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Chapter 171 - Abducted

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Xu Xiaomei was at a loss for what to do at seeing this unfamiliar, single-armed woman kneeling before her, begging with a face full of tears. Qian Yin saw the situation from the side and hurriedly walked over, helping Cai Xiaoxiao up.

“Xiaomei, she was the Cai Xiaoxiao whose arm was severed by Young Master by mistake while trying to save him. Let her enter to see Young Master,” Qian Yin persuaded her.

Xu Xiaomei immediately recalled Xu Qi telling her about matters concerning Cai Xiaoxiao at hearing this. Back then, Xu Qi was surrounded in the Cai Clan’s courtyard. Mo Ling wanted to sneak attack Xu Qi, but was discovered by Cai Xiaoxiao, who tried to stop her. However, Xu Qi misunderstood Cai Xiaoxiao, thinking that she was trying to kill him, and chopped off her arm. He felt incredibly bitter about it when he found out the truth afterwards.

“Alright, but I don’t know whether Uncle will allow you in,” Xu Xiaomei said and stepped aside, opening the path into the room.

Cai Xiaoxiao hurriedly expressed her thanks when Xu Xiaomei moved aside. Qian Yin hesitated for a moment and walked in front, raising her hand to knock on the door.

At this moment, however, the door was opened gently. The Black Tortoise appeared before them.

“Why are you being so noisy?” Black Tortoise asked, looking at the group in front of the door.

“Uncle, she wants to visit Young Master. She saved Young Master’s life three years ago. Let her see him, will you?” Qian Yin asked, pointing her finger at Cai Xiaoxiao.

Hearing this, Black Tortoise looked at Cai Xiaoxiao and stepped to the side, saying, “Come in. But don’t make a sound.”

Cai Xiaoxiao quickly nodded and walked in.

Tears fell uncontrollably once more when Cai Xiaoxiao entered the room and saw Xu Qi lying on the bed. She quickly covered her mouth, afraid that she would cry out loud.

Black Tortoise gently closed the door and watched as Cai Xiaoxiao wept silently, shaking his head.

Cai Xiaoxiao’s body trembled slightly as she walked over to the bedside, looking at this man who was the subject of her thoughts these past three years.

Now, the darkness in the sky outside was replaced by the first light, shining through the window, gently enveloping the unconscious Xu Qi. His face was ghostly white; even though the sun rays had added some colors to his skin, it was still so white that it was almost transparent. The loose robe on him made him looked even frailer. However, even when he was in a coma, he still looked extraordinarily suave.

Seeing the look on Xu Qi now, a tear flowed down Cai Xiaoxiao’s finger, dripping on Xu Qi’s hand.

As this teardrop fell on Xu Qi’s hand, Cai Xiaoxiao noticed that Xu Qi’s hand twitched for a moment. Immediately after, Xu Qi showed a pained expression on his face, and his dry lips opened weakly, letting out a groan.

Standing behind Cai Xiaoxiao, Black Tortoise heard the pained groan Xu Qi let out and hurriedly walked in front of them.

Although Xu Qi was showing such an expression, he slowly opened his eyes.

Xu Qi squeezed out a smile when he opened his eyes and saw the silently weeping Cai Xiaoxiao standing in front of his bed.

Seeing this, Cai Xiaoxiao’s trembling worsened. She couldn’t hold it in anymore and called out, “Brother Qi.”

Cai Xiaoxiao calling Brother Qi was overheard by Xu Xiaomei, Qian Yin, and the others outside. They hurriedly pushed the door open and barged in. Upon seeing that Xu Qi had actually woken up, they were all agitated and surrounded the bed, each of them saying something.

At this moment, Cai Xiaoxiao silently exited the room, however, and left the institution.

Xu Qi looked at this group of people around him helplessly as they showed their concern towards him. He was feeling very gratified, but he swept his eyes across them and noticed that Cai Xiaoxiao was missing.

“Where’s Miss Cai?” Xu Qi asked weakly.

Qian Yin and the other quickly looked around at hearing this, and realized that Cai Xiaoxiao had gone missing.

Standing by the side, Black Tortoise smiled and said, “All of you were only thinking about this damn brat. That Miss from earlier left after you guys entered.”

Xu Qi tried to support himself into a sitting position at hearing this, but he realized that he wasn’t strong enough right now, and he couldn’t muster any strength.

Wen Xiang was quick to react and hurriedly stepped forward to support Xu Qi, saying in concern, “Qi’er, you just woke up, and your body is very weak. Just tell us to do anything you require.”

“Aunt, I’m fine,” Xu Qi said.

“Young Master, I’ll go find Cai Xiaoxiao. Just wait here,” Qian Yin understood what was was Xu Qi’s mind and said.

Xu Qi nodded and said, “Qian Yin, find her and bring her back. I have to apologize to her properly. I owe her too much.”

QIan Yin nodded and quickly left the room to search for Cai Xiaoxiao.


At this moment, Cai Xiaoxiao was walking on the road in low spirits, her head lowered. The reason why she chose to leave after Xu Qi woke up was because she was afraid of Xu Qi seeing her without an arm. She hoped that her original image would remain in his heart.

