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Chapter 172 - Falling Into the Hands of the Devil

Edited by RED

“Fan Yilun, what did you bring me here for!?” Cai Xiaoxiao demanded.

“I already said, Miss Cai, I only saw you unintentionally on the streets and was worried for your safety. That was why I invited you to our place as a guest,” Fan Yilun chuckled.

Hearing this, Cai Xiaoxiao thought to herself, I was suddenly taken by Qian Yin to see Xu Qi. Fan Yilun couldn’t have known that she was there and set up an ambush for her. Could this really be a coincidence?

“Fan Yilun, what exactly do you want? Stop going around in circles with me. Now that I’m in your hands, kill me or whatever, just do it!” Cai Xiaoxiao said.

Fan Yilun slowly walked to her side, chuckling to himself. He squatted down and extended his hand to part her messy hair aside, taking a good look at Cai Xiaoxiao.

The current Cai Xiaoxiao was twenty years of age, in her prime of youth. She had a pair of peach cheeks and her face was the shape of an apricot, her eyes clear and teeth white. She was dressed in a white long dress, without a hint of makeup on her face, giving off a fresh, natural appearance that hid nothing, like the newly sprouted bud of a lotus that separates itself from the unrefined world. Her long and lustrous hair, that seemed to be strung together casually was only accessorized by a jade hairpin embedded with a red gemstone, hanging down smoothly. Her delicate and pretty appearance looked a little plain, yet left one unable to forget about her.

Fan Yilun became a little absorbed as he looked at Cai Xiaoxiao’s appearance, subconsciously gulping down a mouthful of saliva. He looked down a little, and saw the prideful twin peaks in front of her chest, and his heartbeat abruptly sped up.

Cai Xiaoxiao noticed the change in Fan Yilun and asked nervously, “Fan Yilun, what exactly do you want? Quickly let me go, and I can pretend that nothing happened today, not mentioning a word about this to my father.”

Fan Yilun seemed to not hear what she just said and grabbed her hollow sleeve, bringing it up to his nose as he took a deep breath.

“Hmm, not bad. I really like Miss Cai’s fragrance. The only flaw of yours is you missing an arm that was severed by Xu Qi back then. What a pity; you would be perfect otherwise,” Fan Yilun said with his eyes shut, revelling in his imagination.

Cai Xiaoxiao revealed a flustered look on her face immediately upon hearing this.

Fan Yilun slowly opened his eyes and let go of Cai Xiaoxiao’s sleeve, then extended his hand and touched her cheek. Cai Xiaoxiao hurriedly turned her face aside.

However, Fan Yilun suddenly grabbed her chin fiercely and said with a smile, “Did you know, Miss Cai? I have long taken a fancy to you. Today, I’ll have you become my woman!”

Then, Fan Yilun extended his other hand and reached into Cai Xiaoxiao’s long dress, caressing her thigh.

Right as Fan Yilun’s hand touched Cai Xiaoxiao’s skin, she began struggling as she screamed, “Stop it, Fan Yilun! My father will never let your Fan Clan go if you dare to molest me! Quickly stop!”

“Haha, scream all you want. We’re in my Fan Clan’s secret room. Your father will never hear you no matter how loud your screams are. No one can save you today!” Fan Yilun said as his expression turned savage, his hand under Cai Xiaoxiao’s dress moving upwards along her thigh.

At this moment, a loud roar came from the darkness behind Fan Yilun, “Stop it!”

Fan Yilun immediately stopped what he was doing at hearing this roar, and retracted his hand from Cai Xiaoxiao’s dress with his brow furrowed, turning his head to look behind him.

Cai Xiaoxiao felt as if she heard the voice of the heavens. A sense of relief overcame her as Fan Yilun stopped his indecent act, and she too, shifted her gaze to behind Fan Yilun.

Footsteps rang out from the darkness, and two figures slowly appeared in Cai Xiaoxiao and Fan Yilun’s vision.

Cai Xiaoxiao recognized one of them; Fan Yilun’s father, the Fan Clan’s Patriarch, Fan Ming. She had no idea who the handsome young man standing next to him was.

However, Cai Xiaoxiao turned doubtful when she saw the attire the young man was wearing. It was actually the attire of the number one cultivation school of Mirrorlink, the Undying School.

Fan Yilun hurriedly stood up when he realized who just came in. His complexion turned ugly as he greeted Fan Ming, “Father.” Then, he turned to the young man and said, “You’re here too, Young School Master.”

Paa! The Fan Clan’s patriarch, Fan Ming immediately slapped Fan Yilun and said angrily, “You trash, why did you abduct Cai Wubo’s daughter to our Fan Clan?! Are you trying to drive Cai Wubo crazy!? Quickly send her back and apologize to Cai Wubo!”

“Father, this…” Fan Yilun said in hesitation. After all, he had already abducted Cai Xiaoxiao. Even if he sent her home and apologized to Cai Wubo, the latter wouldn’t let him off easily.

“What? You’re not going to do it?!” Fan Ming roared.

