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Chapter 170 - Rushing To Meet

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Although Qian Yin and the others were injured, their senses were still sharp. In just a short while after the black shadow started tailing them, most of them had noticed the presence of this person. 

The Luo Xiang House’s Gu Bin wanted to take action, but Qian Yin shook her head at him. He didn’t know what her intentions were, but Wen Xiang had instructed that everyone from the Luo Xiang House was to follow her orders. Now that Qian Yin had forbidden him from taking any actions, he could only let it go.

However, the group soon entered an alley. Qian Yin and Qian Yun exchanged glances and leapt up to the roof simultaneously, sending palm strikes at a dark corner.

Immediately after, the area they struck let out a out, and a black figure was forced to show himself. Even so, the black figure’s reaction speed was incredibly quick. Right when he was forced out, he quickly flew off to the distance.

Qian Yun had thought to give chase, but was stopped by Qian Yin, saying, “Sister, don’t make any troubles at this time. It’s more important for us to go to Young Master’s place.”

Hearing this, Qian Yun nodded, and the two jumped back down, leading the rest towards the institution Xu Qi was recuperating in.

On the way, both Qian Yin and Qian Yun were considering this matter. We just entered the capital, and no else else knew of this. Why would we be followed? Who could it possibly be?


At this moment, the black figure that escaped after being struck by Qian Yin and Qian Yun was constantly changing his directions. After confirming there were no pursuers, he staggered into a large institution. On the entrance of this large institution, the words “Fan Clan” were written on a signboard hanged over the doors.


Soon, Qian Yun brought the rest to the courtyard Xu Qi was resting in. Just as she was about to push the door open, a golden light flashed, and Xu Xiaomei appeared before them.

Upon realizing that it was Qian Yin and the others, Xu Xiaomei didn’t say a word and pushed the door open, entering the room. Everyone understood that Xu Xiaomei was protecting Xu Qi and didn’t say a word, following her into the room.

Wen Xiang was standing in the courtyard, showing an exhausted look when they arrived. She was discussing something with Xu Chen, and nodded at the rest when she noticed their arrival.

Qian Yin quickly walked up to Wen Xiang and asked, “Aunt Wen, how is Young Master?”

“Ai, he’s still unconscious. That person said that Qi’er had exhausted all his energy, and had been struck heavily. His body became extremely weak, and that person was unsure when Qi’er will regain consciousness. However, you can rest assured that there is no threat to his life,” Wen Xiang said.

Naturally, Wen Xiang was referring to Black Tortoise when she said “that person.” Earlier, she was asked to remain in the room by the Black Tortoise, because he couldn’t manipulate his energy to heal Xu Qi, and thus guided Wen Xiang to regulate Xu Qi’s condition. However, this drained considerable energy from her, leading to her current state of exhaustion.

Qian Yin nodded silently at Wen Xiang’s words. She slowly walked to the stone table and sat down. At this moment, her complexion wasn’t looking great, either. She had also been injured in the fight against Yu Qingzi previously, and on her way here, she was worrying about Xu Qi and had not rested, leaving her to be in a bad state right now.

Xu Chen brought the men from Luo Xiang House and the injured Constellation Guards to a huge mansion he had arranged. He too, was a part of the Constellation Guards, and felt an ache in his heart at seeing his fellow Constellation Guards being injured. However, he already knew that their injuries were caused by Wen Xiang. He would never have the gall to find trouble with his Young Master’s aunt. He didn’t even make a sound in complaint.

At this moment, Di Ke’er, who had been standing around in the courtyard, walked to Wen Xiang’s side and said politely, “You’re Aunt Wen, right? I’m Di Ke’er, also one of Xu Clan’s. May I go in to visit Young Master?”

Wen Xiang didn’t notice Di Ke’er when the others arrived at this institution. It was only now that the latter spoke to her that she realized there was someone there she hadn’t seen before.

Even so, Wen Xiang didn’t respond to her. Standing next to Wen Xiang, Xu Xiaomei directly said coldly, “Young Master needs to rest. No one is allowed to disturb him.”

Di Ke’er was a little angry in her heart, but she didn’t say anything at seeing the cold expression on Xu Xiaomei. Instead, she walked over to Qian Yin’s side.

Seeing this, Qian Yin asked softly, “Sister Di, why did you come to the capital? Did something come up?”

Di Ke’er sighed and told her about the news she had gotten in Firesoul, about the Shadow Wind Sect collaborating with the Monarchy Pavilion to pursue the four Nightwatchers.

Qian Yin furrowed her brow upon hearing the news, not saying a word. She, who had always been calm and collected, was actually feeling lost right now.

Wen Xiang had overheard what Di Ke’er said from the side. She walked over to Qian Yin and patted her back, consoling, “Oh, Qian Yin, don’t forget that there’s still Aunt Wen here. Qi’er’s matters are my matters. If there’s anything you need me to do, just say the word.”

“Thank you, Aunt Wen, but now that Young Master is in this state, and we are all injured, too. I really don’t know what should we do,” Qian Yin said, as tears fell from her eyes.

