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Chapter 145 - Mysterious Matters One After Another

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While they were on their way after leaving Mt Burning Cloud, Xu Qi didn’t speak a single word. Xu Zi and the other Constellation Guards kept silent, as well. What had happened tonight came as a great shock to them.

Xu Zi and the others had basically listened in on the full conversation tonight between Black Tortoise, Xu Qi, and Luan. Although there were some parts they didn’t really understand, they came to understand the true strength of Luan and the man beside their Young Master.

“Brat, do you feel like it wasn’t simply a coincidence that we came to Spirit Domain after learning about all this tonight?” Black Tortoise suddenly broke the silence with a question for Xu Qi.

Xu Qi nodded and replied, “Originally, I had thought to comfortably live my days in peace after coming here. Nurturing those people behind me privately was only to prevent anyone from bullying me, but to my surprise, a bunch of matters from that side popped out all of a sudden. What a headache!”

“So what are your plans?” Black Tortoise asked.

“What plans could I have? I’ll do whatever I should. I can’t possibly stay at home and wait for my death, can I? I’ll get even with those who set me up in the past first, before deciding what’s next. Who cares about the ancient cultivator for now? He’s none of my concern. He’ll do his thing and I’ll do mine,” Xu Qi replied, irritated.

Black Tortoise chuckled at hearing this.

Before arriving back at Rivulet City, Black Tortoise asked to be returned to the Four Divinities Cavern, and Xu Qi unsummoned him.

As Xu Qi led the others back to Xu Clan, Xu Pingfan was waiting for Xu Qi at the gates. Xu Pingfan revealed a puzzled look at seeing the Constellation Guards all returning.

The Constellation Guards left silently, as Xu Qi looked at Xu Pingfan, not intending to tell him about what happened tonight.

“Uncle Mang, I’ll have to trouble you with something. I changed my plans at the last minute and got Xu Zi and the others to stay. Help me arrange the reconstruction of the villa,” Xu Qi requested.

Naturally, Xu Pingfan didn’t ask about the happenings tonight, either. He only nodded in agreement at Xu Qi’s words.


After Xu Qi left a few sentences regarding some minor details about the reconstruction, he returned alone to his room.

Xu Qi looked at Mo Ling, who was still enveloped by rainbow energy, and his mood sank.

Ever since the battle in the Xu Clan that day, Xu Qi had given the order to Xu Pingfan that no one was allowed to go near his room without his permission. The reason for that was, of course, Mo Ling.

There was a secret on Mo Ling that only Xu Qi knew about.

Thirteen years ago, Xu Qi unintentionally discovered a Celestial Core Pill in the ring Venerable Ziyan left him, and had Mo Ling consume it without her knowledge. He didn’t tell her about it after the matter, either.

Due to Mo Ling’s unimpressive cultivation, and her not knowing the method to activate the Celestial Core Pill, she never discovered the anomaly in her body during these last thirteen years.

Originally, Xu Qi stabbing her in the heart would undoubtedly have led to her death. No one would have thought that after Xu Qi carried her into his room, he spent the entire night activating the Celestial Core Pill’s energy in her body, giving her a slight chance at living.

However, Xu Qi was still hesitating whether to save her, having her reawaken. He didn’t know whether doing this was the right choice.

Also, there was a personal agenda for Xu Qi calling back the Constellation Guards tonight, as well. He didn’t want to let them go to the nation of Earthdream and destroy the Mo Clan. He didn’t want Mo Ling to see that her home had ceased to exist after waking up.

Just like this, the entire night passed as he worried about all this.


The next day, just as Xu Qi came to the main hall and sat down, he saw Xu Zi rushing in from outside with an ugly expression.

Xu Zi came to Xu Qi and said respectfully, “Young Master, not long after we returned last night, I discovered that someone was sneaking around in our Xu Clan. They quickly left and I sent people to tail them. We found that the person went to rendezvous with several others outside the city. Today morning, those people entered Rivulet City and went to Mosuo Auction House.”

Hearing this, Xu Qi furrowed his brow and asked, “Have you found out their identities?”

“From their attire, there were Imperial Void Valley’s men among them,” Xu Zi answered.

Xu Qi seemed to understand something from Xu Zi’s report. The Imperial Void Valley had sent a group of men to Rivulet City to destroy the Xu Clan, but there hadn’t been any news after so many days. They must have sent another group of men here to find out what happened. He actually forgot about this! What foolery!

“It’s fine. They’re here, so be it. If they dare come to our Xu Clan, we’ll just kill them all. I didn’t expect the Imperial Void Valley to come find me before I went to them,” Xu Qi said plainly. For some reason, he really disliked the Imperial Void Valley. Perhaps it was because they took his bronze sword.

Hearing this, Xu Zi stood up and excused himself, going off to arrange some matters.

Xu Qi sat alone in the main hall, pondering over some matters. He suddenly came to the realization that he haven’t seen Xu Xiaomei since last night. He didn’t send her back to the Four Divinities Cavern, so where exactly could she have gone off to?

Just as Xu Qi was about to manipulate his energy to summon her, Xu Xiaomei slowly walked in from outside.

