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Chapter 166 - Surrounded

Edited by RED

After being hit with that attack, Xu Qi felt tremendous pain from his entire body in the instant he fell to the ground. Dizziness overcame him and he lost consciousness.

Yu Qingzi didn’t seem to have it good, either, after using all his strength in that palm-strike. He staggered several steps backwards after clashing with Xu Qi’s steel sword, and spat out a mouthful of blood as he looked at Xu Qi lying on the ground, unmoving.

Xu Zi, who was the nearest to them, hurriedly brought Xu Qi into his arms, looking at his Young Master. Xu Qi’s eyes were shut, and blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth. Xu Qi’s body was pierced with countless shards of the broken steel sword. Xu Zi cried out for his Young Master, but the latter never opened his eyes.

Qian Yin and Qian Yun forcefully endured their injuries and ran over to Xu Qi’s side, staggering, after he fell. Tears filled their faces upon seeing the state Xu Qi was in.

“Are you okay, Young Master? Wake up!” Qian Yun cried out.

The similarly tear-filled Qian Yin didn’t say anything, however. She slowly stood up and looked at Yu Qingzi. Qian Yin tightened her grip on her daggers, her eyes becoming bloodshot, seemingly about to spit fire.

Just as Qian Yin was about to fight Yu Qingzi with everything she had, Xu Xiaomei and Wen Xiang landed by their sides.

Wen Xiang noticed Xu Qi was in Xu Zi’s arms the moment she arrived. She hurriedly ran over and took over Xu Qi from Xu Zi’s arms gently, embracing him. She called out “Qi’er” as tears fell from her eyes. Her heart was in unspeakable pain when she saw his chest was pierced with countless shards.

As for Xu Xiaomei, her captivating face paled at the sight of Xu Qi’s pathetic state. A horrifying aura erupted from her as she shot towards Yu Qingzi.

On the other hand, Yu Qingzi’s complexion instantly turned ghastly white when he sensed the aura from Xu Xiaomei as she drew closer to him. When he fought the twin sisters earlier, he used his greatest skill, the Tantric Gale, and even channeled all his energy to strike Xu Qi. His body was already left in an extremely weakened state. Not only that, Xu Qi’s final struggle had injured him.

Now, with Xu Xiaomei coming at him, Yu Qingzi knew that he was unable to best her. He sighed lightly and actually closed his eyes.

Xu Xiaomei doubted for a moment at this sight, but her figure sped up immediately after. She was already extremely furious after seeing Xu Qi got injured, not caring about what happened next.

Just as Xu Xiaomei’s palm was about to land on Yu Qingzi’s body, a figure with an aura not weaker than Xu Xiaomei’s suddenly appeared in front of Yu Qingzi and pushed out with a palm, matching Xu Xiaomei’s.

As the two’s palms struck each other, a huge shockwave instantly spread outwards, causing clouds of dust to rise. Wen Xiang and the others had to quickly raise energy barriers to withstand the shockwave.

Xu Xiaomei backed off two steps after clashing with that new figure, while that person stood on the spot, unmoving.

The dust slowly settled. Xu Xiaomei saw that an elder dressed in a similar attire to Yu Qingzi was looking at her, exuding an imposing air.

Yu Qingzi, who was prepared for his death with his eyes shut, felt the appearance of this powerful presence. He slowly opened his eyes, and directly knelt on the ground when he saw the back of the person standing in front of him.

“Sect Master,”1 Yu Qingzi greeted him.

The person addressed as Sect Master by the Imperial Void Valley’s First Elder could only be his school’s Master, Yu Yezi. The latter was worried that the Shadow Wind Sect would scheme against them after the Elders left, and thus rushed over. To his surprise, just as he arrived, he saw Yu Qingzi in a dangerous situation and hurriedly moved to take on Xu Xiaomei’s devastating palm-strike.

Yu Yezi retracted his gaze from Xu Xiaomei on hearing Yu Qingzi’s greeting and looked toward the latter. Upon realizing Yu Qingzi had his arm severed, Yu Yezi revealed a look of astonishment. Immediately after, he realized the other Elders were lying on the ground nearby, their bodies covered in blood. Yu Yezi’s complexion instantly paled.

“Junior Brother, was this woman the one who hurt you?” Yu Yezi asked. Originally, Yu Yezi and Yu Qingzi were sibling disciples. Even after Yu Yezi became the Imperial Void Valley’s school master, he continued addressing Yu Qingzi as such.

Yu Qingzi knew that Yu Yezi was referring to Xu Xiaomei. He shook his head and pointed to Xu Qi, saying, “It wasn’t this woman, but that youngster and the other two women who hurt me and the four Elders. It’s all because this Junior Brother was incompetent. I implore Senior Brother to punish me.”

