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Chapter 143 - The Ten Brothers' Past

Edited by RED

"Brat, I'm afraid Luan wasn't telling the entire truth and is hiding something from us," the Black Tortoise said to Xu Qi.

Then, he turned to Luan, who was sitting on the ground and said plainly, "Mie Luan, did someone steal something of yours, leading to you giving chase?"

Luan replied with a stammer, "N-no, nothing was taken from me."

"You seem to not want your last arm," the Black Tortoise said as he approached Luan.

"Don't, I'll talk! I'll talk, all right? Yes, someone stole something in my cavern! That was why I chased them out here!" Luan hurriedly answered.

"What was stolen?" the Black Tortoise pressed on.

"A bow," Luan replied.

"A bow? What kind of bow?" the Black Tortoise continued asking.

"I can tell you, but I need you to agree to a request of mine," Luan hesitated for a moment and said.

Black Tortoise looked at Xu Qi at hearing this, who in turn nodded. Black Tortoise then replied, "Tell me about it."

Luan looked at the surrounding Constellation Guards and said, "Can you let me have a look at their weapons? I'm very curious; I seem to have seen these weapons somewhere before."

Xu Qi beckoned to the Third Brother, Xu Yin with his hand at hearing this. Xu Yin immediately brought his saber to Luan and showed him, saying, "You can look, but don't you dare break it, or I'll fight you to the death."

Luan ignored Xu Yin as it reached out with its remaining arm, taking over Xu Yin's saber. It turned silent at seeing the saber.

"You seem to have noticed something, Mie Luan," the Black Tortoise smiled.

Hearing this, Luan threw the saber back to Xu Yin and said, looking at Black Tortoise, "No wonder it's so sharp, and able to inflict wounds on my body. So it was a weapon from there. You knew of my name from that side, too. It looks like you are truly someone from that side."

Xu Qi smiled at its words. He didn't expect this Luan to be so intelligent. Xu Qi said, "Right, can you talk about the bow you lost now?"

"The Godsfeather Bow," Luan quickly answered.

"The Godsfeather Bow!" the Black Tortoise exclaimed in shock at hearing this.

"That's right, the Godsfeather Bow," Luan said.

"Uncle, does this Godsfeather Bow have an extraordinary origin?" Xu Qi asked, puzzled, seeing as the Black Tortoise was so shaken up.

"This… I'll tell you about it later," Black Tortoise said.

"Mie Luan, tell me how you and your brothers came over to this side, and how you brought the Godsfeather Bow over here," Black Tortoise asked with a grave expression.

Luan shook its head and said, "We didn't bring the Godsfeather Bow here. It was already in the cave when I arrived at Mt Burning Cloud."

Following which, Luan talked about the ten brothers' history.

A very long time ago, Luan, Yi, Xi, Ai, Tan, Chi, Chen, Chou, Le, and Hen1, the ten brothers appeared in the world as humans were born into the world. However, they had a different appearance then; only a formless existence. As they absorbed ten unique energies in the world, changes slowly occurred to them, and Luan eventually became what he was now. Its nine brothers, too, transformed into unusual existences.

After gaining physical bodies, the ten brothers kept causing all sorts of negativity in the human world in order to absorb even more energy to evolve themselves, causing chaos all around.

In the end, the ten brothers were discovered by the powerful of the ancient era, who began to chase after them, aiming to kill them. However, they had already become incredibly powerful at that time, and a lot of experts died in their hands.

Finally, they were trapped by a powerful woman. She summoned four monsters, whose strengths were even above the ten of them, to attack them on all sides. It resulted in the ten brothers being crippled or killed off, and they were all sealed in a mountain cave.

However, not long after they were trapped in the cave, a person suddenly appeared and revived Big Brother, Second Brother, Third Brother, and Sixth Brother. After which, every one of them fainted, not knowing what was going on.

When they woke up, they realized that they were in an unfamiliar location, and the person who had saved them was before them.

That person got the ten brothers to do something for him. After that, the ten brothers began causing havoc once more, this time in the Spirit Domain. They arrogantly spread word that they were the ten elite monsters, and soon, with their powerful and vicious methods, their infamy spread in the Spirit Domain.

However, good times didn't last long. Three men popped out of nowhere and gave the ten brothers a good beating. In the end, the person behind the ten brothers came out and got rid of the three men. The ten brothers were all heavily injured and escaped in fear, losing contact with each other. As for Luan, it came to Rivulet City's Mt Burning Cloud by chance and fell unconscious in the cave.

When it woke up, it discovered that its strength was weakened by a huge margin, and there was an egg in the cave that emitted purple light. The energy this egg emitted was greatly beneficial to Mie Luan's cultivation, and Luan had stayed there since then. Occasionally, Luan would send out the ten brothers' unique communication signals, but it never got a reply.

Also, Luan discovered some treasures in the cave it was residing in, and among them was the Godsfeather Bow.

One day, that person suddenly appeared before Luan again, telling it to guard the egg well. He also told Luan that its brothers were all fine, and its Big Brother, Second Brother, and Third Brother were in secluded training, and Luan was to stay there patiently.

