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Chapter 147 - To Die To An Unnatural Cause

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Xu Qi blanked for a moment before shaking his head, smiling. He turned around and headed to the hall, not even bothering to check who was the owner of the voice.

Shortly after Xu Qi entered the hall, a purple silhouette descended from the sky, landing next to Xu Xiaomei.

Xu Zi and the others sent looks at one another after realizing who it was, seemingly prepared to watch a good show.

This purple silhouette was none other than Qian Yin, who rushed back to Xu Clan despite the long distance.

Qian Yin looked at Yu Fanzi, then shifted her gaze onto Xu Xiaomei. She saw her charming looks and asked plainly, “Who are you?”

Seeing as Xu Qi turned to leave immediately upon hearing her voice, Xu Xiaomei knew that this purple-clothed woman must be acquainted with him. Therefore, she answered casually, “Xu Xiaomei.”

Qian Yin became even more puzzled at Xu Xiaomei’s answer. The former was very familiar with the people of Xu Clan. When was there ever a Xu Xiaomei in Xu Clan?

However, Xu Xiaomei seemed to not care about Qian Yin’s thoughts. She pointed at Yu Fanzi and asked, “You said to leave him to you. Why should I?”

“Because I’m from the Xu Clan. Those who offend our Xu Clan will of course be dealt with by me. We don’t need an outsider to interfere,” Qian Yin shot back, without a hint of her usual gentleness.

“Hmph, who are you saying is an outsider?! Explain yourself! I won’t let you kill him, what can you do!?” Xu Xiaomei humphed coldly.

Yu Fanzi was depressed at hearing this. What the heck are these two doing? What are they taking me for? Speaking of killing me so lightly, and are even vying for the kill...

Then, Xu Xiaomei directly attacked Yu Fanzi with her full might.

Seeing this, two daggers that reflected cold glints of light appeared silently in Qian Yin’s hands as she attacked Yu Fanzi as well.

Xu Zi and the others whispered to one another as they watched this scene unfold, waves of laughter rang out.

Yu Fanzi had no will to battle seeing this powerful, mysterious girl attacking his way. He leapt up on Xu Clan’s roof and tried to make an escape.

However, the purple-clothed woman already reached him just as he made his jump, attacking him. Yu Fanzi was greatly alarmed and thought to dodge, but he sensed that the mysterious woman had also closed in on him. He quickly jumped off the roof, landing back in the courtyard.

There seemed to be friction between Xu Xiaomei and Qian Yin the moment they met, striving to be the one to land a strike on Yu Fanzi. In just a short while, Yu Fanzi became the sacrificial lamb in these two women’s petty fight. He was inflicted with several cuts, which were the handiwork of Qian Yin, and hit by several palm-strikes, thanks to Xu Xiaomei. He even lost count of how many mouthfuls of blood he spat out.

Xu Xiaomei looked at Yu Fanzi, whose aura was extremely unstable. Just as she moved closer toward him, Qian Yin blocked her off.

“What are you doing?” Xu Xiaomei asked coldly.

“I’ll say it again. Leave this person to me!” Qian Yin replied coldly.

“What if I don’t agree!?” Xu Xiaomei took a step forward and said plainly, as the twin peaks on her chest jiggled in Qian Yin’s sight.

Seeing this, the rage in Qian Yin grew even fiercer. She felt that Xu Xiaomei was obviously taunting her. She wanted to lash out at her, but she noticed that Yu Fanzi had gotten up and was trying to make a run for it.

The two of them moved to stop Yu Fanzi at once, displaying their utmost speed.

The unlucky Yu Fanzi was in for trouble again, getting struck by the two women’s palms and fell on the ground. This time, he seemed to have taken considerable damage.

After landing on the ground, Xu Xiaomei and Qian Yin stood facing each other, neither of them willing to be outdone by the other.

“Hey, brothers, shall we make a bet? Let’s see whether it will be Qian Yin or Xu Xiaomei to kill that guy. Is anyone up for it?” Xu Zi grinned at the other Constellation Guards by his side.

They quickly agreed to Xu Zi’s suggestion and took out their gemstones, making their bets. Only Twelfth Brother sat out on it.

“Twelfth Brother, do you not dare to play with us?” Third Brother Xu Yin asked.

“You’re so silly. What if Sister Yin and Xu Xiaomei killed him at the same time? Who will be credited as the winner? You’ll only lose all your gemstones,” Xu Hai said.

“Oh, right, Big Brother, what if the both of them struck him at the same time? From the looks of it, this really is a possibility. Twelfth Brother is still the smarter one,” Xu Yin asked, praising Xu Hai.

“Yeah, yeah. Big Brother, you’re obviously trying to con us,” the other Constellation Guards protested one after another, causing a headache to Xu Zi as he rolled his eyes at Xu Hai.

“Fine, you can bet on anything. I’ll be the banker, and I’ll accept any and all bets!” Xu Zi said generously. Hearing this, the Constellation Guards began making their bets. Most of them were betting on Yu Fanzi dying to Qian Yin and Xu Xiaomei at the same time.

While the Constellation Guards were making a commotion, Xu Xiaomei and Qian Yin came face to face with each other.

“Who exactly are you? Our Xu Clan doesn’t have someone like you!” Qian Yin demanded.

“The same goes to you. Who are you? I haven’t seen you before. You’re so impolite, not even greeting Young Miss when you see me. I’m Xu Qi’s younger sister!” Xu Xiaomei retorted.

