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Chapter 169 - The Nightwatch in Trouble

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The private cabin’s windows were suddenly opened, and a graceful white silhouette flew in, appearing in the room. Upon a closer look, it was Qian Yun who just arrived.

“Sister Di, why did you leave Firesoul and came here?” Qian Yin asked the white-clothed woman with a smile.

This woman addressed as “Sister Di” was, of course, the Misty Tower disciple Di Ke’er, who was saved by Xu Qi years ago. Di Ke’er was a little surprised at Qian Yun’s sudden appearance, not sure whether she was the younger or older sister. It was only when she saw the white clothes that Di Ke’er confirmed it was the younger of the twins, Qian Yun.

Di Ke’er quickly walked over to Qian Yun and picked up her hands, asking anxiously, “Sister, where’s Qian Yin?”

“My elder sister is on the way here to the capital. It shouldn’t take long before she arrives. I’m about to go receive her. Why? Did something happen on your side?” Qian Yun asked.

Di Ke’er felt a sense of relief at hearing Qian Yin was about to reach the capital. She thought for a moment and said, with her brow furrowed, “Right, the reason I rushed back from FiresouI was indeed because I have something to report to Qian Yin. The Monarchy Pavilion seems to be plotting something against us.”

“The Monarchy Pavilion is plotting against us? Are you sure? We haven’t offended them at all in these years. Why are they going to take action against us?” Qian Yun asked doubtfully.

“Sister, I received news some time ago that the Shadow Wind Sect actually sent someone to meet with the Monarchy Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, Wang Decai. They requested to cooperate to kill some people, and their targets were, in fact, our Xu Clan’s men,” Di Ke’er explained.

“Kill our men? Who? It’s that Shadow Wind Sect again. Why are they always tangling with us?” Qian Yun complained with a pout.

Hearing this, Di Ke’er felt a little doubtful and asked, “Sister, did you say, ‘again’? The Shadow Wind Sect messed with you?”

“Exactly! Even Young Master…” Qian Yun immediately covered her mouth as she spoke.

Seeing Qian Yun acting like this, Di Ke’er asked, staring at Qian Yun, “Young Master? Sister, are you hiding something from me? Could Young Master be back?”

Three years ago, when they left the Godsward Villa, Di Ke’er had asked about Xu Qi’s whereabouts. At that time, Qian Yin only told her that Xu Qi went out to handle some matters, without saying where he went. However, when she went to the nation of Firesoul to gather information on the Monarchy Pavilion, she found out some matters regarding Xu Qi at the same time. Naturally, she had found out about Xu Qi possibly meeting with an accident.

“What could I possibly hide from you, sister? You’re no outsider,” Qian Yun said coquettishly, holding Di Ke’er’s hand.

Di Ke’er rolled her eyes at Qian Yun and said, “Sister, Qian Yin, that girl, lied to me three years ago. Do you really think I’m unaware that something happened to Young Master? Are you thinking that I did nothing all these years in Firesoul? Speak, quickly, is there news of Young Master?”

Seeing as it was no longer possible to hide this matter, Qian Yun sighed and said, “I’m sorry, Sister Di. We shouldn’t have kept it from you. Young Master returned some time ago, but he has met with some troubles, and is now injured and unconscious.”

Di Ke’er was ecstatic upon hearing Xu Qi had returned, but upon learning that he was injured and unconscious, she immediately asked anxiously, “Young Master has really returned? He’s injured and unconscious? This… What exactly happened?!”

After which, Qian Yun told Di Ke’er about the Constellation Guards being tasked with eliminating the Mo Clan in Earthdream, and them being captured by Wen Xiang. This was followed by Xu Qi bringing her and Qian Yin to save them, and realizing that Wen Xiang was in fact Xu Qi’s biological aunt, and Wen Xiang deciding to return to Rivulet City with Xu Qi to help him. But they were met with the issue of traitors surfacing in the Luo Xiang House, bringing the Shadow Wind Sect and the Imperial Void Valley’s men to Xu Qi, leading to a battle, and finally Xu Qi getting injured and losing consciousness.

However, Qian Yun didn’t tell Di Ke’er anything about Xu Xiaomei and the Black Tortoise, or about the Constellation Guards and the twins being injured.

After hearing about all this, Di Ke’er hurriedly asked, “Where is Young Master now?”

“He’s within the capital. Fifth Brother has arranged a quiet institution to let Young Master recuperate,” Qian Yun answered.

“Ah! He’s in the capital! Let’s go, bring me to see him!” Di Ke’er pulled on Qian Yun’s arm, heading outside upon hearing that Xu Qi was actually in the capital. However, Qian Yun pulled Di Ke’er back.

“Sister Di, there are people taking care of Young Master now. Even if you go find him, you won’t get to see him. Moreover, I still have to go receive my sister and the others outside the city. Also, what was the matter about the Monarchy Pavilion allying with the Shadow Wind Sect to kill our Xu Clan’s men?” Qian Yun asked.

Di Ke’er patted her forehead. She had become too agitated at hearing news on Xu Qi, and had forgotten about such an important matter.

