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Chapter 163 - Dao Induced Flame Displays Its Might!

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Yu Qingzi didn't expect Xu Qi to actually take the initiative. In the instant Xu Qi's aura erupted, Yu Qingzi realized that he was only at the sixth stage of Spirit realm. With his own cultivation level as a Swordsman at the fourth stage of Void realm, he didn't mind it too much, and struck out with three red energy palms at Xu Qi. After separating from his hand, the red energy instantly enlarged as it drew nearer to Xu Qi.

Xu Qi didn't stop moving forward when he saw the three huge red energy palms. He quickly sent out three rainbow energy palms of his own to match Yu Qingzi's, and leapt into the sky. A gigantic energy blade formed on the steel sword in his hand, and he slashed it down, aiming at Yu Qingzi.

Yu Qingzi let out a cold humph  upon seeing the gigantic sword slashing down at him, and a longsword appeared in his hand. He swung his sword several times, releasing red energy with each move at the gigantic sword, rapidly shattering the gigantic attack from Xu Qi.

Before Xu Qi could balance himself upon landing back on the ground, he saw the three rainbow energy palms he struck out earlier only managed to destroy one of Yu Qingzi's. The remaining two were about to hit him. Greatly alarmed, Xu Qi instantly covered himself in rainbow energy, as he held his steel sword before him to block.

At the same time, Yu Qingzi's huge energy palms smashed into Xu Qi's steel sword. The terrifying force from the two palm strikes repelled his steel sword, slamming the sword onto Xu Qi's chest.

Xu Qi immediately felt tremendous pain from his chest. He was forced several steps back, and he felt a sweet taste in his mouth, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Xu Qi regained his balance and wiped off the blood from his mouth. He looked toward Yu Qingzi, who was now standing with his hands to his back, the rage rising in his heart.

"Young man, this is our difference in strength. Don't put up anymore useless resistance and follow me back to the Imperial Void Valley," Yu Qingzi said plainly, looking at Xu Qi.

Qian Yin and Qian Yun wanted to go up to help Xu Qi when they saw him getting injured. However, they were stopped by Xu Qi with a wave of his hand. He smiled coldly at Yu Qingzi and swung his sword, enveloped in rainbow energy. A rainbow whirlwind of talismanic characters instantly appeared before him, flying towards Yu Qingzi.

Even so, Xu Qi didn't stop swinging his sword after the talismanic whirlwind separated from him. Soon, another talismanic whirlwind was formed, heading toward Yu Qingzi, while Xu Qi was following closely behind the second whirlwind.

Yu Qingzi let out a soft "Hmm?" at seeing the talismanic whirlwinds, and struck out a red energy palm. However, his energy palm was destroyed upon contact with the talismanic whirlwind and it continued nearing him.

Yu Qingzi frantically struck out two more palms. Just as the talismanic whirlwind was about to reach him, it was shattered to bits by the Yu Qingzi's energy palms.

However, before he could take a breather, the second talismanic whirlwind was upon him. He was greatly shocked and directly pushed out his palms, enveloped in red energy, against the second whirlwind.

At this moment, Xu Qi leapt up from behind the whirlwind, stabbing at Yu Qingzi. Uncountable talismanic characters appeared around Xu Qi, and Yu Qingzi saw that there was also a half-bodied, translucent daoist floating behind Xu Qi.

The four Elders noticed that the situation was amiss, and simultaneously shot towards Xu Qi to intercept him. However, just as they were about to reach Xu Qi, he yelled out.

"Cursed Wraith Talisman!" With Xu Qi as their center, the uncountable talismanic characters exploded outwards, all of them striking the four Elders of Imperial Void Valley.

At this moment, Qian Yin and Qian Yun rushed over to Xu Qi and attacked two of the four Elders, who had yet to crash onto the ground.

After being struck by Xu Qi's Cursed Wraith Talisman, the four Elders felt tremendous pain from their bodies. Their bodies began to fall to the ground, and they tried to find their balance. However, they discovered that they couldn't move their limbs. Left without control, they could only allow their bodies to continue falling in great shock. Before they crashed down, they realized that the two women behind Xu Qi from earlier were coming at them, with daggers in their hands.

At the same time, Yu Qingzi forcefully took on the second talismanic whirlwind with his palms. He had thought to provide help to the four Elders upon realizing the two women were trying to capitalize on the opportunity to sneak attack them, but he saw that Xu Qi's sword was upon him. He hurriedly blocked it.

Qian Yin and Qian Yun each stabbed an Imperial Void Valley Elder in mid-air twice with the daggers in their hands. After which, their figures flashed over to the other two Elders and successfully stabbed them twice before they fell to the ground. Qian Yin and Qian Yun then immediately backed off, without looking at the four Elders from Imperial Void Valley as their bodies crashed to the ground simultaneously.

