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Chapter 135 - Chaotic Battle

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When Chen Yong heard what this black-clothed man said, he was stunned for a moment before crying out and said, choking, “Little Tiger, Young Master was killed by Mo Dingtian and his daughter!”

The black-clothed man stiffened and asked, “Brother Yong, is that true?!”

“Mo Dingtian has admitted to it! Otherwise, why would he attack the Xu Clan!? He was trying to uproot all troubles!” Chen Yong said, crying. His face was covered with blood, and there was no way to distinguish between blood and tears.

The black-clothed man slowly stood up and turned towards Mo Dingtian, unleashing a strong killing intent.

Chen Yong pointed at Mo Dingtian and said furiously, “Mo Dingtian, I, Chen Yong, have no way of avenging Young Master today. However, we from the Xu Clan aren’t people you can humiliate as you wish! Even if I can’t kill you, there will be people coming to you to settle our debts!”

After saying this, Chen Yong spat out another mouthful of blood and his body fell backwards.

The black-clothed man hurriedly squatted down and released faint red energy from his hand, enveloping Chen Yong’s entire body, stopping the bleeding.

After finishing up, the black-clothed man’s figure vanished on the spot and appeared in the direction of the Imperial Void Valley disciples.

Those encircling the remaining Xu Clan guards and Xu Pingfan had never imagined that this black-clothed man would attack them. His black figure flashed and the Imperial Void Valley disciples were instantly sent flying one after another. Yu Tuzi had no time to think things through once he felt the powerful aura. He called out to the others, telling them to back away, while he did the same.

“Housekeeper Xu, are you alright?” the black-clothed man asked as his figure slowly appeared next to Xu Pingfan.

“I’m fine. You are..?” Xu Pingfan asked this man who was obviously acquainted with Chen Yong, confused.

“Someone from the villa,” the black-clothed man answered plainly.

Hearing these words, a sense of relief immediately came over Xu Pingfan. They’re finally here.

“You guys, carry Brother Yong aside and protect him. You don’t have to get involved in what’s to come,” the black-clothed man said to the Xu Clan guards nearby.

They nodded at his words, then quickly went to Chen Yong’s side and carried him, retreating aside. During all this, the men Mo Dingtian brought with him were all looking at this black-clothed man nervously. No one dared to stop the Xu Clan guards.

“Your distinguished self, who exactly are you? Why are you interfering with the matter between us and Xu Clan?!” Mo Dingtian suddenly asked.

The black-clothed man looked at Mo Ling, who was dressed in pure white, then turned to Mo Dingtian and humphed coldly, saying, “Mo Dingtian, were you the one who handed Young Master’s sword to Imperial Void Valley!?”

Mo Dingtian was astonished at hearing this. The young master mentioned by this black-clothed man was surely Xu Qi, but he had never seen such a person around Xu Qi before. Also, he knew about Xu Qi’s sword being in the possession of the Imperial Void Valley. What was going on?

Mo Dingtian didn’t reply to the black-clothed man. Instead, he turned to Yu Tuzi and said, “You see this, Fourth Elder? The Xu Clan wasn’t as simple as we thought they were. If we don’t eliminate them, they will become a threat to us. Hold off this black-clothed man; we’ll handle the rest.”

Yu Tuzi thought for a moment and nodded. He could sense that he wasn’t a match for this black-clothed man, but if it was only holding him off, it shouldn’t be a problem.

“Mo Dingtian, answer me!” the black-clothed man yelled.

Mo Dingtian smiled and said, “You don’t have to ask since you already knew the answer. It makes you look stupid. Don’t think that you alone could change the Xu Clan’s fate. With just you, there’s no way you can hold all of us off.”

The black-clothed man didn’t reply to him. His gaze toward Mo Dingtian turned colder, and a longsword had somehow appeared in his hand. His figure suddenly turned into a black blur and sped toward Mo Dingtian.

On the other hand, Xu Pingfan quickly came to Chen Yong and the other Xu Clan guards’ side, gathering into a group.

Seeing this, Yu Tuzi directly engaged the black-clothed man with his sword in hand. As the two started their battle, a powerful aura spread to the surroundings.

Seeing as Yu Tuzi had successfully held the black-clothed man off, Mo Dingtian commanded the others, “Quickly go, get rid of the remaining people.”

The remaining Imperial Void Valley disciples immediately charged toward Xu Pingfan at hearing Mo Dingtian’s command. When the black-clothed man fighting against Yu Tuzi saw the situation on this side, he took a step back and gathered rainbow energy in his hands, quickly forming a seal and tossed it to Xu Pingfan’s side.