“Then we’ll go find Young Master later. I’ll go pick up Qian Yin with you first, and we’ll talk about the rest later,” Di Ke’er said, pulling on Qian Yun to leave again.

Helpless about it, Qian Yun could only head outside the city to receive Qian Yin and the others.

After leaving the city, Di Ke’er told Qian Yun in detail about the information she had gathered in Firesoul while they waited for Qian Yin and the others. It was regarding the Shadow Wind Sect cooperating with the Monarchy Pavilion to kill the Xu Clan’s men.

This time, the reason why Shadow Wind Sect was working with the Monarchy Pavilion to chase after the Xu Clan’s men was because of the four mysterious Nightwatchers. While they were scouting for information in the nation of Ghosteem, some conflict arose between them and the Shadow Wind Sect’s men. After which, the Shadow Wind Sect sent out a number of experts to surround them, but unexpectedly, they couldn’t capture the Nightwatchers, and even lost quite a few of their own. In the end, the four Nightwatchers escaped to Firesoul for some unknown reason. The Shadow Wind Sect’s Sect Master was enraged and continued sending people to infiltrate Firesoul, chasing after the four.

However, the nation of Firesoul was the Monarchy Pavilion’s territory, after all. The Shadow Wind Sect sent men to look for the Monarchy Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, Wang Decai, and offered generous remunerations to have the Monarchy Pavilion assist them in finding and killing the four Nightwatchers.

Di Ke’er knew the four of them. Upon learning of this news, she tried using the Xu Clan’s secret communication method to contact them. However, the four Nightwatchers never showed themselves, and Di Ke’er heard that the Monarchy Pavilion had spread the word that they had heavily injured one of them.

Di Ke’er was already burning with anxiety, and she didn’t get any replies from the men she sent out to contact Qian Yin. As such, she decided to personally make a trip back to Rivulet City to look for Qian Yin to discuss on this matter.

Qian Yun’s expression turned grave after hearing all this. She hadn’t expected the four Nightwatchers would actually offend the Shadow Wind Sect, and even be chased to Firesoul. Not only that, one of them was heavily injured. It looked like things weren’t looking great.

Furthermore, eleven of the Xu Clan’s Twelve Constellation Guards were injured. Their Young Master Xu Qi was also heavily injured and in a coma. Only her and her sister’s injuries were slightly lighter. What should we do?

Di Ke’er saw the expression on Qian Yun and asked directly, “Sister, why is your complexion so bad? Are you still hiding something from me?”

Qian Yun nodded and said, “Sister Di, on this trip to Earthdream, not only is Young Master injured, eleven of the Constellation Guards, my sister, and I were also injured. In the entire Xu Clan, Fifth Brother and you are the only ones in good condition. I’m afraid we can’t provide much help on Firesoul’s side.”

“The Constellation Guards and you sisters are all injured?” Di Ke’er asked in shock.

“Me and my sister’s injuries are on the lighter side, while the Constellation Guards’ injuries are more severe,” Qian Yun added.

Di Ke’er was stunned in place at hearing this. The entire Xu Clan’s core personnel were injured, and even the four Nightwatchers are being pursued. What should we do?

“But, Sister Di, we don’t have to be so pessimistic. Let’s wait for Young Master to wake up. Perhaps he will have some ideas. Also, there are two incredibly powerful people by Young Master’s side. I’m afraid even with our entire Xu Clan, we wouldn’t be able to defeat one of them,” Qian Yun said.

“Ah? There is even such a matter? That’s not right; if such people were by Young Master’s side, why would you guys suffer such huge losses, and Young Master even be in a coma?” Di Ke’er asked doubtfully.

Qian Yun shook her head helplessly and said, “There were still some complications in all this. I’ll tell you about it next time. We’ll wait for my elder sister to come and tell her about this matter first. We’ll see if she has any plans.”

Di Ke’er nodded, not wanting to think about those frustrating matters. Xu Qi’s figure sprang up in her mind. It has been three years since she last saw him, who knew if there were any changes to him?

Just like this, the two waited outside the city. When dawn was almost upon them, they saw Qian Yin leading the injured Constellation Guards and the Luo Xiang House’s men approaching.

Qian Yin was a little shocked at seeing Di Ke’er standing next to Qian Yun when she arrived.

“Sister Qian Yin, are your injuries alright?” Di Ke’er hurriedly went up to Qian Yin and asked in concern.

Qian Yin immediately rolled her eyes at Qian Yun, thinking that this sister of hers truly had a loose mouth, telling everything to Di Ke’er.

Although Qian Yin blamed her sister in her heart, she smiled and shook her head at Di Ke’er’s question, indicating that she was fine.

Di Ke’er looked at the Constellation Guards behind Qian Yin. Two trails of tears appeared on her cheeks at seeing the injuries on them.

“Sister, how is Young Master? Is everything in order?” Qian Yin asked Qian Yun.

“Let’s go, sister. Everything was arranged properly. I’ll bring you to where he is,” Qian Yun said and led everyone into the capital.

Just as they entered the capital, a black shadow silently appeared, tailing behind them.

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