Di Ke’er felt her nose turning sour at this sight. Ever since she had known Qian Yin, she had never seen Qian Yin tearing up before. No matter what issues she was faced with, she would always be calm about it. Now that she was actually tearing up, it seemed like she was shaken up by this matter.

Wen Xiang brought Qian Yin into her embrace, consoling her. At this moment, she hated herself to the core. If it wasn’t for her capturing the Constellation Guards, Xu Qi wouldn’t have rushed to Earthdream, and he wouldn’t have encountered the Imperial Void Valley. Though, if it wasn’t for all this, she wouldn’t have reunited with Xu Qi. Perhaps, this was fate.

Qian Yin suddenly thought of something in Wen Xiang’s embrace. She quickly stood up and wiped away the tears on her face, saying, “Aunt Wen, I’m going to find someone and bring her here.”

“Who is it?” Wen Xiang asked.

“It’s someone Young Master had always wanted to meet, but didn’t dare to. But I know Young Master would want to see her the moment he wakes up,” Qian Yin said and left the institution, leaving the others confused.


Qian Yin, who forcefully endured her injuries and left, was speeding towards the Cai Clan’s mansion. Following the familiar road, she soon arrived at Cai Xiaoxiao’s room. She entered the room and came to the young woman’s bedside.

At this moment, Cai Xiaoxiao was sleeping peacefully. She suddenly felt someone touching her head, and snapped her eyes open in shock. When she saw that it was actually Qian Yin who came, Cai Xiaoxiao immediately revealed a smile.

“Sister, why did you come at this time? Hmm? Your complexion doesn’t look good,” Cai Xiaoxiao said as she supported herself up with her only arm.

“Sister, I came here to inform you something, but it’s your own decision whether you’re going,” Qian Yin hesitated for a moment and said.

“Where, and what for? I’ll hear it before making a decision, hehe,” Cai Xiaoxiao said with a mischievous smile.

“Young Master has come to the capital,” Qian Yin said, looking at Cai Xiaoxiao.

Hearing this, Cai Xiaoxiao froze in place, her eyes wide, looking at Qian Yin in disbelief.

“Sister, you’re not joking with me, are you?” Cai Xiaoxiao asked deliberately.

“No, he had indeed come to the capital. I’m here to ask whether you want to meet him,” Qian Yin said.

Cai Xiaoxiao’s body began trembling at Qian Yin’s confirmation. Her lips seemed to be trembling, too. She lowered her head, looking at her hollow sleeve and said, “With my current appearance, I’d better not meet him.”

“Sister, Young Master was heavily injured, and is currently in a coma. Are you sure you don’t want to go see him?” Qian Yin asked.

Cai Xiaoxiao immediately raised her head and stood up barefooted. She extended her only arm and grabbed Qian Yin’s shoulder, asking anxiously while tears rolled out from her eyes, “Sister, what happened to Brother Qi? What exactly happened to him?!”

“Ai, dress up and come with me,” Qian Yin sighed and said.

Cai Xiaoxiao no longer spoke and frantically grabbed her clothes by the side and put them on, leaving the Cai Clan with Qian Yin. They headed straight towards the institution where Xu Qi was recuperating. When they left, Cai Xiaoxiao even forgot to close her doors.

After Qian Yin and Cai Xiaoxiao left, the Cai Clan’s patriarch, Cai Wubo silently appeared in front of Cai Xiaoxiao’s room. He stood there for a while and sighed, before shutting the doors and leaving.

In the three years since Cai Xiaoxiao had lost her arm, Cai Wubo had known that a mysterious woman with terrifying strength would often come visit his daughter. In the beginning, he was still guarded against her, but after Cai Xiaoxiao told him that Qian Yin was her friend, Cai Wubo no longer had an opinion about it.


When Wen Xiang and the others saw Qian Yin bringing the single-armed Cai Xiaoxiao into the institution, every one of them had confused looks on their faces.

Cai Xiaoxiao, whose complexion wasn’t looking great, didn’t get Qian Yin to introduce the people around them. Instead, she asked Qian Yin anxiously, “Sister, where is Brother Qi?”

Qian Yin raised her hand and pointed at the room Xu Qi was in.

At this moment, Xu Qi was all that was in her mind. Meeting Xu Qi was the only thing she wanted to do. Upon seeing the direction Qian Yin was pointing at, Cai Xiaoxiao immediately ran toward the room, wanting to push the doors open.

However, Xu Xiaomei, who had been keeping her eyes on Cai Xiaoxiao, flashed over and stood in Cai Xiaoxiao’s way, saying coldly, “Young Master is recuperating right now. No one is allowed to enter!”

Cai Xiaoxiao blanked out for a moment at hearing this and looked at Xu Xiaomei. In the next moment, she did something that no one would have expected.

Cai Xiaoxiao knelt in front of Xu Xiaomei with a plop, and pleaded with her face full of tears, “I beg you, please let me see Brother Qi.”

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