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Chapter 142 - Luan Reappears!

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Xu Zi and the others quickly dodged to the side, but to their surprise, that huge silhouette was even faster than them. It quickly changed its direction and shot towards Xu Zi’s back.

Xu Zi looked at the huge figure coming from behind him and sent out a rainbow palm at it, but there was no reaction from it even after being struck, it was not delayed even a little.

Xu Zi felt a sense of danger as the figure got closer to him, and he quickly emitted rainbow energy on his palm and formed a seal, yelling, “Cloud-piercing Tiger, appear!”

Blue light flashed, and the single horned Cloud-piercing Tiger appeared, charging towards the huge figure and blocked its way.

Xu Zi let out a sigh of relief and landed on the ground, seeing as his familiar stopped it. He looked toward the creature his familiar was battling, but due to the dark sky, he was unable to discern clearly.

Xu Zi thought for a moment and formed an energy ball with his hand, then threw it at the air above his Cloud-piercing Tiger. As his energy ball arrived at its intended destination, Xu Zi and the other Constellation Guards saw clearly exactly what was fighting with the Cloud-piercing Tiger.

Under the energy ball’s illumination, they saw that it was in fact a monster that was fighting the Cloud-piercing Tiger. Its body was jade green in color, its appearance savage. Two fangs were exposed, and it stood on two legs like a human,but it had four arms. The most shocking thing was that there were wooden spears in each of its arms, continuously thrusting them at the Cloud-piercing Tiger.

“What is that monster? Why haven’t I seen it before?” Third Brother Xu Yin cried out in shock.

The other Constellation Guards all shook their head, indicating that they had no idea either.

At this moment, the Cloud-piercing Tiger let out a pained cry as it was sent flying backwards, landing before Xu Zi.

Xu Zi felt a dull pain in his chest. A sweet taste rose in his mouth as he spat out a mouthful of blood. His Cloud-piercing Tiger was lying on the ground, panting heavily for air. A wooden spear was pierced into its body, blood flowing outwards.

Xu Zi’s familiar taking damage immediately led to him, the owner, feeling the backlash.

As for that strange monster, it started attacking the other Constellation Guards after sending the Cloud-piercing Tiger flying.

Facing this monster that appeared out of the blue, the Constellation Guards calmed themselves down very quickly. Rainbow energy erupted in their bodies as they took the monster on, not panicking in the least.

Ten rainbow blurs kept attacking the monster furiously in a systematic manner, and slowly gained the upper hand. However, they realized that their weapons couldn’t penetrate the monster’s body at all.

The leader of the Constellation Guards didn’t go up to help the others. He sensed that his familiar, the Cloud-piercing Tiger’s injuries seemed to be quite serious, and his own condition was getting worse.

“Brothers, bring out the weapons Young Master bestowed to us. This monster’s physical body is too tough!” Xu Zi called out anxiously.

At hearing their Big Brother’s voice, they hurriedly took out their godly weapons and continued attacking the monster.

As expected, after they swapped out their weapons, they managed to leave several cuts on the monster’s body.

Suddenly, a powerful aura burst forth from the monster’s body as it cried to the skies, letting out a roar that sent chills to others.

However, the Constellation Guards didn’t mind the monster’s behavior and continued attacking it.


In the Xu Clan’s courtyard, Xu Qi and Xu Pingfan were chatting happily when they suddenly heard a strange cry.

Xu Qi hurried stood up and activated the Five Elements Wings, soaring to the skies above Xu Clan. He looked around the surroundings, and saw that in the direction of Rivulet City’s southern gates, several eye-catching rainbow lights were darting about. He cursed inwardly and immediately flew in that direction.

Xu Pingfan sighed as he watched Xu Qi flying to the distance, muttering to himself, “When can we find peace?”

As Xu Qi flew in the skies, he felt that that cry he just heard sounded a little familiar. He seemed to have heard it somewhere before, but he just couldn’t remember exactly when or where.

Soon, Xu Qi arrived at the scene. In the rainbow energy emitted from the Constellation Guards’ bodies, the area was illuminated and allowed Xu Qi to see clearly what they were fighting. Xu Qi’s eyes stared wide-opened and yelled out anxiously, “Retreat, quickly! Scatter! You can’t beat it; it’s no ordinary monster. It’s one of the ten elite monsters, the Luan! Quickly scatter!”

The Constellation Guards immediately withdrew at hearing Xu Qi’s call and looked in Xu Qi’s direction, puzzled.