Just as Cai Xiaoxiao walked into an alley with her head lowered, two shadows suddenly flashed and landed behind her. One of them raised their hand and formed a swordhand, chopping down on her, knocking her out. They then threw her over their shoulder and immediately left the area.


Meanwhile, Qian Yin was searching for Cai Xiaoxiao along the way back to the Cai Clan. Even after arriving at the Cai Clan, she didn’t see Cai Xiaoxiao. Left without a choice, she went to look for the Cai Clan’s patriarch, Cai Wubo.

Upon learning that Cai Xiaoxiao had gone missing, he hurriedly sent men out to look for her, while Qian Yin continued her search everywhere.

Qian Yin searched the greater half of the city, and came to the alley where Cai Xiaoxiao was knocked unconscious. She accidentally spotted a pearl on the ground and hurriedly picked it up.

She took a closer look at it at found that this pearl seemed to be from the clothes Cai Xiaoxiao was wearing. Qian Yin was appalled and hurriedly searched the areas nearby.

In the end, Qian Yin didn’t manage to find anything else and returned to the Cai Clan. She learned from Cai Wubo that they didn’t manage to find her either, and quickly returned to the institution Xu Qi was recuperating in.

After entering Xu Qi’s room, Qian Yin clenched her fist holding the pearl even tighter and walked up to Xu Qi’s bed.

Xu Qi saw the poor complexion on Qian Yin’s face and sighed, asking, “Is she unwilling to come?”

Qian Yin shook her head and showed him the pearl, saying, “Young Master, Sister Cai might have met with trouble.”

“What?!” Xu Qi immediately cried out in agitation.

“I didn’t manage to find any trace of her when I went searching for her earlier, all the way to the Cai Clan. In the end, the Cai Clan’s Patriarch has sent men to search for her, too. However, I found this pearl that belonged to Sister Cai in an alley not far from here,” Qian Yin said.

“Qian Yin, inform Xu Chen to quickly send people to look for Miss Cai. Tell me at once if there’s any news,” Xu Qi instructed anxiously as he started coughing, causing Wen Xiang to ache a little at seeing this.

Qian Yin quickly turned to go look for Xu Chen after hearing this, to discuss this matter. At this moment, she was the one who was feeling the most terrible, as she was the one who brought Cai Xiaoxiao to see Xu Qi. Now that something had happened, she felt incredibly guilty. It would be fine if they could locate Cai Xiaoxiao, but if something bad were to happen to her, how was she supposed to face Xu Qi, or Cai Wubo?

Xu Qi was still obviously agitated after Qian Yin left. He sent Xu Xiaomei and Qian Yun out one after the other to help Qian Yin search for Cai Xiaoxiao, leaving only Wen Xiang and Black Tortoise by his side.

Seeing Xu Qi acting so anxious, Black Tortoise reprimanded, “Damn brat, why do I find that after you woke up from your coma, your brain has become so bad? Are you sure you will be able to find that girl by sending your men everywhere?”

“What do you mean, Uncle?” Xu Qi asked.

“From what I heard, the family that girl belongs to is a prominent clan. Qian Yin had searched with the others for such a long time, and only found a pearl from her attire. Isn’t it obvious that something has happened to her? Think for yourself; who are her enemies? Just look for her there, and you’ll find her,” Black Tortoise said.

Xu Qi nodded in agreement at hearing this, and said to Wen Xiang, “Aunt, please go get Qian Yin and Xu Chen back here.”

Wen Xiang nodded and slowly walked out the room to look for Qian Yin and Xu Chen.

After Wen Xiang left, Xu Qi began pondering over who would abduct Cai Xiaoxiao. He had never been in the capital for the last three years. The only ones he knew that had grudges with the Cai Clan were the Fan Clan and the Sire, Lian Chengwei.

“Who could it be?” Xu Qi mumbled.


At the same time, Cai Xiaoxiao, who was knocked out previously, slowly opened her eyes. She discovered that her limbs were tied up. She was unable to break free after struggling for a bit, and looked around her surroundings.

She realized that she couldn’t see anything in this place. Everywhere was dark, and her vision was limited to where she was.

“It’s been a long time, Miss Cai,” a voice rang out from the darkness.

Cai Xiaoxiao hurriedly looked in the direction the voice came from, and saw that a figure stood within the darkness, but she couldn’t discern their appearance.

“Who are you, and why did you capture me?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked.

“Haha, I didn’t want to capture you, Miss Cai, but I saw you walking around aimlessly on the streets unintentionally, and was worried about you. That was why I invited you here,” that person said.

Cai Xiaoxiao felt the voice sounded familiar at hearing it. When the person was finished speaking, someone immediately came to Cai Xiaoxiao’s mind, and she exclaimed, “Fan Yilun! Drop your act; I can recognize your voice!”

That figure let out a chuckle, and slowly walked over to Cai Xiaoxiao’s side at hearing this.

When Cai Xiaoxiao saw the person’s appearance clearly, she said, “It’s you, as I thought; the Young Master of Fan Clan, Fan Yilun!”

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