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Chapter 161 - Mutiny!

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Wen Xiang stopped in place at hearing what the man just said. She turned her head to look at him. This man was called Du Ming, one of the earliest to become her follower. Wen Xiang saved his life on several occasions, and with her help, allowed him to exact revenge. He could be said to be similar to Fang Hai, as Wen Xiang’s confidante, who was absolutely loyal to her. Even after Wen Xiang handed the position of Luo Xiang House’s Master to Fang Hai, Du Ming continued addressing her as Master. That showed her position in Du Ming’s heart.

“Ah Ming, what happened? What’s there that you can’t tell me about?” Wen Xiang smiled. She had always liked to call him with his nickname.

Du Ming whispered, “Master, I feel that ever since we came to Earthdream, Wang Huan that kid acted a little strange.”

“Oh? Why do you say so?” Wen Xiang asked.

This Wang Huan guy that Du Ming just brought up was the man who came in reporting to Wen Xiang last night. This man had the shortest tenure as a member of Luo Xiang House, but he was a very smart man. Moreover, he had saved Wen Xiang once in the past. That was why Wen Xiang held him in high regard. The Luo Xiang House members were split into three groups, and Wang Huan was responsible for leading one of them.

“Last night, after that Young Master left, I had unintentionally discovered that Wang Huan had secretly descended the mountain, and came back when it was almost dawn. Also, this wasn’t the first time I caught him doing that,” Du Ming said.

“Such a thing happened?” Wen Xiang asked, as doubts suddenly sprang up in her mind.

“Master, you haven’t been paying much attention to the Luo Xiang House’s affairs since you handed everything to Fang Hai two years ago. That kid Wang Huan began roping in some brothers secretly after we came to Earthdream. That was why I felt he was acting weird,” Du Ming added.

Wen Xiang was feeling a little suspicious, but this Wang Huan had saved her life in the past, after all, and she had a certain amount of trust in him. What was he planning by doing that?

“Ah Ming, have you told anyone else about this?” Wen Xiang asked.

“Master, it’s not like you don’t understand me. Could I casually speak about this to others? Moreover, if this spread, it would affect him. I’m not that silly,” Du Ming said.

“Hmm. Alright, I understand now. I’ll pay more attention to him in the future,” Wen Xiang said.

After their conversation, Wen Xiang beckoned the rest to continue forward. However, just as they started moving, Wen Xiang felt several powerful auras behind her. Her expression instantly changed and she halted her steps. She turned behind and warned her men, “Careful. There are people here.”

As she finished her sentence, several blurs flashed behind them with extreme speed, landing in front of them. They stood in the middle of the road, blocking the way of Wen Xiang and the others.

Wen Xiang looked at this group of people as they stabilized themselves.

They numbered six. Wen Xiang could tell from their attire that five of them belonged to the Imperial Void Valley, while the remaining one was wearing a black cloak, his appearance concealed.

This six people were the five Elders from Imperial Void Valley, who had come in pursuit, as well as the man from Shadow Wind Sect who had informed them.

“Who are you people, and why are you blocking our way!?” Du Ming demanded.

The First Elder of Imperial Void Valley, Yu Qingzi, ignored Du Ming’s question. Instead, his attention was on Wen Xiang, who was standing in the front. He asked plainly, “Are you people from Rivulet City?”

Wen Xiang cursed inwardly. Asking whether her group was from Rivulet City meant that they were obviously coming after her nephew, Xu Qi. Could the Mo Clan’s matter be known to them already?

“No,” Wen Xiang denied, although she was worried for Xu Qi.

“Let’s go,” Yu Qingzi beckoned the others behind him and thought to turn around.

However, the black-clothed man from Shadow Wind Sect said, “Wait a minute! Although they aren’t from Rivulet City, they belong together! They are seeking asylum at Rivulet City!”

Wen Xiang was astonished. How did this man know about our matters?

Yu Qingzi halted in place at hearing this. His gaze toward Wen Xiang turned cold as he asked, “Is what he said the truth?”

Wen Xiang replied, “I don’t know what you mean. We’re only passing by here.”

The black-clothed man pointed his finger at Wen Xiang and sneered, “Passing by? I didn’t think the renowned Master of Luo Xiang House would actually deny such a trivial matter. Must I speak about who you met with last night?!”

“Luo Xiang House? You’re referring to the number one assassination organization of Ghosteem, Luo Xiang House?” Yu Qingzi asked.

However, before the black-clothed man could reply, Wen Xiang did, saying, “That’s right, I am the Master of Luo Xiang House. What exactly is your matter?!”

Yu Qingzi wasn’t angry at Wen Xiang at her confession. He only asked plainly, “Were you the ones who destroyed the Mo Clan last night?”

“No,” Wen Xiang quickly answered.

Yu Qingzi turned back to the black-clothed man and asked, “Were they the ones who did the Mo Clan in last night?

“First Elder, although they weren’t the ones to do it, but…” the black-clothed man hurriedly said.

“No buts. Since they weren’t the perpetrators, they are none of our concern. Don’t try to use our Imperial Void Valley to help your Shadow Wind Sect deal with matters! Are you taking me for a fool!? Hmph!” Yu Qingzi humphed and beckoned the four Elders to move on, continuing their pursuit.