They were stupefied at seeing the rainbow wings flapping on Xu Qi’s back, suspended in the sky. They were wondering inwardly, When did Young Master turn into a birdman who could fly?

Xu Qi, in mid-air, quickly formed a seal in his palm. A blue ray of light shone under his feet and the Black Tortoise’s silhouette appeared before everyone’s eyes.

After he appeared, the Black Tortoised looked at Luan’s direction, who wasn’t very far away. He creased his brow and said, “Why did this thing appear here?”

Hearing this, Xu Qi landed on the ground and kept his wings, asking, “Uncle, you recognize it?”

“Not only do I recognize it, among its ten brothers, I killed three of them in the past,” the Black Tortoise revealed.

Xu Qi spaced out for a moment before asking softly, “They’re from our world?”

“Not really. They came to our world from some other place, then disappeared. Why would they appear here?” Black Tortoise replied, full of doubt himself.

Xu Qi wanted to continue asking the Black Tortoise, but he noticed that the elite monster Luan was making its move, approaching him at great speed.

The Black Tortoise gave a cold humph and took it on. There wasn’t any fluctuation of energy in him as he directly punched at the Luan.

Seeing the Black Tortoise’s punch, the Luan thrust the three wooden spears in its arms at the Black Tortoise in retaliation.

As the two clashed, the Black Tortoise’s fist shattered the three wooden spears thrusting his way. His momentum wasn’t slowed in the least and his fist landed squarely on the Luan’s body. He sent it flying away, and the elite monster let out a pained cry.

The Black Tortoise stood suavely on the spot with his hands behind him, looking at the fallen Luan.

Xu Qi stared with his eyes wide at the Black Tortoise. This was the first time he had witnessed the Black Tortoise using pure physical strength to hit someone without any cultivation energy, and yet it was able to send Luan flying with just a punch. Though, the Black Tortoise was famed for its tough physical body and defense among the Four Divinities, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to him.

To the side, the Constellation Guards looked at the Black Tortoise in fear when they saw him send the Luan flying with a single punch. The exact same thoughts sprang up in all of them: I can’t afford to offend this person in the future.

After the Luan fell on the ground, it struggled and attempted to stand up, but failed. The Black Tortoise slowly walked toward it, with Xu Qi and the Constellation Guards following closely behind him, to watch how he was going to deal with the Luan.

The Black Tortoise walked to the Luan’s side and punched out again, smashing one of its arm. The Luan screamed again as its arm fell off.

“Speak. I know you can talk. If you don’t, I’ll break another arm of yours, making it so that it will never regenerate!” Black Tortoise threatened coldly.

Xu Qi was dumbfounded. Uncle Tortoise said that the Luan is capable of speech? Is he joking around? I encountered it over ten years ago, but I haven’t seen it speak.

However, the unthinkable happened. The Luan immediately asked in a panic, “Who exactly are you? How did you know that I can speak?!”

“Not only do I know that you can speak, I also know that you’re called Mie Luan!” the Black Tortoise revealed.

Xu Qi felt as if his brain was overwhelmed. Luan was truly able to speak, and from the looks of it, its origins weren’t simple. Even the Black Tortoise knew of it!

“Ah? Who exactly are you? Why don’t I sense any aura from you?! There’s no one with such a tough physical body in the Spirit Domain!” Mie Luan asked frantically, none of the air of dominance it had exhibited previously visible.

“You’re only the number ten; you’re not qualified to know who I am. Let me ask you, are your Big Brother Mie Hen, your Second Brother Mie Le, and your Third Brother Mie Chou, also in the Spirit Domain?!” the Black Tortoise asked imposingly.

“Who exactly are you! If you don’t answer, I won’t tell you anything even if you kill me!” Luan demanded furiously.

Hearing this, the Black Tortoise narrowed his eyes and punched at another one of Luan’s arms, maiming it. This brought about another round of screaming.

The Black Tortoise shifted his position a little and looked at Luan’s remaining two arms while it screamed. He slowly raised his fist, seemingly about to punch again.

“Stop! Stop! Fine, I’ll talk! My Big, Second, and Third Brothers are all in Spirit Domain. They are in secluded cultivation, and I don’t know where exactly they are,” Luan answered frantically when it realized that it was about to lose another arm.

The Black Tortoise didn’t stop his actions despite hearing this, and slammed his fist down on one of Luan’s remaining arms, instantly maiming it before looking again at Luan.

