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Chapter 134 - Grim Reaper Chen Yong

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After yelling, Chen Yong waved the black axes that reflected light in his hands, madly slashing at the Imperial Void Valley disciples.

The Imperial Void Valley’s disciples quickly raised their swords to defend themselves on seeing Chen Yong’s maniacal slashings. However, their swords were unexpectedly cleaved in two by the pitch black axes in Chen Yong’s hands. Immediately after, the axes hacked right into their chests.

Mo Dingtian became a little bewildered as he watched Chen Yong swing those axes from a distance. He realized that the axes were like godly weapons; even the fine swords the Imperial Void Valley disciples were wielding were unable to defend against them, astonishing Mo Dingtian.

“Could those axes be godly weapons?” Mo Dingtian mumbled as he watched the crazed Chen Yong.

Within the mass of people, Chen Yong was like a grim reaper who had descended from the skies, swinging the axes around. He would slash at whoever dared to approach him. In just a short while, six Imperial Void Valley disciples died at his hands.

Although Chen Yong was fighting ferociously, the other Xu Clan guards weren’t doing so well. With their opponents’ strength towering above theirs, it was useless no matter how much they tried. Now, the Xu Clan guards still fighting were left with only half their original number.

The berserk Chen Yong cut down the last Imperial Void Valley disciple standing in his way, then shot toward Mo Dingtian with the axes in hand and yelled out, “Mo Dingtian! Pay for my Young Master’s life!”

Mo Dingtian was greatly alarmed and took two steps back unconsciously. At the same time, a longsword appeared in his hands. He himself was a fourth stage Spirit Swordsman, on par with Chen Yong’s cultivation. Moreover, with Chen Yong fighting madly earlier, he was already in a weakened state. He was only relying on his axe’s advantage to win his fight.

Mo Dingtian didn’t try to forcefully take on Chen Yong’s axes as they engaged in a melee. He had noticed that Chen Yong’s axes weren’t normal weapons, and as such, simply dodged the incoming attacks, wasting Chen Yong’s strength.

As expected, Chen Yong’s physical state worsened as time passed. With Mo Dingtian constantly dodging Chen Yong’s attacks, the latter was soon feeling weak.

Soon, Mo Dingtian took the opportunity and stabbed Chen Yong’s thigh, who then collapsed on the ground.

In the distance, Xu Pingfan didn’t gain any advantage in his fight either. He was suppressed by Yu Tuzi, who firmly grasped the advantage in their battle, and wounds gradually piled up on Xu Pingfan’s body.

When Xu Pingfan saw Mo Dingtian stabbing into Chen Yong’s thigh, Xu Pingfan’s figure halted for a moment, feeling an ache in his heart.

“Xu Pingfan, now is not the time for you to get distracted!” Yu Tuzi humphed coldly and stabbed his sword into Xu Pingfan’s arm.

After getting stabbed, Xu Pingfan’s sword fell from his hands, and Yu Tuzi took the chance to close in on him, landing a palm-strike on Xu Pingfan’s chest. The latter immediately spat out a mouthful of blood, and he collapsed to the ground as well.

The remaining Xu Clan guards quickly withdrew to Xu Pingfan’s side, encircling him.

On the other side, Mo Dingtian approached Chen Yong step by step with his sword in hand.

Chen Yong forcefully supported himself up with his axes, enduring the tremendous pain from his leg, staring at Mo Dingtian with a vicious gaze.

“Hand over the two axes; I can let you live,” Mo Dingtian demanded, pointing his sword at Chen Yong.

Hearing this, Chen Yong spat out saliva and said, “This two axes were bestowed to me by Young Master. I live and die alongside my axes! I’ll never hand them over to a despicable bastard like you!”

Mo Dingtian slowly narrowed his eyes into a slit at hearing this, killing intent rising in his heart.

On another front, due to Xu Pingfan collapsing, their fighting ceased temporarily. The remaining Xu Clan guards were surrounding Xu Pingfan, their bodies facing outwards to defend against the Imperial Void Valley disciples. The intruders formed a bigger circle, encircling the Xu Clan guards.

Xu Pingfan slowly stood up, gently pushing away the Xu Clan guard blocking him. He picked up his sword and looked at Chen Yong in the distance.

“Good one, Chen Yong. You lived up to the trust I had in you for all these years! Even if all of us were to die in battle today, we can’t let this rogue Mo Dingtian have it easy!” Xu Pingfan yelled at the unsteady Chen Yong.

Hearing this, Chen Yong’s body trembled. He felt as if strength had returned to him. He yelled out and shot towards Mo Dingtian, hacking at him.

Mo Dingtian didn’t think Chen Yong, who was already exhausted and wounded, would pounce at him. He was caught unprepared and raised his sword subconsciously to defend himself. However, it was instantly cleaved into two by Chen Yong’s axe, and the blade’s edge cut into Mo Dingtian’s chest. A sudden pain was felt and he retreated backwards, fresh blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth.

Chen Yong’s figure didn’t stop, however. He continued pressing forward. Chen Yong’s axe was moments away from chopping off Mo Dingtian’s head, Yu Tuzi unable to provide help as he was quite a distance away.

Just as Chen Yong’s axe was chopping down onto Mo Dingtian’s head, a white silhouette suddenly appeared between Chen Yong and Mo Dingtian, striking Chen Yong’s chest with a palm.

After Chen Yong was hit, his body immediately flew backwards, spitting out a mouthful of blood. He fell on the ground and twitched for a bit, then moved no longer.

“Chen Yong!” Xu Pingfan cried out anxiously, but Chen Yong never responded.

