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Chapter 155 - Killing A Batch First

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After an indeterminate amount of time, over twenty figures appeared on the roofs of the peaceful Mo Clan. One of them was a middle-aged man dressed in green robes. He looked at the quiet courtyard and let out a soft, puzzled “Hmm?”.

At this moment, the Mo Clan was too quiet, so quiet that it was strange.

However, this man didn’t seem to be fearful in the least. He waved his hand, and the surrounding figures all landed in the Mo Clan’s courtyard, including him.

After landing, a skinny man flashed over to this green-robed man’s side and asked, “Master Fang, why do I smell blood?”

The green-robed man nodded in agreement. He too, had picked up the scent of blood after landing in the courtyard, but as their Master, he wasn’t lacking in courage. He didn’t mind this matter much, either. He slowly led his men toward the Mo Clan’s main hall.

Upon arriving at the Mo Clan’s main hall, he saw a young man standing by the doors, looking at him. The doors were wide open, and several bodies were lying on the floor in the hall. Looking closely, the fresh blood on the floor indicated that those people were already dead.

“Who are you?” the green-robed man asked.

“And who are you?” the young man asked in return, smiling.

This young man standing by the doors was, of course, Xu Qi. He was waiting for the group of mysterious people to show themselves, but the three women with him were nowhere to be found.

“Hmph, with only the cultivation of a sixth stage of Spirit realm, you’re not qualified to know who I am!” the green-robed man humphed coldly and said. Following which, the skinny man next to him charged up to Xu Qi, attacking him.

Xu Qi smiled coldly at seeing this. A longsword suddenly appeared in his hand, and his rainbow energy instantly burst forth as he slashed down at the skinny man.

That skinny man seemed to be fearless of Xu Qi’s attack. His figure never stopped, seemingly prepared to take Xu Qi’s slash head on.

However, the green-robed man behind him yelled out for him to be careful upon seeing that sword and the rainbow energy on Xu Qi’s body, dashing towards Xu Qi.

Rainbow energy suddenly burst forth on the seemingly ordinary sword in Xu Qi’s hand just as it was about to clash with the skinny man’s sword. A gigantic rainbow energy sword appeared and slashed downwards.

Seeing as the gigantic rainbow energy sword was slashing down on him, the skinny man emitted faint red energy from his body as he watched with his mouth agape. It was too close! He couldn’t dodge it in time as the gigantic sword crashed down.

Before the green-robed man could reach them, another figure emitting red light came flying toward him. The green-robed man hurriedly defended against this figure. In the next moment, a long sword mark appeared on the front of the skinny man’s body. His aura was obviously weakened. It looked like he had taken considerable damage.

The green-robed man quickly retreated and handed the injured skinny man to his subordinates beside him. He looked at Xu Qi doubtfully and asked, “You lured us here on purpose?”

“Smart man,” Xu Qi remarked, standing with the support of his sword.

“From the looks of the energy you just emitted, you’re probably with those black-clothed men from before. It seems like you’re here for them, but your cultivation is slightly on the lower side,” the green-robed man said.

Xu Qi smiled at his words. He pointed his sword at the green-robed man and asked, “Where are my brothers?”

“The sword you’re wielding is a treasure, too. Looks I have to bring you back for interrogation,” the green-robed man said plainly, ignoring Xu Qi’s question.

“Interrogation? I’m asking you, where are my brothers?” Xu Qi repeated his question.

“Haha, with merely the cultivation at the sixth stage of Spirit realm, you dare speak to me like that just because you caught us by surprise with that move earlier? Looks like I have to teach you a lesson!” the green-robed man answered, and released a powerful aura. His body was slowly enveloped in red energy as he charged at Xu Qi.

However, just as he made his move, a golden silhouette suddenly appeared and intercepted him, forcing him to retreat from a palm-strike.

“Who are you?” the green-robed man demanded, shocked as he stabilized himself, looking at the golden silhouette. It was, in fact, a seductive woman wearing a long golden dress.

This person was none other than Xu Xiaomei. She paid no heed to the green-robed man’s question and silently walking behind Xu Qi and standing there.

Xu Qi smiled coldly, looking at the green-robed man and said, “If you don’t tell me who you are, don’t blame me for taking action.”

The green-robed man shifted his gaze to the seductive woman behind Xu Qi. Although they only exchanged moves for a fleeting moment, he understood that he wasn’t a match for this woman at all. She was too strong.

Seeing as this green-robed man was keeping silent, Xu Qi charged at him with his sword in hand. Xu Xiaomei quickly followed behind, rushing into the midst of the group of men who came along with the green-robed man. She kept sending out palm-strikes as she moved, and they were immediately sent flying backwards.

