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Chapter 16 - A Strange Inner Core

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Just as Xu Qi was standing there, spacing out, Xu Pingfan brought the twenty wooden boxes to him, then stood aside without a word.

Once he saw the boxes in front of him, he reached out slowly and opened the first box.

"Young Master, this is the inner core of a Goldcloud Wolf," Xu Pingfan immediately introduced.

Xu Qi picked up the Goldcloud Wolf's inner core, but he didn't feel any aura from it. Thus, he went on to open the next box.

"This is the inner core of a Skyrush Bird… A Brightfur Beast's inner core… This is… This is a Skyburn Tiger's." Every time Xu Qi opened a wooden box, Xu Pingfan would introduce to him the origins of the inner core until he opened the last box.

Xu Qi had inspected all 20 inner cores, but he hadn't felt the aura from them. He lightly raised his hands, and all the Violetcloud boxes on the floor vanished; all stored into his interspatial ring. They were required for the forging of Five Elements Wings after all. Xu Qi wouldn't let these go. 

Xu Pingfan said nothing as he stood by watching Xu Qi tuck the Spirit grade inner cores away. However, he kept staring at the green colored ring worn on Xu Qi's finger. He had no idea what the material used to craft the ring was, even though he had a similar ring made with precious stones on his finger. Xu Pingfan wasn't surprised though; interspatial rings were not rare objects, after all. However, what was on his mind was why Xu Qi would have such a strange ring one he had never seen before.

"Uncle Mang, there weren't any with a higher grade?" Xu Qi asked.

"None, Young Master. Commoners like us were unable to lay our hands onto those Void grade and above. Cultivators have great uses for them, and they are monopolized by cultivator schools," Xu Pingfan answered.

Xu Qi tried sensing the aura, confirming its resonance with the energy in him. He thought for a moment, then extended his right hand. A blue sphere of light gradually took shape under Xu Pingfan's lifeless gaze.

Bl-Blue colored energy? Spir-Spirit realm expert?! Xu Pingfan's mind crumbled. If Xu Qi's previous actions were any indications of him being a prodigy, Xu Pingfan could still somewhat accept it. But now he witnessed Xu Qi emitting the strength of a Spirit realm expert -- a six years old Spirit expert! As the thought came to his mind, his body trembled uncontrollably.

Xu Qi ignored Xu Pingfan, who was still in a daze to the side, and tossed the blue sphere of light into the air. It lagged in the air for a moment, then flew towards a shelf behind Xu Qi. "It worked!" Xu Qi exclaimed and followed it.

The blue ball of energy stopped at the first row of shelves behind Xu Qi, next to a wooden box covered in dust. Then, the energy slowly fused into the wooden box.

"Uncle Mang, what is in this box?" Xu Qi asked without turning back. No answer came. Xu Qi looked back to Xu Pingfan and saw that he was still stunned in his original position. It seemed like he hadn't heard Xu Qi's question.

"Uncle Mang… Uncle Mang..!" Xu Qi shouted.

"Ah, Young Master. What's going on?" Xu Pingfan answered mechanically. He finally snapped back at Xu Qi's call. However, when Xu Pingfan looked at Xu Qi, his eyes were full of fear.

Xu Qi noticed the change in Xu Pingfan's eyes. Earlier, all he cared about was searching for the familiar aura, and he had forgotten about his cultivation being at the level of Spirit realm. Having yet to tell Xu Pingfan about his advancement, and with him being a veteran cultivator who knew his stuff, Xu Qi's display of strength earlier must have been quite a blow to him.

Xu Qi smiled and pointed at the box, "Uncle Mang, I'll tell you about myself after. Which species' inner core is contained in this box?"

Xu Pingfan hurried over and took a look at the box covered with dust. He frowned and said, "I'm ashamed, Young Master. This box was used to hold inner cores that were commonly found. It looks like it hasn't been touched by anyone for a long time, and I'd forgotten what monster's inner core was stored inside."

Hearing Xu Pingfan's words, Xu Qi looked at the wooden box once more. He extended his hands, taking the box and putting it to the ground gently.