Xu Qi looked at her and noticed that she had an exhausted look.

“What happened? Where did you go off to, that you only returned now?” Xu Qi smiled.

Xu Xiaomei rubbed her temples and looked at Xu Qi with her spirited eyes, saying, “Young Master, could there really people in this world who can turn invisible?”

Xu Qi was confused at hearing this. He haven’t even told Xu Xiaomei about the secrets of the seven top schools; why would she ask about this? Thus, he asked, “Why are you asking this?”

“There was an intruder in our Xu Clan last night who knew how to turn invisible,” Xu Xiaomei said, exhausted.

Xu Qi was caught surprised at her words and hurriedly asked, “What exactly happened? Tell me, quickly.”

Xu Xiaomei then start to talk about what she experienced last night.

Last night, Xu Xiaomei came to this hall to find Xu Qi, but only saw Xu Pingfan sitting alone in here. After asking about it, Xu Pingfan told her that Xu Qi had something going on and went outside of Rivulet City.

At that time, Xu Xiaomei was still complaining inwardly that Xu Qi didn’t bring her along to have fun and was going to return to her room. However, on her way back, she sensed someone following behind her, but she couldn’t see anyone.

Even as she was about to reach her room, Xu Xiaomei still felt the presence of someone behind her. She secretly sent out her spiritual sense, and discovered that there was indeed an invisible person following behind her. Alarmed, she struck out a palm at the person, who managed to dodge her sudden attack, escaping from the Xu Clan.

Xu Xiaomei naturally gave chase, spreading her spiritual sense to track the person. As she pursued them, she left the border of Rivulet City.

After an unknown amount of time, Xu Xiaomei finally caught up to the person on a mountain and struck them, forcefully dispelling their invisibility.

A battle was naturally what followed next. However, to Xu Xiaomei’s surprise, that person turned into a black blur after exchanging a few moves and melded into the earth, escaping.

Xu Xiaomei was unwilling to let it end just like that and continued her search on the mountain. Even after a whole night of searching, she couldn’t find a trace of that person.

Xu Qi was astonished at Xu Xiaomei’s words. Not only was that person able to turn themselves invisible, they could even meld into the earth. Were they deities?

“Young Master, do you think what I said seemed like I was dreaming?” Xu Xiaomei asked.

“Xiaomei, you weren’t dreaming. In this world, there are indeed people who have learned the art of invisibility. However, I have never heard of someone being capable of disappearing into the earth,” Xu Qi replied.

“Where’s Uncle Tortoise? We’ll know when we bring him out and ask him,” Xu Xiaomei suddenly realized.

Xu Qi nodded at Xu Xiaomei’s suggestion and immediately formed a seal with his hand.

A blue light shone and the Black Tortoise appeared, staggering. He was pressing on his chest, swaying about.

Xu Qi panicked and quickly looked toward Black Tortoise. The latter’s complexion was dark. Xu Qi asked anxiously, “Uncle, what happened to you?”

Black Tortoise directly sat down on the floor in meditation, showing a pained expression. Even speaking seemed to be difficult for him as he said, “I seem to be poisoned.”

“Poisoned? How is that possible? Weren’t you fine when we returned last night? Why would you be poisoned?” Xu Qi asked, puzzled.

“I don’t know what happened, either. When you put me back in the cavern last night, I was preparing to cultivate myself. Who would’ve thought that the moment I manipulated my energy, I became like what you see now,” Black Tortoise said.

Xu Qi came to the conclusion that the Black Tortoise was indeed poisoned after hearing what he said and seeing his dark, pained complexion. Xu Qi thought to use his rainbow energy to purge the poison in Black Tortoise.

However, Black Tortoise waved his hand and said, “Don’t inject energy into my body. I tried many methods, and I found out that his poison is incredibly mysterious, unable to be purged with energy. Not only that, attempting to do so will cause a backlash. This poison wouldn’t be in the hands of ordinary people.”

“Then what should we do, Uncle? I really couldn’t think of where you were poisoned. We only came into contact with Luan yesterday night… Wait, could it be that Luan who poisoned you? But when did it find the opportunity to poison you?” Xu Qi asked doubtfully.

“Brat, you thought of it too, huh?” Black Tortoise said weakly.

“Ah? It really was Luan who poisoned you? But when and where did it poison you?” Xu Qi continued asking.

“Brat, do you remember that stench when you just entered its cave? It was that layer of black substance on top of the pile of objects. Didn’t I get rid of it casually then? That black substance was probably the poison,” Black Tortoise said.

“Xiaomei! Come with me! Hang in there, Uncle, I’ll go find Luan!” Xu Qi said with a grave expression.

Following which, Xu Qi dashed straight toward Mt Burning Cloud with Xu Xiaomei.


When they arrived at the cave in Mt Burning Cloud, Xu Qi searched around several times, but couldn’t find Luan. Only the messy pile of objects was in there.

Xu Qi’s expression darkened even more, confirming to himself that the Black Tortoise was poisoned by Luan.

He turned to look at Xu Xiaomei, who wasn’t looking so great either, and said, “Xiaomei, this Young Master here was fooled by a monster last night!”

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