The bodies of the four Imperial Void Valley Elders ambushed in mid-air crashed heavily on the ground, unmoving. It was unknown whether they were still alive.

Yu Qingzi was immediately enraged on seeing this. His powers as a Swordsman at the fourth stage of Void realm instantly erupted, fiercely attacking Xu Qi in front of him.

Xu Qi's body was already in a weakened state after executing the Cursed Wraith Talisman. Under Yu Qingzi's frenzied attacks, Xu Qi's body was soon covered with cuts after only exchanging a few moves. In the end, Xu Qi was struck by Yu Qingzi's palm and was sent flying, falling where the injured Constellation Guards were.

Yu Qingzi didn't continue attacking Xu Qi after sending him flying. Instead, he rushed over to the four fallen Imperial Void Valley Elders. He realized that they were still alive, but their auras were significantly weakened. Yu Qingzi quickly emitted red energy, enveloping them in a healing aura. He then turned around and looked at Xu Qi, who was being helped up by the Constellation Guards a short distance away.

"Not bad. You're good, with schemes in mind, and methods! Since it's like this, you shall remain here forever!" Yu Qingzi shouted. Countless tiny energy swords appeared around him, revolving as he flew toward Xu Qi.

This is bad! The Revolving Sword Light!, Xu Qi cursed inwardly the moment the saw the energy swords around Yu Qingzi. He immediately pushed the two Constellation Guards helping him up away, as he readied himself to clash with Yu Qingzi once more.

After Xu Qi was repelled by Yu Qingzi earlier, he knew from the pain that his injuries were not light. He truly didn't think that Yu Qingzi would be so powerful. Xu Qi was prepared to give his all when he saw Yu Qingzi flying toward him.

At this moment, Qian Yin and Qian Yun's figures flashed before Xu Qi. They struck out several palms at Yu Qingzi and took him on with their daggers.

However, their palm-strikes were easily neutralized by Yu Qingzi. Just as they came close to him, they were cut by the revolving energy swords around Yu Qingzi. Even so, they continued tangling with Yu Qingzi, not caring about their injuries.

"Qian Yin, Qian Yun! Come back here!" Xu Qi called out anxiously as he watched the sisters immediately suffering injuries, yet continuing to fight.

The twin sisters seemed to not have heard Xu Qi's cries as they fought Yu Qingzi. They continued their fierce assault on Yu Qingzi, disregarding their injuries and the energy swords around Yu Qingzi.

Xu Zi and the rest of the Constellation Guards behind Xu Qi had the impulse to take action regardless of their injuries after seeing the twin sisters risking their lives.

However, Xu Qi immediately bellowed at them upon discovering their intentions, "What are you trying to do!? Stay here!" Xu Qi endured the pain from his body and shot towards Yu Qingzi. Right as he was about to reach the three locked in battle, the golden All-Tempering Flame ignited on his steel sword.

"Dodge aside, Qian Yin, Qian Yun!" Xu Qi yelled as he swung the steel sword in his hand. A longsword formed from the golden flames appeared in front of him.

Hearing this, the sisters took a quick glance at Xu Qi. Upon seeing the flaming longsword in front of him, they knew that Xu Qi must be executing some sort of technique and quickly dodged to the side. At the same time, the flaming longsword shot towards the enraged Yu Qingzi.

This flaming longsword was none other than the Dao Induced Flame that Xu Qi mastered not long ago. This was the first time he had used it against others, and he had no idea how devastating it would be.

As Xu Qi released the Dao Induced Flame at Yu Qingzi, his energy was completely exhausted. A feeling of weakness instantly overcame him, and his body fell to the ground.

Yu Qingzi sensed the threat of the flaming longsword once he laid his eyes on it. He quickly retreated backwards, and at the same time, raised several energy barriers to defend against that mysterious flame.

However, contrary to his expectations, the flaming longsword instantly pierced through his energy barriers upon contact, flying toward him at great speed. Yu Qingzi was greatly alarmed and subconsciously leaned to the side as he watched the flaming longsword drew nearer to his chest. The flaming longsword struck his left shoulder, penetrating through it and stabbing into the ground a short distance behind him, turning into a ball of flames.

At the same time, Yu Qingzi's left arm separated from his shoulder under the shocked gazes of everyone, dropping to the ground.

Yu Qingzi forcefully endured the pain coming from his left shoulder and looked at his severed arm on the ground in great shock. He then shifted his gaze to his left shoulder, and discovered that not a drop of blood was flowing out of the wound. Upon taking a closer look, the blood and meat where the flaming longsword had struck was charred black. No wonder there wasn't any blood.

Yu Qingzi extended his right hand, manipulating a lump of red energy and laid it on his wound. He roared to the skies with bloodshot eyes, then looked to the distance with a ghastly pale complexion at Xu Qi, who was in Qian Yin's embrace.

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