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Chapter 168 - Returning to the Capital

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Everyone revealed a look of confusion and puzzlement upon seeing the frighteningly powerful Black Tortoise suddenly spitting out a mouthful of black blood.

Xu Xiaomei understood that the poison in Black Tortoise had yet to be fully purged, and hurriedly asked in concern, “Uncle, is the poison still in your body? Are you alright?”

Black Tortoise shook his head and smiled bitterly, saying, “That poison is truly mysterious; it wouldn’t be removed completely so easily. I only sealed it within my body, but this time I forcefully manipulated the energy in my body, allowing the poison to corrode me once more. Otherwise, I would never let them off so easily.”

Everyone immediately understood from the conversation between Black Tortoise and Xu Xiaomei why he would let Yu Yezi’s group go after displaying such might. So it turned out to be that Black Tortoise had yet to fully recover from the poison he was afflicted with. However, they still didn’t understand who could possibly poison the man who was able to force the Imperial Void Valley’s Valley Master, and even made him unable to completely neutralize it, leaving him with no choice but to seal it within his body. It seemed like it was no ordinary poison!

Black Tortoise looked at Xu Qi and sighed, saying, “Let’s go quickly. If they realize the situation and turned back, I’m afraid we’ll really have to fight for our lives.”

Xu Xiaomei gently carried Xu Qi up at hearing this, and beckoned for everyone to continue on their road.

On the other hand, the Black Tortoise just stood there, waiting for everyone to move ahead. He was the last to leave, worried that Yu Yezi’s group would return.

On the way, Xu Xiaomei kept carrying the unconscious Xu Qi. Wen Xiang and the twins tried taking over Xu Qi from Xu Xiaomei, but were rejected.


As the group slowly arrived at the mountain by the borders, the other group from Luo Xiang House led by a man called Gu Bin were already waiting for them for quite some time. When they saw Xu Xiaomei carrying Xu Qi in her arms, and the other injured personnel behind, such as Du Ming, their expressions turned grave.

Gu Bin hurried over to Wen Xiang’s side as he looked at Du Ming and the remaining men from Luo Xiang House, asking doubtfully, “Master, what happened? Where are the others?”

Hearing this, Wen Xiang sighed and brought Gu Bin to the side, telling him in detail about Wang Huan sending information to the Shadow Wind Sect and rebelling against the Luo Xiang House with the group he was leading.

Gu Bin was furious at learning this and said, “Master, where is Wang Huan?! I'll shred him to pieces!”

“He has already died under Du Ming and the others’ hands, but what a loss to the brothers who lost their lives,” Wen Xiang lamented, thinking about the men who had lost their lives today.

Gu Bin sighed on hearing this. He didn't expect such a huge matter to occur in the short time they were separated. He looked at Xu Qi and asked softly, “Master, what happened to that young master?”

“Qi’er fought with the Imperial Void Valley, and was injured by their First Elder, Yu Qingzi. Though, that Yu Qingzi had one of his arms severed by Qi’er, too. If it wasn't for their Valley Master, Yu Yezi, arriving in the nick of time, Yu Qingzi would be undoubtedly dead!” Wen Xiang said. As she spoke, a hint of killing intent flashed across her eyes at the mentioning of Yu Qingzi. She thoroughly hated him for injuring Xu Qi severely.

“The Imperial Void Valley’s First Elder? He even severed his arm? What a guy, this Young Master!” Gu Bin exclaimed in shock.

Wen Xiang only nodded at Gu Bin’s words. As she conversed with him, her gaze was always on Xu Qi, who was still in Xu Xiaomei’s arms, showing a worried expression on her face. However, she was slightly relieved at the sight of Black Tortoise standing next to Xu Xiaomei.

Qian Yin walked to Xu Xiaomei's side and looked at Xu Qi, saying, “Xiaomei, now that Young Master is in this state, why don't we forgo returning to Rivulet City first? After we leave the Mt Border, the capital isn't too far off. Why not head there first and find a place to heal Young Master? Is it alright?”

Xu Xiaomei pondered for a moment at hearing this, thinking that her suggestion was not bad and nodded.

Seeing as Xu Xiaomei had agreed to her suggestion, Qian Yin went to look for Wen Xiang and told her about it. The latter expressed her agreement, too. Then, Qian Yin brought Qian Yun aside and whispered some words into her ear, telling her to head to the capital city to arrange things first.

After Qian Yun left, Qian Yin and Wen Xiang discussed for another short while, deciding to have Xu Xiaomei and Wen Xiang bring Xu Qi to the capital first, while Qian Yin would continue travelling with the injured Constellation Guards and the others from the Luo Xiang House.

After arranging all this, Xu Xiaomei carried Xu Qi on her back and called Wen Xiang along, heading to the capital ahead of the others. The Black Tortoise, who hadn't spoke a word as they travelled, followed them.


When Xu Xiaomei, Wen Xiang, and Black Tortoise arrived at the capital city's gates with Xu Qi on Xu Xiaomei's back, it was already nighttime. Qian Yun was waiting there by the city entrance, freshly dressed in white once more.

Qian Yun led them, sneaking into the city. However, before they entered, Black Tortoise took over the duty of carrying Xu Qi on his back from Xu Xiaomei.