“Ah! You lunatic! I already told you, and you still maimed my arm. What exactly do you want? I really have no idea where the three of them are. I wouldn’t be here otherwise, and would have gone to find them!” Luan yelled out painfully.

“Oh, I couldn’t stop myself. It seems like what you said was true. I’m sorry,” the Black Tortoise brushed it off and apologized briefly.

Luan was stumped. It didn’t know what to say in response.

Everyone else didn’t even dare to breathe heavily after they witnessed the Black Tortoise toying around with Luan. Xu Qi was slightly better. He knew of Black Tortoise’s origins, after all. The Constellation Guards, however, became much more nervous. This man would break people’s arms… No, break monster’s arms without warning. How cruel! They had thought that they themselves were already cruel, but compared to Black Tortoise, they were like children.

Xu Qi rubbed his temples to clear his mind a little, then walked to Black Tortoise and asked, “Uncle, you actually recognized it. What exactly is going on?”

The Black Tortoise smiled at Xu Qi and pointed his finger at the unmoving Luan, saying, “Just ask it whatever questions you have. It will definitely answer everything it knows!”

Xu Qi smiled and came to Luan, standing next to its head and said, “I met you more than ten years ago, and had thought that you died in that explosion then. I didn’t think you were still alive, and had always stayed around Rivulet City. Can you tell me in whose hands the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix landed?”

Luan had originally thought to pay no heed to this young man before it, but was shocked at finding out that he actually knew about the matter from over a decade ago, and he even asked about the Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix it guarded.

“Do you not want your remaining arm?” Xu Qi asked.

Luan panicked at Xu Qi’s threats and hurriedly answered, “I have no idea, either! The Purple-flamed Dark Phoenix was suddenly born into the world, and I was knocked unconscious by the shockwave. I even lost one of my arms then, and it only grew back recently, but was maimed again.”

“Really?” Xu Qi asked, showing a vicious expression.

“Just render my remaining arm useless if you don’t believe me. What I said was the truth; it couldn’t be made up,” Luan said casually.

“Then let me ask you this. Why did you suddenly appear here tonight and attack my subordinates? Shouldn’t you be at Mt Burning Cloud?” Xu Qi continued interrogating.

“You even know this? Who are you?” Luan couldn’t help but ask.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. You only need to answer my questions,” Xu Qi said impatiently.

“Right, I have been staying at Mt Burning Cloud all this time, but just earlier, someone barged into my cave and attacked me. I gave chase, and I saw that there were so many people lying in ambush when I arrived here. Of course I had to take the initiative! Should I be waiting obediently for you guys to beat me up!?” Luan answered, irritated.

“Ah? So you’re saying you were lured here?” Xu Qi asked doubtfully.

“Lure? That’s right. I was lured here by you people, and your entire group bullied me. I wouldn’t be scared of you if my brothers were here,” Luan said.

However, a hint of fear appeared in its gaze when it looked in the Black Tortoise’s direction and hurriedly added, “Except for him.”

“Brother Zi, come over here. Tell me all about what happened earlier,” Xu Qi said to Xu Zi, who was standing a short distance away.

Hearing his Young Master beckoning for him, Xu Zi pressed on his chest and walked over to Xu Qi. It looked like his injuries were quite serious.

Xu Zi then recounted about them leaving the Xu Clan and arriving here, encountering Luan to Xu Qi. From the side, Luan was a little stupefied at hearing Xu Zi’s side of the story.

On the other hand, the Black Tortoise suddenly leapt on top of a tree and shut his eyes.

“You heard this, Luan. My men had never went to Mt Burning Cloud. They only came here by chance,” Xu Qi said, ignoring the Black Tortoise’s actions.

Luan was also full of doubt after hearing Xu Zi’s account. Seeing the Black Tortoise leaving its side temporarily was a relief as well, and it said to Xu Qi, “Can you let me get up first? I need to stop the bleeding in my arms, or they will be utterly maimed.”

Xu Qi nodded and slowly took a few steps back. The Black Tortoise was around, anyway. He didn’t need to worry that Luan would do something stupid.

At this moment, the Black Tortoise came down from the treetop and came to Xu Qi’s side. He neared Xu Qi’s ear and whispered, “Brat, there was someone whose strength was above mine around. He just left.”

Xu Qi looked at the Black Tortoise in disbelief. Their strength was above the Black Tortoise’s? Was that a joke?

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