young Master? Who is he?” Qian Yun hesitated for a moment and asked. She was unfamiliar with Fan Yilun.

“His name is Fan Yilun, the Young Master of the Fan Clan. I met him three years ago. What exactly happened?” Xu Qi asked, creasing his brow.

“Oh, so he is the Young Master of Fan Clan. Then the other person should be the Fan Clan’s Patriarch. Young Master, I hope that you will keep calm after hearing what I have to say,” Qian Yun said.

Xu Qi’s heart tightened at hearing this, feeling a bad premonition. He nodded at Qian Yun.

“Earlier, I overheard his conversation with his father in the Fan Clan. Miss Cai was most likely in their Fan Clan, but she seemed to…” Qian Yun’s voice trailed off as she spoke, not daring to finish her sentence.

“Speak,” Xu Qi said plainly.

“They seemed to have bullied Miss Cai, but I’m not sure about the details. You’ll have to ask him about it,” Qian Yun said as she came to Fan Yilun’s side, wanting to wake up him.

Xu Qi’s expression turned grave, staring fixedly at Fan Yilun.

Qian Yun injected a hint of energy into Fan Yilun, and his eyes slowly opened. He stared in disbelief at seeing the pale-faced man standing before him, exclaiming, “Why are you here!?”

Translator’s Note: 

This chapter was pretty confusing to translate. The author was using Qian Yin and Qian Yun interchangeably, but based on chapter 173, Qian Yun and Xu Xiaomei were the ones sent to the Fan Clan and Lian Chengwei, while there weren’t any instructions to Qian Yin after she started crying, so I changed all Qian Yin(s) to Qian Yun. Also, there wasn’t any context that suggested two people had snuck into Fan Clan, except for the confusing use of Qian Yin and Qian Yun’s names.

(Editor’s Note: We forgive you.)

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