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Chapter 159 - Got Beaten Up For Nothing

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“Why, Qi’er? You know him?” Wen Xiang asked doubtfully, as she saw Xu Qi acting surprised upon hearing the name “Yue Shengfei”.

“I don’t, but I saw him in Rivulet City over ten years ago,” Xu Qi replied.

“Oh? What did he go to Rivulet City for?” Wen Xiang asked.

“Thirteen years ago, he led the House of Soaring Moon’s disciples to Mt Burning Cloud to contest for the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix with the other schools. I met him then,” Xu Qi said frankly.

“What!? He actually went to fight for the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix?!” Wen Xiang exclaimed in shock.

Xu Qi told Wen Xiang about the events that happened around the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix egg on Mt Burning Cloud, but he didn’t know who ultimately got it.

Wen Xiang revealed a dejected look upon learning that Yue Shengfei went to contest for the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix for the House of Soaring Moon.

“Don’t be sad, Aunt, don’t you have me by your side?” Xu Qi smiled.

Wen Xiang immediately smiled and said, “Hmm. With you here, Aunt is not sad.”

“Don’t worry, Aunt. I’ll bring you to find that Yue Shengfei sooner or later to return you justice,” Xu Qi said.

However, Wen Xiang shook her head.

Seeing this, Xu QI didn’t wish to bring up Yue Shengfei anymore. He changed the topic and asked, “Aunt, will you return to Rivulet City with me? Don’t stay here any longer.”

To Xu Qi’s surprise, Wen Xiang didn’t hesitate for a single moment and agreed right away, nodding.

“But, where do you plan on having my men from Luo Xiang House settle down?” Wen Xiang asked.

“Back at Rivulet City, the Xu Clan has sufficient space. They will have a place to stay. My plan is to have those men from Luo Xiang Clan to accompany you in the Xu Clan. That way, our home will be livelier,” Xu Qi said.

Wen Xiang nodded and no longer said anything. She had given the Luo Xiang House to Xu Qi anyway, she would just act according to his wishes.


At the cave entrance, Qian Yin and the other girls helped the Constellation Guards with some basic recovery, then looked into the cave worriedly, afraid that fighting sounds would be heard.

“This won’t do. It’s already been so long, and Young Master has yet to come out. I’m going in to take a look. What if that woman tries to harm Young Master?” Qian Yun said as she finally lost her patience and walked toward the cave.

However, she was immediately stopped by Qian Yin.

“Don’t be reckless, Qian Yun. I think that woman doesn’t have any ill intentions toward Young Master. She definitely wouldn’t do anything to him,” Qian Yin said.

Qian Yun wanted to retort, but she saw Xu Qi walking out with Wen Xiang, chatting happily as he supported her, holding her shoulders.

The girls exchanged glances at seeing this, not understanding what was happening. Just earlier, the two were at each other’s throats, but now they were looking so friendly. Could it be that Young Master and her...?

Thinking up to there, the girls’ gazes were full of murderous intent. Qian Yun couldn’t hold it in any longer as she watched Xu Qi and Wen Xiang. She went up to them and smacked Xu Qi’s hand off Wen Xiang’s shoulder, pouting, “Please mind your image a little, Young Master. How could you randomly place your hands on other women’s shoulders?”

Hearing this, Xu Qi looked at Xu Xiaomei and Qian Yin. He noticed their hostile gazes and placed his hands back on Wen Xiang’s shoulders, smiling, “She’s no outsider.”

Wen Xiang smiled and raised her hand to pat Xu Qi’s hand.

Upon hearing what Xu Qi just said and their intimate actions, the three women who were unaware of of the situation shifted their gazes to Wen Xiang, thinking that she must have done something shameless to their Young Master, such as enchanting him.

At this moment, Xu Qi felt that their gazes toward Wen Xiang was a little off and immediately understood. They must have misunderstood and hurriedly explained, smiling, “She’s called Wen Xiang, my mother’s blood sister, and my aunt.”

Qian Yin, Qian Yun, and Xu Xiaomei were a little skeptical of what they just heard. They stared at Xu Qi, thinking that he was joking.

“What are you looking at? Come over and greet her,” Xu Qi said seriously.

This time, Xu Xiaomei was the first to react. She immediately revealed a smile and walked to Wen Xiang’s side, gently greeting her “Aunt”. Qian Yun quickly changed her expression and greeted Wen Xiang, too.

Qian Yin, who had always been a smart girl, was stunned, however. She asked Xu Qi blankly, “Young Master, are you sure you have the right person?”

“What are you saying? How could I make a mistake with my own Aunt!?” Xu Qi quipped. What is with this girl? She had always been clever; why would she be so slow today?

Qian Yin felt that her question was a little improper too, upon hearing what Xu Qi said. She blushed and greeted Wen Xiang.