Xu Pingfan turned to look at the white silhouette that suddenly appeared. It was a woman in white, her face concealed with a veil, standing in front of Mo Dingtian.

“Father, are you alright?” this woman asked Mo Dingtian, concerned.

“Mo Ling! You’re Mo Ling!” Xu Pingfan screamed when he heard this woman calling Mo Dingtian “Father”, his body trembling.

This woman who suddenly appeared and saved Mo Dingtian was of course Mo Ling. She hurried over when she learned that Mo Dingtian was coming to Rivulet City, and unexpectedly arrived in the nick of time to save Mo Dingtian from trouble.

Mo Dingtian ignored the screaming Xu Pingfan. Instead, he asked Mo Ling, “Ling’er, why did you come?”

“Father, this daughter was worried about you and followed you here,” Mo Ling said plainly.

Standing some distance away, Xu Pingfan was even more agitated at the sight of Mo Ling. Powerful blue-colored energy burst forth from his body and he ferociously attacked the Imperial Void Valley disciple blocking his way.

Yu Tuzi’s expression stiffened when he saw Xu Pingfan turn even more crazy. He sped over to him and took him on; he didn’t want the Imperial Void Valley disciples he had brought with him to be killed by Xu Pingfan,

On the other hand, Mo Dingtian pointed at the fallen Chen Yong and said, “Ling’er, go get the two axes by his side. They should be godly weapons.”

Hearing this, Mo Ling looked at where Chen Yong fell and made a sound of acknowledgment. She went to Chen Yong’s side and extended her arms to pick up the axes.

At this moment, Chen Yong, suddenly sat up and extended his arms, hugging Mo Ling’s legs and biting down on her.

Mo Ling quickly struck a few palms out consecutively in retaliation. However, Chen Yong only made a few grunts, not letting go of her, his mouth still biting down on her leg.

Suddenly, Mo Ling felt a cool sensation on her leg. Chen Yong let go of Mo Ling’s leg, and the latter hurriedly retreated a few steps. However, she found out that her leg was now bleeding. Looking closely, she discovered that Chen Yong had torn off a piece of her meat with his mouth.

The enraged Mo Ling looked at Chen Yong, who was still sitting on the ground. At this moment, Chen Yong was smiling maniacally with a piece of bloody meat in his mouth.

Then, Chen Yong spat out the meat he tore off from Mo Ling’s leg. Now, his entire body was covered in blood. Earlier he was struck by several palm-strikes of Mo Ling. Blood was still flowing out from his mouth.

Everyone within the Xu Clan’s hall was looking at Chen Yong in astonishment. Xu Pingfan was even tearing up. As he looked at Chen Yong, the pain felt in his chest was indescribable by words.

Chen Yong slowly crawled off the ground, picking up his fallen axes. He tried to stand back up, shouting, but failed to do so even after multiple attempts. In the end, he just sat on the ground, hugging the axes in his arms and looked at Mo Ling, laughing, “You two ingrates from Mo Clan. You harmed our Young Master and tried to flatten our Xu Clan. You will get your retribution sooner or later. I, Chen Yong, swear to never let you off even if I turn into a ghost! These two axes were bestowed by Young Master. You can forget about snatching them!”

The originally enraged Mo Ling suddenly felt her heart ache at hearing Chen Yong’s cursings. She remembered her Little Brother who lived by her side for ten years, who she stabbed in the heart, and who fell off the cliff. Her eyes gradually fogged up in tears.

Standing to the side, Mo Dingtian noticed something was wrong and quickly came up to Mo Ling and looked at her injuries, asking gently, “Ling’er, are you all right? Don’t listen to what this bastard says. That matter had long passed. Winner takes all. They can’t blame us for being vicious.”

Hearing this, Mo Ling turned and said to Mo Dingtian, her voice choking, “Father, I listened to everything you said ten years ago, obtaining the sword in his possession and helping you succeed. Today, can you promise me to let them go? They are already in this state; there’s no need to completely wipe them out.”

Mo Dingtian blanked out at hearing this. However, he shook his head and replied, “Ling’er, the reason why I had to uproot them was to eliminate any future threats. Otherwise, it would be too late for regrets. Now is not the time to talk about sentiments.”

Mo Ling understood Mo Dingtian’s temper well. He was one who would do whatever it took to accomplish whatever he decided on. As such, she no longer said a word.

Mo Dingtian looked at Chen Yong, who was still sitting on the ground, holding tightly onto the axes. Blood was still flowing at the corner of his mouth. This actually made Mo Dingtian feel a bit of respect towards Chen Yong.

Mo Dingtian said, “I didn’t expect that such a loyal guard would still remain even after Xu Qi is dead. I, Mo Dingtian am impressed with your loyalty. However, no one can change your destinies today no matter what. Not Xu Pingfan, nor you!”

“Then what about me?! You speak so arrogantly, Mo Dingtian!” someone roared furiously as Mo Dingtian finished speaking.

Before anyone could react to the shout, a man dressed entirely in black descended from the skies, landing next to Chen Yong.

Seeing this person’s sudden appearance, Mo Dingtian was shocked inwardly. Not far away, Yu Tuzi revealed a look of shock as well. He sensed that this black-clothed man’s cultivation level was actually on par with himself, a cultivator at the first stage of Void realm!

The black-clothed man didn’t pay any attention to anyone else. He turned and squatted down, facing Chen Yong. He said to the bloodied Chen Yong softly, “I’m sorry, Brother Yong. Little Tiger has come late and caused you to suffer. Leave everything to me from now on!”

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