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Chapter 162 - Invisibility and Heaven’s Eye

Edited by RED

That black-clothed man from Shadow Wind Sect smiled at Wen Xiang’s words and replied, “You’re knowledgeable, indeed. You actually identified them at a glance. I knew you could use the invisibility art; how could I not prepare against that! Even so, it cost us, the Shadow Wind Sect, quite a bit to hire these two Void Rangers from the Virtuous Clan who know the Heaven’s Eye!”

Wen Xiang looked at the two Void Rangers a short distance away with a grave expression at hearing this.

Not many people knew about the Virtuous Clan having Rangers who are able to use the Heaven’s Eye, but Wen Xiang had learned from the hidden expert who taught her. The Heaven’s Eye was an Art specialized in countering the Invisibility Art.

The Heaven’s Eye could only be practiced by Rangers from the Virtuous Clan whose cultivation levels were in the Void realm or higher. The conditions to practice it were extremely harsh, too. Wen Xiang didn’t expect the Shadow Wind Sect to actually hire them to deal with her... and two of them, to boot! With the Heaven’s Eye in effect, her Invisibility Art was pretty much useless.

“Hmph, don’t think that you’re guaranteed to win with just that. I can claim your life even without the Invisibility Art!” Wen Xiang humphed coldly and launched an attack at the black-clothed man from the Shadow Wind Sect.

The black-clothed man only smiled coldly at the situation. Black energy rose from his body, and his figure disappeared from the spot.

Wen Xiang cursed inwardly. This person from Shadow Wind Sect obviously knew the Invisibility Art as well. She hurriedly changed her direction and went to Du Ming’s side, striking out two palms at Wang Huan, who was busy in battle.

Wang Huan didn’t expect Wen Xiang to sneak attack him and frantically defended himself. Alas, his strength was limited and only managed to block the first palm strike. He was struck by the second palm and his body went flying backwards.

Wen Xiang paid no more attention to Wang Huan. After landing by Du Ming’s side, the two stood back to back and Wen Xiang yelled out, “Be careful, everyone! That man from Shadow Wind Sect used the Invisibility Art!”

However, just as she warned them, the invisible black-clothed man suddenly appeared behind one of the Luo Xiang House’s man while he fought against a traitor. The black-clothed man slashed down at the back of his head and disappeared once more.

Cold sweat broke out on Wen Xiang’s forehead at seeing this. She knew that the Shadow Wind Sect had the Invisibility Art, but those who practiced it would rarely show themselves in the world. Unexpectedly, she had encountered one today.

However, Wen Xiang noticed as the black-clothed man made his sneak attack. He didn’t seem to fully master the art. He had to show himself the moment he struck.

“Come over here, everyone. Form a circle, facing outwards! Hurry!” Wen Xiang quickly yelled out.

The Luo Xiang House’s men retreated to Wen Xiang’s immediately surroundings at her order, facing outward as she specified. They formed a circle, guarding against their invisible foe from sneak attacking. Meanwhile, the injured Wang Huan led the traitors and surrounded them.

Even so, Wen Xiang’s mind was all on the invisible foe. The fact that there were two Void Rangers from Virtuous Clan aiming at them had slipped her mind.

A short distance away, the chubby Void Ranger from Virtuous Clan asked the other bald man, “Senior Brother, should we attack?”

“Hold it, Guohui. Let them fight among themselves. Master sent us here only to keep our eyes on that woman who can turn invisible. He didn’t order us to deal with the others. Moreover, those of the Shadow Wind Sect aren’t any kind souls, either. It will be great if they died,” the bald Ranger chuckled.

The chubby Ranger nodded slightly at his Senior Brother’s words, and shifted his gaze back to the battleground.

These two were indeed Void realm Rangers from the Virtuous Clan. The chubby man was Cai Guohui, while the one referred to as Senior Brother by him was called Cai Zhaolin. Both of them were elite talents of the Virtuous Clan. They were under their Master’s order to assist the Shadow Wind Sect in eradicating the Luo Xiang House. They were unwilling to do so, since there were old grudges between the Virtuous Clan and the Shadow Wind Sect, but they didn’t have a choice. They couldn’t possibly defy their Master’s order, and thus complied.

At this moment, a red energy thread was above their heads, linked to a small, red energy ball. This small, red energy ball was the Heaven’s Eye each of them had cultivated.

The two of them watched as the black-clothed man was using the Invisibility Art, standing beside Wang Huan with his hands behind his back. No one else could see him.

However, the traitors of Luo Xiang House, led by Wang Huan, only surrounded Wen Xiang, seemingly without the intention to make a move, while Wen Xiang and the others were highly vigilant, on guard against the black-clothed man’s sneak attack. Just like this, the two opposing groups came to a standstill.

At this moment, the injured Constellation Guards led by Xu Qi as they travelled slowly were caught up to by the five Elders from the Imperial Void Valley, blocking their way.

Qian Yin and Qian Yun identified Yu Qingzi’s group as men from the Imperial Void Valley the moment they saw their attire. They had thought to strike out, but were stopped by Xu Qi with a glare.

Xu Qi looked at Yu Qingzi and the four Elders from Imperial Void Valley and asked plainly, “May I know why are you blocking our way?”

“Are you someone from Rivulet City?” Yu Qingzi asked plainly.