The black-clothed man didn’t think Yu Qingzi would be so pedantic. He didn’t chase after Yu Qingzi as he left, either. He stood in place, looking toward Wen Xiang calmly.

“So you are from the Shadow Wind Sect? Speak! How did you know about this matter? Who told you?” Wen Xiang demanded. She had learned of this black-clothed man’s identity from the mouth of Yu Qingzi, and confirmed that someone must have spread the matter from last night. Otherwise, the Imperial Void Valley wouldn’t be so fast to give chase. This black-clothed man wouldn’t know that her group was rushing to Rivulet City, either.

“Master, could it be that kid Wang Huan?” Du Ming reminded her.

Wen Xiang’s expression turned ugly at hearing this. Since Du Ming said that Wang Huan had sneaked out last night, he was probably the one. But why did he do that?

Wen Xiang shifted her gaze to the black-clothed man, as the daggers Xu Qi gifted her last night silently appeared in her hands. She said, “I can spare your life if you tell me who told you that.”

“Haha, spare my life? You think you’re qualified to?! Don’t think that you’re so powerful just because our Shadow Wind Sect turned a blind eye to your Luo Xiang House over these years!?” the black-clothed man sneered.

Wen Xiang didn’t take action. Instead, she ordered her men, “Go, take him down.”

Du Ming and the others took out their weapons one after the other at her order and attacked the black-clothed man.

At this moment, another dozen or so figures suddenly appeared, intercepting Du Ming and the others.

Greatly alarmed, Du Ming and the others quickly backed off. They looked at the group of men who suddenly appeared. Upon seeing their faces, Wen Xiang and Du Ming’s expression immediately paled.

The one leading this dozen or so men were, in fact, Wang Huan, who they had assigned to lead one of the other groups. The remaining men were also men from the Luo Xiang House.

“It was you as expected, Wang Huan. You are a traitor!” Du Ming roared. Wen Xiang confirmed to herself that it was indeed Wang Huan who spread the information last night at their appearance. Otherwise, no one would know about this matter.

Wang Huan didn’t get angry at Du Ming’s words. Instead, he smiled, “I’m sorry. You got it wrong. I was originally from the Shadow Wind Sect. How could I be associated with the word, traitor?”

“You!” Du Ming was so angered that he couldn’t speak.

“Wang Huan, you’re truly someone from the Shadow Wind Sect?” Wen Xiang asked. After he appeared, Wen Xiang understood the situation and was on the contrary, rather calm.

“I’m sorry, Master. I’m actually surnamed Yi,” Wang Huan replied, smiling.

Seeing as Wang Huan had already admitted to it, Wen Xiang looked at the men behind him and asked, “He’s someone from the Shadow Wind Sect? And you guys were, too?!”

“Master, don’t bother yelling. They have already joined the Shadow Wind Sect. In these last two years, you kept letting the brothers suffer in these godforsaken places. They no longer wanted to be your follower long ago,” Wang Huan said.

Wen Xiang questioned no longer at hearing this. Her figure vanished from the spot as she rushed up to Wang Huan, attacking him. She had decided to destroy him personally.

However, the black-clothed man immediately went to intercept Wen Xiang as she made her move. As they clashed, their red energy immediately erupted. From afar, only two flashes of red light could be seen tangling together, while Du Ming led the others, taking on the rest of the traitors.

After clashing with the black-clothed man, the daggers in Wen Xiang’s hands moved swiftly and as natural as water, leaving the black-clothed man shocked. Over these few years, he kept having Wang Huan try to find out her cultivation level, but failed to do so. Wang Huan only managed to find out that she knew of that mysterious invisibility art. Now that he was fighting her, he couldn’t even gain any slight advantages even with his strength as a Nightlord in the third stage of Void realm.

The daggers in Wen Xiang’s hands kept striking at the black-clothed man’s vitals, but he always managed avoid them in the nick of time. After missing her strikes this time, she struck out two palms at him and backed off. The black-clothed man blocked against the palm-strikes and discovered that Wen Xiang had vanished.

“The Invisibility Art!” the black-clothed man muttered in shock, seeing as her figure was nowhere to be seen. He hurriedly spread out his spiritual sense to guard against her sneak attack.

After backing off, Wen Xiang used the invisibility art and silently went around to the black-clothed man’s back, about to sneak attack him from behind.

However, just as she was about to strike, she suddenly heard two sonic booms behind her. She cursed inwardly and quickly turned around, raising her daggers to block.

Right as she did that, two wooden arrows enveloped in red energy were already in front of her, blocked off by her daggers. Before she could react to them, another two red lights shot toward her.

Wen Xiang hurriedly used her movement technique to dodge aside. Just as she moved, the two red lights struck where she stood a moment ago. Looking closely, it was another two wooden arrows enveloped in red energy.

After dodging, Wen Xiang dispelled her invisibility. She already knew that the ones who shot the arrows could see through her invisibility art.

Wen Xiang caught her balance and looked toward the direction where the wooden arrows came flying. Not far away, there were two men armed with bows, wooden arrows enveloped in red energy nocked and aiming at her.

“Void Rangers from the Virtuous Clan!” Wen Xiang exclaimed in shock upon seeing the attire they were wearing.

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