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Chapter 133 - To Receive With Open Doors

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At this moment, in Rivulet City’s Xu Clan, their Chief Housekeeper Xu Pingfan gathered every guard in the main hall, looking at them with a grave expression.

Xu Pingfan had received news that Mo Dingtian had brought a group of people to Rivulet City, and were now staying in the old Mosuo Auction House. However, he couldn’t ascertain whether they were going to take action against the Xu Clan.

“Chen Yong, get those outside to return. Don’t bother spying on Mo Dingtian’s side. If he’s coming, there’s no use spying on them, anyway,” Xu Pingfan said to Chen Yong, who was standing beside him.

Chen Yong nodded and quickly exited the hall.

Xu Pingfan rubbed his temples and began pondering. Now, the Xu Clan was left with only twenty-odd guards. Six of them were at the Spirit realm, and the rest were all of Qi realm cultivation. In the whole of Rivulet City, there really wasn’t any single household that could compare with the Xu Clan. However, if Mo Dingtian was truly bringing men from outside to attack the Xu Clan, the men he brought must be quite a force to be reckoned with.

Chen Yong, who had just left the hall, suddenly came running in frantically, yelling, “Uncle Xu! Mo Dingtian is coming toward our Xu Clan with a group of men!”

Hearing this, Xu Pingfan immediately stood up and looked at the guards around him, saying, “You guys have been around Xu Clan for quite a long time. Now that the Xu Clan is facing imminent danger, I hope you will risk yourselves to defend the Xu Clan alongside me, not wasting the kindness the Xu Clan has shown you!”

Chen Yong and the other guards quickly answered “Yes!” at hearing this.

Xu Pingfan took a deep breath and continued, “Good. It’s been three years since I met Mo Dingtian. Since an old friend is coming, there’s no reason not to receive him. Men, go open the Xu Clan gates. You guys come with me to the entrance to meet with this old friend!”

As his voice faded, two of the Xu Clan guards ran ahead to the gates and opened them.

Next, Xu Pingfan took the lead and walked out with the rest of the guards.


On the streets of Rivulet City, Mo Dingtian was hurrying toward the Xu Clan with a group of men. Among them, most of the people were men from Imperial Void Valley, in the nation of Earthdream.

At this moment, Mo Dingtian’s expression was void of the smile he usually put on during his stay in Rivulet City years ago. Instead, there was a dignified expression on his face.

Three years ago, Mo Dingtian presented Xu Qi’s bronze sword to the Imperial Void Valley and was provided help in returning to his home in Earthdream. After that, the Imperial Void Valley also gave help when Mo Dingtian was vying for the position of Patriarch with his brother Mo Dingkong, allowing Mo Dingtian to successfully obtain the position.

In these three years, Mo Dingtian sent men to Rivulet City on numerous occasions to scout for information. He was afraid of the Xu Clan learning the truth of what had happened to Xu Qi, and coming to him for revenge.

However, every time the scout returned from Rivulet City, they would only report that Xu Pingfan and the guards weren’t acting suspicious at all, causing Mo Dingtian to be a little confused.

After some time, Mo Dingtian sent people here to Xu Clan to scout again. However, this time his scout didn’t return, and Mo Dingtian sent a few more men to Rivulet City. Yet, none of them returned after some time passed.

This made Mo Dingtian, who was already feeling worried about the Xu Clan, to feel even more unsettled. He hurriedly contacted the Imperial Void Valley, saying that the Xu Clan’s Xu Qi belonged to seemed to have learned about what happened three years ago, and that they are seeking revenge. He suggested to strike the Xu Clan before they are fully prepared.

As expected, the Imperial Void Valley believed Mo Dingtian’s words and sent out sixteen Spirit realm cultivators and one first stage Void realm cultivator to Mo Dingtian, aiming to uproot the Xu Clan.

