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Chapter 167 - Repelling Enemies With A Single Palm

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Xu Xiaomei hesitated for a moment on hearing what Xu Qi said. She slowly moved aside, allowing Xu Qi to face Yu Yezi directly. However, she only moved a single step, and her gaze was always fixed on Yu Yezi, in case he made a move on Xu Qi.

Yu Yezi looked at the bloodied Xu Qi as he was supported and asked plainly, “So you’re that Young Master from Rivulet City’s Xu Clan, Xu Qi?”

At the same time, Xu Qi saw the figure who was asking him a question. It was the one standing in front of Yu Qingzi, with his hands behind his back not far away. He was wearing the Imperial Void Valley’s attire. Xu Qi replied, “That’s right. This young master here is Xu Qi. Who are you from the Imperial Void Valley?”

“I am the Imperial Void Valley’s Valley Master, Yu Yezi,” Yu Yezi answered with a deep voice, reverberating in the surroundings, as if he was not afraid that anyone knew he was the Imperial Void Valley’s Valley Master.

A short distance away, Cai Guohui, who was hidden atop a tree, trembled at hearing Xu Qi mentioning his name. Following which, his expression turned grave upon hearing that person was the Imperial Void Valley’s Valley Master. He didn’t expect the elder standing in the middle of the crowd would actually be Yu Yezi.

“Oh? So you’re that Yu Yezi. You seem a little too old,” Xu Qi revealed a smile on his ghastly white face.

Yu Yezi wasn’t angered in the least at Xu Qi’s mocking. Instead, he revealed a smile and said, “Let me ask you, Xu Qi. Who exactly are the ones supporting your puny Xu Clan from behind the scenes, allowing you to have such strength?”

“Who is supporting me? Make your own guesses; it’s not your Imperial Void Valley, in any case,” Xu Qi quipped. After saying this, Xu Qi felt a sharp pain from his chest and covered his mouth, coughing twice. When he removed his hand, he saw that it was covered in blood.

Everyone around him felt their hearts tighten at seeing Xu Qi coughing up blood.

Yu Yezi took notice of Xu Qi’s situation as well and smiled, “If you won’t tell, I can only bring you back to have a nice, long chat.”

Naturally, Xu Qi knew that Yu Yezi didn’t mean a pleasant conversation. He slowly struggled free from his supports and walked forward a few steps unsteadily, standing before everyone. Xu Xiaomei wanted to extend her hands to help Xu Qi, but was stopped by him.

Xu Qi looked at the surrounding Imperial Void Valley disciples, then shifted his gaze back to Yu Yezi, saying with a smile, “Valley Master Yu, don’t blame me for being straightforward. With just you and your trash disciples, I’m afraid you’re not qualified to bring this Young Master back to the Imperial Void Valley.”

Yu Yezi was stunned at hearing this, thinking inwardly whether Xu Qi was beaten silly to actually speak such words.

“Look at your men around you, Xu Qi. All of them are injured. If that woman is your only hope, I’m afraid you won’t get away with only that sharp mouth of yours,” Yu Yezi chuckled, looking at Xu Xiaomei.

Then, Yu Yezi ordered the Imperial Void Valley disciples around him, “Go, bring them all back to the Imperial Void Valley!”

The disciples nearby slowly closed in on Xu Qi’s group at Yu Yezi’s order. They heard Xu Qi referring them as trash earlier. In their hearts, they wished they could cut Xu Qi into a million pieces.

A short distance away, Cai Guohui saw the Imperial Void Valley’s disciples moving as he hid atop a tree. Five red energy arrows appeared on his bow, aimed at Yu Yezi.

The others around Xu Qi were also prepared to fight for their lives.

At this moment, Xu Qi stood at the front and smiled. He suddenly formed a rainbow seal in his hand, which Xu Xiaomei instantly recognized as she stood beside him, breathing a sigh of relief.

“Show yourself, Black Tortoise!” Xu Qi called, and suddenly a blinding blue light flashed before him. Everyone on the scene felt a horrifying aura spreading outwards, and the Imperial Void Valley’s disciples stopped in place, looking at Xu Qi in disbelief.

As the blue light faded, a well-built figure appeared in front of Xu Qi. This figure was, of course, the Black Tortoise who was forced to remain in his original form, purging himself of the poison in the Four Divinities Cavern. However, for some unknown reason, he was in his human form right now.

After making his appearance, the Black Tortoise looked at the bloodied Xu Qi in front of him and smiled, “Damn brat, why are you always in such a sorry state every time you summon me?”

Xu Qi reciprocated with a smile at hearing this. His eyes slowly shut and his body fell backwards. Standing next to him, Xu Xiaomei was quick to react and immediately caught him in her arms.