Xu Qi smiled and said, “I think you got the wrong person. I don’t even know where Rivulet City is.”

“Save your nonsense, brat. I knew you were from Rivulet City once I saw the injured men behind you. The Mo Clan was massacred by you, right?” Yu Qingzi asked directly.

While they were travelling earlier, the black-clothed man from Shadow Wind Sect had told Yu Qingzi that the people who massacred the Mo Clan were moving with some injured men in their ranks, and that their travelling speed should be on the slower side. Thus, when Yu Qingzi saw the injured Constellation Guards, he had already confirmed in his heart that Xu Qi’s group were the men they were searching for.

Seeing his identity was exposed, Xu Qi no longer wished to play the pretend game. He said, “Fine, since you already know it, I can’t be bothered putting on an act. Speak! What are you planning to do?”

“Where is Mo Dingtian?” the Fifth Elder, Yu Liuzi asked, standing next to Yu Qingzi.

“I don’t know,” Xu Qi smiled. He didn’t plan on making a move, only hoping for Wen Xiang and the others to catch up to them.

However, Yu Qingzi seemed to know what was on Xu Qi’s mind and said, “If you’re thinking of dragging this out to wait for the woman behind you, then I can tell you that her situation isn’t any better than yours.”

Xu Qi’s heart tightened at Yu Qingzi’s words. His brow furrowed and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Nothing. The guy from Shadow Wind Sect had probably taken action against her. So, you can forget about hoping for the group behind you to come help you,” Yu Qingzi said directly.

As Yu Qingzi’s voice found its way to Xu Qi’s ears, his face that was originally full of smiles changed as he turned to Xu Xiaomei, ordering anxiously, “Xiaomei, quickly return to help Aunt! With haste!”

Xu Xiaomei blanked out for a moment and looked at Yu Qingzi’s group, shaking her head. She could tell that these five men’s strengths were all stronger than Xu Qi, especially that Yu Qingzi. Even she would have some trouble taking him on.

“What are you spacing out for, Xiaomei! Quickly go! Don’t worry about me, I have Uncle Tortoise! His injuries have healed. Quickly return to help Aunt!” Xu Qi urged. He knew that Xu Xiaomei wanted to stay here to protect him, and brought the Black Tortoise up.

As expected, Xu Xiaomei immediately sped off in the direction they came from. Upon seeing this, two Elders standing next to Yu Qingzi, immediately moved to intercept Xu Xiaomei. However, they were blocked by Qian Yin and Qian Yun instead.

“Don’t make a move first!” Yu Qingzi shouted to the Elders as they were about to engage the twins in battle.

The two Elders immediately retreated to Yu Qingzi’s side, looking at him in puzzlement.

“What are you so anxious for? We’ll make it in time even if we take care of them first, before returning to capture that woman. I have some questions to ask this youngster. It’s not too late to hold off for a bit,” Yu Qingzi explained.

“Geezer, you’re so sure that you can keep us here?” Xu Qi asked.

Yu Qingzi was unaffected by Xu Qi’s taunt. He asked plainly, “Let me ask you, young man, where exactly is Mo Dingtian?”

Xu Qi directly quipped, “Geezer, I know you’re from the Imperial Void Valley. I also know what you’re trying to ask. I’ll just tell you straight and save my breath. I know Mo Dingtian; he’s already dead. The Imperial Void Valley disciples he brought with him to Rivulet City were also killed by this Young Master. Stop asking those useless questions!”

Obviously Yu Qingzi didn’t expect Xu Qi to admit it so directly. He was stunned for a moment, and the gazes in the four Elders by his side burned with rage. If it wasn’t for Yu Qingzi being in charge here, they would have moved against Xu Qi right away.

“What’s your name, young man? Why did you kill Mo Dingtian, and our Imperial Void Valley’s disciples? We don’t seem to have offended someone like you,” Yu Qingzi asked plainly.

“You’re annoying, old geezer. It’s not as if you have no idea where Mo Dingtian brought your Imperial Void Valley disciples! You truly have a lot of nonsense to speak. I’ll spell it out directly for you. I am that Young Master from Xu Clan, Xu Qi! Are you still saying you haven’t offended me?! What a bunch of idiots!” Xu Qi quipped. At this moment, he was already feeling extremely irritable, worried for his aunt’s safety.

Yu Qingzi and the other Elders from Imperial Void Valley were stunned. They knew the name Xu Qi. Wasn’t he killed by Mo Dingtian three years ago? Mo Dingtian even presented Xu Qi’s sword treasure to the Valley Master. Why is he back alive?

“You’re actually still alive?!” Yu Qingzi asked, bewildered.

Xu Qi no longer paid attention to Yu Qingzi. He beckoned Qian Yin and Qian Yun to his side, whispering something into their ears. He then turned around and instructed the injured Constellation Guards.

After doing all this, his steel sword silently appeared in his hand, pointing at Yu Qingzi as he said, “Old geezer, this Young Master doesn’t have the time to waste on you. Come, let’s fight!”

Rainbow energy shone on Xu Qi’s body as he spoke, taking the initiative to strike against Yu Qingzi’s group.

Translator’s Note:

The author seems to have changed the Virtuous Clan’s “Sky Eye” to “Heaven’s Eye”.

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