“I have never heard of him having a sister! Move aside; Yu Fanzi is mine to kill!” Qian Yin said.

“I should move just because you say so? Who do you think you are? I will have him dead by my hands today!” Xu Xiaomei argued, not showing any signs of weakness.

Just as Xu Xiaomei finished her sentence, a white, graceful silhouette descended from the sky, landing next to Yu Fanzi. Two lights flashed in her hands as she swiped her hands across Yu Fanzi’s neck, followed by stabbing him in the chest.

Yu Fanzi showed an even more confused look at the sight of this white-clothed woman’s sudden appearance. He watched unwillingly as his eyes stared wide, slowly shutting them. Just before his death, he was thinking dejectedly to himself, Where did these three madwomen pop out from? Each of them are so powerful, and so ruthless in their attacks. Why was I so unlucky?

Qian Yin and Xu Xiaomei stared wide-eyed as the white-clothed woman finished off Yu Fanzi while they were still confronting each other.

The white-clothed woman toyed with the shining daggers in her hands as she smiled, “Isn’t it only killing someone? What’s there to fight for? I killed him for you.”

Qian Yin smiled helplessly when she saw who it was, and thought to herself, Why did she come at this time?

This person was, of course, Qian Yun, who followed behind Qian Yin all the way from the capital. Just as she arrived, she discovered that a fight was going on and was prepared to lend a hand. However, she noticed that Qian Yin and an unfamiliar woman were fighting to kill someone. Her curiosity was piqued and took the opportunity to snatch the kill while they were arguing.

Xu Zi and the others were stunned at realizing the person who struck out was Qian Yun. They were betting on whether Yu Fanzi would die at Qian Yin’s hands, or Xu Xiaomei’s, or even to both of them at the same time. Unexpectedly, Qian Yun had suddenly made an appearance and killed off Yu Fanzi. All of them looked toward Xu Zi to see how he was going to deal with this situation.

Xu Zi was stunned for a short while, before he was suddenly overwhelmed with joy, saying, “He died to an unnatural cause! The banker takes all! All of you have lost! Haha, everything is mine!”

The Constellation Guards all protested at Xu Zi’s words, asking for a refund. Xu Zi was unwilling to yield no matter what, but he couldn’t win against everyone and started to flee. The Constellation Guards all left the area, chasing after Xu Zi, leaving only the three women and a few corpses there.

Qian Yun’s expression darkened at seeing Xu Xiaomei’s charming looks and asked, “Who are you, and why did you appear in our Xu Clan?”

Xu Xiaomei was already a little resentful toward this white-clothed woman for killing Yu Fanzi. Now that she was even asking her questions, her rage erupted and she quipped, “What has it got to do with you? Get lost!”

“You!” Qian Yun was furious at hearing what Xu Xiaomei said, prepared to strike at her.

“Don’t do anything, Sister. She claims to be Young Master’s younger sister!” Qian Yin immediately stopped Qian Yun.

“Younger sister? What younger sister?! I have never seen her before!” Qian Yun said, her tone changing when she heard that this beautiful woman was actually her Young Master’s sister.

At this moment, both Qian Yin and Qian Yun had covered their faces. The Constellation Guards were naturally able to recognize them. Qian Yin had always worn purple clothes, while Qian Yun wore white, as if that had become their defining trait. On the other hand, Xu Xiaomei had no idea that these two were not only sisters, but twins.

“What? You two are sisters?” Xu Xiaomei swept her gaze at them, asking.

“Wrong! We’re twin sisters!” Qian Yun quickly corrected Xu Xiaomei and removed her white veil, revealing her exquisite appearance, not willing to be outdone by her. When she saw the full, supple peaks on Xu Xiaomei’s chest, she looked at her own, seemingly making a comparison.

Qian Yin, too, slowly removed her veil. Xu Xiaomei was stupefied at the sight. They were truly twin sisters, and were so beautiful, too. No, I’m the prettier one no matter what.

“Oh, you’re twin sisters, indeed. But this Young Miss here has no time to fool around with you. I still have to accompany Young Master for dinner,” Xu Xiaomei said plainly, her tone a little mean.

“Young Master? Where is Young Master?!” Qian Yun asked agitatedly. When she arrived here, Xu Qi had already gone into the hall, and she hadn’t seen him. On the other hand, Qian Yin, who came slightly earlier, caught sight of Xu Qi when she arrived, it was just that Xu Qi left before she showed herself.

“Don’t be anxious, sister. Young Master is inside; I saw him earlier. He has truly returned,” Qian Yin assured her sister.

Qian Yun turned and ran toward the hall at hearing this. Xu Xiaomei let out a cold humph and used her movement technique, blocking Qian Yun’s path.

“What are you thinking of doing?! Move aside!” Qian Yun said as she extended her hand, wanting to push Xu Xiaomei aside. However, Xu Xiaomei wouldn’t let her have her way so easily. She dodged Qian Yun’s hand and struck out at her.

Qian Yun rushed over at seeing this to provide help. The twins exchanged glances, planning to take on this unfamiliar woman together. Xu Xiaomei watched them calmly, not showing any weakness.

Just as the tension between this three women were at the highest, on the verge of breaking into a fight, a voice rang out.

“What are you doing! You three, do you take me as non-existent!? Get lost if you want to fight! Don’t ever return!” Xu Qi suddenly appeared by their side, roaring out his disapproval.

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