Wen Xiang smiled even brighter at hearing the three girls greeting her, thinking that this nephew of hers was good at leading people.

Xu Qi glanced at the Constellation Guards behind him and went to them after saying a few words to Wen Xiang, leaving the four women to converse among themselves.

The Constellation Guards saw the intimacy between their Young Master and this middle-aged woman earlier, and the changes in Qian Yin and the girls . However, they didn’t hear what they talked about and were a little confused.

Xu Qi came to them and squatted down, before sitting on the ground. He scanned the Constellation Guards, and knew that they were fine. From their auras, although he could tell that their injuries weren’t light, their lives weren’t in danger.

“Ai, this time, you guys got beaten up for nothing. This Young Master here can’t avenge you,” Xu Qi sighed and said helplessly.

The Constellation Guards were smart men, too. After seeing their Young Master and that middle-aged woman acting intimately, and hearing this now, they nodded despite feeling bitter towards that woman, not saying a word.

Xu Qi looked at them at pointed at Wen Xiang, saying, “She’s my mother’s blood sister, which means that she’s my aunt. You can’t possibly ask me to take actions against my only kin in this world, right?”

The Constellation Guards were shocked at hearing this. They didn’t think that she would actually be their Young Master’s aunt. It looks like they truly were beaten up for nothing.

Xu Qi continued, “I know you guys feel a little resentful inside, but let me tell you this. In order to avenge you guys, the girls and I killed my aunt’s most capable man, and over twenty guys he brought with him. Adding all this together, we are the ones who should be sorry.”

The Constellation Guards felt much better in their hearts at hearing this. At the very least, their Young Master cared for them.

Xu Qi added, “This time, you guys were in the wrong, too. If it wasn’t for you displaying your weapons out in the open, this accident wouldn’t have happened. Though, I really have to thank you guys. If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid I would never known I still have an aunt, nor would I have met her. Thank you.”

As Xu Qi spoke, he sincerely thanked the Constellation Guards for their blunder. However, looking at their injured selves, he felt a little pain in his heart. After all, he cared for his men.

Seeing this, Xu Zi hurriedly said, “Young Master, I failed to discipline them this time, and added to your troubles.”

Xu Qi stood up and said, “It’s not a bad thing that you guys suffered a loss this time. At the very least, you learned that there’s always someone better than you. You will learn to be more cautious in the future. Also, they will be part of our own in the future. I hope there won’t be any conflicts between you. Can you do it?”

“One of ours? What do you mean, Young Master?” Xu Zi asked uncertainly.

“That’s right, they will belong to our Xu Clan from now on. Also, they are actually from the Luo Xiang House,” Xu Qi said.

“Luo Xiang House? Why does this sound so familiar?” the Ninth Brother, Xu Shen, asked suddenly .

“I remember now, the Luo Xiang House is the number one assassination organization in Ghosteem, but they disappeared from the world two years ago,” Xu Shen recalled excitedly.

“Ninth Brother, we were beaten by them to this extent, what the heck are you acting so excited for? I remembered the Luo Xiang House’s origins the moment Young Master spoke about them, yet you had to spell out the obvious,” Xu Zi quipped.

“Alright, it’s fine as long as you understand this matter. Ai, I’ll still have to bring this defeated troop back to Rivulet City. Look at you guys, all turning into burdens,” Xu Qi sighed, feigning a look of disappointment.

The Constellation Guards lowered their heads in shame. Although they were ambushed, their opponents’ strengths and numbers weren’t bad in the least. Their original thoughts of being second only to their Young Master received a hit, and now they were even referred to as defeated troops by their Young Master. All their face was lost.

Xu Qi couldn’t bear to tease them any longer and returned to the women’s side, discussing how they should bring the injured Constellation Guards back.

Wen Xiang said something to Xu Qi and called for the man who was responsible for passing information. She instructed him and walked back into the cave.

After which, that man went back to the Luo Xiang House’s group and said something. Those from Luo Xiang House went into the cave, too. However, their gazes while they passed by Xu Qi and the women had a hint of hostility to them.

Qian Yin and the girls had learned from their conversation with Wen Xiang earlier that she was the master of the mysterious assassination organization,Luo Xiang House, from Ghosteem. They also heard from Wen Xiang that the Luo Xiang House will be under Xu Qi and returning to the Xu Clan.

“Young Master, are you really going to absorb the Luo Xiang House into our Xu Clan?” Qian Yin asked.

Xu Qi nodded and asked doubtfully, “Why? Is there a problem?”

“Young Master, it’s not unfeasible, but I’m worried that they wouldn’t submit to us, since they had a conflict with the Constellation Guards, and we even killed so many of theirs,” Qian Yin said worriedly.

Xu Qi smiled and turned toward the cave, muttering, “It’s fine. I believe aunt will handle this appropriately. A fragile woman like her turned into what she is today. She must have some methods of her own.”

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