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Chapter 146 - Young Master Flares Up

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Unable to locate Luan, Xu Qi and Xu Xiaomei quickly returned to the Xu Clan. Black Tortoise was still sitting in the hall in meditation when they returned, Xu Pingfan watching nervously from the side.

“Uncle, Luan is missing!” Xu Qi said as he walked to Black Tortoise’s side.

Black Tortoise kept his eyes shut and said weakly, “Brat, no need to panic. Although this poison is strange, it’s not able to claim my life.”

“Then what should we do now?” Xu Qi asked anxiously.

“Send me back to the Four Divinities Cavern. I’m afraid I’ll have to return to my original form,” Black Tortoise said helplessly.

Xu Qi was even more furious at hearing this. The poison was actually able to force the Black Tortoise to revert to his original form! How vicious!

“I’m afraid I will have to stay in the cavern for a long time to purge the poison. You be careful. Come in there to ask me if there’s anything you don’t understand,” Black Tortoise said.

Xu Qi acknowledged the Black Tortoise’s words and quickly formed a seal on his hand, sending the Black Tortoise back into the Four Divinities Cavern.

Xu Pingfan, who had kept silent all this time, walked up to Xu Qi and asked, “Young Master, what exactly happened?”

“Don’t bother asking, Uncle Mang. There are some matters we can’t do anything about. It can only be left to him. There were too many strange happenings recently. You have to be more careful, too,” Xu Qi said.

Xu Pingfan nodded. He didn’t feel any resentment toward Xu Qi for not telling him what was going on.

Xu Zi came to Xu Qi’s side hurriedly from the door and said, “Young Master, that group of people are here.”

Xu Qi replied furiously, “So be it. I’ll have them remain here permanently! That damned Imperial Void Valley, they don’t know when to stop! Do they take my Xu Clan as a pushover!?”

Xu Zi’s expression turned ugly at seeing his Young Master suddenly flare up, as he began praying silently for that group of people.

“Xiaomei, come with me. We’ll go meet them,” Xu Qi turned and said before heading toward the hall’s exit.

Xu Xiaomei nodded and followed behind Xu Qi. Xu Zi quickly followed too.

On the other hand, Xu Pingfan didn’t tag along. He took a seat, looking at Xu Qi’s back, and sighed.

Xu Qi and the two others noticed seven people with their hands behind their backs on Xu Clan’s roof just as they exited the hall, giving off an imposing air.

Xu Qi swept his gaze across and cursed, “Get the hell down here, you people from Imperial Void Valley! Don’t act like you’re some sophisticated men standing up there. This Young Master here is Xu Qi, and the men you sent here previously were all slaughtered by me! Get down here and receive your death!”

On the side, Xu Zi was shocked to see Xu Qi acting like this. He thought inwardly to himself, What happened to Young Master? What made him so agitated?

Xu Xiaomei, however, knew that Xu Qi was furious because Black Tortoise was poisoned and the matter of the trespasser from last night. It seems that Xu Qi was going to vent all his frustrations on these people.

The seven on the roof were caught by surprise at Xu Qi’s words. They were stunned, looking blankly at Xu Qi.

However, Xu Qi didn't give them the leisure of staring into space. He shouted, “Go, slaughter these bastards!”

As Xu Qi gave out the order, ten black silhouettes suddenly appeared in the courtyard. They leapt up onto the roof and launched their attacks on the intruders.

The few intruders on the roof obviously weren't expecting such things to happen. Every one of them took out their swords to defend themselves.

However, after just one move, they found out that these black-clothed men’s strong were all very powerful, much to their horror. They didn’t dare to be careless in the slightest.

“Xu Zi, what are you blanking out for? Hurry up and throw them down! Does this Young Master here have to do it myself?” Xu Qi said with an annoyed tone.

Xu Zi broke out in cold sweat at hearing this. He hurriedly responded and leapt up to the roof.

“Young Master, should I go help too?” Xu Xiaomei asked from the side, whispering.

“You don’t have to go, Xiaomei. You were busy for an entire night. Just leave this matter to them,” Xu Qi replied softly.

Xu Xiaomei felt warm in her heart seeing as Xu Qi was being so gentle with her. She no longer spoke and watched the battle quietly.

The intruders surrounded by the Constellation Guards were sent here by the Imperial Void Valley as backup to Mo Dingtian and their Second Elder, Yu Tuzi.

They noticed that it had been a long time since someone contacted them and sent someone to investigate what happened in Rivulet City. To their surprise, it was reported that there were people around in Xu Clan, and it looked to be very peaceful.

Thus, the few men here were sent into Rivulet City. They gathered at the Mosuo Auction House to discuss their plans. In the end, they decided to check out the situation at Xu Clan. Unexpectedly, they encountered the enraged Xu Qi just as they arrived, and moves were exchanged before any words were said.

In just a short while after they began fighting, the Constellation Guards forced the Imperial Void Valley disciples into the courtyard, surrounding them.

Xu Qi took a closer look at these group of seven. He noticed that he even recognized one of them, and let out a sly smirk.

The one Xu Qi recognized was none other than the person following behind Yu Jizi during the Fengwen Examination three years ago. He was the one who took Xu Qi’s bronze sword away in the end. This person was a direct disciple of the Imperial Void Valley’s School Master, his name was Yu Fanzi. His cultivation was no weaker than their deceased Second Elder, Yu Tuzi, and was thought highly of by their School Master.

“Hey, do you recognize me?” Xu Qi shouted at Yu Fanzi, who was showing a puzzled look.