After arriving in Rivulet City, Mo Dingtian didn’t immediately head to the Xu Clan. Instead, he returned to his previous residence, the Mosuo Auction House, and sent people to keep an eye on the Xu Clan. He wanted to confirm that the Xu Clan had no powerful reinforcements. Once he confirmed that fact, he decided to eliminate the Xu Clan today.

However, as he made his way to the Xu Clan, he discovered that the gates were wide open and he was immediately stupefied.

At this moment, Xu Pingfan was standing at the gates, looking at Mo Dingtian with a smile. Mo Dingtian felt his guilty conscience pricking at him when he saw Xu Pingfan. After all, it was him who set Xu Qi up.

“Brother Dingtian, it’s been three years. Your complexion seems even better than before,” Xu Pingfan smiled.

Hearing this, Mo Dingtian quickly collected himself and said plainly, “On the other hand, Brother Pingfan, you seem to have aged quite a bit yourself.”

“There were many troubles and people I worried about. Of course I would age a little faster. Don’t just stand there, please come in,” Xu Pingfan said politely and made a gesture, inviting them in.

Mo Dingtian felt even more doubtful when he saw Xu Pingfan receiving him as if he was a guest. However, with the Imperial Void Valley cultivators behind him, his confidence increased quite a bit.

“Alright, you first, Brother Pingfan,” Mo Dingtian replied politely and proceeded into the Xu Clan. The men behind him quickly followed behind, but they maintained alarmed gazes.

They understood their mission on this trip to Rivulet City was to eliminate the Xu Clan, but seeing the Xu Clan receiving them, they felt a little less confident inside, afraid that the Xu Clan had set a trap for them.

“Patriarch Mo, could this be a trap? We’re here to get rid of the Xu Clan. Doesn’t this seem a little off?” one of the men behind Mo Dingtian warned.

The person who spoke up was the leader of those who came to Rivulet City with Mo Dingtian, the Imperial Void Valley’s Fourth Elder, Yu Tuzi.

“There’s no need for worries, Fourth Elder. The Xu Clan isn’t that strong. This Xu Pingfan is full of tricks. He probably knew of us coming to the Xu Clan and is feigning calm, aiming to have us think twice about taking action,” Mo Dingtian whispered.

Yu Tuzi nodded slightly.

Soon, Mo Dingtian’s group was in the Xu Clan’s halls. Xu Pingfan waved his hand at the two guards standing by the door, who then slowly closed the doors.

“Brother Pingfan, what are you intending to do?” Mo Dingtian immediately asked at seeing Xu Pingfan ordering to have the doors shut.

Xu Pingfan only smiled, without saying a word, looking at Mo Dingtian.

Mo Dingtian turned around to look at Yu Tuzi, who was similarly showing a look of bewilderment.

“Brother Pingfan, it seems like you already knew about my intentions for coming here?” Mo Dingtian thought for a moment and decided to come straight to the point. He wanted to see whether Xu Pingfan was only mystifying things. He had the Imperial Void Valley backing him up, after all.

Hearing this, Xu Pingfan maintained his smile and nodded, not saying a thing.

Mo Dingtian was shocked at seeing this. Since Xu Pingfan already knew that he was here to attack the Xu Clan, they would have escaped long ago if their strength were insufficient. Why would they still remain here, waiting for them?

Furthermore, Xu Pingfan received them with open doors. Mo Dingtian was a little confused after connecting these dots together.

“So what is my aim in returning to Rivulet City?” Mo Dingtian asked, testing the waters.

“Isn’t it to get rid of our Xu Clan? Now everyone from Xu Clan is right here. Just bring it if you’re attacking us,” Xu Pingfan said, still smiling.

Mo Dingtian confirmed to himself that Xu Pingfan had learned of his aim in Rivulet City at hearing this. But why was Xu Pingfan acting so calm?

“Though, Brother Dingtian, before you act, I have something to ask you. Did you harm our Young Master?” Xu Pingfan’s expression suddenly darkened and asked.

“Since Brother Pingfan knew that I’m here to eliminate your Xu Clan, how could you not perceive the reason behind it?” Mo Dingtian asked.