Soon, Qian Yun brought them to a secluded institution. After entering, the boss of Qi Kai Restaurant, Xu Chen was already there, waiting for them. When he saw the unconscious Xu Qi on the Black Tortoise’s back, the veins on his face popped out in anger, giving off a murderous air.

Xu Chen had understood from Qian Yun, who came earlier, that Xu Qi was injured. He wanted to wait for them by the city entrance as well, but Qian Yun was worried that Xu Chen would expose his identity, and didn't agree to let him come along.

They entered a room, and Xu Qi was gently brought down from the Black Tortoise’s back and laid on the bed. Black Tortoise told Wen Xiang to remain, while asking the others to leave, stating that he needed to heal Xu Qi’s injuries.

Xu Xiaomei and Qian Yun then prepared to leave, but unexpectedly, Xu Chen insisted on staying, saying that he was worried. In the end, he was kicked out of the room by Qian Yun.

Xu Xiaomei, Qian Yun, and Xu Chen left the room, sitting in the courtyard by a stone table. Their gazes were all fixed on the room Xu Qi was in.

“Fifth Brother, have you arranged the place for the others to stay in?” Qian Yun suddenly asked.

“Don’t worry, Sister Yun. It’s all arranged. I wonder when will Sister Yin and the others arrive?” Xu Chen immediately replied.

“I don’t know, Brother Zi and the others are all injured. Their travelling speed won’t be fast. Since Young Master had settled down, I’ll return to provide help to the others. Take care of Young Master,” Qian Yun said and stood up, prepared to leave. Although she didn’t wish to leave here, Qian Yin was leading the injured Constellation Guards, and she was worried about them, thinking of going to support them.

“Don’t leave first, Sister Yun. I have something to report,” Xu Chen hurriedly stood up and said.

Hearing this, Qian Yun asked doubtfully, “What is it?”

Xu Chen hesitated for a while and said, “Sister Yun, that Sister Di is here.”

“Di Ke’er? Isn’t she at the nation of Firesoul? Why is she here? Where is she now?” Qian Yun asked.

“I don’t know. She came looking for me at the restaurant, looking for Sister Yin. She said that she has some matter to report, and I immediately arranged for someone to contact you guys in Rivulet City. Who knew you would be here shortly after my man left,” Xu Chen said.

“Did you tell her about Young Master returning?” Qian Yun asked.

“No, Sister Yun. I, Fifth Brother, am not someone with a loose mouth. Of course I didn’t tell her about Young Master’s return. However, I noticed that her complexion seemed a little off. It looks like she really had some important matters to look for Sister Yin. Why don’t you go ask her?” Xu Chen said.

Qian Yun thought of Di Ke’er at hearing this. The latter followed the Misty Tower’s Elder, Nangong Fang, to Rivulet City over ten years ago to contest for the egg of the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix, but was plotted against by her Senior Sister, Shui Qingyu, and almost lost her life.

By some coincidence, Di Ke’er was saved by Xu Qi, but her cultivation was crippled. In the end, Xu Qi kept her in the villa. The strong-minded Di Ke’er was unwilling to be useless trash, and tried her hardest cultivating once more. In the end, she exceeded Xu Qi’s expectations and cultivated from the lowest Essence realm, all the way back to her previous cultivation level with Xu Qi’s help.

Three years ago, before Qian Yin burned the villa down, she arranged for Di Ke’er to go to Firesoul, tasked with gathering information on the Monarchy Pavilion. Di Ke’er hadn’t returned since then. Now, she had suddenly came back. No one knew why she had done so.

“Fifth Brother, where is she now? I’ll go meet her first,” Qian Yun thought for a moment and said.

“I arranged for her to stay in the Qi Kai Restaurant’s Heaven character private cabin. Should I bring you there?” Xu Chen asked.

“No need. Just stay here to take care of Young Master. I’ll go find her myself,” Qian Yin said and sped off, disappearing into the night.

Xu Chen’s mouth was open. It looked like he had yet to finish his words, and Qian Yun had already left. He let out a sigh and shifted his gaze onto Xu Xiaomei.

Previously in the Xu Clan, Xu Chen had witnessed Xu Xiaomei’s terrifying strength. But just as that matter was resolved, he was sent back here to the capital by his leader, Xu Zi, to convey a message to Qian Yin. Even now, he had no idea of Xu Xiaomei’s identity.

“That, erm, how should I address you? What’s your relation with our Young Master?” Xu Chen asked, looking a little gossipy.

Hearing this, Xu Xiaomei glanced at Xu Chen and replied plainly, “Xu Xiaomei.”

“Xu Xiaomei?” Xu Chen was confused at hearing those words. He thought to inquire further, but Xu Xiaomei stood up and walked towards Xu Qi’s room, obviously not intending to speak with him any more.

Seeing this, Xu Chen shut his mouth tactfully and slowly walked to Xu Qi’s room, standing outside. Just like this, he and Xu Xiaomei stood outside the door, acting like guards, each of them standing on a side.

At this moment, in the Heaven character cabin of Qi Kai Restaurant, a woman dressed in white was pacing back and forth, showing a worried look on her face. She seemed to be mumbling something.

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