That person also noticed the Godsfeather Bow and thought to take it away, but failed to do so even after using many methods. He could only give up in the end, and forbade Luan to leave the cave casually. He told Luan that he would come find Luan if any matter came up, and disappeared.

In the many years that Luan stayed in the cave, there were many people who came and tried to snatch the egg, but it killed every last one of them. During this time, Luan learned that this egg was in fact the egg of an ancient monster of Spirit Domain, the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix.

Unexpectedly, about a decade ago, a few people whose strengths weren't very strong came and snatched the egg away. With only a fraction of its strength recovered, Luan suffered a loss back then.

During the struggle for the egg, the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix's egg actually hatched, and let out an extremely powerful shockwave. Luan was unfortunately caught in it, and lost an arm. After years of cultivation, its arm grew back and it regained some of its strength.

Alas, someone came into its cave tonight with invisibility and stole the Godsfeather Bow. Upon discovering it, Luan gave chase, encountered Xu Zi's group in the end, and broke out in a fight.

After listening to Luan's story, Xu Qi was filled with shock as he took a deep breath to calm himself. Xu Qi asked, "You said that the person who stole the Godsfeather Bow could turn invisible?"

"That's right. His strength wasn't very strong, but I didn't notice his invisibility art in the beginning. However, the most surprising thing was that the Godsfeather Bow, which even that person couldn't retrieve, was taken by him easily. How spooky!" Luan said, puzzled.

"Mie Luan, you're saying that the Godsfeather Bow was already there when you first came to the cave at Mt Burning Cloud, right?" the Black Tortoise asked.

Luan nodded and continued, "I found it strange, too. I encountered the person who wielded the Godsfeather Bow on the other side in the past, too. I truly can't think of why the bow would appear here."

More doubts sprang up in the Black Tortoise's mind at hearing this, and he said, "Move. Bring us to the cave at Mt Burning Cloud to take a look. Perhaps we might learn something."

"Are you kidding? I'm injured to this extent and you're asking me to move?" Luan said, feeling wronged.

However, the Black Tortoise smiled and said, "Don't think that I have no idea how strong your regenerative abilities are. Your three arms should grow back without having to wait a long time. The injuries you've sustained were only shallow wounds, too. I can fix those. As for your arms, just wait patiently for them to grow back."

A layer of blue energy shone in Black Tortoise's hand and he threw it to the air above Luan. It instantly turned into a blue drizzle, showering on Luan's body. The energy covered over Luan's wounds and the green blood stains slowly disappeared, its wounds slowly closed up.

"You're that damned tortoise from then!" Luan cried out in disbelief at seeing this phenomenon, looking at Black Tortoise.

"I'll kill you right here and now if you call me that one more time!" Black Tortoise threatened viciously.

Luan immediately shut its mouth at hearing this, staring at Black Tortoise. The fear in its eyes became much more evident. What Black Tortoise just said was akin to him silently admitting that he was the huge tortoise from back then. Luan had a great lingering fear toward that huge tortoise from back then, and now that he was right in front of it, how could it not be afraid?

Black Tortoise paid no more attention to Luan and walked over to the Cloud-piercing Tiger which was lying on the ground, panting heavily. He extended his hand and slowly pulled out the wooden spear impaled in its body.

As the wooden spear was pulled out, the Cloud-piercing Tiger let out a low grunt. Black Tortoise quickly laid his hand on the wound, slowly injecting his energy into it. The Cloud-piercing Tiger seemed to feel a comforting feeling in its body, and it gradually shut its eyes.

When the Black Tortoise removed his hand, the Cloud-piercing Tiger's wound was closed. However, an obvious scar was left behind. It seemed like Luan had pulled no punches.

Black Tortoise stood up and casually used the Revitalizing Jet on Xu Zi. The latter immediately felt his injuries healing rapidly. He looked at Black Tortoise in astonishment. Xu Zi realized that not only was Black Tortoise powerful, even his healing methods were so advanced.

"Xu Zi, quickly thank Uncle. What are you doing there, staring into space?" Xu Qi asked.

Hearing this, Xu Zi hurriedly expressed his gratitude toward Black Tortoise.

The latter nodded and went back to Luan's side.

"You Constellation Guards, don't leave for now. Come with us to Mt Burning Cloud and take a look. It's not really a bad thing that you suffered a loss this time. At the very least, you learned that there's always someone better than you. Keep a low profile in the future," Xu Qi said to Xu Zi and the others, who quickly answered with a "Yes!".

Seeing as Xu Qi was done, Black Tortoise said to Luan, "Let's go. Bring us to your cave to take a look."

TL Note:

1: Their names meant:

Luan/Disorder, Yi/Doubt, Xi/Love, Ai/Grief, Tan/Greed, Chi/Obsession, Chen/Anger, Chou/Hatred, Le/Happiness, and Hen/Resentment.

Their order is unknown for now, but Luan is the most junior and was mentioned first. Also, the Mie in their names means 'to extinguish or destroy'.

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