“It seems that you have truly harmed our Young Master! Mo Dingtian! Just why did you do it?!” Xu Pingfan demanded, his face paled at confirming this information.

“Now that it’s come to this, Brother Pingfan, I have no need to hide this from you. Your Young Master, Xu Qi, already died outside the capital three years ago! I’m here to completely eliminate the root of troubles!” Mo Dingtian spilled everything, seeing as this matter was exposed.

“Mo Dingtian! You actually harmed our Young Master! You ingrate! When you were surrounded by Mo Clan in the past, it was our Young Master who saved you and your daughter! Now you actually returned kindness with evil! Just how did our Young Master let you down! Say it!” Chen Yong lost control of himself and yelled out at hearing what Mo Dingtian said, tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Truthfully speaking, Xu Qi didn’t let me down in the least. Instead, I owe him. But the sword he had was my chip to regaining my position as Mo Clan’s Patriarch. I had no choice but to kill him and obtain that sword treasure in order to return to Mo Clan, getting back what was rightfully mine!” Mo Dingtian said.

“The position of Patriarch? A mere title like that could turn you into such a cruel and unscrupulous man? Fine, Mo Dingtian, I, Xu Pingfan judged you wrongly in the past. Today, even if I am to lose my life, I will avenge Young Master!” Xu Pingfan said, his eyes turned bloodshot and the fury in him reached its limit.

“Listen to my command, Xu Clan guards! Kill Mo Dingtian no matter what and avenge Young Master!” Xu Pingfan yelled as a longsword appeared in his hand. Blue light shone on his body and he charged at Mo Dingtian.

Mo Dingtian’s expression changed as Xu Pingfan’s aura erupted. He instantly realized that his cultivation as a fourth stage Spirit Swordsman was incomparable to the aura emitted by Xu Pingfan.

“Patriarch Mo, this Xu Pingfan is a sixth stage Spirit Swordsman. You’re not his match; quickly move aside and leave him to me!” the Fourth Elder, Yu Tuzi said and engaged Xu Pingfan in battle, faint red energy shining from his body.

On the other hand, the numerous guards behind Xu Pingfan charged at Mo Dingtian like mad men upon hearing Xu Pingfan’s command, causing Mo Dingtian to break out in a cold sweat.

Fortunately, the Imperial Void Valley disciples with them were quick to react, each of them blocked off the Xu Clan guards. They were superior in strength from the start, and they even had the advantage in numbers.

Mo Dingtian didn’t make a move. Instead, he backed off and watched the battle between Xu Pingfan and Yu Tuzi from a distance.

Xu Pingfan understood that his opponent was a Void realm expert when he saw the red light on his body. However, the rage in him made him disregard all of that. He was purely going on the offensive, not caring about his defense in the least, causing Yu Tuzi, who was barely at the first stage of Void realm, struggle to keep up with him.

However, a Void realm cultivator’s strength was higher than that of a Spirit realm cultivator’s, after all. Xu Pingfan couldn’t bypass Yu Tuzi’s defense despite his violent attacks, and was wounded instead.

The Xu Clan guards were all trying to fight their way to Mo Dingtian, but were helplessly blocked off. The men Mo Dingtian brought with them were all too powerful, and were greater in number. As they fought, several Xu Clan guards were killed, yet not a single death occurred on Mo Dingtian’s side.

Now, Chen Yong’s strength was at the fourth stage of Spirit realm. He was swinging two wooden axes in his hand, taking on four enemies alone. When he saw the cuts on Xu Pingfan, he threw out his wooden axes in a rage at two Imperial Void Valley disciples who weren’t looking. The two Imperial Void Valley disciples couldn’t defend in time and the wooden axes hacked their chests, collapsing to the ground, dead.

After Chen Yong threw out the wooden axes, he gave a shout and two black axes appeared in his hands. He laughed maniacally and said, “Young Master, I, Chen Yong, shall use the two godly axes you bestowed upon me today to avenge you! Come on!”

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