Yu Fanzi felt a little puzzled when he just arrived in Xu Clan, hearing Xu Qi’s voice. He knew that Xu Qi was killed by Mo Dingtian’s daughter three years ago, and the bronze sword was personally handed over to him by Mo Dingtian. However, he didn’t get to see Xu Qi’s face before he was attacked.

Now, seeing as this person who claimed to be Xu Qi spoke, Yu Fanzi quickly turned to look at him. When he saw Xu Qi’s face clearly, he opened his mouth wide and asked in disbelief, “You, weren’t you dead!?”

“Who told you that I’m dead!? You’re the one who’s dead here! Where’s my sword; return it!” Xu Qi yelled.

Yu Fanzi’s mind was spinning right now. He didn’t dare to believe what he just saw, but when Xu Qi demanded his sword back, Yu Fanzi confirmed to himself that he wasn’t dreaming. He then replied, “The sword is at Imperial Void Valley. Go take it back if you can! Where’s our Second Elder and Mo Dingtian?”

“Still acting tough? You’re helpless yourself, and you’re still worrying about others. Don’t worry, I’ll send you to meet them in just a short while! Go, kill them all!” Xu Qi commanded the Constellation Guards as he spoke.

The Constellation Guards immediately struck out upon Xu Qi’s orders, their attacks fiercer than before. Yu Fanzi was greatly alarmed and hurriedly responded to their attacks. However, his eyes were still on Xu Qi, who was standing a short distance away.

Suddenly, Yu Fanzi cried out, “Revolving Sword Light!” Innumerable tiny energy swords appeared around his body, revolving about him.

“Get back, quickly! Don’t come into contact with the energy swords around him!” Xu Qi hurriedly reminded the Constellation Guards. Three years ago, Yu Jizi had used this technique during his battle with Xu Qi in the Cai Clan. At that time, Yu Jizi’s strength was only at the Spirit realm, yet this technique managed to inflict great harm to Xu Qi.

Now, Yu Fanzi was a cultivator who stepped into the Void realm. Him using this technique would definitely have a much greater might. Xu Qi didn’t want the Constellation Guards to be injured.

Hearing Xu Qi’s warning, the Constellation Guards quickly retreated backwards. Yu Fanzi didn’t withdraw, either. Instead, he went on the offensive, with his sword in hand, pointing toward Xu Qi.

Xu Qi stood on the spot, unmoving, as he watched Yu Fanzi coming at him, even revealing a smile.

Yu Fanzi thought that Xu Qi was scared silly, and quickened his steps.

Suddenly, a golden light shone forth. Yu Fanzi realized that a golden palm was coming his way. However, that golden palm was too fast for him, and he was unable to react to it. The most shocking thing was that the golden palm wasn’t delayed by the slightest upon contact with his tiny energy swords, directly smashing onto him, and sending him staggering backwards.

Yu Fanzi felt pain from his chest. However, he didn’t seem to be heavily injured. He looked toward Xu Qi nervously, and realized that a charming woman in a long golden dress was standing next to him.

“Who are you?! Why did you ambush me?!” Xu Fanzi demanded, pointing his sword at Xu Xiaomei.

Xu Xiaomei was sizing Yu Fanzi up. She didn’t expect Yu Fanzi to only take a few steps back after being struck by her palm. It looked like he hadn’t taken much damage, either. Yu Fanzi had to be very strong.

“Xu Clan’s man!” Xu Xiaomei declared plainly.

As Xu Qi watched Xu Xiaomei and Yu Fanzi exchange words, he grew impatient and yelled at Xu Zi and the others, “There’s only a few of them, how long are you going to take? Are you planning to have them stay for dinner? Hurry up and finish them!”

Cold sweat poured from the Constellation Guards’ foreheads when they heard Xu Qi’s complaints, wondering to themselves what was wrong with their Young Master today, and why he was hurrying them to kill people. Even so, the eleven Constellation Guards hurriedly pressed their attacks on the other Imperial Void Valley members. Without Yu Fanzi protecting them, they couldn’t withstand the Constellation Guards’ attacks, and casualties appeared after only a few moves.

Yu Fanzi quickly went over to provide help at seeing this situation. However, just as he moved, Xu Xiaomei’s figure vanished from the spot as she launched an attack on him.

Yu Fanzi sensed that someone was attacking him and quickly responded to it. The two tangled up in a duel.

After exchanging a few moves, Yu Fanzi understood that he wasn’t a match for this woman at all. If it wasn’t for Xu Xiaomei using only her bare hands to fight against him, he would have been defeated long ago. Thoughts of withdrawing sprang up in his mind.

Yu Fanzi knew that the black-clothed men weren’t much weaker than him. With the addition of this mysterious woman whose strength was above his, Mo Dingtian and Second Elder Yu Tuzi must have met with mishap. He needed to quickly disengage and return to Imperial Void Valley to report this matter.

The truth was, Xu Xiaomei wasn’t attacking Yu Fanzi with all her might. She was only aiming to delay him, looking for an opportunity to capture him alive and hand him over to Xu Qi, because she overheard that this person had taken Xu Qi’s sword. She wanted to let Xu Qi deal with him.

While the two were tangled up, Xu Zi and the other Constellation Guards settled the battle on their front. They killed off everyone else that had come with Yu Fanzi, and were now standing by the side, watching Xu Xiaomei and Yu Fanzi’s duel.

“Xiaomei, stop fooling around. Quickly get this over and done with. We still have other matters to take care of,” Xu Qi shouted from a short distance away.

Yu Fanzi looked at his opponent when he heard Xu Qi’s words, feeling even less confident of his future prospects. Was she trying to toy me to death?

On the other hand, a powerful aura erupted from Xu Xiaomei’s body upon hearing those words. Just as she was about to strike, a voice rang down from the sky.

“Leave this person to me!”

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