“Cloud-piercing Tiger, appear!” the black-clothed man shouted. The rainbow seal he threw to Xu Pingfan instantly shone. A single horned tiger with a pure blue body suddenly appeared before Xu Pingfan and the others.

“Cloud-piercing Tiger! You’re a Spiritualist!” Yu Tuzi exclaimed in shock at seeing the Cloud-piercing Tiger.

“Humph, you can take me as a Swordsman, as well!” the black-clothed man said and quickened his attacks. Every move of his was sharp, evidently a veteran who had experienced many battles with his life on the line.

After the blue-bodied Cloud-piercing Tiger appeared, it lowered its front body, prepared to attack the Imperial Void Valley disciples at any moment.

As for them, they looked at each other when they saw this Cloud-piercing Tiger appear. None of them were willing to be the first to engage.

The Cloud-piercing Tiger was a Spirit realm monster, famed for its offense. Its sharp claws could instantly shatter the energy barriers constructed by a Spirit realm cultivator. However, its weakness was that its physical body wasn’t strong, its defense extremely weak.

“It’s only a Cloud-piercing Tiger. What are you afraid of? Go, all of you!” Mo Dingtian roared out furiously from behind them.

Hearing this, the Imperial Void Valley disciples could only grumble to themselves. The Fourth Elder had instructed them to listen to Mo Dingtian’s orders. Left without a choice, the Imperial Void Valley disciples could only brace themselves and attack Xu Pingfan’s group. Of course, their main target was the Cloud-piercing Tiger.

Five Spirit realm cultivators of the Imperial Void Valley’s group attacked the Cloud-piercing Tiger, surrounding it. However, the Cloud-piercing Tiger was extremely clever. It knew to make use of its speed to focus on dodging, and an opening would appear among the five. It would then instantly grab that opening and launch its attack, forcing the five to not dare to be the least bit careless.

The remaining Xu Clan guards quickly stood up and defended against the other Imperial Void Valley disciples. Xu Pingfan briefly regulated his inner circulation and slowly stood up. He looked at Mo Dingtian, who was standing not far away, his gaze full of hatred.

At this moment, Xu Pingfan was wounded with several cuts, and had been struck by Yu Tuzi’s palm earlier. His aura was very unstable. Now, the strength he could bring out was only on par with Mo Dingtian at best, perhaps even lower.

Mo Dingtian’s gaze met Xu Pingfan’s and he wanted to attack, but was stopped by Mo Ling from the side.

“Father, are you sure you want to go through with this all the way?” Mo Ling asked.

“What do you mean by that, Ling’er?” Mo Dingtian asked, puzzled.

“Nothing. I only felt that we would be defeated today,” Mo Ling said, looking at Yu Tuzi and the black-clothed man’s battle.

“You’re thinking too much, Ling’er. Do you think Yu Tuzi would not have an ace up his sleeve? That black-clothed man isn’t enough to pose a threat. Just watch,” Mo Dingtian said, smiling coldly.

The black-clothed man’s attacks became fiercer as time passed, causing Yu Tuzi to have a harder time keeping up, especially that mysterious rainbow energy emitting on the black-clothed man’s body. It made him suffer minor losses consecutively.

In the end, the black-clothed man sent out several palms formed from his rainbow energy at Yu Tuzi, followed closely by a sword slash, instantly inflicting injuries onto Yu Tuzi.

The latter hurriedly retreated several steps. He looked at the black-clothed man before him in fear and asked, “Who exactly are you?”

“Xu Clan’s man!” the black-clothed man replied simply as he slowly walked toward Yu Tuzi, the murderous qi around him getting thicker.

Yu Tuzi’s pupils darted as he took out a red gemstone and tossed it into the sky. Then, he sent out a palm-strike at the gemstone, instantly shattering it, dying the sky in red.

The black-clothed man looked at the powdered redness in the sky, his brow creased and smiled coldly, “You’re actually thinking of gathering helpers!”

Yu Tuzi smiled and said, “Do you think we will show all our strength up front? We were prepared in case some random imbeciles showed up to spoil our plans.”

As Yu Tuzi’s voice faded, three silhouettes emitting red light landed on the Xu Clan courtyard from the sky.

“You see this now, Ling’er? I knew the Imperial Void Valley would have something up their sleeve to guard against me,” Mo Dingtian said as he saw the three silhouettes appear.

“Father, I don’t know why, but I have a very bad feeling today. Even if Yu Tuzi had hidden trumps, I still feel that you won’t be able to get rid of the Xu Clan today,” Mo Ling whispered.

Mo Dingtian smiled and shifted his gaze onto Xu Pingfan. In his heart, the person he wanted dead the most was Xu Pingfan. He knew that the latter was the pillar of Xu Clan. If Xu Pingfan were to die, the Xu Clan was basically done for.