The green-robed man hurriedly engaged Xu Qi in battle. However, just as he was about to reach Xu Qi, he suddenly realized that countless talisman characters had appeared around the strange young man. There was even a half-bodied, translucent daoist holding a horsetail whisk behind Xu Qi, smiling at him.

“Cursed Wraith Talisman! Guard Break Talisman!” Xu Qi yelled as the green-robed man came up to him. Two great arts instantly burst forth, landing squarely on the green-robed man's body. Xu Qi immediately followed up with a sword thrust.

The green-robed man realized that he couldn't move at all after he was struck by Xu Qi’s Cursed Wraith Talisman, and he felt a pain in his chest. Before he could react to it, the talismanic whirlwind struck him. He was instantly sent flying back and crashed down heavily on the ground.

The green-robed man tried to get back up, but Xu Qi was already here, thrusting his sword at him. He forcefully endured the pain in his chest and quicky used his movement technique to dodge it.

Seeing as his follow- up attack failed, Xu Qi stood on the spot and looked at the green-robed man with a face full of smiles.

“Who exactly are you? What was that cursed spirit earlier!?” the green-robed man asked as he wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“If you don't tell me who are you people soon, the men brought here will be all dead!” Xu Qi said with a smirk.

The green-robed man hurriedly looked to the surroundings. There were already many bodies lying on the floor, every one of them his men.

The seductive woman was still attacking his remaining men aggressively, and they were about to fall to her attacks at any moment.

The green-robed man glared at Xu Qi furiously. He flipped his palm, and a red gemstone appeared in his hand. He directly threw it into the air, and it shattered into pieces, turning into a resplendent red light.

“Calling for backup? Go on, it’d be great to bring them all here,” Xu Qi said as he watched the green-robed man perform those actions, smiling.

The green-robed man instantly became doubtful seeing this young man before him was without a hint of fear as he watched the signal go off.

However, Xu Qi didn't stop moving. He turned around and sped towards those casualties injured by Xu Xiaomei who were lying on the floor, stabbing downward. Each of his attacks were aimed at their vitals, claiming their lives.

The green-robed man's eyes were bloodshot on seeing this. He let out a shout and prepared to charge at Xu Qi once more. Before he could put his thoughts into action, two figures suddenly appeared in front of him.

One of them wore white, while the other wore purple. Both of them were women, and they were both wielding two daggers in their hands that flashed with cold light.

The green-robed man was greatly alarmed, and he discovered that these two women's cultivation were actually stronger than his. His body instantly stiffened in place.

A short distance away, Xu Xiaomei struck her remaining enemies, sending them flying, while Xu Qi continued dealing the final blows to them. In just the blink of an eye, the men who came along with the green-robed man all died to Xu Qi’s follow-up strikes, and Xu Qi slowly walked toward the green-robed man.

At this moment, the green-robed man’s gaze was about to spit fire when he saw that the men who were still standing beside him moments earlier were now all lying dead on the stones of the courtyard.


The green-robed middle-aged woman in the cave not far away from Shen City was still interrogating Xu Zi. Just as her patience was running out and she was about to teach Xu Zi a lesson, the man who reported of the signal from before came running in frantically.

“Master, Master Fang’s signal for help was discovered in Shen City’s direction,” the man reported anxiously.

“What?! Are you sure of that?!” the middle-aged woman cried out in disbelief.

“I’m sure, Master. I witnessed this myself, it can’t be wrong,” the man said firmly.

Hearing this, the middle-aged woman turned to Xu Zi and said, “It looks like they are here for you.”

Xu Zi overheard the middle-aged woman and the man’s conversation. He smiled and said, “Bitch, you dare to lay your hands on this Master, you have to check whether you can afford to offend the man behind us! Haha!”

The middle-aged woman ignored Xu Zi and said to the man who came running in, “Gather everyone and come with me! The rest will guard these captives!”

The middle-aged woman then headed for the cave exit, and the man quickly followed behind her.


In the Mo Clan’s courtyard, Xu Qi and the three girls surrounded the green-robed man, looking at him and smiling coldly.

At this moment, the green-robed man had yet to recover from his shock. The men he brought with him weren’t weak; over a dozen of them were in the Void realm. Why would they fall so easily? Though, he wouldn’t know about the horror of Xu Xiaomei.

While the green-robed man was in a daze, the impatient Qian Yun took out a dagger and held it at the green-robed man’s neck. She said coldly, “Spit it out; where are those brothers of mine, and why did you guys ambush them!?”

The green-robed man maintained his silence, however, infuriating Qian Yun to the point of her exerting strength on her hand, slicing his neck. The green-robed man instantly fell to the floor, dying.

“Sister, why are you so impulsive? Young Master has yet to get the information and you killed him,” Qian Yin said, slightly angry at her sister’s recklessness.

Xu Qi, however, only smiled. He looked to the skies and said, “No matter, their true leader should be arriving soon. Let’s just wait.”

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