The injured Constellation Guards recognized the Black Tortoise. They also knew of his frightening strength. He was someone who could force one of the ten elite monsters to submit with pure brute strength. With his appearance, all of them let out an inward sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, the twin sisters and Wen Xiang had never met the Black Tortoise before. They revealed shocked expressions at sensing the terrifying aura on him. However, they heard the conversation between Xu Qi and the Black Tortoise, and knew that this man was probably someone familiar to him. Naturally, he would help Xu Qi, and they didn’t speak a word.

On the other hand, a short distance away, Yu Yezi’s complexion paled at the sudden appearance of the Black Tortoise, sensing the aura he emitted.

“Don’t just stare, Uncle, quickly heal Young Master’s injuries!” Xu Xiaomei urged the Black Tortoise anxiously, seeing as he was still smiling at Xu Qi.

The Black Tortoise looked at Xu Xiaomei with a strange gaze at hearing what she said. Blue energy shone in his hand as he reached out. He grabbed at the air, and the sword shards were all pulled out of Xu Qi’s body, falling to the ground.

Immediately after, Black Tortoise manipulated the blue energy, enveloping Xu Qi in it. The blue energy slowly turned into water droplets, covering Xu Qi’s wounds. The bleeding wounds caused by the steel sword’s shards slowly closed themselves, and the blood stains on Xu Qi slowly disappeared.

After witnessing this scene, everyone looked at the Black Tortoise with their mouths agape, making their own guesses to this person’s identity. Instantly healing the external injuries of someone; what a god!

After doing all this, Black Tortoise smiled at Xu Xiaomei, saying, “Snakey, why are you worried? Isn’t it only some minor injuries, and his body was a little weakened? He has a tough life; he won’t die so easily.”

Xu Xiaomei pouted, not saying a word at hearing this, only looking at Xu Qi with a worried expression.

“Alright, stop acting like this. Who hurt him?” Black Tortoise asked. Since he was summoned out, his attention was all on Xu Qi, and didn’t take notice of the situation around him.

Hearing this, Xu Xiaomei pointed her finger at Yu Yezi, who was standing behind the Black Tortoise a short distance away, and said angrily, “Uncle, his men hurt Young Master. Earlier, I even exchanged a palm-strike with him. However, I don’t seem to be able to best him. You must avenge me!”

The Black Tortoise blanked out for a moment at her words, thinking to himself that even the confident Xu Xiaomei had admitted to being unable to defeat this man. It looks like he is pretty strong. He immediately turned around and looked at Yu Yezi. When he sensed the aura on him, he nodded and said, “No wonder you two would suffer losses to him.”

Seeing the Black Tortoise was looking at him, Yu Yezi asked with a pale complexion, “Who are you?”

Black Tortoise smiled, without responding to Yu Yezi. He struck out with an energy palm at Yu Yezi, seemingly casual. When it separated from the Black Tortoise, it grew to a human’s size, reaching Yu Yezi in an instant.

Greatly alarmed, Yu Yezi hurriedly pushed out his palms to block, but was repelled by that casual palm-strike, forcing him to take several steps back. Yu Yezi immediately felt a pain in his chest, and a sweet taste rose in his throat, blood oozing from the corner of his mouth.

Yu Yezi wiped away the blood from his mouth and looked at the smiling Black Tortoise in disbelief, asking, “Who exactly are you?! Why are you helping Xu Qi?!”

“I’m his ancestor. Can I not help him? I don’t wish to kill today. Bring your men and quickly get lost. If you wait any longer, I might change my mind and have all of you remain here forever,” Black Tortoise smirked.

Yu Yezi was not angry at Black Tortoise’s arrogance. Instead, he felt a sense of relief inwardly. He knew from the seemingly casual palm-strike earlier that he was definitely not a match for this man.

Originally, Yu Yezi was still worried that Black Tortoise would take action against his men. He felt as if he was granted an amnesty at hearing the Black Tortoise was actually going to let them go. He hurriedly beckoned the Imperial Void Valley’s disciples to carry the four Elders on the ground, whose fates were unknown, and the single-armed Yu Qingzi, quickly leaving this place.

However, as they left, Yu Yezi kept his attention focused on Black Tortoise, slowly retreating. He was afraid that Black Tortoise would change his mind and suddenly make a move on them.

Some distance away, Cai Guohui, who was hidden on top of a tree all along, let out a sigh of relief at seeing Yu Yezi bringing his men away. He looked at Xu Qi and the others with a gaze that seemed to be unwilling to part with them, then picked up his Virtuous Clan attire off the ground and left silently.

Black Tortoise watched smilingly as Yu Yezi’s group slowly disappeared from his sight. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, which turned black upon falling to the ground. His complexion instantly paled, too.

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