Yu Yezi shifted his gaze over to Xu Qi at hearing this. He took a look at the bloody Xu Qi in Wen Xiang’s arms and the women around him, then retracted his gaze back to Yu Qingzi, asking, “Who are they from Rivulet City? Why have I never known that puny Rivulet City actually had such a powerful group of people?”

“Senior Brother, that young man is the Young Master of Rivulet City’s Xu Clan, Xu Qi. For some unknown reasons, he is still alive and killed every disciple who went with Mo Dingtian to Rivulet City!” Yu Qingzi explained.

Yu Yezi was stunned at hearing this, realizing that his dear disciple Yu Fanzi was dead. He suppressed the ache he felt inside and asked, “Was it that Xu Clan’s Young Master Xu Qi, who was supposedly killed by Mo Dingtian and had his sword taken away three years ago?”

Yu Qingzi hurriedly nodded.

After getting the confirmation, Yu Yezi turned his head and looked at Xu Xiaomei, saying, “To actually have such a terrifying cultivation at such a young age; you truly surprise me. But, since you killed our Imperial Void Valley’s men, all of you can forget about leaving alive today!”

As he spoke, a large number of people wearing the Imperial Void Valley’s attire suddenly appeared in the surroundings, trapping Xu Qi and the others.

These Imperial Void Valley disciples were those led by Yu Qingzi and the four Elders when they left. They were at a cultivation level inferior to the Elders, and thus arrived later.

Xu Xiaomei looked at the surrounding Imperial Void Valley disciples with a pale complexion and retreated to Xu Qi’s side, asking Wen Xiang, “Aunt Wen, how are Young Master’s injuries?”

At this moment, Wen Xiang was injecting energy into Xu Qi to heal him. Earlier she had checked Xu Qi’s condition. Although the steel sword’s shattered pieces had pierced Xu Qi’s body, they didn’t cause any life-threatening wounds. However, Xu Qi’s aura was in an extremely weakened state. His injuries weren’t light at all.

“Xiaomei, we have to quickly find a quiet place to let Qi’er recuperate. Otherwise…” Wen Xiang replied anxiously, her gaze still focused on Xu Qi. She didn’t dare to complete her sentence.

Xu Xiaomei understood from Wen Xiang’s words and said, “Aunt Wen, bring Young Master away first. I’ll hold this group of people back.”

Then, Xu Xiaomei turned her head towards Qian Yin and Qian Yun, asking, “How are you? Can you still take on these people?”

The twin sisters’ injuries weren’t light, either. However, they nodded resolutely at hearing Xu Xiaomei’s words. In their hearts, they wouldn’t mind even losing their lives if it meant saving their Young Master.

The injured Constellation Guards no longer cared about their injuries, either. They stood up and looked at Yu Yezi furiously, prepared to risk their lives at any time.

Not far away, Cai Guohui had come here as well, following Xu Xiaomei earlier. He hid himself atop a tree when he saw a group of Imperial Void Valley’s disciples surrounding Xu Xiaomei and the others. He quickly removed his Virtuous Clan’s attire, and his bow was already in his hands, observing the situation closely, prepared to strike at any moment.

When Cai Guohui saw the purple-clothed Qian Yin and the white-clothed Qian Yun, his grip on his bow tightened uncontrollably.

On the other hand, Du Ming and the remaining men from the Luo Xiang House had arrived, too. They didn’t care about the situation much and rushed over to Wen Xiang’s side. They were shocked at seeing Xu Qi lying unconscious in Wen Xiang’s arms, and wielded their swords, looking at the surrounding Imperial Void Valley disciples cautiously.

As the two groups came to a standstill, the place turned silent, the atmosphere incredibly weird.

At this moment, Xu Qi let out a pained groan in Wen Xiang’s embrace, slowly opening his eyes.

Qian Yin and the others immediately turned to look at Xu Qi at the sound. When they saw Xu Qi’s eyes opening, their stopped tears flowed again.

Xu Qi looked at the people around him and fixed his gaze onto Wen Xiang, asking weakly, “Aunt, help me up.”

Hearing this, Wen Xiang hurriedly said in concern, “Don’t move, Qi’er. Your injuries weren’t light.”

Xu Qi showed a smile on his ghastly white face and continued, “Aunt, this bit of injuries won’t kill me. Quickly help me up, or do you want me to stand up by myself?”

Seeing as Xu Qi was so insistent, Wen Xiang hesitated for a moment before nodding to Qian Yin. The latter immediately understood Wen Xiang’s meaning and squatted down. The two of them slowly helped Xu Qi up, with one of them supporting him on each side.

After standing up, Xu Qi said to Xu Xiaomei standing in front of him, “Move aside, Xiaomei.”

Translator’s Note:

1: Yu Qingzi actually addressed Yu Yezi as Sect Master, instead of Valley Master like everyone else. Just take it as he’s referring to Yu Yezi as their cultivation school master.

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