The three red silhouettes that landed in the courtyard slowly revealed themselves, walking toward Yu Tuzi.

“Do you think you can defeat the four of us?” Yu Tuzi said to the black-clothed man with a cold smile.

However, he didn’t show any signs of panic. He replied coldly, “Only four first stage Void Swordsmen. I’m not afraid even if you come at me together!”

Hearing this, Yu Tuzi smiled again and gestured for one of them to go deal with the Cloud-piercing Tiger on the other side, while the other two remain here to deal with this black-clothed man.

The one who went to the Cloud-piercing Tiger got all the Imperial Void Valley disciples to back away. He would face the Cloud-piercing Tiger alone. His Void realm aura instantly exploded, causing the ferocious Cloud-piercing Tiger to stay at one spot, not daring to make a move, looking at him cautiously.

Not far away, when Mo Dingtian saw this situation, he asked for a longsword from Mo Ling and walked toward Xu Pingfan. The freed up Imperial Void Valley disciples also made their way toward Xu Pingfan and the remaining Xu Clan guards.

As the two groups broke into a fight, Xu Pingfan was heavily focused on. Three third stage Spirit Swordsmen from the Imperial Void Valley surrounded him, making Xu Pingfan struggle to keep up.

At this time, Mo Dingtian took the opening when Xu Pingfan was fully focused on defending against the Imperial Void Valley disciples’ attacks and circled to his back, launching an attack with his sword aimed at Xu Pingfan.

The three Imperial Void Valley disciples realized Mo Dingtian’s target and gave it their all, Xu Pingfan was unable to turn around to deal with him.

Just as Mo Dingtian’s sword was about to pierce into Xu Pingfan’s back, Chen Yong regained consciousness and realized the danger Xu Pingfan was in. He didn’t know where he got his strength from, but he instantly came to Xu Pingfan’s back and used his own body to block Xu Pingfan from Mo Dingtian’s sneak attack.

Psh, Mo Dingtian’s sword pierced right into Chen Yong’s chest. Blood flowed even more rapidly from Chen Yong’s mouth, but he extended his hand and grabbed tightly onto Mo Dingtian’s sword, making the latter unable to pull it out.

Xu Pingfan was burning with anxiety when he discovered that Chen Yong took an attack for him. A gap opened in his attacks against the three Imperial Void Valley disciples, who quickly grabbed onto the opportunity. Each of them stabbed their swords into Xu Pingfan. Xu Pingfan’s aura erupted from his body and forced them back with a palm, then he quickly spun around and stabbed at Mo Dingtian.

Mo Dingtian had intended to pull out his sword from Chen Yong’s body and continue his assault, but when he saw Xu Pingfan’s incoming attack, he hurriedly retreated back without retrieving his sword.

“Chen Yong!” Xu Pingfan called out anxiously after he forced Mo Dingtian back. He hurriedly extended his hand to support Chen Yong, his other hand grabbing tightly onto the sword plunged into the young man.

“Uncle Xu, I never let Young Master, you, nor the Xu Clan down,” Chen Yong said indistinctly as fresh blood continued flowing down his mouth.

At this moment, Xu Pingfan’s face was filled with tears as he cried out anxiously, “I know, Chen Yong. I know it. Hang in there, I’ll heal you right now.”

Blue energy shone in Xu Pingfan’s hand as he was about to heal Chen Yong. However, there were wounds everywhere on his body. He didn’t know where to begin with.

Chen Yong raised his hand and grabbed on Xu Pingfan’s hand, shaking his head and smiled at Xu Pingfan.

His smile instantly made Xu Pingfan crumble inwardly.

A short distance away, the black-clothed man was still battling the three Imperial Void Valley reinforcements. He realized the situation on Xu Pingfan’s end and cursed inwardly. He retreated backwards as he quickly formed a rainbow seal with his hand and tossed it into the sky.

The rainbow seal instantly expanded and shone over the entire Xu Clan.

“Not good, he’s calling for backup! Finish this quickly!” Yu Tuzi yelled out at seeing the rainbow seal.

On the other side, the face of Mo Dingtian, who had retreated  to the side, darkened instantly when he saw the rainbow seal in the sky. Blue energy silently appeared in his hand and he quickly formed a palm and sent it at Xu Pingfan, who was still embracing Chen Yong.

Just as Mo Dingtian’s energy palm was about to smash into Xu Pingfan’s back, a rainbow energy palm suddenly crashed down from the sky, shattering Mo Dingtian’s attack.

Following which, a furious roar rang out from the sky above the Xu Clan, “I haven’t shown up for three years, and yet there are people who dare come to offend my Xu Clan, even killing my Xu Clan’s guards! Today, those who offend us can forget about leaving alive!”

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