Fan Yilun no longer dared to speak a word, seeing as his father was truly enraged and nodded unwillingly.

Cai Xiaoxiao let out a sigh of relief inwardly. It seems like Fan Ming still had reservations toward her father. If he hadn’t come here, who knows what would have happened?

At this moment, the young man who had been staring at Cai Xiaoxiao suddenly spoke out with a smile, “Patriarch Fan, I think there’s no need to send her back.”

Cai Xiaoxiao’s heart leapt up to her throat immediately at hearing this, looking nervously at the young man.

“Oh? What do you mean, Young School Master?” Fan Ming asked in puzzlement.

The young man pointed his finger and Cai Xiaoxiao and said, smiling, “This girl, I like her. Leave her to me.”

Fan Ming was frozen in place and stammered, “Isn’t this not too good, Young School Master? She’s the daughter of Cai Wubo, after all. If…”

“I’ll bear the responsibility if anything happens. How about it?” the young man smiled.

Fan Ming revealed a complicated look at hearing this, not knowing how should he respond.

A trace of resentment rose in Fan Yilun’s heart as he watched this young man bearing ill thoughts toward Cai Xiaoxiao. He actually vied for a woman with him? However, upon remembering the Young School Master’s status, he didn’t dare to say a word. He would never have the gall to offend someone even his father didn’t dare to.

The young man seemed to have seen through Fan Ming’s restraining fear toward Cai Wubo. He continued smiling and said, “Patriarch Fan, I can promise you whatever we discussed about earlier if you leave her to me.”

Fan Ming immediately showed a look of joy and hurriedly agreed, “Fine. Actually, I’m not afraid of that Cai Wubo, but I felt that the timing wasn’t right to go against him and didn’t want him to go crazy on me. Since Young School Master has said so, I wouldn’t say anything, either. I only hope that Young School Master would…”

“Patriarch Fan, I don’t need you to tell me what to do afterwards. I know for myself,” the young man said, his expression suddenly turning cold.

Seeing him acting like this, Fan Ming smiled awkwardly and reprimanded Fan Yilun, who was still staring at Cai Xiaoxiao, “What are you looking at? Come with me!”, before walking into the darkness.

Fan Yilun glanced at the young man in resentment and looked at Cai Xiaoxiao, whose face had turned pale, before quickly walking away.

The young man watched as Fan Yilun left and let out a cold humph. He slowly walked to Cai Xiaoxiao’s side and smiled at her.

“You’re the Young School Master of the Undying School?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked nervously. She had guessed it from the conversation between this young man and Fan Ming, as well as his attire. However, she didn’t dare to confirm this in her heart.

The young man squatted down and extended his hand, pinching on Cai Xiaoxiao’s chin, ignoring her struggles. On his handsome face, a hint of thought showed in his smile and said, “I didn’t think Cai Wubo would have such a pretty daughter, and was even so smart, to actually guess my identity. That’s right; I am the Young School Master of the Undying School, Bu Chenglin.”

This young man, who was feared by Fan Yilun, and even the Fan Clan’s Patriarch, Fan Ming, was none other than Bu Chenglin, the son of the Undying School’s School Master. However, she didn’t know why he would suddenly appear in the Fan Clan.

Cai Xiaoxiao was chilled to the core at Bu Chenglin’s admittance to his identity and spat at Bu Chenglin’s face.

He wasn’t angry, however. Instead, he smiled and wiped away the saliva on his face, before he suddenly slapped Cai Xiaoxiao forcefully.

Cai Xiaoxiao immediately felt her face burning up after the slap. She was seeing stars, and blood was flowing out from the corner of her mouth. However, she kept staring stubbornly at Bu Chenglin.

He extended his hand, wiping away the blood on Cai Xiaoxiao’s mouth. Then, he brought his hand to his mouth and licked it. He looked to be enjoying it as he said, “Not bad. Even your blood tastes good. I’m very fond of you.”

“You despicable, shameless vile character, what exactly do you want? Quickly let me go! Otherwise…” Cai Xiaoxiao warned Bu Chenglin with a pale complexion.

Pa! Before Cai Xiaoxiao could complete her sentence, she was struck by Bu Chenglin once more.

“Otherwise? Otherwise what? Your insignificant Cai Clan, it still intimidates trash like the Fan Clan. Our Undying School is not afraid of that Cai Clan of yours in the least. If it wasn’t for me taking a fancy to you, I could kill you just for your act of spitting on me earlier!” Bu Chenglin chided her.

Cai Xiaoxiao felt giddy after being slapped by Bu Chenglin again. After hearing what he just said, she screamed at him, “Kill me, come on! I spat on you, so what!? Pei, pei, pei, Kill me!”

Cai Xiaoxiao spat on Bu Chenglin three more times. Bu Chenglin never dodged any of them, allowing Cai Xiaoxiao’s saliva to hit his face.

Bu Chenglin picked up Cai Xiaoxiao’s hollow sleeve with a smile, wiping off the saliva on his face and said, “You wish to die? Sure, I’ll grant your wish... after I’m done toying with you!”

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