After placing the wooden box on the ground, he let out another blue sphere of energy from his hand to confirm the existence of the aura. The ball of energy quickly fused into the wooden box.

"Hm? Young Master, what is happening?" Xu Pingfan noticed the abnormality as well.

Xu Qi remained silent. He squatted down and slowly opened the wooden box. Right as he opened the box, the familiar aura felt by Xu Qi earlier came gushing out of it.

An extremely small-sized, black colored inner core appeared in Xu Qi's sight. "This is it. But what monster's inner core is this? Why does it resonate with the energy in me?" Xu Qi muttered.

He picked up the tiny inner core. When compared to the inner cores he stored in his interspatial ring; it was like comparing a chicken's egg to a dinosaur's egg. Exactly which monster did this inner core belong to? Xu Qi wondered. Confused, he looked back at Xu Pingfan and continued asking, "Uncle Mang, do you really not remember which monster species this inner core belonged to?"

Hearing Xu Qi's query, an ashamed look appeared on Xu Pingfan's face. He replied, "Young Master, this box has been here since even before I joined Xu Clan. It has been here since the first time I've entered this place. But since this is a common monster's inner core, I didn't commit it to my memory. I'm very sorry."

Xu Qi waved his hand after hearing Xu Pingfan's answer, fiddling with the inner core. The familiar aura remained, and its reaction to the energy in Xu Qi was very strong; he had to suppress it using his cultivation method.

"Let's forget about it, for now, Uncle Mang. Inform me once you remember it," Xu Qi placed the inner core back in the wooden box, then placed it in his ring. He planned to study it when he had the time.

After he was done, Xu Qi suddenly operated his cultivation method. Blue light enveloped his entire body, and he asked Xu Pingfan, "Uncle Mang, this is the cultivation level of Spirit realm, right?"

Xu Pingfan looked on as the resplendent blue light wrapped around this little body standing in front of him. This was true-blue Spirit realm cultivation! His gaze became complicated, and, in a moment, went from astonishment to gratification. After all, he was happier when Xu Qi was stronger! Hearing Xu Qi's words, Xu Pingfan answered, "Your cultivation is indeed at the level of Spirit realm, Young Master. Furthermore, it doesn't seem like you've barely advanced to Spirit realm."

"Uncle Mang, I have a special cultivation method and have had some fortuitous encounters. That was why I was able to reach this level so quickly. Don't be surprised," Xu Qi consoled.

"To tell the truth, I can't really accept whatever comes out of your mouth right now, Young Master. It's not that I haven't seen a Spirit realm expert before, but at your age… In any case, I'm glad! From the bottom of my heart!" Once Xu Pingfan thought of Xu Qi's age, his mind became blank, and a little depression sprung up. He cultivated for decades, yet he was only a 5th stage Essence realm swordsman. Looking at Xu Qi, how was he supposed to live with that!

Xu Qi laughed a little, saying, "All right, Uncle Mang. Stop being depressed. I will assist you in raising your cultivation after some time. Spirit realm is no big deal; you will reach it sooner or later."

Xu Pingfan's eyes immediately lit up at his words and said, "Are you for real, Young Master?"

Xu Qi smiled, nodding his head. Suddenly, he remembered that he spent quite some time here and asked, "Uncle Mang, isn't it about time for Mo Dingtian to come?"

At the mention of Mo Dingtian, Xu Pingfan patted his head and said hurriedly, "Right, right, right. He should be here soon, Young Master. My mind was distracted by the matter here, and I had forgotten about that."

"No hurries, Uncle Mang. If he's here, he will wait for you, even if he can't locate you. Also, be careful with Mo Dingtian. That man isn't as simple as he appears," Xu Qi reminded.

Something seemed to be on Xu Pingfan's mind as he heard Xu Qi and nodded his head.

Meanwhile, Xu Qi spoke as he walked towards the exit, "Let's go, Uncle Mang. I'll go with you to see what kind of man Mo Dingtian is!"

I have the inner cores. Now, all I need are the Essences of the five elements. Mo Dingtian, don't disappoint me! Five Elements Wings, I'll bring you into this world soon! Xu Qi got excited the moment he thought about the Five Elements Wings.

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